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CAGE (2019)

Game Changer
HD gaming headset with integrated USB sound card
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Why we love this product
Up your game with immersive HD sound. CAGE’s advanced audio technology lets you lose yourself in the action and localise your opponents with ease. The headset’s immersive realism not only rewrites the rules for gaming sound – music and movies are also experienced more vividly than ever before. CAGE’s echo cancelling technology also records speech in pristine sound quality for gaming voice chat and phone calls.
Over-ear headphones CAGE (2019)
Key advantages at a glance
  • HD gaming headset with integrated USB sound card
  • Developed by Teufel acousticians in Berlin for the best sound in its class
  • 40mm linear HD drivers beautifully and accurately reproduce music and soundtracks
  • Two HD microphones use intelligent echo cancellation to record speech in crystal-clear sound quality
  • Immersive over-ear capsules guarantee long wearing comfort, even for glasses-wearers
  • Mixed Audio Play lets you listen to music from a smartphone and your console at the same time
  • Teufel 7.1 virtual surround sound ensures a thrilling, immersive experience
  • Handy features include: On-device controls, headset function for smartphones and individual sound settings
CAGE (2019) review of MacFay
"The Teufel CAGE is a sure bet"
MacFay 13.04.2018
All test reviews
(4.38 of 5 from 269 Reviews)
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play
PC Gaming
7.1 USB Sound
Volume control
Master of Sound

Not only did our acousticians include the latest must-have features in our new gaming headset, CAGE comes equipped with incredible Teufel sound. No other gaming headset in this price class offers all of the following:

  • Enormous 40 mm linear HD drivers for balanced, highly natural playback
  • Extremely broad frequency spectrum for fulminating bass and a fine-resolution treble
  • Light and nimble driver design for excellent impulse fidelity
  • Large, over-ear immersion capsules for excellent noise isolation
Precision engineering

We wouldn’t be Teufel if we didn’t obsess over every detail. This includes perfectly balanced volume levels in each ear cup for a perfect stereo panorama, integrated air vents for comfort during longer gaming sessions and buttons with a unique haptic so that the headphones can be sightlessly controlled.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Entwicklung
"We started by taking a close look at what gamers need and how we could best meet these needs. In the end, we’re especially proud of CAGE’s acoustic performance. The sound is just amazing!”

Robert Schwarz, product developer at Teufel
HD sound from any source

CAGE connects directly to PCs and notebooks via USB cable. The headset’s integrated USB sound card is superior to the onboard chip in many PCs and notebooks so that lossless, noise-free playback is guaranteed. In addition, CAGE’s software offers sound settings for enhancing the bass or altering the user’s vocals. CAGE can also be connected to source devices via mini jack.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE
Lefty or righty?

The tip of the microphone arm is equipped with a microphone. A second is located just outside the ear capsule. This allows the system to analyze time interval differences between the uptake of speech from two different locations. This information is then used to process crystal clear transmission without background noise, echo or feedback. In addition, the use of special foam eliminates breathing sounds. Those who prefer having the microphone on the other side can simply reposition it.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE mit Headset Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Mikrofon Links und rechts
Mixed Audio Play feature and headset function

CAGE makes it possible to play a game on your PlayStation or Xbox console while simultaneously listening to your smartphone. Both signals are blended into the playback through the system’s internal mixer. Meanwhile, freely skip or pause tracks as you normally would.

This function also works with calls so you won’t have to interrupt your game to stay in touch with friends and family.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Mixed Audio Play
Smart touch controls

All buttons and controls on the CAGE were designed to be easily navigated by touch:

Immerse yourself in the action

Authentic surround sound gaming soundtracks (e.g. "Overwatch" with Dolby Atmos for headphones) are losslessly transmitted to your CAGE for the optimal localization of opponents. In addition, it’s possible to enhance the immersion effect of PC games with Teufel’s 7.1 surround sound algorithm.

Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE
High-end workmanship

The CAGE does justice to its name with sturdy ear cups supported by a metal aluminium frame. An adjustable headband fashioned from lightweight spring steel is both comfortable and durable. Generous padding on the ear cups and headband are perfect for longer gaming sessions.

