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Sound of silence
Closed HD Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancelling technology
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Why we love this product
The MUTE BT cuts through the noise so that you can enjoy what's important to you: your music. The wireless headphones employ Active Noise Cancelling technology to create an oasis for your sound, wherever you may be.
Key advantages at a glance
  • Closed HD Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancelling technology
  • Active, adaptable noise cancellation for the best sound without background interference
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X® codec delivers CD-quality wireless audio streaming
  • 40 mm linear HD drivers with neodymium magnets for detailed sound with enhanced bass
  • Handsfree function for wireless telephone, Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp calls
  • Buttons on the ear piece for easy music, volume and phone-call control
  • Longest battery life of its class (28 hr), exchangeable battery, quick charge, battery status display
  • Includes battery, transport case, connection cable and airplane adapter
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Overview of our technologies

Bluetooth aptX
plug & play
Active Noise Cancelling
A press of a button is all it takes to block the noise around you.

The drone of a jet engine on a long flight, the sound of a motor or a noisy work environment are all effectively minimized thanks to Teufel’s Active Noise Cancelling system. This advanced technology uses a small microphone on the headphones to analyse outside noise and create phase-shifted sound waves to block them. Teufel’s Active Noise Cancelling works best with continuous low noises such as engine sounds.

The closed over-ear headphones physically block other sounds that are less effectively minimized by the Active Noise Cancelling system. Note that no headphone technology can completely prevent outside sound from reaching the ear.

A linear frequency response.

The MUTE BT uses the same HD drivers with neodymium magnets as our award-winning AIRY Bluetooth headphones for the same result: A linear frequency response that reproduces all musical genres neutrally and with rich, responsive low end. The MUTE is among the best ANC headphones on the market today for those who love bass.

The low impedance headphones are able to conjure high, distortion-free levels from any source device from smartphone to MP3 player and PC.

Bluetooth aptX
First-class headphones with a lively sound.

Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec enables wireless music streaming with CD-quality sound – up to 20 meters from the source device. The MUTE BT can save up to 6 devices for instant recognition and pairing. In addition, two of these devices can be paired to the headphones at the same time for the seamless switching between sources.

The MUTE BT works with smartphones using iOS, Android. Blackberry, Mac, Linux or Windows operating systems and can also be directly connected via cable. The Active Noise Cancelling function can also be activated in the headphones’ wired mode.

MUTE BT - Bluetooth


Stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest Bluetooth technology.


It is also easy to connect to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mac OS, PC and Linux

You can of course also stream music and videos wirelessly from these systems.
No other headphone plays for longer.

With a 28 hr. runtime, the MUTE BT is one of the longest playing Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancelling on the market today. Note that the headphones can run up to 50 hrs on a single charge in Bluetooth mode if ANC is not activated. The powerful battery charges in just 2 hours via USB port.

MUTE BT - Laufzeit
Approx. 28 hour runtime in Bluetooth mode with activated ANC
Approx. 50 hour runtime in Bluetooth mode with deactivated ANC
Approx. 60 hour runtime with cable connection and activated ANC
Unlimited runtime with cable (without Bluetooth or ANC)
The MUTE BT is the perfect pair of headphones for effortless music enjoyment.

A multi-functional button can be used to accept calls, mute playback or enter a phone number per voice recognition. Other on-device controls regulate volume, pause and skip tracks. SIRI and OK Google controls are also compatible.

MUTE BT - Bedienerfreundlich
Wearing comfort
Pleasant to wear

Especially soft, large ear cups and an adjustable headband make the MUTE BT extremely pleasant to wear. Reinforced nylon, scratch-proof lacquer and a low weight contribute to the headphones’ comfort. A robust build and foldable design make the headphones a good choice for travel.

MUTE BT - Tragekomfort

Delivery includes battery, USB charging cable, 3.5 mm cable (1.3 mm), airplane adapter and travel case. The battery is exchangeable.

MUTE BT - Umfangreiches Zubehör
Swappable battery

If the battery is empty, it can be easily exchanged with a replacement battery while it charges. This means you won't have to suffer through any downtime from your music.

MUTE BT Kopfhörer mit austauschbarem Akku

Included components

  • airplane adapter
  • universal USB cable
  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector cable (1.3 m)
  • Transport bag including accessory bag
  • Battery for MUTE BT


Closed HD Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Control technology
Impedance 48 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous Sensitivity without Active Noise Cancellation: 89dB +/-3dB @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity with Active Noise Cancellation: 93dB +/-3dB @ 1 kHz
Miscellaneous 40 mm Mylar drivers
Enclosure type Sealed
Enclosure material Highly flexible plastic
Miscellaneous Noise cancelling: -14 dB at 50 - 500 Hz, -36 dB across the entire frequency range
Bluetooth aptX Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 aptX codec
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Noise Cancelling Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium-ion 660 mAh
Battery operating time Up to 28 hours
Battery max. charging time 2
Miscellaneous Noise cancelling can be deactivated
Cable length 1.30 m
Weight 0.24 kg


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

MUTE BT review of technikblog.ch
MUTE BT review of technikblog.ch
"Over-ear headphones with a perfect price / performance ratio"
technikblog.ch 9.5.2017
 "The Teufel Mute BT cost around €200, but with adaptive noise cancellation and wireless Bluetooth connection, these over-ear headphones have a perfect price / performance ratio. [Even if the direct competition] are perhaps made from superior materials and alos offer impressive noise cancellation, this is also reflected in their prices, and such models can cost twice as much, if not more, as the Mute. Therefore, I must say that the Teufel Mute BT is a good compromise for anyone who is looking for noise cancelling headphones, likes to travel in peace and still doesn't want to dig too deep into their wallet."
See full review at http://technikblog.ch/2017/05/testbericht-teufel-mute-bt-noise-cancelling-zum-schnaeppchenpreis/
MUTE BT review of www.bluetooth-kopfhörer-test.com
MUTE BT review of www.bluetooth-kopfhörer-test.com
"...fantastic sound quality for a unique listening experience..."
www.bluetooth-kopfhörer-test.com 10.04.2017

The Teufel Mute BT is definitely one of the best headphones in its price bracket. The Bluetooth-enabled headset impresses with a comprehensive design. Furthermore, high-quality audio processing earn these over-ear headphones extra points. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and sophisticated optical and technical design, this model offers exceptionally high wearing comfort.

