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Gen next boombox
Portable Bluetooth radio with integrated down-firing subwoofer
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Why we love this product
The boombox is back, better than ever. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and aptX codec for transparent audio transmission plus NFC, FM tuner and powerful downfire subwoofer, the BOOMSTER is a truly universal music system for indoors and out. Its sleek, high-gloss exterior looks good in any living room or bedroom, while the discreet carry handle and long battery life make it the perfect system for your next garden party or camping weekend.
Key advantages at a glance
  • Portable Bluetooth radio with integrated down-firing subwoofer
  • 3-way system: 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers + subwoofer for a Hi-Fi sound with mega bass
  • Integrated microphone for handsfree skype and telephone use anywhere in the room
  • High-capacity lithium ion battery + AA battery compartment for up to 16 hr runtime
  • AUX audio inputs + USB charging port for smarphones and tablets
  • FM radio with strong reception & automatic search function
  • AUX audio input, USB charging port
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Overview of our technologies

Bluetooth apt-X
plug & play
FM Radio
Hi-fi Sound

The BOOMSTER is one of the best-sounding Bluetooth radios in its price class. You can expect pure sound from this portable stereo speaker with plenty of boom thanks to the following features:

  • A separate downfire subwoofer reproduces the lowest frequencies and ensures a solid, punchy bass with electronic music. Subwoofer levels can be adjusted.
  • A class D amplifier with 38 watt maximum power performance fires the 5 drivers for especially high and noise-free levels
  • A sophisticated 3-way stereo system creates a broad and highly detailed soundstage that fills even larger rooms
  • Two tweeters reproduce even the finest acoustic nuances for a clear, engaging sound
  • Two midrange drivers endow instruments and voices with warmth as well as power
Bluetooth 4.0

With the BOOMTER, it’s easy to stream music from smartphones and tablets. Bluetooth 4.0 guarantees a stable wireless connection that's capable of producing high-definition, high-end sound. A range of at least 10 meters ensures flexibility. Even movie sound is reproduced synchronously.

Music to go

The BOOMSTER comes with high-capacity lithium ion battery with a 10 hr runtime at normal voumes that fully charges within 3 hours from an available power source. If there is no power supply available, the rechargable battery can be removed and standard AA batteries inserted – perfect for longer camping trips.

Plenty of playback options

A 3.5 mm stereo jack socket allows you to connect devices per cable for the maximum level of connectivity with external source devices that aren’t Bluetooth enabled.

The Boomster‘s highly sensitive tuner and wire antennae ensure that even the even the weakest signals come in loud and clear. When it’s not in use, the wire antennae can be easily rolled up and stowed inside a dedicated compartment in the system. Three station buttons allow you to save your favourite stations.

An integrated microphone makes it possible to use the system's Bluetooth function to make phone calls via your smartphone while keeping your hands free. If you’re listening to music on the BOOMSTER, it will automatically shut off when you receive a call. Calls are accepted directly on the device.


The BOOMSTER is the perfect music system for camping or a garden party: Major functions on the BOOMSTER are controlled by discrete touch buttons that allow the surface to be easily wiped clean, and the inputs are protected with rubber covers. The entire construction is incredibly robust and includes a practical carry handle along with sturdy metal grilles over the drivers.

Listen in style

The BOOMSTER radiates good sound and high-quality workmanship in equal measure. A robust brushed aluminium carry handle, thick-walled synthetic enclosure and strong metal grilles give the BOOMSTER is solid look and feel. Simple matte black lacquer with high-gloss accents underscore the system's classic look. Well thought-out details include touch buttons discreetly illuminated in white and an elegantly angled front.

Included components

  • Boomster (2016)
  • power supply for Boomster
  • rechargeable battery-pack for Boomster