A 1.3 meter mini jack cable as well as a 3 meter long USB cable are included with delivery.

Test the CAGE for up to 8 weeks.

Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Lieferumfang Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE 2 Teufel Gaming PC Kopfhörer Headset CAGE Teufel Gaming Kopfhörer CAGE Verarbeitung
Software update

We are constantly developing our CAGE headset. Download the latest software update here.

Included components

  • CAGE (2019)
  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable CAGE / CAGE
  • Cable Mini-USB to USB for CAGE / CAGE
  • mic boom for CAGE


CAGE (2019)
CAGE (2019)
HD gaming headset with integrated USB sound card.
CAGE (2019)
Enclosure type Closed
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 86 dB
Impedance 32 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous 40 mm Mylar drivers
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Aluminium, synthetic, silicone
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
7.1 USB sound card Yes
Speakerphone function Yes
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
Adjustable sound settings Yes
Integrated DSP Yes
Miscellaneous 1.3 m mini jack cable
3 m USB cable
Weight 0.32 kg


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

CAGE (2019) review of MacFay
CAGE (2019) review of MacFay
"The Teufel CAGE is a sure bet"
MacFay 13.04.2018
Design - 9/10
Comfort - 9/10
Workmanship - 9/10
Sound quality - 9/10

"The Teufel CAGE is a sure bet. Lets look at the essentials: a very good construction, high-quality materials that are breathable but sturdy, an above-average wearing comfort and a quality of off-road sound that produces an effective sound spatiality in video games. Teufel scores points with the CAGE on all levels and will convince gamers, despite the brand's lack of reknown, which we do not quite understand in view of all the qualities of this headset."

"Yes, the CAGE is a welcome surprise. There is nothing wrong with this headset. Teufel is not a widely-known brand in the gaming world (and for good reason, it's a Hi-Fi manufacturer first and foremost) that deserves a spotlight to be shone on this headset. It is just as good as the main competitors, and could even easily dethrone many big names in ths sector."

(Translated from French)
See more at macfay-hardware.fr
CAGE (2019) review of Computer Bild
CAGE (2019) review of Computer Bild
"Test winner"
Computer Bild 03.02.2018
"A good gaming headset can decide whether you win or lose in a nerve-wracking shooter game. Our test winner, the Teufel Cage, offered balanced sound reproduction and a microphone that transmits speech clearly. Best of all, it works with PCs, PS4, Xbox One and smartphones - and also has an additional button on the headset that can be used to answer calls."

The Cage took first place in a comparative test with a total of 49 test devices.

Translated from German
See full review at computerbild.de
CAGE (2019) review of gamersglobal.de
CAGE (2019) review of gamersglobal.de
"Sound-wise, the Teufel Cage is a real all-rounder"
gamersglobal.de 26.12.2017
"[…] In the test no strong pressure on the ears could be felt even after long wearing. This promises good wearing comfort even on long gaming nights."

"[…] Thanks to the high fidelity of the 40 mm driver [...] the Teufel Cage is sound-wise a real all-rounder instead of just a gaming headset."

"The separate microphone also offers equally good fidelity [....]. You can attach it to the right or left of your headset, or leave it out altogether."

"Teufel can above all show off a good and high-quality workmanship with their first gaming headset. The modification options are versatile and the jack connection allows for a wide variety of applications with smartphone and console players. […] All in all, Teufel has demonstrated a high level of quality with the "Cage", which [...] can certainly keep up with the competition."

(Translated from German)
See full review at gamersglobal.de
CAGE (2019) review of basic-tutorials.de
CAGE (2019) review of basic-tutorials.de
"...an excellent gaming headset..."
basic-tutorials.de 11.09.2017
"This headset processes audio at a consistently high level. [...] The wearing comfort is excellent, there are no painful pressure points, even after longer gaming or music sessions. The soft, memory-foam-cushioned pads fit the ears perfectly. The material used feels good and is easy to care for. The huge, anodised aluminum brackets look chic and are designed to last forever. [...] Volume control, a microphone switch and a button to answer phonecalls are all accessible on one of the ear pieces [...] The microphone can be worn on the right or left, or can be removed altogether for pure listening."

