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Bluetooth in-ear headphones with ultra-compact dimensions
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Why we love this product
High-end drivers, Bluetooth with aptX codec, 20 hr battery runtime, multi-functional in-line remote and splash-proof design: These are just some of the features packed into these small, hard-wearing headphones. For great sound with any activity, you’ll want to get your MOVE BT on!
Headphones MOVE BT
Key advantages at a glance
  • Bluetooth in-ear headphones with ultra-compact dimensions
  • Linear tuning delivers true-to-source sound with a slight emphasis on bass
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX produces high-definition sound within a 30 metre range
  • Optimal fit thanks to soft ear pieces made from medical-grade silicone
  • Splash-proof according to IP54 norms – perfect for outdoor workouts
  • Super-strong battery with up to 20 hr runtime, charges in just 2 hrs
  • Integrated multi-functional controls for playback and making calls
  • Robust aluminium housing and strong, well-anchored cable
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MOVE BT review of www.techtest.org
"...a very good package overall"
www.techtest.org 26.10.2017
All test reviews
(4.51 of 5 from 385 Reviews)
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Overview of our technologies

Bluetooth aptX
plug & play
Lively, detailed sound for active lifestyles

The MOVE BT plays back audio in crystal clear sound quality up to 30 metres from the source device thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec. Splash-proofing according to the IP54 norm and 20 hr battery mean you won’t have to think twice when you leave the house for a run, long hike or cross fit training. The sturdy and flexible MOVE BT is always a good choice.

Kopfhörer Inear Bluetooth Schwarz 2
Splash-proof design

Unexpected rain showers and sweaty workouts are no problem for the MOVE BT. Splash-proofing according to IPX5 norms keeps the great sound coming and your headphones safe.

High-end aluminium casing

Your loyal companion through thick and thin, the MOVE BT can really go the distance. Premium aluminium casing and well anchored cable give the high-end sound system a tough sporty exterior that is extremely long wearing.

null Inear Bluetooth 5
Enjoy the best wireless sound quality

The MOVE BT receives the audio signal via Bluetooth® 4.0 with aptX codec for wireless music playback with high-definition sound. An up to 30 metre range makes it possible to work out at the gym without having to take your phone out of your bag.



Stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest Bluetooth technology.


It is also easy to connect to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mac OS, PC and Linux

You can of course also stream music and videos wirelessly from these systems.
Power battery with longer runtime and shorter charge time
Powerful longlife battery with short charging time

Fully charged, the MOVE BT can play for 20 hours. A signal tone alerts the user when the battery is running low. With iOS devices, the battery level is also indicated on the display of the source device. The MOVE BT is easy to charge with any standard charger and takes only 2 hrs.

MOVE BT Inear Bluetooth Weiss von Teufel
Multi-function controls with handsfree option

The MOVE BT makes it easy to control your music and phone calls via handy in-line remote. Start and pause playback, regulate the volume and take calls. A microphone located on the back of the remote is perfectly positioned to catch every word you say for easy and relaxed conversations.

A mini-USB port on the side of the remote for charging the device is protected by a rubberized cover.

MOVE BT Inear Bluetooth Schwarz
Accessories pack includes soft ear buds in a range of sizes

The MOVE BT comes with a range of accessories including a sturdy travel case, a clip, four ear bud pairs in different sizes as well as two pairs of rubberised rings for adjusting the fit. The ear pieces and rings are made from anti-bacterial silicone for a snug and comfortable feel. The smallest of the four pairs of ear pieces was designed to fit even very small ears.

Delivery includes a storage tube for the ear pieces that doubles as a handy cleaning device. Simply add warm soapy water and the ear pieces and shake.

