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Teufel System THX Heimino

5.1 sound systems

Erstklassiger Surround Sound für Filmton, Games und Musik

  • First-class surround sound for movie sound, games and music
  • Completely ready-to-play
  • Other devices such as AV receivers or amplifiers are not necessary
  • Optimally configured systems

5.1 Sound systems from Teufel including receivers save the often tedious search for technically and optically suitable individual components. Instead of searching through the comparison pages for technical details, you can easily choose from an overview of your new home cinema system.

You want to be picky? Our large selection of home cinema systems and home cinema speakers sets make it easy to find the right receiver for your speakers. Our 5.1 sound system is complex and ranges from discreet micro speakers to compact speakers and slim designer columns to powerful floor-standing loudspeakers. Choose your 5.1 system according to your personal preferences.


Good home cinema, or 5.1 sound, systems work together with your television to offer a real cinema atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. A good movie on DVD or Blu-ray Disc deserves not only a brilliant image, but also the room-filling and true 5.1 surround sound provided by Teufel.

Connect to your PC

A requirement for direct connection of a PC speaker set 5.1 is a suitable sound card located in the PC. If your sound card is suitable for 5.1 control, you will normally find three 3.5 mm mini back outputs. These are connected to the Front R/L, Rear R/L, centre and subwoofer inputs on the back of the fully active Teufel set using three Y adapter cables (in a 3.5 mm mini jack with 2x cinch format). If your sound card only has a 3.5 mm stereo mini back output, connect it using a 3.5 mm mini jack cinch-Y adapter cable to the Front Input R/L to the subwoofer in.

Connect to Blu-Ray or DVD player

It is possible to connect a 5.1 sound system to your Blu-ray or DVD player to enjoy - besides high Blu-Ray image quality or DVD quality - a realistic sound. To do this, you need a Dolby Digital/DTS decoder for Dolby Surround 5.1 in both devices. The subwoofer can be connected directly to the 5.1-cinch analogue output. The five satellite speakers - or columns - are then connected to the subwoofer by audio cables.

If you want to connect the 5.1 sound system to an mp3 player, television or game console, use the stereo output of this Hi-Fi system that connects you to the Front L/R output on the back of the subwoofer. If you want to connect the 5.1 speaker system to an Xbox, PlayStation or Wii console, you will need a special adapter or the Teufel DecoderStation 7.

Installing a 5.1 sound system

First you have to concentrate on the space where you want to create the 5.1 home cinema sound. The workplace where your PC is located is very suitable for this. As a listener you are in the middle of the 5.1 sound system setup. The front speakers are positioned to the left and right of the PC, creating a triangle with the listener. The centre speaker can be placed either above or below the PC monitor. The subwoofer can best be positioned between the two front speakers.

Before purchasing the 5.1 home cinema set, be sure to check the size and power of the speakers so that you can create the best possible sound in the room where you are installing your hi-fi installation. With a 5.1 surround system setup, your hearing is the decisive factor for optimal surround sound.

Teufel offers a wide choice of 5.1 sound systems. Our extensive range not only includes products for PCs, but also audio systems for fans of stereo speakers and home cinema speakers.

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