"The Cage's sound is certainly impressive! The headphones really create a true sound experience with well balanced high-, mid- and bass-tones.The bass is powerful but not exaggerated and builds a symphony together with the high- and mid-tones, which reflect every detail in a crystal-clear way. A real feast for the ears! [...] The volume that the headset can produce is enormous [...]. But even at full volume, there is no distortion [...] The 7.1 features help to locate your opponents more precisely during gaming, and create a real impression of space. Of course, this is also reflected during film playback.

Furthermore, the headset offers an additional connection option with a smartphone. Therefore, even whilst the headset is being used with your PC, a phone call can be accepted, or music imported from the smartphone. [...] The microphone reproduces the voice well and the noise reduction works as well. A further microphone capsule in the earpiece ensures that background noise is filtered out."

"With the Cage, Teufel has succeeded in providing an excellent gaming headset! The audio-processing is impeccable, the wearing comfort excellent and sound highly impressive. This attests to the company's many years of experience in the audio field. [...] All settings can be personalised and customized. [...] After such a strong result, we would highly recommend the Teufel Cage and have awarded the headset the OCinside.de Purchase Tip Award 09/2017."
See the full review at ocinside.de/test/teufel_cage_d/
CAGE (2019) review of PC Games Hardware
CAGE (2019) review of PC Games Hardware
"just great!"
PC Games Hardware 07/17
"The name" Cage "comes from the striking and high-quality aluminum suspension [...] This is cleanly milled from a single part [and with] anodised in gunmetal grey ..."

"A powerful 40mm driver hides beneath each of the changeable ear pads. This ensure a pleasantly high-resolution and balanced sound - the Cage is not a bass bomber, but certainly delivers a smooth and punchy bassline"

"Connected to the USB, the integrated C-Media chip and sound card provides useful features, including microphone enhancements, virtual surround, bass boost, and sound equalizer."

"The Cage proves itself with very good sound, high-quality interior and exterior design, ingenious and sophisticated finish, clean processing as well as flexible application possibilities - just great!"
See full review at pcgameshardware.de
CAGE (2019) review of shooter-szene.de
CAGE (2019) review of shooter-szene.de
"An impressive debut!"
shooter-szene.de 16.08.2017
 "One of the best headsets in the high-end range, with outstanding sound and well thought-out features. An impressive debut in one of the toughest markets."
"In terms of design, the CAGE stands out from the crowd. [...] The soft earpieces are particularly special, since they not only ensure a high level of wearing comfort, but have also been designed explicitly for glasses-wearers."
"[...] you can connect the Teufel CAGE to two devices at the same time. Therefore, if you want to stay in touch whilst you play, you can connect your smartphone and use the micro-switch to enable phonecalls whilst still wearing your headset."
"[...] even the smallest noises, which lie at the limits for most studio headphones, are clearly reproduced and make precise and detailed listening possible. [...] Overall, the sound is impressive [...] The headphones are equipped with an integrated USB sound card. [...] In comparison to mid-range headsets and other high-end competitors, the clarity of speech transmission with CAGE is particularly noticeable. "
"With the Teufel CAGE, the Berlin audio specialists have developed an extremely high-quality and good headset for the gaming area."

See full review at shooter-szene.de
CAGE (2019) review of gamezoom.net
CAGE (2019) review of gamezoom.net
"Highly recommended by our editorial team!"
gamezoom.net 07.08.2017
 "The entire design is very robust and designed for a long lifespan even for serious, all-day gamers. [...] The wide padding ensures high wearing comfort. The flexible and detachable microphone can be connected to the left or right of the headphone (the left and right audio channels automatically change the position)."
"The closed design cancels external noise very well. A separate sound card is not required for the operation of the headset, since a USB version with surround sound function is already integrated."
"[The] CAGE scored well in our test with clear high- and smooth medium audio playback. The bass is at once powerful and dynamic. The CAGE is therefore also suitable for listening to music. But the most important question for gamers is: Can the headphones reproduce a realistic virtual 7.1 sound? The answer: Yes! [...] "Xear Dynamic Bass" allows users to optimise the bass audio and "Xear Surround Sound" activates virtual all-round sound."
"In short: our editorial team highly recommends the CAGE!"

