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Bluetooth speakers: An easy, secure, and fast way to connect devices

Bluetooth is, without question, the most popular way to stream data from one device to another. The advantages of this short range radio technology are many: independence from other networks, low cost, and universal adaptation across brands. Bluetooth allows two devices, such as a soundbar and a subwoofer, to communicate with each other over short distances without any cables. This is perfect for eliminating wires in your living room or being able to play music with your smart phone without having to physically tether it to a playback device. Thanks to Bluetooth, you’ll never have to rummage through a drawer for the right cable again!

Bluetooth loudspeakers from Teufel allow you to enjoy music wirelessly

It can be difficult to stream a high-resolution audio file, but advanced Bluetooth codecs such as the Aptx Codec, are able to meet that challenge. Teufel has taken advantage of Bluetooth’s ability to deliver high-end audio without interruptions to develop a range of wireless loudspeakers that don't compromise on sound including PC speakers, subwoofers, and mini soundbars.

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