In addition to the many practical features of the Mute BT, the noise-cancelling function is of particular note. The overall impression is rounded off by excellent sound quality. We have therefore drawn a very clear conclusion: for anyone looking for affordable, high-quality peformance Bluetooth over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation, look no further than the Teufel Mute BT!"
See full review at https://bluetooth-kopfhörer-test.com/teufel-mute-bt-test/
MUTE BT review of technikblog.net
MUTE BT review of technikblog.net
"high-quality Bluetooth headphones that also offer active noise cancellation"
technikblog.net 14.4.2017
 "With the Mute BT you get high-quality Bluetooth headphones that also offer active noise cancellation. The price/performance ratio is completely fair [...]. You only need to make a few adjustments according to your head-size, in terms of wearing comfort, but otherwise the Mute BT are really a great pair of headphones. In addition to an already long battery life [...] you can also change the battery to increase the lifespan of your headphones. You are really getting a product with long playtime here."

"Techtest.org described them as, "the best BT headphones under €200", which I unfortuately cannot attest to without accurate comparison, but it definitely doesn't suprise me."
See full review at https://technikblog.net/teufel-mute-bt-ruhe-in-frieden/
MUTE BT review of av-magazin.de
MUTE BT review of av-magazin.de MUTE BT review of av-magazin.de
"An Ode to Joy!"
av-magazin.de 14.3.2017
The first impression that you get from the Mute BT even before your hear the great sound-quality or notice the active noise cancellation, is the level of wearing comfort. The Mute BT can be positioned perfectly on or around the ears thanks to the rotating ear cups. The closed construction and the good ear cushions ensure not only comfortable comfort but also even more silence at the same time [...]
Whether on an airplane, on the train, at home or somewhere else, if you want to tune out and just listen to the sound of silence, the Devil Mute BT can comfortably reduce disturbing outside noise and allow the wearer to enjoy a heavenly level of peace. Simply activate the integrated Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology at the touch of a button, enjoy the playful transitions between high- and low-tones, and savour the fact that external noise is noticeably suppressed and high-class sound fills the ears in its place.
It is nothing less than a technically excellent achievement to be able to indulge in sweet nothing. Teufel has redefined "The Sound of Silence", which is certainly for me the most appropriaprite way to describe the Mute BT. In Beethoven's Words, "An Ode to Joy"!

See full review at http://www.av-magazin.de/Teufel-MUTE-BT-Einleitung.7340.0.html
MUTE BT review of appgefahren.de
MUTE BT review of appgefahren.de
"The Teufel Mute BT offers a really great overall package"
appgefahren.de 13.3.2017
The Mute BT is very easy to use. Bluetooth can be activated directly on the left earpiece, and once the headphone is paired to a device via Bluetooth 4.0, it will always automatically connect itself with this device [...] The over-ear headphone is operated with a exchangeable battery. Teufel suggests a runtime of up to 28 hours. In my test, the headphone delivered just over 20.
The noise cancellation, is of course particularly interesting and works really well. If this is activated, ambient noise is filtered and you can only hear pure music. External noise levels are very low even when no music is playing, so you can use the headphones even without plaback just to get some peace and quiet [...]
I like the sound of the Mute BT slightly better when paired with this active noise cancellation. The bass is palpable, and high-and mid-tones are well balanced. In my opinion, Teufel always delivers very good results in terms of sound quality [...]
The Teufel Mute BT offers a really great overall package: the sound ranks in the top class and the noise cancellation in the upper third. The quality is right, the sound is opulent and the price of €199.99 is much lower than its competition. The Teufel Mute BT is perfect for journeys by train or by plane, so you can easily hide even the most irritating external noise inteference. I highly recommend the Mute BT, which offers great value for money.

See full review at http://www.appgefahren.de/tests-teufel-mute-bt-195532.html
MUTE BT review of www.sat1.de
MUTE BT review of www.sat1.de
"The Teufel Mute BT headphones with Active Noise Cancellation have impressed on all levels"
www.sat1.de 14.03.2017
"The Teufel Mute BT headphones with Active Noise Cancellation have impressed on all levels: the noise reduction is satisfactory, the listening experience is very pleasant and the long battery life makes the Teufel Mute BT a reliable and mobile companion in everyday life and for travelling."

See full review at http://www.sat1.de/ratgeber/auto-technik/computer-technik/teufel-mute-mit-bluetooth-ein-testbericht-zum-active-noise-cancelling-kopfhoerer
MUTE BT review of www.bt-kopfhörer.com
MUTE BT review of www.bt-kopfhörer.com
"The Teufel Mute BT headphones are worth every penny in our opinion."
www.bt-kopfhörer.com 06.2017
 "The Teufel Mute BT headphones are worth every penny in our opinion. The promise of active and passive noise cancellation really delivers. They are also comfortable to wear. Extensive accessories, as well as a replaceable battery, round off the whole package. If your want to enjoy music undisturbed, it is definitely worth considering the Mute BT. Your listening experience is reliably protected by active and passive noise cancellation."
See full review at http://www.bt-kopfhörer.com/produkt/teufel-mute-bt-test/
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It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
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