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Rock 'n' roll queen
A Bluetooth speaker with PA technology for high levels from a relatively small enclosure
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Why we love this product
The ROCKSTER Air is the smaller version of our portable behemoth, the ROCKSTER. Easier to transport, the ROCKSTER Air is still able to transform just about any space into the party of the year.
Key advantages at a glance
  • A Bluetooth speaker with PA technology for high levels from a relatively small enclosure
  • Enjoy incredible sound powerful enough for larger parties thanks to a sophisticated acoustic design
  • Integrated 4-channel mixer, tone control and included remote control
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® codec delivers CD-quality streaming from music services like Spotify
  • Microphone / guitar, line, AUX and Bluetooth inputs, plus easy stereo setup together with another ROCKSTER Air or ROCKSTER
  • Sophisticated product design for a broad sound dispersion - perfect for larger parties
  • Integrated power bank and auto on/off function, runs on mains and battery power
  • Includes carry strap, can be placed on a tripod
ROCKSTER AIR review of RouteNote blog
"...a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA"
RouteNote blog 23.05.18
All test reviews
(4.68 of 5 from 239 Reviews)
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Overview of our technologies

Bluetooth aptX
plug & play
Rock ’n’ roll queen
Guaranteed not to overlooked at parties. This rocker diva can’t help but attract everyone's attention.
Sound machine

Party in the subway, karaoke in the park or playing electric guitar on a rooftop. With this portable sound machine, unforgettable parties in extraordinary places are no longer a dream. With thrilling sound and levels up to a whopping 112 dB, the Rockster Air is sure to captivate its audience.

4 x bass reflex tubes
4 bass reflex tubes provide the diaphragm with freedom of movement and also tighten up the bass
Horn tweeter
Professional quality driver that can provide excellent sound in large rooms and even stadiums
Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Bass driver
The generously large woofer always has a good deal of bass up its sleeve
Moving coil
Ideal for longer listening periods
All the world’s a stage

Whether you want to play music from your phone, laptop, electric guitar or microphone - the ROCKSTER AIR offers connections to suit any style of party.

Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Wireless freedom

Stream music wirelessly via your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth 4.0 guarantees a clean, stable, wireless connection with minimal battery consumption, with a reach of at least 10 metres. The apt-X transmission codec ensures sound transmission in CD-quality.

Alternatively, the Rockster Air can also be controlled with the included remote control.



Stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest Bluetooth technology.


It is also easy to connect to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mac OS, PC and Linux

You can of course also stream music and videos wirelessly from these systems.
Create your own party sound

With the 4-channel mixer, you can play via up to four sources simultaneously and mix them to create your perfect party sound. Equalisers for high-tones and bass allow you to totally customise your sound. With LED rings on each control knob, you’ll never miss a beat even when the lights go out. The transparent cover protects against rain and dirt.

Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR Bedienung
Bass that you can really feel

You can combine two ROCKSTER AIRs to make a stereo pair for excessive headbanging and ground-shaking bass. Go hard or go home!

Teufel Bluetooth Verst?rker DJ ROCKSTER AIR Stereo
Made to party

The ROCKSTER AIR is a pretty tough guy and can keep up with the biggest of party animals. It proves its mettle thanks to reinforced impact edges which protect the speaker during transportation. Its water-resistant base mean that spilled drinks and damp grass won’t spoil the fun. The control panel cover protects the controllers from prying fingers and flying objects. The comfortable carrying strap fits on every shoulder. Simply put – the ROCKSTER AIR was made for parties.

  • Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
    Comfortable, sturdy carry strap
  • Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
    Reinforced edges
  • Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
    Water-resistant base – swimming pool „approved“
  • Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
    Fits on PA stands
  • Teufel Rockster AIR Bluetooth Abdeckung
    Cover: weather-proof
Integrated powerhouse

So that the ROCKSTER AIR can produce its sensational sound and still survive for a long time, it has a secret weapon - an AGM battery with extremely long durability and maintenance-free operation. The ROCKSTER AIR just plays and plays...and plays.

30 h

Included components

  • Power cable
  • ROCKSTER AIR Battery 1208
  • Remote Control for ROCKSTER AIR


Last-minute rooftop party? No problem. The portable Rockster Air, which offers up to 112 dB volume, is the ideal solution for creating an unforgettable party atmosphere - even in more unusual locations.
Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Maximum sound pressure level 112 dB/1m
Frequency range from/to 50-20000 Hz Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Tweeter horn
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 250.00 mm
Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
Acoustic principle 2-way system
Enclosure material Plastic, MDF
Enclosure surface Matte, lacquered
Net internal volume 21 Litres
XLR microphone input 1
XLR input 1
Bluetooth aptX Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX
Analogue inputs 3
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Stereo jack 6.3mm - in 1
Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
Miscellaneous Illuminated 4-channel mixer
Miscellaneous USB charging port for mobile devices (Powerbank)
DJ mixer Yes
Total power output capacity (RMS) 72 Watt
Powerbank Yes
Amplifier technology Class-D
Amplifier configuration 1.1
Amplifier channels 2
Power supply voltage 230 Volt volts
Standby-Function Yes
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Fleece
Battery operating time Up to 30 hr
Battery max. charging time 6 hr
Miscellaneous Battery charge indicator available
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Microsoft Yes
Depth 28.50 cm
Width 38.00 cm
Height 46.00 cm
Weight 14.50 kg


