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7.1 Soundsystem von Teufel

7.1 sound systems

Experience cinema acoustics at home

  • Crystal clear surround sound
  • More brilliance and spatiality
  • Authentic cinema sound experience

7.1 Soundsysteme: So einfach geht das Upgrade

Um den Kinosound einer bestehenden 5.1 Heimkino Anlage noch fülliger klingen zu lassen, kann man ein bestehendes 5.1 Heimkino System auf ein 7.1 System ausbauen. Damit kann man klanglich folgende Verbesserungen erreichen:

  • Medien mit 7 Satelliten-Tonspuren können 1:1 ausgegeben werden (z.B. Dolby Digital +)
  • Kaum "klangliche Löcher" in größeren Räumen
  • Ein höherer Gesamtschallpegel
  • Eine Erweiterung der optimalen Hörposition (Sweetspot)
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Teufel is a manufacturer and sales platform in one. Where there is no middle man, there is no additional charge. This saves you a considerable amount of money.


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Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


Best reviews

Teufel regularly comes up top in comparative tests and reader surveys and is the market leader in home cinema in Germany.


Best shop

The Teufel online shop can impress even the most demanding of customers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.


There are several ways to enjoy a true 7.1 sound system from Teufel. In the times of HD, 3D, projectors and NextGen game consoles, the demands on music systems are also growing. The decoders of most AV receivers can now also output and forward the latest HD sound formats such as DTS-HD Master and Dolby TrueHD. On the one hand, this means that the film sound produced from your speakers is even clearer and more high-resolution. However, it also means that additional transducers can be used to generate the cinema sound beyond the now conventional 5.1 arrangement. 7.1 systems have become affordable. For example, you can expand the front area with 2 speakers, the so-called front-high area, or you can equip the rear area with two additional transducers. This gives the entire sound stage more brilliance and spatiality. All the better that the number 1 sound manufacturer from Berlin now also offers complete 7.1 systems that transform the typical Teufel sound from even more speakers. You can find a great selection of cinematic and affordable 7.1 systems on the Teufel webshop.

Teufel 7.1 sound systems

To make the cinema sound of an existing 5.1 home cinema system sound even more perfect, you can upgrade an existing home cinema system to a 7.1 system. The following improvements can be achieved:

  • better location of sound events
  • no "sound holes" in larger rooms
  • a higher total sound level
  • an extension of the optimal listening position (”sweet spot”)

Teufel offers corresponding extension sets for many of its 5.1 systems. These can also be purchased online at a later date. Extension sets can be integrated immediately into existing systems, as they guarantee identical technical equipment for the satellites.

7.1 THX sound systems

Teufel naturally also offers expansion sets from 5.1 to 7.1 sound systems for our THX home cinema systems. The THX extension sets are suitable for the front speaker extension or for the extension of the surround speakers. Pure cinema atmosphere with powerful sound non-stop. Experience the sound systems yourself and benefit from a 12-year warranty.

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