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2.1 Heimkino Systeme von Teufel

2.1 home cinema

Optimal sound in your home

  • For music, films and games
  • Balanced sound
  • High-quality design


Best value

Teufel is a manufacturer and sales platform in one. Where there is no middle man, there is no additional charge. This saves you a considerable amount of money.


Best guarantee

Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


Best reviews

Teufel regularly comes up top in comparative tests and reader surveys and is the market leader in home cinema in Germany.


Best shop

The Teufel online shop can impress even the most demanding of customers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.


A 2.1.home cinema consists of either two speakers or a soundbar and a subwoofer. For systems with 2 speakers, one speaker is placed on the right, the other on the left and the bass speaker in the middle near the left or right speaker, if there is enough space. In 2.1 systems consisting of a soundbar and subwoofer, the soundbar is placed in the middle directly below or above the TV, the subwoofer at best at ground level directly below. For those who prefer it unobtrusive and discreet, a 2.1 home cinema can also be built from compact or microsatellites, which can be positioned either next to the monitor of the computer, the TV set or in a wall unit or shelf. The counterpart to this setup are large columns.

Conclusion: With a 2.1 home cinema system you can turn cosy film evenings into a real cinematic experience. With our endless range of accessories you can easily connect your system to the wall (per wall mount) or use a loudspeaker stand– whatever you want, we can make it possible


If you’re not really a massive movie fan and just happen to catch the films on the television, then you’re probably not looking to lose too much floor space for a 5.1 sound system. When that is the case perhaps a “smaller home cinema system”, 2.1 sound system could be something sink your teeth into.

The 2.1 Sound systems from Teufel consist of two loudspeaker or asoundbar as well as subwoofer. Sound systems also available with amplifiers for a complete sound system. With the 2.1 sound system the most important channels, the left and right, are played and rich bass is provided. Thanks to the latest technology, more and more systems are being built with an improved sound quality, as well as virtual surround sound, which is more than enough for sporadic film fans.

But it’s not just film sound that benefits from a 2.1 mini sound system. A smaller system can also be perfect for providing that extra thump when listening to music, playing videos and so on. The 2.1 home cinema system is also beloved for the sound playback from internet videos (YouTube, Netflix) or online games from your desktop PC.

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