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Sound sceptre
The successor to the legendary Bluetooth stereo speaker, the BT BAMSTER
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Why we love this product
The new BAMSTER picks up where its award-winning predecessor left off. Expect even better sound, additional features and more power. The BAMSTER plays the soundtrack of your life, any time, anywhere.
Mini Bluetooth speakers BAMSTER
Key advantages at a glance
  • The successor to the legendary Bluetooth stereo speaker, the BT BAMSTER
  • More features & even better sound thanks to redesigned drivers & smart dynamic Bass Boost technology
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® for CD-quality wireless audio transmission from Spotify, YouTube, etc.
  • Solid aluminium body, handy volume wheel with smart LED, multifunction button
  • AUX audio input, high-capacity lithium ion battery for a runtime of up to 12 hours
  • Broadband drivers + authentic stereo setup create powerful, 3-dimensional sound
  • Party mode: Connect two smartphones to the BAMSTER at the same time
  • Speakerphone function with excellent speech intelligibility
BAMSTER review of Youtube - Mäxel
"Simply breathtaking"
Youtube - Mäxel 08.05.2017
All test reviews
(4.57 of 5 from 181 Reviews)
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Overview of our technologies

Bluetooth aptX
plug & play
BAMSTER: Next level sound

Our engineers here in Berlin are never content to sit on their laurels. While the BT BAMSTER earned rave reviews, they were busy working on an even better version. The following improvements make the new BAMSTER the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker:

  • Nimble new drivers produce less distortion and louder, more balanced levels
  • Two passive bass radiators in a separate chambers push out deep, powerful bass down to 65 Hz
  • A smart digital signal processor from Texas Instruments guides Teufel Bass Boost technology for amazing bass, even at low volumes
  • The new BAMSTER retains the oblong form of a miniature soundbar for an enhanced stereo effect
  • An anti-clipping algorithm prevents distortion at high volumes
  • Two broadband drivers play back the treble range with finesse
Better sound with Bluetooth 4.0 & aptX

Any Bluetooth device can be your audio source. Send music stored on your smartphone, tablet, PC, notebook or iPod or from your favourite apps to the BAMSTER. Bluetooth 4.0 guarantees a stable connection that won’t drain your battery. Even soundtracks can be streamed in perfect sync from YouTube or other video sources. And if your source device also supports aptX, you’ll enjoy CD-quality sound.

A special party mode makes it possible to pair two smartphones or tablets with the BAMSTER at the same time. Take turns firing your favourite songs at the BAMSTER for an eclectic party mix.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER Schwarz Aufstellungsmöglichkeit Bluetooth
On-device controls: Volume wheel and multifunction button

An LED-lit volume wheel is both an attractive accent and practical tool for controlling your music. Set the levels to your liking with a simply swipe of your finger and immediately check the status. A short LED flash indicates that volume levels have been changed. The LED also indicates when the battery falls beneath 25%.

An easily accessed multifunction button on the back of the BAMSTER initiates Bluetooth pairing, accepts calls, pauses and starts playback. Pressing the button twice causes the device to skip to the next track.

Bluetooth-Lautsprecher BAMSTER
Speakerphone function

The BAMSTER is equipped with an integrated microphone for taking calls from your smartphone. This is perfect for conference calls or when you simply want to use your hands while on the phone. Calls can be accepted directly on the device itself. The system’s active suppression of echo effects and disruptive signal noises enhance speech intelligibility for stress-free conversations. The speakerphone function works with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones.

High-end anodised aluminium
The BAMSTER is made of robust aluminium for a smooth feel and excellent durability, with a matte-lacquer finish. The two separate resonance chambers minimise vibrations and further increase the natural stereo effect through physical separation.
Additional features: AUX input, battery life indicator

A 3.5 mm stereo socket makes it possible to connect source devices directly – a handy option for devices that don’t have Bluetooth. An LED ring on the volume dial indicates mute, party mode, charging time and battery status. Actions like starting and pausing playback, Bluetooth pairing and accepting calls can be directly carried out via handy on-device buttons. An AUX and micro USB cable are included with delivery.

Test the BAMSTER for up to 8 weeks.

