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THX sound: For the ultimate home cinema experience

Are you in the market for a home cinema system with the best possible sound for music and movies? A system with THX certification is the best way to ensure that you get just that. Teufel offers the world’s largest selection of sound systems that qualify for this prestigious license that guarantees first class sound. THX is a standard for the reproduction of audio and video initiated by George Lucas and is famous for its promise of quality with both professional and consumer equipment. Cinema halls, film studios, and audio engineers stand by the THX certification of loudspeakers. That’s because a THX certified loudspeaker reproduces sound exactly as the audio engineer recorded it.

THX certified loudspeakers guarantee:

  • 3 front loudspeakers with an identical construction and tuning for homogenous and precise sound reproduction
  • Powerful dipoles for the rear channels for the realistic effects
  • Optimally tuned subwofer/satellite combination for distortion-free, deep bass in a construction that is easy to integrate into any interior
  • Completely linear frequency response for high definition sound from any audio source
  • THX certified components that fulfill the highest criteria for levels, performance, and dispersion
  • Together with a THX certified A/V receiver, stringently defined THX reference volume can be experienced. This ensures that soft passages aren’t too soft and loud passages not too loud.

Teufel offers THX systems for every need. THX Select and THX Select2 certified sets fill rooms up to 50 square meters with sound. The upper limit for what is possible is defined by the unbelievably powerful THX Ultra2 combination for rooms up to 150 square meters.

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