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8 reasons to choose Teufel.

Typically Teufel: Twice as good for half the price

Buy directly from the manufacturer and no one else. Retail stores and distributors earn money by making products available to you. This service – along with all the overhead it involves such as shop rent and personnel - is reflected in a higher price.
That’s why you won’t find Teufel loudspeakers in your typical electronics store. We sell our products directly to our customers and pass the savings on to them. This is a big advantage to our customers, of course. The disadvantage is that the product cannot be heard, seen up close, or held before purchase.

But in typical Teufel fashion, we’ve turned an apparent disadvantage into a benefit. Isn’t it better to hear a speaker system in your own four walls with your own music and movies? After all, the system needs to match the acoustic conditions and size of your room and sound preferences, not those found in a store. That’s why Teufel offers an eight week trial period during which time the product can be returned for a full refund.

Typically Teufel: Putting more in the product

Price advantage is product advantage.
When deciding to buy a product, you need to ask yourself how much of the price is represented by the actual item. There are companies that spend a lot of money on advertising, a cost that needs to be reflected by the product price. Then there are companies who spend a lot on retail, yet another cost factor that does not materially contribute to the end product.

Teufel is famous for its single-minded pursuit of making the best possible audio products for the lowest possible price. We rely on test reviews, customer reviews, and word of mouth to do much of our promotion for us allowing our product and our customers to do the talking for us.

Typically Teufel: Proof versus persuasion

8 week trial without obligation.
We want customers who are completely happy with their purchase, which, in this case, means being happy with the sound of their speakers. No amount of stars next to our name or test reviews can replace one person listening to one system and either enjoying it or not. And because we want our customers to be absolutely sure they’re happy with their purchase, we give them an 8 week trial period. If, before the end of this time, the customer is for any reason unhappy with the purchase, he or she simply has to send it back. Teufel covers the return shipping cost.

Typically Teufel: Quality you can hear

Sound made in Berlin for over 30 years.
We’ve been offering superior sound since 1980 and we have no intention of slowing down. Whether developing stereo speakers for pure music enjoyment, or thrilling cinema sound – we’re not satisfied until we hear that typically Teufel sound. We know it when we hear and are convinced that our customers will too.

Teufel offers a wide range of products, many of which have become legendary among hifi and home cinema fans. Regarding the latter, Teufel’s perfectly aligned subwoofer/satellite combinations are well known and well established: Teufel produced the first home cinema set in Germany as well as the first German THX system. Teufel was also the first company to put high fidelity PC speakers on the market, and the list goes on. It’s therefore no wonder that Teufel has achieved the status of a cult brand with a loyal following in Germany and beyond.

Typically Teufel: A winning mentality comes standard

The very best is built-in.
We can – and do – talk about our products’ many virtues, but we know you’d rather hear it from a more objective source. That’s why we’re constantly sending our latest products to test review websites  and audio magazines and encouraging customer feedback. We feel confident that they will surpass all expectations and we’re usually right: Again and again we hear that Teufel offers a price/performance ratio that is simply unbeatable.

Typically Teufel: Closer to our customers

Open, transparent  & sincere.
Our website is an open doorway to Teufel enabling deep insights into everything we think and do. The Internet and social media have been forcing companies to become more transparent, but Teufel was there already. As a direct order business, Teufel has long understood the importance of providing highly accurate information and responding to customer feedback. We know that we can only continue to grow if we respond to our customers and incorporate their feedback into our ongoing development.

Typcially Teufel: At your service

Reaping the benefits of experience.
When a customer calls Teufel, he or she is put in touch with a knowledgeable employee in our customer service department. Whether the question concerns an existing system or a planned purchase (Stereo or surround? Soundbar or 5.1 system?), our customer service professionals are equal parts problem solvers and audio consultants. As valued employees, many of whom have been with the company for years, they understand Teufel products and are perfectly positioned to help and advise. Along with our products, this wealth of experience and information is our most valuable asset. That why we’ve bucked the trend of streamlining and automating our customer service department. In fact, we’re doing just the opposite by nurturing and investing in this important knowledge base, because there’s just no substitute for someone who knows exactly what he or she’s talking about.

Typically Teufel: We keep our promises

Our guarantee.
We offer more than other manufacturers. In addition to the two year minimum guarantee for defects after the product is delivered, we offer a 12 year guarantee for loudspeakers and 24 months for amplifiers and electronic components from the moment of purchase. The only exceptions are: damage due to improper usage or electrical or mechanical overloading. This - along with a reputation for quality built over three decades - takes the risk out of purchasing a Teufel product.

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