Included components

  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (0,8 m)
  • 0,5 m Cable Mini-USB to USB for BAMSTER


At home, in the garden or on the balcony - you can easily take the BAMSTER with you thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions. For superior sound anywhere, anytime.
Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
Enclosure type Closed
Maximum sound pressure level 88 dB/1m
Frequency range from/to 80 - 20000 Hz Hz
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 65.00 mm
Woofer (material) Coated cellulose
Broadband loudspeakers (number per enclosure) 2
Broadband loudspeakers (diameter) 40.00 mm
Broadband loudspeakers (material) Synthetic
Enclosure material Aluminium
Enclosure surface Matte, lacquered
Miscellaneous Double Bass System
Bluetooth aptX Yes
Speakerphone function Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 4.0 with aptX
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Miscellaneous USB charging function for BAMSTER
Total power output capacity (RMS) 15 Watt
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier configuration 2.0
Amplifier channels 2
Standby-Function Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium-ion (2400 mAh)
Battery operating time up to 12 hrs
Battery max. charging time 2
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Microsoft Yes
Depth 7.20 cm
Width 31.50 cm
Height 5.00 cm
Weight 0.72 kg


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

BAMSTER review of Youtube - Mäxel
BAMSTER review of Youtube - Mäxel
"Simply breathtaking"
Youtube - Mäxel 08.05.2017
"I'm just blown away"

"Simply breathtaking. The volume was quite neat."

Conclusion: "I'm just thrilled, the speaker has no shortcomings, or at least not that I could find. Therefore, short and sweet: yes, the BAMSTER is well worth € 140, and yes, I would highly recommend it. Something like that!"
See full review video at youtube.com/watch?v=P8AQUGCmfiw&t=7s
BAMSTER review of www.techtest.org
BAMSTER review of www.techtest.org
"...mini Bluetooth Soundbar"
www.techtest.org 08.05.2017
"Teufel has created an outer framework of really thick metal which gives the Bluetooth loudspeaker an uncannily large appearance. In an emergency, you might be able to use it to hit a burglar without damaging your speakers." "I have rarely seen such a massive piece of electronics with such a great look as the Teufel Bamster." "This sound is also very impressive." "The speaker is very good for watching movies in particular due to the excellent stereo sound. The Bamster is also well-suited for audiobooks, with excellent speech intelligibility."
See full review at techtest.org/der-teufel-bamster-im-test-die-mini-bluetooth-soundbar/
BAMSTER review of Smartphone Magazin
BAMSTER review of Smartphone Magazin
"...it can also turn into a party animal"
Smartphone Magazin 03/2017
"Teufel serves not only the expensive upper class in terms of sound, but an audio fan with not quite such a big wallet can also strike gold with the cult manufacturer. We could put the Bamster under the magnifying glass, a speaker in the style of a soundbar for the television. The Teufel speaker is however only about 32cm in length - and fits easily into every backpack. The Bamster is not only intended for use within its own four walls, it can also turns into a party animal when two smartphones are connected to the speaker at the same time. The volume is controlled via a wheel on the side, and there is Bluetooth and AUX connectivity." Test result: 4.5/5 stars
See full review at androidmag.de/magazine/
BAMSTER review of www.steves-techchannel.at
BAMSTER review of www.steves-techchannel.at
"It has earned its place in the upper ranks"
www.steves-techchannel.at 25.01.2017
"In an admittedly highly competitive Bluetooth speaker market, Teufel has earned a place in the upper ranks with their middle-class speaker, the Bamster. For the most important criteria such as sound, design and battery life, it has more than impressed me. The energy saving function, which is automatically activated after 20 minutes of inactivity (no audio signal or key action) is another nice feature. The Bamster's alarm clock is also controlled by function buttons, when the audio signal is detected or when you turn the volume knob."
See full review at steves-techchannel.at/der-teufel-bamster-bluetooth-speaker-im-soundbar-format/
BAMSTER review of Audio-check
BAMSTER review of Audio-check
"The emotions of the performer are clearly transmitted to the listener"
Audio-check 12.01.2017
"What first came to our attention when we first listened to Teufel's Bamster was the crystal-clear sound in the mid- and high-ranges. The emotions of the performer are clearly transmitted to the listener, creating a completely different musical experience. We would put this down to the aptX codec, which guarantees a CD-quality sound, depending on the source material and device. High- and mid-tones dominate with this Bluetooth speaker, however the bass is clearly audible at low to medium volumes. Even at full volume, the tone is not affected. This is very pleasing, as living room parties can also be celebrated at full volume."
See full review at udio-check.org/bluetooth-lautsprecher/teufel-bamster/
BAMSTER review of www.wegotmusic.de
BAMSTER review of www.wegotmusic.de
"absolutely consistent and high-quality overall concept"
www.wegotmusic.de 08.01.2017
"The Teufel Bamster may not be a "bass monster", but I have not heard a similar sound quality or such a phenomenal resolution in this price class. [...]" "Overall, the Bamster offers a well balanced sound and has no significant weaknesses - and that goes for all levels." Conclusion: "We are excited! With the Bamster, the developers have brought an absolutely coherent and high-quality overall concept onto the market that leaves nothing to be desired: the slim design is eye-catching - but still offers enough flexibility and good on-the-go options despite a width of more than 31cm. With the optional transport bag, the Bamster becomes an audio companion in all situations."
See full review at wegotmusic.de/2017/01/die-rucksack-soundbar-testbericht-zum-teufel-bamster/
BAMSTER review of AV-Magazin
BAMSTER review of AV-Magazin
"... the Bamster is a true power house that pampers the listener with rich bass and more gentle tones in equal measure"
AV-Magazin 17.08.2016
"Those who expect a thin sound from the slender form are completely wrong in this case. The oblong soundbar format optimally supports a stereo effect, endowing the sound with depth and breadth. In addition, the Bamster’s form is slightly angled for full listening pleasure throughout the whole room.”