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

ROCKSTER AIR review of RouteNote blog
ROCKSTER AIR review of RouteNote blog
"...a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA"
RouteNote blog 23.05.18
A portable speaker packing the power of a live rock gig and up to 30 hours of battery life makes the Rockster Air a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA you wouldn’t expect.

With the Rockster Air, Teufel have created a speaker rig that blows your expectations of what a portable Bluetooth speaker can do out of the water. A sleek and simple design contrasts it’s powerful sound which results in a speaker that can fill the biggest of rooms whilst never looking out of place.

[…] When you first turn the speaker on will light the LEDs which circle the speaker’s volume knobs. The red LEDs, blue for Bluetooth, lighting up the rig give you a visual indication of the gain for each input and the master volume. It doesn’t just look good but also means that you know what you’re doing no matter how dark it is, perfect for a big party or a vibey gig.

You have control over your master volume and the levels for the bass and treble which are both surprisingly versatile when it comes to getting your perfect EQ – and the bass from this speaker is always sublime whether pumped to the max or dipped for subtlety with 4 reflex tubes concentrating the sound coming from the giant woofer built into the Rockster Air. The speaker also comes with a remote so you can control the levels and EQ from afar.

[…] Teufel have created a pretty special speaker which combines simplicity with raw power and results in a rough and ready speaker which fits perfectly into various musical situations whether it be performance, listening to tunes, or absolutely going for it at a rave. With an incredible battery life and its versatility of use it makes the perfect busking companion but will appeal to anyone looking for a giant sound that they can take with them.
See full review on routenote.com
ROCKSTER AIR review of av-magazin.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of av-magazin.de
"The portable power speaker guarantees music enjoyment"
av-magazin.de 18.05.2018
"The Rockster Air offers a solid, powerful and dynamic sound. Thanks to the use of a powerful tweeter with horn attachment, the party loudspeaker sounds really cool and captivating. And Teufel's mobile Bluetooth speaker also surprises with good detail reproduction from the side. The necessary bass foundation is provided by a 25 cm diameter woofer with a powerful lift. The potent cone driver ensures deep and powerful bass reproduction even at high levels. For pop, rock or hip hop, the Rockster Air always offered a powerful, dynamic and spatial sound during our practical test."

"The Rockster Air from Teufel is a Bluetooth speaker in XXL format. Whether at home or on the road, indoors or outdoors, thanks to powerful technology and clever equipment details, the portable power speaker guarantees music enjoyment."

(Translated from German)
See full review at av-magazin.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Computer Bild
ROCKSTER AIR review of Computer Bild
"...clearer and more brilliant, overall balanced and detailed sound"
Computer Bild 16.12.2017
"Despite its more compact dimensions, the Air has almost the same features as its big brother, the Rockster: thanks to its many connectors, instruments such as electric guitar, microphone and wired players can also be connected. It also has a USB charging port and can charge your smartphone when you're on the road."

"[…] The Rockster Air plays deep basses and even at dangerous levels, it is not only noticeable in the pit of your stomach, but also sounds clean. At the mid and high frequencies you have to help the little Teufel a little bit and turn up both controls. Then you get a clearer and more brilliant, overall balanced and detailed sound."

"Good successor: The comparatively compact and light Rockster Air is almost as loud as the Rockster of the first generation. But it's not only loud, it's also good: even beyond 100 decibels, the bass of the Rockster Air will put a little wind in your sails. Those who can do without the last 10 decibels and the deepest bass cellar will be well served with the smaller Rockster Air. Advantage: its battery lasts 14 hours longer."

(Translated from German)
See full review at computerbild.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Die Welt
ROCKSTER AIR review of Die Welt
"the volume and sound were particularly convincing"
Die Welt 23.12.2017
"Bluetooth speakers from Teufel: with the Rockster Air, the Berlin-based company introduces a smaller, lighter and more affordable Rockster model. In the test, the volume and sound were particularly convincing."

"[…] When it comes to operation and appearance, the Rockster Air is more modern than its larger counterpart: the controls for sound, volume and input are also protected from water by a lid on the top, but thanks to the transparent cover they are visible at all times and also illuminated in colour. Fancy!"