See full review at gamezoom.net
CAGE (2019) review of SFT
CAGE (2019) review of SFT
"In addition to high-end looks, the manufacturer took clever features into consideration that set CAGE apart from many competitors.”
SFT 07/2017
"The workmanship and looks evince a sturdiness that is typical of Teufel. The ear capsules are massive and attached to a softly padded headband via metal anodized braces. Even the biggest ears can be accommodated without problem by the thick ear cushioning. In addition to high-end looks, the manufacturer took clever features into consideration that set CAGE apart from many competitors.”

"With console games, it’s possible to connect CAGE to a PlayStation/Xbox and a smartphone at the same time, making it possible to listen to music or take calls while gaming. The full range of functions, however, can only be realized per USB connection to a PC with the installed software. This makes it possible to combine a many surround, equalizer and microphone modes with personal sound preferences. CAGE generally delivers a very dynamic sound. The bass is punchy and doesn’t drone excessively from the ear capsules. Fine details are cleanly reproduced; a broad soundstage is even present in the classic stereo mode.”

Translated from German.

CAGE (2019) review of PC Welt
CAGE (2019) review of PC Welt
"Teufel’s CAGE is the first gaming headset from the manufacturer and represents a three-point landing!"
PC Welt 30.05.2017
"Teufel’s CAGE is the first gaming headset from the manufacturer and represents a three-point landing! This doesn’t come as much of a surprise since headphones and sound systems belong to the company’s DNA: The workmanship and materials are first class, the same goes for the wearing comfort and noise isolation. The headset can be flexibly adjusted and works with game consoles and smartphones, the latter can even be connected parallel to other audio sources (USB and mini jack), making it possible to place calls via CAGE. The control elements were designed for intuitive use, especially the volume cylinder. And thanks to a symmetrical construction, righties as well as lefties should be happy with it.”

"The sound is very balanced and brings across good detail, such as the location of opponents. But music and movies also sound good, if perhaps the bass could have been brought more to the forefront in our opinion. [...] On the whole, the € 150 (suggested retail price) is justified, since the quality, feel and sound correspond with a higher price class."

Translated from German.

See full review at pc-welt.de
CAGE (2019) review of Gamona
CAGE (2019) review of Gamona
"Whoever is looking for a new pair of headphones plus mic setup will be happy with the CAGE. This is how it’s done!”
Gamona 30.05.2017
"With a PC, Teufel delivers an absolutely masterful performance here. When it comes to sound, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something better in this price class. Thanks to an integrated sound card, the treble as well as the bass are very well reproduced. EDM and Drum ‘n’ Bass fans will be pleased. With a variety of games such as "Counterstrike: Global Offensive", you can expect a fantastic spatial depth that leaves nothing to be desired.

The headset’s ability to expertly block background noise really got our attention: During an event, dozens of chattering journalists were unable to disrupt my gaming flow. The integrated but removeable microphone that can be attached to either side is also a strong feature. The sound arrived crisp and clear on the other end, noise and background sounds are blended out. Whoever is looking for a new pair of headphones plus mic setup will be happy with the CAGE. This is how it’s done!”

"Teufel’s CAGE unites many good ideas with high quality and an average suitability for daily use. Whoever’s looking for headphones that are precisely designed to deliver a perfected gaming experience will be happy with CAGE and will pay a decent sum of money for a very good gaming headset.”

Translated from German.

See full review at gamona.de
CAGE (2019) review of Gamerspotion
CAGE (2019) review of Gamerspotion
"CAGE is the first hardware product to receive our highest test rating.”
Gamerspotion 30.05.2017
"Teufel just introduced a gaming headset. What is a great news for gamers might prove to be the hardest test of the past years for the competition. Starting today, you can pre-order the CAGE for the promotional price of € 149.99 and receive something for comparatively little money that will certainly not be found again in this price class. The sound and the workmanship are at a Teufel level, which is to say top. The technology employed and the ideas expressed in the design -- like the interchangeable microphone, the multifunctional button and the many use possibilities -- are super. The included fabric-covered USB cable is a full three meters long for crossing even larger distances between PCs/PlaySations and ears. In a word, CAGE impressed us across the board. This is a gaming headset where you can’t go wrong and with which you’ll have a lot of fun after the purchase.”