Bluetooth black

Included components

  • Transport pouch for MOVE BT
  • Cleaning and transportation tube for MOVE PRO
  • Clip
  • Silicone earpieces (XS)
  • Silicone earpieces (S)
  • Silicone earpieces (M)
  • Silicone earpieces (L)


Bluetooth in-ear headphones
Water jet resistant IPX5
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 100 dB
Impedance 16 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz
Miscellaneous Splash-proof design (IP54 certified)
Bluetooth aptX Yes
Speakerphone function Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX
Connectors - Charging station USB (Micro B)
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium ion
Battery operating time 20 hr
Battery max. charging time 2 hr
Miscellaneous Connection cable between the left and right ear pieces.
Weight 17 g

Expert reviews

MOVE BT review of www.techtest.org
MOVE BT review of www.techtest.org
"...a very good package overall"
www.techtest.org 26.10.2017
“The bass is a bit more pronounced and certainly the most present element in the sound. It also offers good depth. […] In general, the MOVE BT produces a lively and full sound. Especially if you're looking for earphones that can really pack a punch in terms of power and depth, you'll be very happy with the MOVE BT.”

“The basic sound quality was perfect on Android smartphones, which is probably thanks to aptX support, and was flawless on an iPhone 7. You can barely tell that you are using a wireless connection. The quality of the connection itself was also excellent. Outdoors I was able to leave about 5-8 metres between me and my iPhone before the connection broke. Indoors, the range was a little higher."

"[They] MOVE BT [deliver] a very good overall package. From the very strong battery life, to the good wearing comfort, to the lively sound - everything is a good fit.” (Translated from German)
See full review at techtest.org
MOVE BT review of lowbeats.de
MOVE BT review of lowbeats.de
"The goal [...] is to provide high-quality, fun sound"
lowbeats.de 12.08.2017
 "[...] The ear pieces are made from aluminium and are pleasantly robust. [...] The ear tips are very flexible and comfortable to wear. [...] If you want to take a little time, you can adjust them to fit perfectly to your ears. "
"[The Move] has a good dynamic, high- and mid-tones are balanced, and the bass is quite dominant. [...] The goal of the Teufel Move BT is clear: provide clean and fun sound in the ears of as many people as possible. And this goal has definitely been achieved by Teufel."
"The Move is also suitable for listening to music whilst doing sport [...] even sweat or rain showers are no problem: the small in-ear earphones is splash-proof and meet the IP54-standard. [...] The Bluetooth technology in these in-ear headphones [...] is pretty impressive. If there were any issues with the previous Move model, they have been rectified practically and successfully in the Teufel Move BT.[...] There is an obvious advantage of the Bluetooth version: no cable means no unnecessary noise interruption."
"Teufel's little Bluetooth in-ear earphones make a very good impression, with high-quality controls and ease-of-use"

See full review at http://www.lowbeats.de/test-teufel-move-bt-bluetooth-in-ear-fuer-100-euro/
MOVE BT review of www.androidmag.de
MOVE BT review of www.androidmag.de
Best Bluetooth earphones 2016
www.androidmag.de 17.12.2016
 "The sound is well-balanced over all frequency ranges, and the powerful (but not exagerrated) bass is impressive. The 20hr battery life is excellent [...]."
See full review at http://androidmag.de/technik/technik-bluetooth-kopfhoerer-im-androidmag-test/
MOVE BT review of AVF Bild
MOVE BT review of AVF Bild
"...great performance"
AVF Bild 12/2016
 "The Teufel MOVE BT offers a respectable bass [...]"

"Nearly 9.5hr of music playback."

"The MOVE BT came in 2nd place in our comparison test of 5 of the top in-ear earphones."
See full review at http://www.computerbild.de/avf/
MOVE BT review of SFT Magazin
MOVE BT review of SFT Magazin
"...particularly good for modern songs..."
SFT Magazin 11/2016
"[...] Teufel [attaches] great importance to quality craftsmanship, which is why these In-Ears are equipped with an aluminum cover. The Berliners have here produced sound in a different way: whilst the Move Pro model specifically plays a more linear and neutral sound, the Bluetooth-enabled Move BT is ideal for use for bass frequencies, making it particularly suitable for modern songs, which create a dynamic sound with these deep frequencies."
See full review at pcgames.de/Technik
MOVE BT review of www.bt-kopfhörer.com
MOVE BT review of www.bt-kopfhörer.com
"... a pair of powerful Bluetooth earphones"
www.bt-kopfhörer.com 02.05.2017

