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Go like a pro
In-ear headphones with in-line remote and handsfree function
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Color: silver
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Why we love this product
The MOVE PRO is the flagship model in Teufel’s MOVE series: Robust in-ear headphones for active lifestyles. The PRO edition offers an even better sound for those who want to enjoy a hi-fi listening experience on the go.
Key advantages at a glance
  • In-ear headphones with in-line remote and handsfree function
  • Neodymium magnets produce natural, hi-fi sound with a mighty bass foundation
  • Well insolated against outside noise for uninterrupted listening in even loud environments
  • Soft, exchangeable ear pieces made from medical-grade silicone ensure an optimal fit
  • Suitable for smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems
  • Made from solid aluminium for a high-end look and great durability
  • Travel case, selection of ear pieces included with delivery
  • Enjoy clear & powerful playback from all source devices
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play
Professional-grade sound quality

The MOVE PRO is the newest member of Teufel’s MOVE series of robust in-ear headphones for active lifestyles. The PRO edition offers even better sound for those who want to enjoy a hi-fi listening experience on the go.

The MOVE PRO fulfils every sonic requirement of the most demanding listeners:

  • Ultra-light HD driver membranes guarantee excellent speech intelligibility, impulse fidelity and faithfully reproduce even the smallest details
  • Natural, balanced playback with clean mids and detailed treble that is never aggressive or shrill
  • Deep, clean bass that integrates well with the treble and midrange
  • The precisely tuned drivers create a realistic soundstage with excellent tonal differentiation and the precise positioning of all instruments
  • Uniquely formed chambers minimize reflections, the rounded corners ensure excellent wearing comfort
In-line remote and headset function

Skip between tracks while your smartphone stays in your pocket. The handy in-line remote makes it easy to control all essential playback functions. Pause or stop playback, skip to the next or previous track and accept calls – all basic actions can be accomplished without unlocking your smartphone screen. The in-line remote works with Android and iOS smartphones.

You won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to accept calls. The integrated microphone is perfectly placed to pick up everything you say.

MOVE PRO Kopfhörer Inear
Kopfhörer Inear Fernbedienung
Pulls power from every device

Highly efficient neodymium magnets with low impedance compensate for weak headphone outputs on certain devices resulting in consistent hi-fi playback. Attenuated bass or lagging volume levels are not problems you’ll experience with the MOVE PRO.

Practical & durable

The strong cable with kink protection together with solid aluminium enclosures make it possible to take your high-end sound anywhere. A special cable cover featuring a flexible weave prevents the formation of knots and tangles.

null Inear
Extensive accessories

The MOVE PRO comes with a practical travel case, a silicone form for stowing the cable and three pairs of ear pieces for the best possible fit and noise suppression. A clip for fastening the cable to a shirt or jacket is also included.

MOVE PRO - Zubehör
Inear Kopfhörer MOVE PRO - Case

Included components

  • travel case
  • Cleaning and transportation tube for MOVE PRO
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cable spool for MOVE PRO
  • Clip
  • Silicone earpieces (L)
  • Silicone earpieces (M)
  • Silicone earpieces (S)
  • Silicone earpieces (XS)


Premium in-ear headphones with in-line remote and handsfree function.
Impedance 16 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20-20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous Magnet: Neodymium
Speakerphone function Yes
Android Yes
iOS Yes
Weight 16 g
Depth 2.10 cm
Width 1.10 cm
Height 1.10 cm


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

MOVE PRO review of Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man)
MOVE PRO review of Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man)
"...the Teufel’s handled the playback with some aplomb, providing a friendly and easy going delivery"
Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) 02.09.2016
Sound Tests

"I wanted to fully explore the sound quality of these earphones so began my tests indoors and attached to various devices. I began the sound tests by plugging the earphones into my iPhone 6S and played two tracks, Kylie Minogue’s All The Lovers, from her Abbey Road Sessions and Paul McCartney’s I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter, with a little help from the Cozoy Astrapi DAC. The earphones hit you right between the eyes (ears?) with a distinct personality. And that personality is bass. There was lots of it and it was all over the place to provide a chocolatey, warming presentation that dulled and veiled the upper mids."