Technical Data

A powerful portable Bluetooth radio with integrated downfire subwoofer, rechargeable battery (plus the option of using AA batteries) and FM tuner.
Maximum sound pressure level 96 dB/1m
Frequency range from/to 50 - 20000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
Tweeter (diameter) 20.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric dome
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Midrange driver (diameter) 65.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Coated cellulose
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 90.00 mm
Woofer (material) Coated cellulose
Acoustic principle 3-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material ABS synthetic, aluminium
Enclosure surface Lacquer, matte
Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
Integrated stand Yes
Miscellaneous Integrated carry handle
aptX Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX-Codec
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
USB 2.0 Only for charging
Miscellaneous aptX Codec
Radio present Yes
Channel memory slot - FM 3
FM - UKW Yes
Miscellaneous Wire antennae in separate compartment
Total power output capacity (RMS) 38 Watt
Amplifier configuration 2.1
Amplifier channels 3
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Fuse Yes
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium ion 4400 mAh
Battery operating time 16 hr (rechargeable battery + AA batteries at normal volume)
Battery max. charging time 3 hr
Depth 14.50 cm
Width 37.00 cm
Height 18.00 cm
Weight 3.35 kg

Expert reviews

BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.sat1.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.sat1.de
"Teufel’s beamed the mobile sound system out of the past into the present day and made it fit for the future."
www.sat1.de 22.12.2015
"The pitch black device is equally suitable for use indoors and out. Each of the two tweeters and midrange drivers along with a subwoofer can really push out the sound. But today’s sound signature is no longer trimmed down to the bass foundation: The BOOMSTER can reproduce the entire spectrum of sound from 50 to 20,000 Hertz without gaps. The amount of bass in the soundstage can be adjusted to five separate levels.“

"In spite of its spartan design, the BOOMSTER has a few special effects to offer. A USB port makes it possible to misappropriate the device as a power source for smartphones and tablets. It can be used as a speakerphone via an integrated microphone  – the music is automatically interrupted during incoming calls. Thanks to NFC technology, smartphones can be connected to the BOOMSTER with lightning speed.”


"Teufel’s beamed the mobile sound system out of the past into the present day and made it fit for the future. The BOOMSTER is an eye-catcher and attention-getter for inside and out.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.sat1.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of International Business Times
BOOMSTER (2016) review of International Business Times
"Boomster offers everything you need to enjoy a high quality sound."
International Business Times 09/2015
"Teufel is known for manufacturing a diversity of high end headphones and small sound bars. Today we highlight one of the more powerful items from their Berlin catalogue, the Teufel Boomster, which provides a portable playback and a very impressive bass. This thanks to the integrated subwoofer.
Remember the Boombox? The iconic stereo system that you could take with you on the road and which was also often visible in 80's movies: Teufel reinvented this concept with the addition of some modern day technique. With this transforming one of the most iconic items of the 80's into an icon of 2015.
The Boomster is a Bluetooth speaker that can be used in combination with your Smartphone, PC, Mac or Tablet for listening to music. At first sight the packaging of the product looks impressive and well designed, containing a manual and power adapter along with the speaker.
Also aesthetically an impressive item: the speaker has a handle, which is very practical, and does not weigh remarkably light, given the built-in hardware: 3.35 kg. [...] As one can see from the picture, the design looks very impressive, one of Teufel's stronger items.
Ok, this Boomster looks perfect design-wise, but how does is actually sound? This of course being the most important question, given it's technical specifications. Teufel has done it's homework and therefor the Boomster offers everything you need to enjoy a high quality sound. [...]
Teufel's Boomster is a matter of high quality. We did not experience any particular errors in testing the speaker at any level. The speaker encounters some difficulties at a higher volume, but in general it isn't worth the mention. [...] certainly not a cheap speaker, but bear in mind it is a top product."

You can read the entire test review (in Italian) here:
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.nachrichten.at
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.nachrichten.at
“One doesn’t really need a stereo system any more.”
www.nachrichten.at 16.05.2015
"The Boomster’s sound can be called "typcially Teufel“ without hesitation. It offers a super-solid bass foundation along with clearly defined mids and highs. Those for whom the bass is too strong can regulate the subwoofer along five levels, making Claude Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” a pure delight. In general, the Boomster isn’t overburdened by any genre, but it feels most at home in the electronic domain. The loudspeaker really won us over during our user test at a party with 15 to 20 people. “One doesn’t really need a stereo system any more,” said one of the guests – there’s probably no higher praise for a compact loudspeaker.”

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.nachrichten.at
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.welt.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.welt.de
"The BOOMSTER is a heavyweight among mobile sound systems."
www.welt.de 21.06.2015
"The BOOMSTER is a heavyweight among mobile sound systems. A large handle allows the system to be easily transported. The Teufel can play for almost 22 hours – enough for even longer expeditions. The sound is pleasantly powerful, balanced and true to source. It can be really loud, too.”

