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Who's who at Teufel

Edgar van Velzen Edgar van Velzen (Directeur)
Since 2013, Edgar van Velzen has served as the CEO of the Berlin Acoustics Group. Van Velzen began his career in 1990 as a product manager for Sony Netherlands after completing his Bachelors of Business Administration and Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. That same year, he accepted a position with Sony Germany. In 1996, van Velzen was made Marketing and Sales Leader for Mobile Electronics with Sony Europe. In 2004, he was chosen as the Vice President/General Manager of Marketing & Sales for Harman Becker Automotive Systems, a position he held up to 2012.
Jürgen Schneider (Chief Financial Officer)
Jürgen Schneider has been CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CEO at Teufel since May 2013. A native of Bingen, at Teufel he is responsible for Finance.
Schneider brings many years of international management experience as Managing Director and Financial Manager from his previous stations, including ABB and Areva. In his new role at Teufel, he is especially devoted to sustainable financial planning as a key element of corporate management and process optimization, in short, he wishes to give medium and long term support to the targeted growth and further development of the company.

Sascha Mallah (Director of Sales and Marketing)
Since April 2013, Sascha Mallah has been in charge of sales and marketing at Teufel Audio where he is responsible for both online and traditional marketing, product PR as well as customer service.
A native of Erlangen, Germany, Mallah brings many years of sales and marketing experience in the hi-fi industry to Teufel Audio. As the director of distribution channels at Harmann, he was responsible for the brands Harman Kardon, JBL, and AKG as well as Harmann’s luxury audio segments, Levinson, Revel, and Lexicon for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Previous to this, he was the managing director for the UK and Ireland at Harmann.
Jens Ohler (Product Management)
Jens Ohler is Head of Product Management and New Technologies at Teufel Audio Berlin. The 42-year-old engineer has many years experience in management, product management and development positions in the field of consumer electronics and multimedia. Ohler is dedicated to Teufel strategic product management and is also directly involved in the development of new products and concepts. Before joining Teufel, Jens Ohler worked as Head of Product Management for CAA AG and then as Director of Product Planning at Harman Becker Automotive Systems and most recently as Director of Product Management Infotainment & Telematics at Johnson Controls Automotive Inc.
Markus Romeis Markus Romeis (Technical Director)
Educated as an electrical engineer, Markus Romeis has spent 20 years at Teufel and is part of the company's living history. He began his career developing loudspeakers for Teufel while also working in sales and product exhibition. Romeis became Head of Development in 1995 and Technical Director in 1998.
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