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  • Headphones Aureol Fidelity
  • Headphones Aureol Fidelity
  • Headphones Aureol Fidelity

Headphones Aureol Fidelity

High-fidelity in-ear headphones
In-ear headphones for the audiophile on the go
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Why we love this product
In-ear headphones with high-end neodymium magnet drivers within elegant aluminium enclosures. Enjoy transparent high-definition sound with all genres of music.
Key advantages at a glance
  • In-ear headphones for the audiophile on the go
  • Extremely natural, high resolution hifi sound
  • Full volume - regardless of the source device
  • Optimal fit thanks to interchangeable earbuds
  • Travel case and additional accessories included
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This elegant top model in our Aureol headphone series allows you to enjoy hifi playback of the very best kind – uncompromising and affordable.

Discreet in-hear headphones with truly hifi sound

A broad frequency range together with highly neutral tuning ensures a full and complex sound image. An ultra light membrane enables the Fidelity to produce silky highs and natural mid tones with minimal resonance. The absolute highlight? The bass.

These in-ear headpohnes devilver pure listening pleasure from just about any audio source, even with MP3 players or smartphones with limited volume reserves or attenuated bass signals at low volumes. Powerful neodymium high-definition drivers with a low impedance design helps the Fidelity to compensate for less than ideal audio signals, transforming just about every source device into a high-end hifi system.

Thanks to a total of 6 pairs of different, interchangeable and washable ear pieces made from soft silicon, the Aureol Fidelity is a snug fit for any ear. This serves two ends: It keeps the monitors in place and reduces disruptive outside noise to a minimum so that you can enjoy precise bass and lively tone from even low resolution MP3 files .

The robust cable with kink protection as well as a massive metal enclosure guarantee long-wearing audio enjoyment. A special synthetic coating prevents noise being transmitted from the body through the cable. A 6.35 mm stereo jack adapter, airplane adapter, practical travel bag, and cleaning cloth make the Aureol Fidelity the ultimate travel companion.

Hifi on the go can be affordable – the Aureol Fidelity is proof. Experience a new level of aural enjoyment for under € 100.

Included components

  • Headphones Aureol Fidelity
  • travel case
  • airplane adapter
  • silicone ear pieces (6 pairs)


Headphones Aureol Fidelity
Headphones Aureol Fidelity
The Aureol Fidelity are in-ear headphoones with an extremely transparent sound thanks to neodymium drivers. In addition, the Fidelity are able to coax optimal levels from any playback device and are fashioned from premium aluminium for a high-end look and feel. Interchangeable ear pieces, a transport case and other accessories are included with delivery.
Headphones Aureol Fidelity
Impedance 16 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
Miscellaneous Magnet: Neodym
Cable length 1.25 m
Miscellaneous Connection: 3.5 mm mini-jack
Depth 2.10 cm
Width 1.10 cm
Height 1.10 cm
Weight 0.01 kg

Expert reviews

Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of hardbloxx.de
“Due to their excellent performance, the Teufel Aureol Fidelity headphones were given our performance TIPP award.”
hardbloxx.de 03/2013
“The reason you just spent €100 on headphones becomes clear when the package is opened. There are no half measures here, and after removing various packing materials, a very elegant, matte black case fastened with a magnetic clip is revealed.”

“Whoever holds the Aureol Fidelity for the first time will search in vain for parts that are wobbly or ill-conceived  [...] on the headphones, because everything is in its proper place. Each part is firmly fixed and this is one of the few headphones on which it doesn’t matter which way you pull or shake it, it would never occur to you that a part would come loose or slip of place. The headphones sit securely and even the ear pieces are completely fashioned from aluminium and have a very premium feel, important in a product that is worn every day, and a quality shared by the cable. This is covered by a special layer. These are the first headphones we’ve held in our hands which have not taken on a mind of their own and turned themselves into a knot after being stuffed into a trouser pocket or when put in the ears and removed.”

“Used with high-quality source devices, and thanks to a broad frequency range of 20 – 2200 hz, the Teufel Aureols produce a very clear tone. They don’t quit even with very deep bass, which is reproduced in a pleasant manner without ever seeming obtrusive.”

 “Goose bumps. Enthusiasm. What else do you need? Well, aside from a few shortcomings like a too-short cable and easily scratched ear pieces, I’m completely satisfied and have my doubts whether the competition can produce a similarly high-end product in this price range. It’s true that in terms of sound just about every in-ear headphone for € 100 can hold its own, but in terms of workmanship, Teufel is hard to beat. Teufel really sets the bar high here. But the Teufel headphones also deliver in every sound category with a very harmonious, perfectly tuned sound image. I can only congratulate whoever considers buying a pair of Teufel Aureol Fidelity headphones after reading these lines, because he or she will surely be satisfied.”


“Due to their excellent performance, the Teufel Aureol Fidelity headphones were given our performance TIPP award.”