"The good sound and high wearing comfort of the Teufel Move BT earphones is impressive. They are also reliable. They are good companions for athletes or those who want to enjoy undistubred music anytime, anyplace. The Teufel in-ears passed our Bluetooth earphone teas with a total score of 1.8 - very successful!"
See full review at bt-kopfhörer.com/produkt/teufel-move-bt/#6
MOVE BT review of www.testr.at
MOVE BT review of www.testr.at
"All round, the Teufel MOVE BT in-ear earphones definitely impressed me"
www.testr.at 22.02.2017
 "The sound of the Teufel MOVE BT gave me a good surprise. I often use over-ear headphones, as I usually find that they have a clearer and better sound. But the MOVE BT proves that music listening can also be fun with in-ear earphones. The earphones offer a very clear, and at the same time very hefty, bass with powerful sound. Music from a variety of genres that we tested, like electro, rock, metal and pop, all sounded great with these in-ear earphones."
See full review at http://www.testr.at/teufel-move-bt/
MOVE BT review of KKSK Blog
MOVE BT review of KKSK Blog
"Correctly balanced but with a touch of energy when needed, they offer an auditory experience sprinkled with details, close to that found with some wired models.”
KKSK Blog 13.12.2016

“… I was afraid of an umpteenth clone of in-ear wireless earphones with the same design flaws and almost identical sound -- far from providing real listening pleasure and usability. Now that I've been able to test them, I would certainly have regretted not having them in my hands. If indeed the MOVE BT shares a similar electronics (see identical) to the competition, they surpass them in many cases.

With another successful model, Teufel offers us here earphones adapted for intensive daily use. Indeed, sober and simple to use, they also have endurance and are endowed with great versatility both in comfort and sonority. Correctly balanced but with a touch of energy when needed, they offer an auditory experience sprinkled with details, close to that found with some wired models.”

Translated from the original French.

You can read the full test review (in French)at http://kksk.blog.free.fr/index.php
MOVE BT review of www.it.ibtimes.com
MOVE BT review of www.it.ibtimes.com
"In general, the MOVE BT provides excellent sound, albeit strongest in the treble range."
www.it.ibtimes.com 05.01.2016
Design and materials
"Plastic? Absolutely not. The MOVE BT is entirely made from aluminium joined by a very sturdy cable. In terms of aesthetics, they do their job. On the right side of the cable, there is a small synthetic control with three buttons: One for pairing devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets and the other two to adjust the volume of the music and taking calls since it is obviously possible to answer phone calls when paired with your smartphone."

How is the sound?
"But most importantly, how is the sound? In general, the MOVE BT provides excellent sound, albeit strongest in the treble range... With the genres dance and rock, they worked well."

by Candido Romano

Translated from the original Italian.

You can read the full test review (in Italian) at www.it.ibtimes.com
MOVE BT review of www.huffingtonpost.de
MOVE BT review of www.huffingtonpost.de
"the in-ears offer a balanced, clear and warm sound that is perfectly suited to the bass.”
www.huffingtonpost.de 24.11.2016
"I listened to various titles from the musical genres rock, metal, punk, hip-hop/rap, pop and classical as well as a few podcasts. It’s clear the in-ears possess extraordinary bass that at the same time manages to not be intrusive [...]."

“In addition, the in-ears offer a balanced, clear and warm sound that is perfectly suited to the bass.”

"The in-ears have a good and balanced sound, high degree of wearing comfort and long battery life at their disposal. The excellent workmanship and included accessories make the MOVE BT an overall good package deal [...]."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the entire test review (in German) at http://www.huffingtonpost.de
MOVE BT review of Area DVD
MOVE BT review of Area DVD
"Excellent workmanship with premium materials and an extremely long battery runtime are major highlights."
Area DVD 25.10.2016
"Teufel did it right: The in-built microphone is among the best we’ve heard in this price class. There is practically no noise on either side of the conversation during calls. Speech intelligibility is excellent and the volume can be regulated with a great degree of precision. The MOVE BT is virtually unsurpassed when it comes to making handsfree phone calls. In addition, the blocking of outer noises functions very well.”

