8 week right of return
Up to 12 year guarantee
Free & easy returns
Directly from manufacturer

Direct distribution

Teufel direct distribution = Speakers straight from the manufacturer

Teufel is a Direct Distributor

We're committed to our business model out of tradition and conviction. All of the high-quality audio systems you'll find on this website are exclusively available directly from Teufel. Our products aren't available at any stores, electronics superstore chains or online retailers. They're only available from Teufel via direct distribution.

Direct Distribution is Cost Effective

We cut out the middlemen to save you money. Teufel is the ultimate direct distributor because every penny saved is passed on to you. You profit from our efficient business model. Our products represent an excellent price-to-performance value.

Direct Distribution is Comfortable

Save yourself time and buy in comfort with Teufel. You won't have to wander through enormous electronics superstores, search for a parking spot or carry around heavy boxes. When you buy via direct distribution, DHL or a forwarding company will deliver your order right to your door. You can order comfortably using the internet, fax, e-mail or telephone. We're also available to give you advice about the perfect Teufel solution for your home cinema. We know our business and are happy to help. Direct contact is the best way to go.

Direct Distribution is Easy

Our website is available every single day and around the clock. Let us answer any questions you have about quality sound, or contrast and compare our select amplifiers/receivers and get familiar with the world of optimal sound quality. Information about all of our systems, tips and tricks for setting them up, and sound quality advice are all addressed in detail here. Take all the time you want to browse our products – you won't find a salesperson anywhere with more patience!

Direct Distribution is More Realistic Ideally you should know what a sound system will deliver under the real conditions of your home. Listening to it in an acoustically optimised demonstration studio won't give you a very accurate impression. Our direct distribution enables you to experience the actual sound you'll experience at home. In the end, that's what really counts. And thanks to our up to 12 year warranty, you're sure to get the most out of your speakers. [Warranty declaration] You won't find an offer this good just anywhere. Look to Teufel directly.

Direct Distribution is Secure

We're so convinced you'll love our audio systems that we go beyond the legal return period and contractually guarantee our customers an eight-week extended return period. Use these eight weeks to test the Teufel system of your choice right at home. You'll experience excellent sound, deep bass, an unbelievable dynamic and an intricate musical soundscape. If you're not completely satisfied then we'll refund your money, take back the speakers in their original packaging, pay the return shipping and leave it at that. It's risk-free on your part.

Direct Distribution is More Direct

Our people are available to you eight hours out of each day, five days a week. We're direct and don't complicate things. When you buy from Teufel, you won't be transferred to some anonymous call centre. Instead, you'll be speaking with real, knowledgeable people who care about home audio. You can reach us by e-mail, telephone or fax. Our support team knows we only sell products we believe in.