Read the full test review (in German) at hardbloxx.de
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of PCgo
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of PCgo
"The headphones from Teufel deliver a very good sound image and can be recommended for every MP3 player.”
PCgo 04/2013
"With its many accessories such as the seven silicon attachments in different sizes, the airplane adapter, and the 3.5 to 6.3 stereo plug adapter, the Fidelity is not exactly picky when it comes to use scenarios; although telephony functionality has, apparently, not been integrated. Thanks to slight metal scaling, the sufficiently long cable can be quickly untangled. The ear pieces sit securely in the ear and the sound is very natural, even at low volumes.”


"The headphones from Teufel deliver a very good sound image and can be recommended for every MP3 player.”

Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Esquire
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Esquire
"beautiful sound and design"
Esquire 10/2012
'If you opt for an in-ear then you should get this: the Aureol Fidelity from Teufel Audio Berlin German. Teufel offers superb top quality sound, while also not forgetting about beautiful design and fit"
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of dennis-wisnia.de
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of dennis-wisnia.de
"the headphones met my higher expectations"
dennis-wisnia.de 03/2013
"99 Euros for headphones is a lot of money for most people. [...] Cables and workmanship [are] much more high-end and the quality of the playback is, of course, also much higher than with 20 – 30 Euro headphones. [...] The headphones from Teufel come with a box filled to the brim with accessories including an adapter for 3.5 mm stereo plugs, an airplane adapter, various ear buds, and naturally a small travel pouch."

"Regarding the sound quality, it must be said that the bass sounds incredibly full and the highs and mids are very balanced. Nothing is overly emphasized, even at low volumes, and the bass is not overwhelming. I liked this very much and was satisfied that the headphones met my higher expectations.
I can fully recommend the headphones for the office or home. They have a great sound and once you get used to wearing them, you can look forward to a longer period of use, because the workmanship is typically Teufel – very good."

Read the full test review (in German) from dennis-wisnia.de
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Androidnext
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Androidnext
"they have a very airy quality in the upper and mid frequencies and are pretty rich in details"
Androidnext 10/2012
"The Aureol Fidelity is Teufel’s high-end in-ear headphone. This becomes immediately apparent when the two ear pieces are freed from their sleek packaging. The headphones’ workmanship is truly excellent. The ear pieces are themselves made from metal and have a sleek elegance for a very high-end look. The cable is enveloped by kink protection that is attractively highlighted by a transparent outer cover. The 3.5 mm stereo jack is not gold plated, but makes a robust impression and has a good pull relief system so that the common problem of cables breaking after getting wrapped around the source device should not present a problem. In order to completely eliminate the problem, Teufel supplies a sturdy storage case as part of the delivery. Additional accessories include a selection of silicon ear pieces in various sizes, an adapter for a 6.3 mm stereo jack, a clip for fastening the cable to clothing, and an airplane adapter.”

"Since the workmanship and accessories leave nothing to be desired, the question remains as to whether the Aureol Fidelity maintains this level in sound and wearing comfort. The sound? I currently have the Etymotic MC2 for day to day use which, as already stated in a test review, has a very balanced and neutral tone. I didn’t expect this from the Teufel headphones, since the loudspeakers and headphones from this manufacturer generally have a rather bass-laden sound – and this is exactly what the Aureol Fidelity offers. In spite of this, I was very surprised by the headphones’ sound, because, in spite of the pronounced bass range, they have a very airy quality in the upper and mid frequencies and are pretty rich in details.”

Read the full test review (in German) from androidnext.de
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of MrOllium
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of MrOllium
"the Aureol is a very high-end product for connoisseurs of audiophile-grade music"
MrOllium 07/2012
"The Aureol Fidelity is the current top mdoel in the Aureol line of heaphones. The model offers crystal clear highs, a clean midrange, and a very low bass. Thanks to the solid metal enclosure and kink protection, the Aureol is a very high-end product for connoisseurs of audiophile-grade music. The efficient neodymium high-definition drivers offer high volumes without distortion."

"I tested the Fidelity over a period of weeks and continuously compared them to other headphones, especially my studio headphones. In the end, I can say that the Fidelity offers a very good price/performance ratio. This is due to the very good, high-end workmanship, great feel, and complete scope of delivery."

Read the full review (in German) from MrOllium.de
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Whitex-Modd
Headphones Aureol Fidelity review of Whitex-Modd
"Review: Teufel Aureol Fidelity"
Whitex-Modd 06/2012
"Whether on the go, at home, or working out, the Aureol Fidelity is a true allrounder that can be wonderfully employed in various activities. Thanks to the generous scope of the delivery that includes a small travel case, storing the headphones is not a problem. The high-end workmanship leaves nothing to be desired and the sound is crystal clear thanks to neodymium magnets in high-definition drivers that offer great listening satisfaction.

Teufel listened to its customer’s feedback and created the Aureol Fidelity, which we enjoyed except for the weak bass. In spite of the somewhat expensive price, Teufel’s Aureol Fidelity was deservedly given our gold award."

Read the full review (in German) from whitex-modd.de
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Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
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