"Oliver Heldes’ "Space Sheep“ proved to us that the Bluetooth in-ear headphones are able to set new standards when it comes to bass. Depth, volume and the integration of various elements were all equally pleasing.”

"The reproduction of electronic effects doesn’t only take place on the surface but is accompanied by an enormously extensive depth.“

"The playback shows itself to be powerful without a hint of forwardness. In this way, the MOVE BT is able to fulfil even higher acoustic standards.“

"It scores points with the spontaneous delivery of its dynamics and the structured imaging of its playback.“


"Excellent workmanship with premium materials and an extremely long battery runtime are major highlights. In terms of sound, the MOVE BT is a lot of fun and impresses with a rich bass. But even for more serious tastes, this flexible sonic master that blocks outside noise extremely well and which sits comfortably and without too much pressure in the ear, is a great choice. The uncommonly good handsfree function is also something that speaks for the MOVE BT.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.areadvd.de
MOVE BT review of www.androidkosmos.de
MOVE BT review of www.androidkosmos.de
"In terms of sound, the MOVE BT is a typical Teufel"
www.androidkosmos.de 12.10.2016
"In terms of sound, the MOVE BT is a typical Teufel, i.e. the bass in particuplar is very present and offers good depth. The midrange is somewhat more restrained [...]. The trebel is sufficiently clear and offers good balance."

"The MOVE BT does very well in the genres of dance, electronic, pop and rock. The aptX in particular supports the imaging with good sound."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the entire test review (in German) at www.androidkosmos.de
MOVE BT review of www.bluetooth-inearkopfhoerer.de
MOVE BT review of www.bluetooth-inearkopfhoerer.de
"Full bass, good, bright playback and a nice, warm sound"
www.bluetooth-inearkopfhoerer.de 10/2016
"[...] from future house to pop music to rock & metal. These earphones really reproduce all styles clearly, especially rock, though I can also genuinely recommend the Teufel Move BT for all genres."

"You can look forward to strong basses and a very warm sound. The sound is really great. These Teufel earphones definitely play all music styles from pop to metal well."

"The 20 hour battery life is terrific. This certainly ensures hours of listening without interruption."
See the full review at bluetooth-inearkopfhoerer.de/teufel-move-bt-test/
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Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
I use my MOVE BT as a headset to receive calls from an iPhone. Whenever I accept a call while the MOVE BT is connected, I am unable to hear the person on the other end and my microphone doesn’t work. What could be causing this problem?
The automatic audio output setting for calls could be causing the problem. Note that this setting is part of the phone’s factory settings and causes the audio output with any calls you make or receive to pass through the phone not the MOVE BT. It will also activate the microphone on the iPhone and not on the MOVE BT.

a) Switch the call audio setting to "Bluetooth headset".
b) Accept calls directly via the MOVE BT whenever this automatic configuration is active.
Bluetooth Kopfhörer am TV oder Stereoanlage?
Zwar bieten die überwiegende Anzahl der aktuellen TV`s, Soundsysteme und Stereoanlagen den Audioempfang via Bluetooth an, können aber nicht Bluetooth-Audio senden. Ein Bluetooth-Kopfhörer als reines Wiedergabesystem muss natürlich Audio empfangen, sonst herrscht hier Funkstille.

Wer ein Gerät sucht, mit welchem er Bluetooth-Kopfhörer koppeln kann, muss deswegen ganz genau prüfen, ob die integrierte Bluetooth-Schnittstelle Audio senden kann. Das Bluetooth-Logo auf der Verpackung oder in der Anleitung des Fernsehers reicht meist nicht aus.

Bietet das Gerät diese Funktion nicht, kann mit einem Bluetooth-Transmitter nachgerüstet werden.

Es gibt verschiedenste dieser Bluetooth-Sender im Fachhandel. Der Anschluss ist dabei stets gleich: Wenn das Ausgabe-Geräte (also z.B. TV oder Soundanlage) über einen freien Tonausgang wie etwa einen Kopfhörerausgang verfügt, kann der Adapter hier angeschlossen werden.

Noch mehr Informationen gibt es hier Bluetooth Kopfhörer am TV
My Bluetooth speaker produces a lesser quality sound with my Windows PC or laptop.
It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
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