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Wireless audio transmission for adjacent rooms or surround sound speakers

RearStation 4 Expansion Kit

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  • 8 week trial
  • Up to 12 year guarantee
  • Directly from manufacturer
  • Sender/receiver/amplifier set: wireless expansion for loudspeakers
  • Transmit music into other rooms without cables
  • Wireless transmission to rear surround-sound speakers
  • 80 watt maximum performance, remote control included
  • Maximum distance of 20 metres
Set up your flat with wireless sound
RearStation 4 Expansion Kit
Use the RearStation 4 Expansion Kit to expand your sound throughout your flat! Extend your sound cable-free, and get two speakers in yet another room!

The RearStation 4 Expansion Kit includes a remote control for ease of use. Control the volume, turn it mute or choose your channel - all at your fingertips!

The send-receive unit includes an amplifier with 2 x 30 watts of pure performance. Add extra sound, say the Teufel T 300, with absolute confidence - this little kit has you set! Power supply is included in the delivery, and the sender unit for the RearStation 4 can handle up to two additional RearStation 4 Expansion Kits.

Included components
Included components
  • 1 x power adapter for RS 4 WLR
  • 1 x RS 4 WLR Receiver
More Information
RearStation 4 Skizze 2Multi-room solution
RearStation 4 is capable of wirelessly sending music to any available room in a home. The source can be an AV receiver, an Internet radio, a computer or a portable device (iPod, mobile phone, smart phone). In any case, the transmitter sends a signal received via a stereo RCA cable up to 20 metres around it. The RearStation 4 does not work with the Impaq series or with the subwoofers/receivers of the +R series.

Amplifier built into receiver
The RearStation 4 receiver has a built-in amplifier which connects it to any passive speakers you might have. It delivers 2 x 30 watts of RMS output. The volume and mute functions are controlled via a remote control.

Easy expansion
RearStation 4 Main Master BackRearStation 4 expansion sets are available, making it possible to wirelessly transmit sound signals to up to three rooms in your house. The basic RearStation 4 product consists of one sender and one receiver. Each receiver is capable of powering two loudspeakers (stereo). Up to two 'expansion kits' can be purchased to bring sound into additional rooms. In our example you'll see 1 sender and 3 receivers for 3 listening areas: A, B, C.

Wireless rear speakers for home cinema and multimedia surround systems
This handy wireless sender-receiver system is capable of more than just transmitting sound into multiple rooms. It's a great way to get around the home cinema dilemma of a cable stretched throughout a room to feed the rear speakers of a surround sound system. RearStation 4 sends this signal wirelessly. Connect the sender to the line-out outputs (rear/side/left/right) of the AV receiver and using a short stereo cinch cable. Then connect the receiver to the rear speakers using a short loudspeaker cable. RearStation 4 is configured for wall-mounting.

AV Receiver ConnectorsFor AV receivers with pre-outs
Your AV receiver needs a special pre-out connection (see image) to connect with the RearStation 4. These pre-out connections deliver the individual speaker signal as a separate line level.

Please note: If your current amplifier doesn't support connections to Pre-outs, use our Level Converter AC 5011 AP. This converts speaker high level signals into RCA format.

Technical Data
RS 4 WLR Receiver

RS 4 WLR Receiver The receiver, about the size of an external hard drive, processes the wireless radio signals for music reception. An integrated amplifier generates 2 x 30 watts RMS for the two speakers that are connected to the terminals via cable. The remote allows convenient usage wherever you sit.
Pfeil Pfeil
Technical Data and Dimensions RS 4 WLR Receiver
Speaker Terminal clamps Solid screw terminals
  Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Electronics Remote control Yes
  Amplifier technology Class-D
  Amplifier channels 2
  Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 80 W
  Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 60 W
  Miscellaneous Transmission frequency: 2.4 GHz
  Power supply voltage 100 - 240 volts
  Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Dimensions Depth 18.00 cm
  Width 12.50 cm
  Height 4.20 cm
  Weight 0.40 kg

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