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High End Subwoofer Cable "Reference"

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10,0 m Subwoofer Cable AC 3910 CW Reference
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  • Up to 12 year guarantee
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  • "Reference" connector RCA subwoofer cable
  • Use: THX/subwoofer > AV receiver
  • Length: 2,5 Metre / 5 Metre / 10 Metre
  • Connection: 1 x gold-plated RCA / 1 x gold-plated RCA
  • Colour: Black
High End Subwoofer Cable "Reference"
Subwoofers also naturally can profit from a perfect cable connection with its AV Receiver. You can choose depending on your needs from three metre lengths: 2.5 – 5.0 – 10.0. The individual aspects of what make an excellent Teufel RCA cable are also described below:

OCC Copper
Only the purest copper is processed in a special, lengthy process. This leads to a less lossy compression, better managed process with reduced resistance. The result: a very dynamic, accurate signal with no hardness or aggression.

Double braiding
Outside failures now have no input on your signal. The result: Clean, smooth playback.

CU Braid
A shield leading right up to the connector plug reduces impact of any and all electrical and electromagnetic fields. The result: Clean, smooth playback.

24K gold-plated full metal connector plug
Oxidation is avoided by plating the metal with gold – so you're always assured a quality, consistent contact between devices.

Nylon Protection
The extremely robust yet still flexible exterior material protects all those valuable components inside.

PE Dielectric
Different isolation materials dampen the magnetic inputs for an exact, dynamic playback.

Included components
Included components
  • 1 x 10,0 m Subwoofer Cable AC 3910 CW Reference
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