"Good: Teufel has re-styled the rear of the Rockster Air with more connections and other controllers compared to its predecessor, making it more accessible and better adapted for the Air. Now you can find your way around even after more than one beer."

"Sure: The Rockster Air upstages other usual small Bluetooth speakers. It reached a sound pressure of just over 111 dB in the test - and is therefore almost as loud as the first-generation Rockster."

(Translated from German)
See full review at welt.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Audio Video Foto Bild
ROCKSTER AIR review of Audio Video Foto Bild
"...a mini monster: the Rockster Air"
Audio Video Foto Bild 02/2018
"Besides the original Rockster monster, Teufel brings a mini monster: The Rockster Air."

"[…] for such a party monster, the connections are at least as important as Bluetooth. Musicians and DJs can plug in instruments such as electric guitars, microphones or players such as CD players at the back. Both Rocksters also have a USB charging socket for smartphones."

"[…] the smaller Air reached a sound pressure level of 111 dB in the test."

"It's the right device for extreme use, street musicians and amateur DJs."

"The Rockster Air took second place with a good rating and the test score of 2.0 from a comparative test with a total of two test devices."

Note: Test refers to Rockster Air and Rockster from a comparative test between the two devices.
See full review at computerbild.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Tech Test
ROCKSTER AIR review of Tech Test
"If you really want to get the party going, you will enjoy the Rockster Air."
Tech Test 25.01.2018
“[…] The Teufel Rockster Air is more like a small PA system rather than an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. The rather massive and somewhat coarser look of the Rockster Air fits well with this. […] It's also possible to combine two Rockster Airs for an even 'bigger' sound."

"[…] At normal, house-party-suitable volumes the bass is clearly the primary sound element. No surprise, because the Rockster Air is equipped with a 25cm subwoofer […]. The bass can be adjusted to your own requirements with the aid of an equaliser. […] there's nothing wrong with the bass! It is deep, strong and of high quality. If you really want to get the party going, you will enjoy the Rockster Air. […] Due to the extremely good and deep basses as well as the high treble, the Rockster Air offers a subjectively very high dynamics and liveliness. If you will, the Teufel Rockster Air is fun and that's a lot of fun!"

“Do you organise regular parties outdoors or in your house and are looking for a semi-portable/professional active Bluetooth speaker? Then the Teufel Rockster Air is of the right caliber! This one is loud, bass strong and generally just powerful! With a maximum power output of 112dB, the Rockster can easily create volumes that are simply unpleasant in smaller rooms, which is a compliment in this case. […]. […] the battery [can] really last quite a long time [...]. According to Teufel, at quiet volumes a battery life of up to 30 hours is possible, and at party-suitable volumes you can still get double-digit values. In addition, there is a large variety of connections, which allows the connection and mixing of instruments, microphones and other devices which use 3.5mm. Plus, of course, Bluetooth. […] If you match the profile of the right user of the Teufel Rockster Air, then there is no argument against the purchase! The Rockster Air is fun!"

(Translated from German)
See full review at techtest.org
ROCKSTER AIR review of www.pc-welt.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of www.pc-welt.de
"a real powerhouse"
www.pc-welt.de 26.01.2018
“We have a real powerhouse in the test with the Teufel Rockster Air. Not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of performance. The 14.5 kg, relatively lightweight, Bluetooth speaker is not just for playing music, it also has connections for instruments or microphones. This means that the speaker can be used in a variety of ways, for example for live music or even karaoke evenings. This makes it a good all-rounder. The sound is also well-balanced, powerful and loud and, thanks to the intuitive mixer, can be optimised according to your own wishes [...]. All-in-all, the Rockster Air is also comparatively mobile thanks to the wide carrying strap. The case is also very stable and the battery lasts a long time."

“In our opinion, the Bluetooth connection process with a speaker should be quick and easy. And that's exactly what happens with Rockster Air: once the speaker is switched on, pressing the Bluetooth button for a long time and the speaker appears on the smartphone underneath the available Bluetooth devices. We can connect and play our playlist."

“Another way of connecting is the classic AUX input connection. This means that almost all multimedia devices with an AUX jack can be connected. This connector and others like line-in, XLR, link-in and line-out are all clearly arranged on the back. […] But there's another special feature: the XLR connector lets you connect several Rockster Airs together in a series."

(Translated from German)
See full review at pcwelt.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Experten Beraten
ROCKSTER AIR review of Experten Beraten
"...brilliant sound quality"
Experten Beraten 16.02.2018
"According to the company's description, the Rockster Air from Teufel with a four-channel mixer is used to amplify and reproduce music and speech from external sources."