"With CAGE, Teufel fulfilled all of our hope and dreams. For this reason, we see no reason to deny the gaming headset our highest test rating. From the design to the sound and range of features, CAGE is unique in its price class. So we’d like to celebrate a first right here and now: CAGE is the first hardware product to receive our highest test rating.”

Translated from German

See full review at gamerspotion.de
CAGE (2019) review of Allround-PC
CAGE (2019) review of Allround-PC
"The Teufel CAGE gaming headset offers a range of useful features"
Allround-PC 30.05.2017
"The earcups and brackets are made fromdark grey-coloured plastic, while the suspension is made from aluminum and the links are painted in gunmetal grey.
"The microphone boom can be attached to either side of the headset, and the CAGE assigns the stereo channels accordingly. The microphone can be positioned very precisely, thanks to the flexible boom, which has three integrated microphones - two on the boom itself and one on the earpiece. Teufel promises crystal-clear speech intelligibility thanks to time delay and echo cancellations."
"The connectors and controls are all located on the headset: there is a touch-sensitive volume control, a multi-function button that allows you to answer calls or control the music playback, and a small switch to change between the USB and the jack microphone input between the two sources."
"For use with mobile devices, the CAGE can be easily operated via jack cable connection. On the PC, the USB cable is recommended, in order to make the most of the headset functions."
"The Teufel CAGE gaming headset offers some useful features. We particularly like the idea of ​​the two-way plug-in microphone and the simultaneous use of USB and jack connectors."

See the full review at http://www.allround-pc.com/artikel/kopfhoerer/2017/test-teufel-cage-gaming-headset
CAGE (2019) review of IGN
CAGE (2019) review of IGN
"great gaming headset"
IGN 09/2017
How our customers rated this product:

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
What is the Teufel Audio Centre (TAC)?
Behind the Teufel Audio Centre (TAC) is a versatile sound adjustment software for the Teufel gaming headset CAGE. The TAC is currently available for the Windows 7, 8.1, 8.2 and 10 operating systems. The software works in conjunction with the USB sound card, which is integrated in the CAGE. If you have already purchased a CAGE gaming headset and use it on your Windows PC, you can optionally install the TAC to gain access to advanced sound settings.
I use the CAGE gaming headset via USB. However, the microphones cannot be deactivated and/or the device does not automatically detect which side the microphone arm is connected to. What can I do?
Possible cause: The Teufel Audio Center (TAC) driver is not up to date.

Solution: Uninstall the existing driver, then download and install the latest driver, whilst the CAGE is connected and all other background programmes are closed (these can be reactivated later): https://www.teufelaudio.com/software-update-cage.html
Important advice about attaching the microphone
The attachable microphone boom of the CAGE has a small plastic slot on its connector. This provides a secure hold on one of the three possible positions on the headset. The microphone can be easily attached when the boom is properly inserted into one of these three notches (see picture).
Gaming PC Headset CAGE
Gaming PC null Headset CAGE
If the microphone does not attach itself easily, check that it has been placed on the correct spot and carefully connect the boom, without using pressure, until it fits on correctly.

Avoid using force, as this can damage the plastic connector.
I connected the CAGE to my source device / computer via the included mini jack cable but I there’s no sound. What could be the reason for this?
The included cinch cable has different plugs attached to its two ends. The angled plug is intended for connecting to the CAGE. If you connected your headphones via the other plug, try switching sides and see if this helps.
When can I use the rear speakers as direct speakers?
If you aren't able to position the speakers close to the wall as described above, you should use the them as direct speakers. For this purpose the rear switch should be tipped outwards. For use as direct speakers, the rear boxes should be set up to the left and right of the listening position - ideally at the same height, e.g. on a shelf or preferably on a base. If the speakers have to be set up so that they are much higher or lower, it may be advisable to align them to the listening point. For wall mounting it is best to use wall brackets that allow for vertical movement. When using the speakers in direct speaker mode, we recommend that the distance between the two rear speakers exceeds the listening position by 1m. But if you (have to) sit closer, please make sure that the front of the speaker is not pointing directly at you; instead, angle the speakers more into the room.
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