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Can I connect Consono 15, 25 and 35 directly to a PC or DVD player?
No. All models in the Consono series are designed as passive home cinema systems with active subwoofers. You will need an AV receiver capable of connecting to input devices (i.e. PC, DVD player, TV, etc.) and supplying power to the satellite speakers.
Do I absolutely need an AV reciever to use Consono 15, 25 and 35?
What is the optimal separation frequency for the US 5108/SW and US 5110/SW subwoofers?
When connected to the Consono satellites, we recommend setting a separation frequency of 150 Hz. This value can be set on the AV receiver in the speaker setup/bass management section.
The subwoofer makes a buzzing sound – what can I do?


Plug the subwoofer into another electrical circuit (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, bedroom). If the subwoofer continues to make a buzzing sound, please contact Teufel's customer service. Otherwise, the problem is an irregularity in the electrical circuit, which can be caused by plugged-in devices like dimmers or battery chargers. Start unplugging devices from the circuit... as soon as the buzzing stops, you've found the culprit.



In case B, the electrical circuit is not causing the buzzing sound. Please try the following test:

  1. Disconnect the cable or SAT connection from the TV receiever, and listen to whether the buzzing stops. If that is the case, then we recommend putting a sheath current filter into the loop, such as the coax AC 9022 ED . If you have a SAT connection at your disposal, please connect the SAT receiver to the source via an optical cable, such as Teufel's digital optical cable .
  2. If this is defiantly not the problem, then please remove all the devices from the AV receiver one after another, until the buzzing stops. The last device removed is likely the one causing the buzzing and should be reconnected using a galvanized separating filter (available in speciality shops).
  3. If none of this solves the problem, please contact us so we can give you individual advice.
What is the best AV reciever to use with my Consono set?
Consono 15, 25 and 35 can be connected to any number of AV receivers. Teufel provides a list of currently-available AV receivers which meet the technical requirements necessary to successfully operate them. Keep in mind there may be compatible precursor or successor models or technically-equivalent models by other manufacturers. You'll find our list of compatible AV receivers here: Overview of AV Recievers.
Why doesn't my subwoofer turn on automatically?
Some AV receivers/amplifiers deliver weak bass signals via the subwoofer preamp output, meaning the subwoofer doesn't automatically recognize that it should turn itself on. In order to correct the problem, we recommend experimenting with the 'Auto Level' controller – use the receiver to set the output levels for the subwoofer to a maximum (+10 dB or +12 dB). That should solve the problem. Also check to make sure the operational mode on the back side of the device is set to 'Auto.'
How do I best set up the Consono's subwoofer?
The Consono subwoofer can be placed anywhere without influencing the set's other loudspeaker. Ideally it is placed on the direct line between the two front satellites. A distance ratio of 1/3 to 2/3 generally brings about good results.
How do I best set up the Consono front satellite speakers?
The front loudspeakers of the Consono sets are best set up based on the traditional stereo model (distance to listener = distance between left and right speaker).

Optional speaker stands or wall mounts are perfect for this task. Using Teufel speaker stands automatically ensures the satellites will be positioned at their optimal height. Wall mounts make it possible to position the speakers vertically or horizontally. When placing the speakers on walls or shelves, the rule of thumb is that a height between 80 centimetres and 1,60 metres should be chosen. If the speakers need to be placed outside of this range, they can also be angled up or down towards the listening position. What's important is that the center and front loudspeakers should be positioned in a straight line or arranged around the television to form a slightly concave line.
How do I set up the rear speakers of the Consono?
The rear speakers of the Consono should be placed behind the listening location in a mirror image across from the front speakers. They may be placed somewhat higher than the front speakers. We recommend that the distance between the rear speakers and the listening location be 1,00 meter. However, if space constraints make it is necessary to sit closer to the speakers, then we recommend angling the speakers out a bit so that they project into the room. Slightly less than optimal distance and height can be compensated for using the loudspeaker management settings of the AV receiver.
How do I best set up the center of my Consono set?
As the center speaker of the Consono set renders the speech track of actors, it's best to place it directly above or below the middle of the TV screen. It can be placed on a shelf, sideboard or on a specialty stand. Another option is to mount it directly on the wall. The center speaker is delivered prepared for wall mounting. Additionally, the Consono 35 center speaker is delivered with a table stand.
Can I operate the 5.1 set using a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver?
Yes. All Consono systems are suitable for connection to any conventional AV receiver – regardless of whether they are configured for 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 systems. When connecting a Consono set to a 6.1/7.1 receiver, leave the rear-center terminal(s) unconnected.
Can I use my Consono system to listen to music?
Of course! All of the Consono variants play music from CDs just as well as they play home cinema sound from DVDs. The Consono systems are a top-quality replacement for old stereo speakers.
What wall mounts or speaker stands should I use for the Consono?
The backs of the center and satellites speakers of the Consono series are outfitted with a 'keyhole' opening allowing for wall-mounting via screws. A wall mount bracket  can be used to angle the speakers vertically or horizontally. Or the speakers can be placed on speaker stands .
What cables do I need to operate Consono 15, 25, 35?
Teufel offers a simple solution for cabling the Consono speakers with its ready-made AC 3025 WS cable set. The set includes a subwoofer cable and 30 meters of loudspeaker cable, which can be cut to size. For those with the highest standards in terms of eliminating humming and cross-talk problems – or for those who need a longer piece of cable – we recommend Teufel's separately-available AC 3525 CW/AC 3550 CW/AC 3500 CW subwoofer cables. The terminals on the satellites can be connected to high-grade cables. If you want to use an older stereo amplifier or a surround-sound receiver without a dedicated subwoofer-out, you will need two of our capacity reducers.
What is the difference between Consono 15, 25 and 35?

Number and type of satellites

Bass Driver

Subwoofer RMS output

Optimal for spaces up to ...
Consono 15 5 identical broadband satellites 200 mm 100 Watt 20 sqm
Consono 25

4 identical two-way satellites. Center with dual mid-range drivers

200 mm 100 Watt 25 qm
Consono 35 5 identical two-way satellites with dual mid-range driver 250 mm 100 Watt 30 qm
What factors should I consider when setting up Consono 15, 25 and 35?
Thanks to their very compact and neutral design, all Consono variations can harmoniously be integrated into any living room. However, when setting up a home cinema system, there are a number of factors which should be observed to achieve optimal sound.

When it comes to setting up home cinema systems, we recommend concretely focusing on usable space – i.e. the space where the TV and viewing area is located. Positioning the TV screen as centrally as possible (from the perspective of the listening spot) should make it much easier to set up a home cinema system.

The setup configuration we recommend helps to deliver optimum multi-channel sound for your home. However, factors like space, living partners and furniture mean the optimal setup isn't always possible. Simply do your best to achieve the most optimal setup – have fun and ultimately decide what's best with your ears and eyes. Experiment at will to see how the system fits best into your living space. Modern AV receivers are excellent at electronically compensating for setup inconsistencies.
What size spaces are Consono 15, 25 and 35 suitable for?
Each of the Consono variations is perfectly designed to fill living rooms with rich sound. Consono 15 is suitable for acoustic spaces up to 20 sqm. Consono 25 is great for spaces up to 25 sqm. And Consono 35 can handle spaces up to 30 sqm. Please keep in mind that only acoustically usable space should be used to calculate size in square metres – peripheral spaces such as breakfast nooks should be disregarded. For rooms with ceilings higher than 3,50 metres, the calculated surface area should be multiplied by a factor of 1.5 to reduce the optimal space.