"This is not a bad thing for those who like a sweeter sound. In fact, the Paul McCartney track sounded far better than the pop of Minogue in terms of sonic balance. McCartney’s intimate, balladic, less bass heavy, presentation was far more rounded. The close mic performance from the ex-Fab Four man along with the lone piano and restricted upright bass provided a cuddly, snug atmosphere that was cosy, up close and personal."

"Outside, in the big, bad and very noisy world, the earphones were transformed. In amongst the passing traffic, the ambulances wailing, the babies crying and the people shouting thoughtful exclamations such as “Stop thief!”, the subtle and nuanced frequencies previously demanded from the Teufel were removed and never really missed. Yet, all of the important, critical musical information that I needed to hear from the tracks selected all hit my ears without any problems. Music, which sounded rather warm and unbalanced in the house and the quiet of my listening room, all of a sudden sounded much improved outside in the noisy city. OK, the bass could still have backed off a bit and yes the mids could still have done with some extra extension but, really, with the Pixies and Bob Marley at 96kHz and Dire Straits ad 88.2kHz and even Mozart at 44.1kHz, there was much to like from the Teufels. They were musical and engaging and they delivered."

By Paul Rigby
MOVE PRO review of www.hai-tech.shop
MOVE PRO review of www.hai-tech.shop
"Craystal clear"
www.hai-tech.shop 29.09.2017
“With its clear, ambient-filled and balanced sound we consider Teufel Move to be the best in-ear headphones […]. They gave good results in all tested areas. They are well-made, fit snugly in the ear and there is little noise interference from your surroundings. In terms of sound quality, they were on a level with some other tested models [...]. However, the Teufel Move cost much less and deliver [...] an excellent performance [...]. They have not revealed any real weaknesses, and are absolutely value for money."

“The Teufel Move Pro earphones impress with their crystal-clear sound. The mid-range and high tones are excellent. None of the other tested headphones reproduced the vocals and instruments in such a natural way as the Teufel Move Pro. They also revealed the finest nuances of a multi-layered song. Whilst only an unidentifiable rhythm could be heard in the background with other models, the Teufel Move Pro delivered a clearly audible drum roll. Guitar and piano sounds were reproduced in such an authentic way that you could even hear the vibration of the strings."

“[…] The earphones had a rather firm fit but were very comfortable to wear without any unnecessary pressure.”

"The cable of the Teufel Move Pro is also striking. The wires are coated with a fine mesh and then covered with a layer of plastic. […] This makes the cable extremely resistant, because the cables are never overloaded by the mechanical (i.e. the current-carrying strands). So not only does it look cool, it's also very stable.”

Teufel Move Pro took third place in the comparative test of 20 in-ear headphones and was awarded 87 out of 100 points.

Note: Quotes refer to Move and Move Pro from a comparative test between 20 in-ear headphones. (Translated from German)
See full review at hai-tech.shop/bester-in-ear-kopfhoerer
MOVE PRO review of Area DVD
MOVE PRO review of Area DVD
"The MOVE PRO sounds complete and cultivated while remaining powerful and dynamic: A terrific combination."
Area DVD 10.08.2016
"…produces first-class results across all disciplines”

“What Teufel promised in terms of bass playback is true – that much we can attest to right away. Powerful, rich with flawless depth: This is what bass should sound like.”

“One can listen to higher levels without a problem, vocals and instruments are consistently and accurately separated from each other. The vocals did not sound compromised, as is so often the case with in-ears, but rather extended themselves freely into the virtual space. The harmony of the entire acoustic presentation is excellent. The MOVE PRO is therefore very well suited to music with a lot of nuance.”

"The MOVE PRO sounds complete and cultivated while remaining powerful and dynamic: A terrific combination. This was apparent with the old classic “West End Girls” from the Pet Shop Boys. The dynamic range that the MOVE PRO was able to pull from the source material was thoroughly impressive. The same is true for the taut and simultaneously rich bass. This MOVE PRO really hits the mark.”