Test score: good (2.14)
The BOOMSTER won first place in a comparison test of 20 Bluetooth loudspeakers

You can read the entire test review (in German) at www.welt.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of CHIP Test&Kauf
BOOMSTER (2016) review of CHIP Test&Kauf
"Thanks to the large resonating chamber, the Boomster delivers a lively and balanced sound in every situation."
CHIP Test&Kauf 03/2015
"The Boomster sounds best  [...] in closed rooms, even larger ones. The 38 watt strong system has two tweeters and two midrange drivers at its disposal along with a downfire subwoofer. Thanks to the large resonating chamber, the Boomster delivers a lively and balanced sound in every situation. The woofer plays down to 50 Hz and creates a precise but never overbearing bass. The system offer enough reserves so that even the neighbours can partake in the music enjoyment.”

"Considering the extraordinarily good sound quality, one should consider the price Teufel is asking for the Boomster to be very fair.“

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.chip.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.lite-magazin.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.lite-magazin.de
"The sophisticated 3-way stereo system ensures a broad, detailed sound."
www.lite-magazin.de 13.02.2015
"Regarding the overall appearance, it can be said that the Boomster fits into any interior with its elegant, sleek look – from well designed apartments to rustic work rooms.”

"The Boomster not only comes with sensible, practical features, it’s a cut way above in terms of sound. Most speakers hit their limits when they have to supply a small party with music. [...] The Boomster perfectly masters this task. The music is reproduced with clarity and precision without disturbing the entertainment or vanishing into the cacophony of voices.

In any case, the loudspeaker completely won us over: The sophisticated 3-way stereo system ensures a broad, detailed sound. Two tweeters reproduce sound down to the finest detail and emit a clear, open tone. Two midrange drivers ensure warmth and power with voices and instruments. A separate downfire subwoofer reproduces the lowest frequencies and ensures a hard, powerful bass without a trace of tinny sound. The subwoofer level can be directly regulated on the subwoofer and allows the Boomster to sound round and balanced or bassy and powerful according to one’s choice. Whether 40 people sit in a large room or single person in a small room, the handy Teufel device is completely reliable. It ensures a powerful, confident and utterly perfect sound in every situation.“


"The Boomster scores points with a nuanced sound quality, modern technology and absolute independence. According to the volume and function, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 20 hours and can be extended with disposable batteries. This is simply unbeatable. The sound is room-filling and harmonious with detailed highs as well as rich bass. The execution is sturdy, the design elegant and controls extremely simple. Those who love technology but also ‘amateurs’ will really get their money’s worth.”

You can read the entire test (in German) at www.lite-magazin.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.allround-pc.com
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.allround-pc.com
"Thanks to its well thought out 3-way system, it reproduces music with the utmost power and dynamism and does so with extremely stable levels."
www.allround-pc.com 29.01.2015
"The workmanship leaves nothing to be desired. Teufel did excellent work in this respect. The choice of materials – robust synthetics and aluminium – is perfect.”

"The Boomster’s sound is very strong for a loudspeaker of this size. Two midrange drivers, two tweeters and a subwoofer serve as the basis for the 3-way system. The subwoofer in particular puts other comparable speakers in their places. The bass is well defined and is energetically played back.”

"The two midrgange drivers and two tweeters likewise do perform their jobs well and indulged our ears with very realistic mids and clear highs.”


"The Boomster possesses the qualities that allow it to present itself as the successor to the ghetto blaster. [...] Thanks to its well thought out 3-way system, it reproduces music with the utmost power and dynamism and does so with extremely stable levels.“

You can read the entire test (in German) at www.allround-pc.com
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.newgadgets.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.newgadgets.de
"The sound doesn’t give much hint that one is dealing with a portable Bluetooth speaker, but rather reminds one much more of a full-fledged compact stereo system."
www.newgadgets.de 01.02.2015
"The Boomster makes a robust, elegant and high-end impression and scores points with its exemplary workmanship."