"[…] Multiple sources can also be played back and mixed simultaneously. Each of these channels has its own volume control at the top of the mixer. The controls for overall volume and tone (treble/bass) adjust the sound optimally to the respective room."

"The Rockster Air is a very high quality processed device, which is quickly activated, configured and quite easy to use. This speaker is ideal for outdoor events and also very easy to transport with the carrying strap. Added to this is the brilliant sound quality. We can therefore only recommend the Rockster Air speaker from Teufel."

(Translated from German)
See full review at experten-beraten.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Modern HiFi
ROCKSTER AIR review of Modern HiFi
"... a versatile, battery-powered active speaker for many occasions."
Modern HiFi 03/2018
"In the listening test, the Teufel gives Rockster Air strength above all. Rich, distortion-free levels with a deep bass have a nice pressure and fill even larger rooms with sound."

"[…] A certain listening distance to the speaker is good for the sound development. For outdoor events, placement on the floor is usually sufficient, although music even behind the speaker is still easy to understand.”

"The Rockster Air from Teufel is a versatile, battery-powered active speaker for many occasions. Lectures on small stages, singer/songwriters busking in the street or parties in the park - no problem with this robust Bluetooth speaker. The 4-channel mixer convinces with easy handling when mixing signals together, the overall volume is more than decent. All in all a successful mixture of size, transportability and variety in application.”

(Translated from German)
See full review at modernhifi.de
"...a real party animal"
SFT 04/2018
"[…] The Rockster Air looks like a real party animal from every perspective […] Thanks to an attached carrying strap, the ruffian can easily be transported from the car to the location or from the house into the garden."

"[…] The battery life is up to 30 hours, [...] thanks to the supplied fleece battery. […] The combination of tweeter and 25 cm bass driver is flanked by four bass reflex ports, the integrated amplifier generates 112 decibels of sound pressure. The Rockster Air hits us so mercilessly with brute bass kicks and groovy guitar riffs [...] If you turn the level control over the 50 percent mark, you should leave a few metres safe distance - your hearing will thank you for it. In the low frequency range, the bass diaphragm produces a rich and dynamic reproduction. But even at the upper end of the frequency ladder it shows that the Rockster Air is not only loud, but also controlled.”

"Teufel has also remained true to the recipe for success of the original Rockster with the Air model. The overall result is a comparable level of performance in a much more portable format. We also like the newly designed and illuminated control panel much better. […] At the end of the day, the Rockster is a party machine that is much more practical than its big brother."
Translated from German
See full review at pcgames.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Audio Test
ROCKSTER AIR review of Audio Test
"...a good sounding as well as extremely potent mini PA in Bluetooth speaker form"
Audio Test 04/2018
"The Rockster Air [offers] just about everything you need to provide adequate sound at all kinds of events beyond intimate get-togethers. […] It is of course clear that this is not an audiophile device of the reference class. But the Rockster Air doesn't need that either. After all, it just wants to have a good time with his friends."

"With the Rockster Air, Teufel delivers a good sounding as well as extremely potent mini PA in Bluetooth speaker form. With its long battery life and hidden potential as a karaoke machine, it is suitable for any event, indoors or out."

(Translated from German)
See full review at av.de
ROCKSTER AIR review of Low Beats
ROCKSTER AIR review of Low Beats
"an inexpensive way to listen to music dynamically and without distortion"
Low Beats 16.05.2018
"In the listening test, it was much louder than usual Bluetooth loudspeakers. […] The Teufel Rockster Air proved itself not just to be noisy, but an inexpensive way to listen to music dynamically and without distortion."

"The naturalness of mid and high frequencies gave no reason for criticism, especially in terms of liveliness. Even Bluetooth streaming is enough to ignite a powerful hurricane with powerful basses and lively highs."

"Teufel really took it seriously. Unlike SUVs, this is not just about looking tough. Behind the Teufel Rockster Air is really an extremely affordable, solid, semi-professional loudspeaker concept, which is unparalleled in price and which even fills large places with rich sound, especially when used as a pair."

"In short: with the mobile wireless PA system Teufel Rockster Air, all hell breaks loose at parties or in the park. And thanks to the built-in micro-input, the 'small' Rockster could revive a somewhat forgotten pastime: karaoke."

(Translated from German)
See full review at lowbeats.de
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Help regarding this product
I just unpacked my new ROCKSTER AIR, but it doesn't run on battery power. What should I do?
After unpacking the ROCKSTER AIR for the first time, you need to charge the battery for around 12 hours and make sure to set the "Power Mode" switch to "Permanent".

Tip: If you do not use the device for a long time in winter, recharge the battery every two/three months. This helps to improve the battery life.
My Bluetooth speaker produces a lesser quality sound with my Windows PC or laptop.
It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
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