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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Browse among the following topics to read our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

The advantage lies in the heightened performance of the included components - that's why it's THX certified. It all works perfectly together - regardless if it's the amplifier performance, the room spatiality, or the speech intelligibility - with THX your sound experience is simply heightened.
The connection is super easy - if your flatscreen has an optical or coaxial digital output, simply connect that to the Cinebar's digital input. Most TVs have an optical (most fall in this category) or coaxial (sometimes) digital output.
It's not an automatic rule that every flatscreen automatically sends its sound to external speakers. Sometimes it's necessary to change the installation on your TV through its menu. To change your particular TV, please read through your operating instruction manual.
This is where you use the mini RCA cable, connecting it to the subwoofer output on the back of the Cinebar to the RCA input on the subwoofer. This cable is included in the delivery oft he Cinebar 51 THX.
If you have a larger room, the Cinebar 51 THX simply makes more sense. The amplifiers fort he satellite channels are more than double the size (100 to 40 watts) and the subwoofer guarantees simply more bass because of ist 250 mm driver. With ist 150 watts of pure power, the Cinebar 51's subwoofer provides 30 watts more than the Cinebar 21. Thanks also tot he Boundary Gain Compension in the Cinebar 51 THX, the Cinebar 51 THX is a cut above.
The Dolby Virtual Speaker system is a virtual surround sound system that Dolby Laboratory in the USA has developed and patented. Algorithms and psychoacoustic effects create the effect of surround sound in the listening area. For playback of film sound, Dolby Virtual Surround is simply the best. There are two programs ("Reference" and "Wide") to expand your listening experience. For music playback we recommend to play the Cinebar 51 THX in a normal stereo mode.
Yes, formats such as MP3, MP3 Pro and WMA can be played back in this system.
The Cinebar 51 THX inputs data from the optical or coaxial digital inputs. This guarantees the highest audio quality and fantastic compatibility.