"In order to prove how suitable the Bluetooth speaker is for daily life, the Bamster had to complete a veritable marathon. It played at the office, in the park, in the workroom, in the kitchen, on the terrace, in the guest bedroom, in the bathroom – yes, practically everywhere. The absolute highlight for the mini soundbar was at a garden party where it was the star of the evening. Thanks to the party mode, it was possible for 2 Bluetooth users to connect to the Bamster and alternately play their favourite songs from their smartphones/tablets. In this case, a full-on competition was unleashed. "


"With the new generation Bamster, Teufel leaves really nothing to be desired in terms of portable sound. The slender and elegant form allows it to be wonderfully integrated for stationary use in a living area on the one hand; on the other, is can be easily stowed in a bag when traveling. If one considers that this is a mini soundbar, the Bamster is a true power house that pampers the listener with rich bass and more gentle tones in equal measure -- and wireless transmission in CD quality! The high-end workmanship, variety of features and easy controls complete the dream package [...]."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.av-magazin.de
BAMSTER review of Area DVD
BAMSTER review of Area DVD
"Especially with more differentiated must, the sound is to be praised."
Area DVD 17.08.2016
"The vocal parts came across truly convincingly and the whole 3-dimensionality is excellent. The beginning of the Euro dance classic “Da Beat Goes” from Red5 was really good because it was presented with clarity and liveliness. The Bamster offers an outstanding performance with this song – faultless bass, very good dynamics, consistently broad 3-dimensionalty and proper pressure levels make listening a real pleasure. The 2016 Bamster sounds delightfully good with Mr. Present’s "Up ‚N‘ Away”. It really packs a punch for such compact dimensions and separates vocals cleanly from instruments.”

"The very good atmospheric density and overall soundstage is laudable. We especially enjoyed the playback of the James Bond theme song “Moonraker” sung by Shriley Bassey. Unique vocal characteristics are flawlessly represented and the classical instruments are really well reproduced and without distortion by the Bamster, even at high levels."


"The new ‚power bar‘ from Berlin hits the mark when it comes to a range of features. Especially with more differentiated must, the sound is to be praised. Vocal reproduction and resolution are noticeably better than its predecessor. Even the 3-dimensionality and the overall clarity of the acoustics have evidently been improved. The bass power is considerable for such a slender device. [...]. The excellent workmanship, stable Bluetooth connection, the premium volume wheel and fresh look are additional plus points for the new Berliner."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.areadvd.de
BAMSTER review of www.androidkosmos.de
BAMSTER review of www.androidkosmos.de
"...detailed and precise sound experience..."
www.androidkosmos.de 14.11.2016
"The Teufel Bamster is not only convincing when it comes to workmanship, design and function, but especially in sound. Here, the 4 speakers with 2-way system really make a positive impression. The 4 speakers provide a very detailed and precise sound experience without overemphasising the pitch. The mid-range and high frequencies are reproduced particularly well - and the bass is not neglected either. In short, this results in a well-balanced sound [...]."

Translated from German
See full review at androidkosmos.de
BAMSTER review of androidpit.de
BAMSTER review of androidpit.de
"When it comes to sound, the Bamster is balanced and clean, but above all, astonishingly powerful."
androidpit.de 21.08.2016
"When it comes to sound, the Bamster is balanced and clean, but above all, astonishingly powerful. I can recommend it as a soundbar in rooms up to 30 square metres with a clear conscience since it’s suitable for all genres of music as well as movies.”

"… a really good product at a fair price. The loudspeaker is especially suitable as a desktop speaker for watching movies and series. The option of disconnecting it from a cable and taking it with you is a nice bonus.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.androidpit.de
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My Bluetooth speaker produces a lesser quality sound with my Windows PC or laptop.
It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
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