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Mini Bluetooth speakers: 5 Products
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Mini Bluetooth speakers from Teufel Audio: Easy music streaming and excellent sound

It’s good to know that you won’t have to leave your Teufel sound behind during your next next picnic, bicycle tour or vacation. Bluetooth speakers are the easy answer for taking your music with you wherever you go. Mini Bluetooth speakers can be easily tossed into a bag or backpack. The robust and easy-to-use models by Teufel Audio were designed to go wherever you do.

Stream music anywhere easily and in the highest sound quality

Bluetooth is one of the most popular wireless standards available. Your smartphone or tablet is almost certainly equipped with Bluetooth and an increasing number also support aptX, a Bluetooth codec that ensures the highest possible sound quality. It’s easy to stream music stored on your device along with audio from apps like Spotify, YouTube, internet radio, podcasts and games to a portable mini Bluetooth speaker from Teufel. After an initial pairing procedure, the two devices will recognize each other for near instantaneous connectivity any time you want to enjoy your music or other audio content. From the BT Bamster and Bamster XS to the ROCKSTER XS, Teufel Audio offers a range of small wireless speakers to choose from.

Powerful, clear sound from small Bluetooth speakers that require very little space

Mini Bluetooth speakers are practical, portable and easily accommodated in any bag or suitcase. Their sound, however, is anything but small. Teufel’s range of mini Bluetooth loudspeakers combine clear, high levels with long battery life.

Portable Bluetooth speakers from Teufel Audio fulfill all the requirements of portable sound. Each speaker features a robust built, integrated long-life battery, intuitive controls and high-end audio technology for the best possible sound quality.