"According to the manufacturer, [the Boomster] should last up to 16 hours at normal volume with both the rechargeable as well as the disposable batteries. We extensively tested the rechargeable battery and ran the Boomster [...] at a normal volume (approx.. 70%) with a Bluetooth connection. [T]he Boomster ran and ran and ran… At the end, [...] [it] stopped after 21 hours which is quite an achievement for a portable Bluetooth speaker."

"The Boomster lived up to its name and set itself apart from the soundstage we have become accustomed to. The sound doesn’t give much hint that one is dealing with a portable Bluetooth speaker, but rather reminds one much more of a full-fledged compact stereo system."

"The entire construction with the downwards facing subwoofer generates a bass that is played back with confidence and stable levels and is always good for a new surprise. An overexertion of the bass membrane that can be detected in the form of a buzzing sound was nearly impossible to produce at any volume.”


"It’s a lot of fun to listen to music with the Boomster. The little powerhouse can really be surprising in many respects. Its size alone distinguishes it from typical, well-known mobile loudspeakers and it can definitely compete with a standard compact system.”

You can read the entire test (in German) at www.newgadgets.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of AreaDVD
BOOMSTER (2016) review of AreaDVD
"The sound is rich and commanding in a way that one is not accustomed to from such a device."
AreaDVD 03.12.2014
"We take our currently non-existent hats off to the black music maker. It’s amazing how confident and relaxed the hard, unrelenting bass comes across at even high volumes."

"The effects – no matter in what is played – allow the Boomster to extend deep into the listening room and develop a surprisingly intense three-dimensionality."

"It should be especially emphasized that the compact device is suitable as an introductory system in student dorms or apartments. At the same time, one can be mobile thanks to the battery operation. […] The sound is rich and commanding in a way that one is not accustomed to from such a device."

"The integrated 3-way system [...] guarantees a solid, technical basis that is markedly more elaborate than that which can be found in most competing products."

"Powerful, composed and homogenous – this is how the Boomster tackles challenges. It never seems to overexert itself. On the contrary: One catches oneself constantly using the very responsive touch keys for regulating the volume [...]. "

"This was a coup. We can’t think of another portable loudspeaker that can keep up with the Teufel Boomster acoustically. It plays with power and three-dimensionality, sounds harmonious and pleasant.  [...] The newcomer also shows its ascendancy with excellent level stability and flexible portable use scenarios. [...]  With a technically sophisticated construction and robust workmanship, it would be hard to find any weak spots.”

"On balance, the Boomster rocks the entire market – more sound and flexibility are not available at the present time."

"„‘We will rock you‘ – Teufel’s Boomster rises to the top from the very beginning.”

You can read the entire test review (in German) at areadvd.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.hw-journal.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.hw-journal.de
"It will, give the size of the speaker, attract a surprised look from some listeners."
www.hw-journal.de 03.03.2015
"The Boomster [scores points] with its rich bass playback together with clear highs and dynamic mids. The amplifier doesn’t even break into a sweat at high levels. The comparison to an earlier ghetto blaster is more than fair. The drivers produce neither distortion nor rattling sounds at high volumes. The Boomster consistently plays the tones cleanly all the way through and has a surprisingly powerful bass playback. It will, given the size of the speaker, attract a surprised look from some listeners. Thanks to the ability to adjust the intensity of the subwoofer, the Boomster is every bit as suitable for electronic music as it is for hip hop or pop.”

"The controls are simple, well thought out and give access to all the required settings in order to enjoy music outside of one’s own four walls. Measured against the loudspeaker’s size, the quality of the playback in the highs and mids is clear and not overwrought. The subwoofer is capable of enormous depths. We really appreciated the ability to supply the subwoofer with a bigger or smaller challenge by adjusting the intensity. This gives the buyer the ability to determine individual settings.”

You can read the entire test review (in German) at wwww.hw-journal.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.metropolitanmonkey.com
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.metropolitanmonkey.com
"Is there anything comparable in this category? I’m not so sure.”
www.metropolitanmonkey.com 27.05.2015
"The most important consideration with any loudspeaker is the audio quality. In this case, I could find no grounds for criticism – really none! The BOOMSTER produces a really differentiated sound. Calm, quiet music as well as loud, bassy tunes are reproduced without rattling or distortion. The bass is especially rich when one considers the size. Since the subwoofer can be set to 5 different levels of intensity, every genre is given its due. Even with full bass, the BOOMSTER never sounds ‘muddy’ and continues to play the tones cleanly. Is there anything comparable in this category? I’m not so sure.”

