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Cinch cables

High-end audio transmission

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Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


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What is a cinch cable?

Cinch is a connection for the transfer of electrical signals to audiovisual media as audio or video equipment. These connections send analogue signals via coaxial cables from the decoder or tuner to an amplifier and ultimately to the power amplifier. In stereo systems, the right channel is distinguished from the left and the signals are transmitted separately. This separation is achieved by means of differently coloured codes. In the audio segment, the following colour codes are often used:

  • Red - is always used for the right channel
  • White - is always used for the left channel
  • Black - is used for the centre speaker or subwoofer

Where does the name cinch come from?

Although the name cinch seems to be a technical term, it is only another name for an RCA connection. The Radio Corporation of America - on which RCA is based - was the first to use this plug connection. But where does the word "cinch" come from now? It is not entirely certain, but it is suspected to be descended from the first manufacturer Cinch Connectors. Since the verb "to cinch" means to attach something as well as possible it therefore also indicates a solid connection..

1. The individual RCA connections are connected to the components according to colour coding. For safety, note that RCA connectors may only be connected when the devices are turned off. Failure to do so may result in damage to the sensitive audio equipment during connection.

2. Due to the sensitivity of analogue signals, RCA connectors must be well shielded. High-quality workmanship, i.e. clean interior conductors and good cable shielding, can lead to clearly noticeable improvements in sound dynamics and clarity.

Materials such as high-quality copper, silver and even gold are used, which can easily cause the price of a few audio cables to rise. Such cables are recommended for listeners with high-end audio systems at home or for sound studios. If you want to enjoy an 100% sound performance, you really need to invest in high quality RCA cables and connectors!

The Teufel development team is familiar with the possibilities for sound optimisation with RCA cables. From the economical RCA to the high-end copper RCA cable and solid metal plugs, 24k gold plated, Teufel offers the right speaker cables for every listening need.

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