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Claiming Warranty Repairs

If you would like to send in your Teufel product for a warranty repair, please first call our telephone hotline at 00800 200 300 400 or send an email to greatly helps us process repairs, and we appreciate your doing so.

In order to process your request we need the following:

Invoice Number
The invoice number can be found on the receipt shipped with your product, or on the order confirmation you received via email as a PDF file (i.e. 4322543).

Serial Number
The serial number can be found on the back side of your device (i.e. MO 04007480121A).

Malfunction Description
Please describe the exact nature of the malfunction and the circumstances under which it occurs. The more information we have the sooner we can fix your product.

Return Form
You can download the return form as a PDF file using the following link. Please fill out the form and send it to us with your product.

Download Return Form >


Please do not send your product to our business address!
We will supply a service address for you to send your product to.

Thank you for your understanding!

Repairs based on a cost estimate

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Packaging Instructions

Packing your product the right way keeps it safe

The following are instructions on how to correctly pack your product assuming the original packaging material is gone.

You will need:

pfeil blau klein

A large carton into which your product fits well, leaving enough room for padding on all sides. The carton should be undamaged, thick and stable (3-layer cardboard). Damaged or thin cardboard boxes collapse under weight or if they are thrown.
pfeil blau klein Enough air bubble wrap to cover your product at least twice on all sides.
pfeil blau klein Packing tape
pfeil blau klein Scissors/utility knife
pfeil blau klein Styrofoam corners or chips
We will send you:
pfeil blau klein In the case of a DHL shipment, a link via email with which you can make direct arrangements with DHL for free-of-charge pickup
pfeil blau klein In the case of direct shipping, confirmation of the pick-up date/time arranged via our hotline
pfeil blau klein In the case of other shipments which are not part of a warranty or right-to-return, the correct shipping address

Step 1
Remove all stickers and barcodes from the cardboard box if it has already been used. If the box is damaged in places, please carefully tape those places shut with packing tape. The more carefully you pack your product the better it will be protected.
Rückgabe - Schritt 1   Rückgabe - Schritt 2
Step 2
Fill the base of the box with Styrofoam chips at least 5-10 centimetres deep. Another option is the use of Styrofoam corners if they are thick enough and fit the product perfectly.
  Step 3
Completely wrap the product in bubble wrap. It is best to cover all sides more than once, making sure the corners are particularly well protected. Tape the air bubble wrap around the product using packing tape.
Rückgabe - Schritt 3   Rückgabe - Schritt 4
Step 4
Place the bubble-wrapped product in the middle of the Styrofoam chips and/or Styrofoam corners. Fill the remaining space in the box with Styrofoam chips, and/or secure the remaining corners of the product with Styrofoam. Keep in mind the product must be able to withstand drops of up to 80 cm. Make sure to place the filled-out return form inside the carton.
  Step 5
Close the box and tape shut its edges and corners with packing tape. In the case of shipments covered by warranty or right-to-return you do not need to write a delivery address on the carton. The company assigned to pick up your product (shipping company or DHL) will have all the necessary information and will put their own stickers on the box. In the case of all other shipments, please make sure you legibly write the correct address and return address on the box. Your product is now ready to send.

Download Packaging Instructions >

Rule of Thumb
Products should be packaged so they are not damaged by drops of approximately 80 cm. When in doubt, use more packaging material rather than less! Visit an office supply store to find sturdy boxes, packing sets for large packages, and everything else you may need (cardboard, air bubble wrap, Styrofoam chips, utility knives, shipping bags, etc.).

For data protection reasons you must click twice to send a recommendation. No third party can access the information in this way.