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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Browse among the following topics to read our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

The active speaker contains the amplifiers for the pair of speakers. You can easily recognise it as it also holds the power connector and the antenna.

The passive speaker is connected to the active speaker via a speaker cable.
In order to allow you to position your speakers perfectly within your room, you can choose which of the two speakers you want to control with the left stereo signal, and which with the right.

(also see Raumfeld Playback Device Settings within the Online Manual).
In order to be shown on the Controller under the application Line In, the following preconditions need to be met:

  • The Speaker has to be set up and connected to the Raumfeld system (both LEDs permanently lid)
If you want to play music in a huge room, it may be a useful to combine multiple sets of speakers in this room.

The Room Configuration settings will allow you to set up multiple devices under a single room name in that case. This allows for fast music selection and volume control (see Grouping of Several Raumfeld Devices in a Single Room within the Online Manual).

In order to control a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector via UPnP/AV (e.g. with Windows Media Player) it has to be integrated into a Raumfeld network.

An option to use Raumfeld Speaker and Connector standalone, that means without a connection to the Raumfeld system, is in development.
Should one of your Raumeld devices no longer react even after you've disconnected the power and restarted the device, you may reinstall the device's firmware and thereby reset it to factory defaults.

Please note that when reinstalling the firmware all device settings are lost. 

Here you will find advice on reinstalling the firmware of the following devices: 

Reinstalling the firmware in our online manual