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Aktivlautsprecher von Teufel

Active loudspeakers

Full sound without the need
for an extra amplifier

  • Built-in power amplifier
  • Hight sound quality
  • Linear frequency response



Best value

Teufel is a manufacturer and sales platform in one. Where there is no middle man, there is no additional charge. This saves you a considerable amount of money.


Best guarantee

Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


Best reviews

Teufel regularly comes up top in comparative tests and reader surveys and is the market leader in home cinema in Germany.


Best shop

The Teufel online shop can impress even the most demanding of customers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.


Performance-heavy active loudspeaker fromTeufel Leistungsstarke Aktiv-Lautsprechersysteme von Teufel bilden eine abgestimmte Symbiose zwischen Verstärker und Schallwandler. Damit machen diese aktiven Systeme jeden externen Verstärker/AV-Receiver überflüssig. Für Kunden heißt es dann einfach: Zuspieler anschließen oder verbinden, Sound aufdrehen und genießen.

Active speaker: powerful from the inside

As technology develops, we are able pack enhanced and improved drivers and other audio components into smaller spaces meaning active speakers can also be compact. Active systems can be anything from soundbars, Sounddecks, compact all-in-one devices or even bigger standing loudspeakers. Also portable speakers can be active. All our active systems are built like the rest of our products – the sound comes first. The advantage is that the internal amplifier can be optimally tuned to the transducers, regardless of the form factor of the system.

The Ultima 40 Active – Active loudspeaker with HDMI

What What’s better than connecting an active sound system directly to TV? Well if you want a 3-way speakers with HDMI it can be quite a struggle, but Teufel’s got you covered. Wir haben sie, die Mega-Aktivlautsprecher mit dem Plus an Ausstattung, Ultima 40 Aktiv. HDMI ist serienmäßig.

Large selection of active loudspeakers

From the compact Cinebar One at just 30cm long to the high-end Cinebar Pro that can be extended with rear loudspeakers, Teufel has everything to offer. Our range includes active soundbars and sounddeckers with lots to chose from.

Portable Active speakers – music on the go

The ROCKSTER allows you to take your favourite sound wherever you go, just like the new Cross & Go and of course Teufel’s most beloved Bamster. These portable speakers don’t just have an inbuilt amplifier, but also an inbuilt power supply in the form of an integrated battery. And some of the portable speakers can even be connected for double the sound.

The Teufel Streaming series – more than just active speakers

With the active loudspeakers of the Teufel Streaming series , Teufel offers innovative and clever technology that has be a hit with audio lovers. They are loudspeakers that seem to be completely autonomous. They play music invisibly via WIFI or Bluetooth. All this thanks to Raumfeld technology and completely controlled by the Teufel Raumfeld App.

Compact alternatives of these WIFI active loudspeakers are the Teufel One S and One M. Those who prefer a more generous sound will find the Stereo M active bookshelf speaker or the Stereo L active floor-standing loudspeaker.

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