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5.1 preamplifier with upmix function and remote for PC loudspeaker sets

ControlStation 2

Included components
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€ 34.99
  • 8 week trial
  • Up to 12 year guarantee
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • 5.1 preamplifier for PC loudspeaker sets
  • 3 analogue audio inputs (2 x stereo, 1 x 5.1)
  • Upmix function: enjoy surround sound from any signal
  • Front unit controls and infrared remote
  • Microphone and headphone jacks
  • Perfect for all Teufel 5.1 PC loudspeaker sets
5.1 preamplifier with upmix function and remote for PC sets
ControlStation 2
ControlStation 2 is a preamplifier capable of expanding any 5.1 PC loudspeaker set into a comprehensive sound system. The device is ideal for anyone whose primary audio source is a computer.

For more connectivity and surround sound at your PC

Without a ControlStatoin 2, you'll have to connect your 5.1 PC speaker set directly to your computer's sound card. That means you won't have extra inputs for an MP3 player, an iPod, smartphone, DJ mixer, etc. You're also missing out on easy access to headphone and microphone jacks. The ControlStation 2 provides all of this and more.

This handy little preamplifier lets you link external audio sources to your PC speakers. Connect up to two analogue audio sources to the ControlStation 2 and switch between sources: PC, Audio 1 and Audio 2 without having to plug in and unplug your source devices.

ControlStation 2 puts an end to crawling under the computer table to connect a microphone, headphone or headset. Connect them directly to the ControlStation 2 instead. It's ideal for gaming and making VOIP calls.

An internal matrix processes inbound stereo signals in order to distribute them across five speakers and a subwoofer. The result is a significant boost in sound quality over conventional two-channel PC speaker sound. This feature can also be turned off using the "Pure" mode offered by ControlStation 2.

The ControlStation 2 includes an infrared remote control that gives you easy wireless access to all essential functions, even when you aren't sitting directly in front of your computer.

ControlStation 2 is a tool perfectly adapted to the needs of a PC audio listener. Combine it with Teufel PC speakers and you'll have the perfect sound system for your computer.

As part of a bundle set

ControlStation 2 is also with compatible Teufel PC loudspeaker systems. Buy it preconfigured as a controller for the Concept E 100 or Concept E 200 and profit from a system that includes all the necessary cables and a significant discount!

Die ControlStation 2 ist auch spielbereit im Verbund mit passenden PC Lautsprecher-Systemen von Teufel erhältlich. Vorkonfiguriert als Concept E Bundles bieten wir komfortable PC Komplett-Systeme, die nicht nur alle notwendigen Kabel im Lieferumfang haben, sondern auch einen erheblichen Preisvorteil.

Gallery Included components
Included components
  • 1 x ControlStation 2
  • 1 x Remote control w/o batteries for ControlStation 2
More Information

Greater choiceControlstation 2 Anschlussschema
In addition to taking up and transferring an analogue 5.1 signal via 6 cinch connections, you can simultaneously connect your ControlStation 2 to up to two analogue stereo signal sources.
You can easily switch between the various signal sources using the buttons on the front of the ControlStation 2 or by using the supplied remote control. You can also control the volume or set the mute for the entire system in this way.
In a nutshell: you save yourself hours of tedious fumbling around with cables connecting and disconnecting different devices.

Headphones and microphone
Controlstation 2 vorne Detail 1Now you no longer have to crawl around under the desk to get to the rear of the computer – you can connect your microphone and headphones directly and permanently via the ControlStation 2.Ideal for telephony and gaming – the required headsets can, of course, also be used ...

With the ControlStation 2 you boost weak subwoofer levels from some 5.1 signal sources by up to +10 dB.

Bass – even without a subwoofer outputControlstation 2 hinten
If your source device has no subwoofer output, you can simply switch from 5.1 mode to 5.0 mode on the ControlStation 2. The bass signal will be extracted from two front channels and mixed to form a subwoofer channel.

Surround and stereo
Controlstation   2The ControlStation 2 splits analogue stereo signals between all five speakers plus the subwoofer using its internal surround matrix.
In other words, it enables you to enjoy your MP3 or CD collection in wonderful surround sound. True, this is not quite the same quality as genuine surround sound, but it certainly sounds better than standard stereo or mono.
Music CDs are generally only supplied in stereo format. By using the “Pure” mode, you can deactivate the upmix to all speakers and listen in pure stereo.

Controlstation 2 hinten Detail 2Connecting to an iPod, CD player, MP3 player, DJ mixer, Discman, etc.
You can connect the signal source to the Aux 2 or Aux 3 input on the ControlStation 2 using a standard mini-jack cinch cable or a normal stereo cinch cable.
You can connect up to two stereo source devices to the ControlStation 2 at one time. Use the remote control to switch between sources.

Connecting to a PC, Blu-ray player, DVD player or HD receiver
If your PC has six individual mini-jack outputs, you can connect these to the 5.1 input on the ControlStation 2 using three mini-jack cinch cables. Connect the loudspeaker system to the 5.1 output on the ControlStation with three stereo cinch cables. If your Blu-ray player, DVD player or HD receiver has an analogue 5.1 output, connect this using 3 stereo cinch cables to the 5.1 input on the ControlStation 2.
If these surround sound signal sources do not have an analogue 5.1 output, use the analogue stereo output (if available). This can then be connected to the Aux 2 or Aux 3.

Signal cables and speaker cables
Kabelset AC   2045 WSYou can find suitable cable sets in our accessories area. With the 5.1 control cable set, you will be well equipped for most applications.

Technical Data
ControlStation 2

ControlStation 2 This compact 5.1 pre amplifier expands an active 5.1 PC loudspeaker set into a complete multimedia audio system.

Two additional external devices can be connected to it including: gaming consoles, televisions, TV decoders, DVB-T receivers, MP3 players, iPod docs, etc. Switch between audio sources with the simple press of a button either directly on the device or via an infrared remote control. You can also connect a microphone or headphones to the device.
Pfeil Pfeil
Technical Data and Dimensions ControlStation 2
Connections Miscellaneous Stereo Modi: Stereo, Pure Direct Bassmanagement (Large/Small, Subwoofer yes/no)
  Cinch input stereo 2
  Cinch input 5.1 1
  Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
  Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
  Cinch output 5.1 1
  Headphone output 3,5mm 1
  Microphone jack 3,5mm - out 1
Playback Device type 5.1 pre amplifier
Electronics Remote control Yes
  Amplifier channels 6
  Display Yes
  Display color Blue
  Display type LED
  Display size 6,4 x 3,8 cm
Dimensions Depth 15.50 cm
  Width 19.00 cm
  Height 4.10 cm
  Weight 0.71 kg

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All prices include VAT.
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