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Aktivlautsprecher von Teufel

Active loudspeakers

Full sound without the need
for an extra amplifier

  • Built-in power amplifier
  • High sound quality
  • Linear frequency response


Best value

Teufel is a manufacturer and sales platform in one. Where there is no middle man, there is no additional charge. This saves you a considerable amount of money.


Best guarantee

Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


Best reviews

Teufel regularly comes up top in comparative tests and reader surveys and is the market leader in home cinema in Germany.


Best shop

The Teufel online shop can impress even the most demanding of customers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.


Teufel offers multiple active speakers with integrated amplifiers. Active speakers are great for connecting directly to your PC without having to connect an additional amplifier. In addition, active speakers are also suitable for streaming and wireless music transmission. Teufel offers several active speakers that are specifically designed for streaming and wireless music transmission.

Active speakers without cables from Teufel Streaming

Teufel has many years of experience as a speaker manufacturer of wireless speakers. Take, for example, the Teufel Stereo M: an active speaker capable of streaming and multi-room set up. The set consists of an active speaker with a built-in amplifier and a passive loudspeaker, which is powered by the active box through an audio cable. With Teufel Streaming, you can provide multiple rooms with great Hi-Fi sound without having to install an amplifier in every room. Moreover, with Raumfeld technology, you always have control over the music you want to listen to. In a multi-room setup you choose in which room you want to play which music. You can control your music with the Controller or with the free Teufel Raumfeld app for smartphone and tablet.

Teufel's best-seller, the Ultima 40, now as an active speaker pair

Out best-selling Ultima 40 Mk 2 is now also available as an active speaker. So you no longer need an extra amplifier, and you have less audio equipment in your living room. The Ultima speakers, with an extra integrated amplifier, are true all-rounders and guarantee the best sound reproduction for films, music and games. The Ultima 40 Active has an equaliser on the rear and is available in black or white.

Active subwoofers

In addition to active speakers, Teufel also has active subwoofers in its range. As with active speakers, the advantage of an active subwoofer is that they feature an integrated power amplifier. This means that the amplifier only needs to amplify the bass that is reproduced by the subwoofer.

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