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Is it possible to reinstall the firmware of a Raumfeld device ("flashing")?
Should one of your Raumeld devices no longer react even after you've disconnected the power and restarted the device, you may reinstall the device's firmware and thereby reset it to factory defaults.
Please note that when reinstalling the firmware all device settings are lost. 
Here you will find advice on reinstalling the firmware of the following devices:  Reinstalling the firmware in our online manual 
Is the Raumfeld Controller a stand-alone UPnP/ AV control point?
The Raumfeld Controller is not a stand-allone UPnP/AV control point. The integration and operation of UPnP/AV servers and renderers is only possible in combination with a Raumfeld system.
Controller doesn't react. How can I reboot it?
When the Controller no longer reacts to finger touch or turning the volume control:

    * First switch off the device by pushing and holding the On/Off button for at least 10 seconds.
    * Now, briefly press the On/Off button. After approximately two seconds the Raumfeld Logo is displayed and the Controller is started.

Should the Controller still not react, the battery may need to be recharged (see Charging the Raumfeld Controller).
Do you have further questions?
Take a look in our Online Handbook!
How many Controllers can I add to my Raumfeld System?
You can integrate as many Controllers as you please into your Raumfeld System.