"The Teufel MOVE PRO delivered a first-class performance in our test. The Berlin in-ear’s very good workmanship, excellent fit and wearing comfort set standards. It proves itself to have stable levels, offer excellent 3-dimenstionality and above average definition. The clear but never unpleasant treble is an additional advantage. The handsfree function works flawlessly and the in-line remote is perfectly placed.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.areadvd.de
MOVE PRO review of lite-magazin.de
MOVE PRO review of lite-magazin.de
"Its wearing comfort and dynamic, well-balanced sound is very impressive."
lite-magazin.de 09.08.2016
"First of all, [...], the high quality of the materials and the exorbitantly good workmanship should be mentioned. Flexible silicone pieces, an aluminium enclosure and neatly placed cable – even the most different types of materials merge fluidly into one other in the MOVE PRO, melding into a homogenous unit. The critical eye cannot detect the smallest weakness in this nearly perfectly made in-ear.”

"[...] during the entire test phase, the feather light Teufel sat firmly in the ear but never felt unpleasant for which it earned the best score in the category "comfort.“"

"With Joe Bonamassas‘ Dust Bowl,“ the promised listening test could finally commence and the test model immediately puts its best foot forward. A performance that one would not necessarily expect of an in-ear that presented the striking voice of the American Blues rock artist as well as the purposefully distorted guitar riffs with astonishing precision and a great deal of energy. A clean, melodic and perfect interplay in which the ever-present guitar was neither obtrusive nor pushed the other instruments like the organ or the drums into the background. Not at all. The balance with which the MOVE PRO reproduces this rhythmic song is simply amazing.”

"Teufel crowned its compact headphone series with a new model that deserves the name “Pro” 100 percent. The MOVE Pro is a well-made in-ear fashioned from first class materials. Its wearing comfort and dynamic, well-balanced sound is very impressive. In short: The perfect travel companion for long and happy listening sessions of one’s favourite songs."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.lite-magazin.de
MOVE PRO review of SFT
MOVE PRO review of SFT
"There’s very little to find fault with and this is true for the sound as well: Powerful and precise bass is produced in spite of the small drivers..."
SFT 09/2016
"The Move Pro was launched as the top model in Teufel’s in-ear range. In terms of appearance, the set fulfills high-end aspirations. The ear pieces come in a sleek metal look just like the cable. As usual, a control unit with microphone and control button for changing songs is attached.”

"There’s very little to find fault with and this is true for the sound as well: Powerful and precise bass is produced in spite of the small drivers [...]. The treble range is not shrill and contributes to a satisfactory dynamic. A happy detail: Truly relaxed listening is possible at even high volume levels.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.pcgames.de/Technik/
MOVE PRO review of ModernHifi
MOVE PRO review of ModernHifi
"The Teufel Move Pro offers meticulous workmanship and a homogenous sound."
ModernHifi 10.08.2016
"In terms of sound, Teufel’s Move Pro is on the neutral side. Nothing disturbs, seems exaggerated or even too sharp.”

"The bass is powerful, well contoured and plays dynamically without overdoing it. When it comes to the lower midrange, the MOVE PRO convincingly brings across vocals and instruments with clarity.”

"The treble is distinctly separated and allows for a lot of room for the details to manoeuvre in. This makes the in-ear the ideal companion for high resolution music and audio streaming at the maximum bitrates offered by Spotify and TIDAL.”

"The Teufel Move Pro is most at home with hip-hop, electronic music, rock and pop. Due to the neutrality on offer, jazz and classical fans will also get their money’s worth [...].“

"The Teufel Move Pro offers meticulous workmanship and a homogenous sound. Thanks to a variety of ear pieces and a transport case including a spool for the cable, the accessories on offer are also very satisfactory.”

Translated from the original German.

You can read the entire test (in German) at www.modernhifi.de
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