"With the BOOMSTER, Teufel’s brought a truly amazing product that offers amazing quality to the market – the sound as well as the workmanship. It’s not only good for outdoor use, but also for indoors.”

You can read the entire article (in German) at www.metropolitanmonkey.com
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.imaedia.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of www.imaedia.de
"In terms of music, we can recommend the Teufel BOOMSTER for any genre."
www.imaedia.de 08.05.2015
"[T]he portable loudspeaker [makes] a solid impression, as if specially constructed for life on the go. This becomes apparent on the back, as even dust and splashes of water can do it no harm thanks to a special rubberized cover over the connection panel. Even the touch buttons are not only chic but also considerably less sensitive to dirt as regular push buttons."

"Now for the most essential part: The sound. Teufel’s BOOMSTER is a full-fledged 2.1 stereo sound system with a maximum power capacity of 38 watts across 5 drivers (1 subwoofer, 2 tweeters and 2 midrange)! In other words: A lot for such a small device which ensures plenty of oomph. The frequency range extends from 50 Hz to 20 kHz thereby covering the range of larger speakers with substantially more volume.”

"In terms of sound, one can expect more from the BOOMSTER than its appearance would indicate. An integrated downfire subwoofer ensures the right intensity and is paired with well-defined mids and clear highs. Teufel’s BOOMSTER is surely no loudspeaker for highly critical listeners, but it’s one that is a lot of fun and simply sounds good.”

"In terms of music, we can recommend the Teufel BOOMSTER for any genre. Whether pop, rock, electro, jazz, house, rap or R&B, the BOOMSTER feels at home with them all.”

"All-in-all, the Teufel BOOMSTER left us with an enduring positive impression. The looks are good, it’s technologically well equipped, long-playing and - last but not least - was able to make a good impression with its sound.”
You can read the full test review at www.imaedia.de
BOOMSTER (2016) review of Audio Video Foto BILD
BOOMSTER (2016) review of Audio Video Foto BILD
In a comparison test of 7 Bluetooth outdoor loudspeakers, the Teufel BOOMSTER was the winner.
Audio Video Foto BILD 06/2015
"The Teufel played for almost 22 hours – enough for even longer expeditions. The sound is pleasantly powerful, balanced and true to source. And it can play really loud, too.”

In a comparison test of 7 Bluetooth outdoor loudspeakers, the Teufel BOOMSTER was the winner.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.computerbild.de/avf/
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Kann beim BOOMSTER der Akku ausgetauscht werden?
Ja, ein Austausch ist bei allen Modellen des BOOMSTER möglich. Einen passenden Ersatz-Akku führt Teufel in seinem Zubehör:

Ersatz-Akku für den BOOMSTER ansehen
Kann der BOOMSTER mit dem Teufel Puck (Funk-Fernbedienung) bedient werden?
Ja, eine Steuerung des Teufel BOOMSTER ist mit der optional erhältlichen Teufel Puck-Control-Funkfernbedienung möglich.

Link > Puck-Control-Funkfernbedienung im Webshop ansehen
My Bluetooth speaker produces a lesser quality sound with my Windows PC or laptop.
It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
Only one free item BOOM BAG for the BOOMSTER can be issued per order. It is not possible to issue a credit or the cash equivalent of the product’s value.

The free item BOOM BAG for the BOOMSTER as gratis add-on cannot be ordered in combination with a discount voucher. Discount vouchers cannot be redeemed if a free item is part of the purchase.

This offer is only valid for orders received by Teufel as of 2019-03-04 16:53 o’clock. The promotion will run as long as supplies last up till 2019-07-31 23:59 o’clock.

The gratis add-on BOOM BAG for the BOOMSTER has a nominal sales price of € 49.<sup>99</sup>. This offer is to be viewed as part of the complete purchase. The goods and services are only offered together. This deal can therefore not be partially carried out (e.g. limited to use of the gratis add-on BOOM BAG for the BOOMSTER).

For free product add-ons in the context of sales promotions , the respective twelve and two year guarantees from Teufel Audio do not apply to the product that was added to the order free of cost.

Delivery of the BOOM BAG for the BOOMSTER does not have to coincide with the qualifying product.
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