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Sonic oasis
Wireless Bluetooth headphones with authentic Hi-Fi sound and first-class noise-cancelling technology.
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Why we love this product
All of the Hi-Fi, none of the extra noise and no cables: that's the REAL BLUE NC. Thanks to active noise-cancellation, these wireless headphones let you tune in to a pure, uninterrupted sound and tune out of the world around you.
Headphones REAL BLUE NC
Key advantages at a glance
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones with authentic Hi-Fi sound and first-class noise-cancelling technology.
  • The first Teufel headphones to combine Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling technology with Hi-Fi sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for high-quality music streaming
  • Large, linear HD drivers, a ventilation chamber and neodymium magnets for high, distortion-free levels and a crystal-clear sound
  • Integrated speakerphone function for handsfree calls, Skype chats or voice commands via Siri or OK Google
  • Smart touch control for music, volume and phonecall control without noise interference
  • High-capacity lithium ion battery with quick charge function delivers up to 60hr+ runtime
  • Lightweight, solid design, with large, soft and well-ventilated ear cups and minimal pressure for long listening sessions
REAL BLUE NC review of www.slinkystudio.info
"The bar for noise cancellation has now been raised"
www.slinkystudio.info 04/2019
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(4.55 of 5 from 847 Reviews)
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play
Sound matters

The new REAL prove that you can really get open sound from closed headphones. Developed here in Berlin, the new REAL headphones are worthy successors to our previous models, with great noise cancellation, a transparent, detailed sound image and rich bass. 

Ventilated rear chamber
Unique in this price class. Reduces distortion and creates and open, clear sound.
Acoustic tuning plate
Balances the frequency response and ensures accurate playback.
Copper-plated aluminium coil
Great performance and minimum distortion even at high levels.
Suitable for glasses-wearers
Low pressure for long listening sessions. Non-abrasive and sweat-resistant.
Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE
Acoustic shielding
Made from hard-wearing, sturdy plastic for long durability and the best possible sound reproduction.
First-class sound transducer
HD driver with ultra-light membrane and neodynium magnets. Ensures deep bass and balanced mid- and high-tones.
Special fabric covers
Anti-bacterial covers allow even higher frequencies to pass through the ear pads unimpeded and ventilate the ears.
Teufel over ear headphones in progress.
For any style of music

"We have tuned the REAL in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for listening to all styles of music. With the REAL, you don't need to worry about unclean bass, sharp highs or missing mid-tones - everything plays just how it should."

Robert Reinke, product designer at Teufel

Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE
For strong guitar sound you need a well-defined mid-frequency range. The REAL leaves nothing to be desired.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
The REAL allows you to hear all details of every genre, producing clear high-tones and a transparent sound image. A light outer membrance offers high pulse distribution.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
Deep bass makes the perfect finishing touch. The REAL produces audio just how it was intended to sound.
Wireless freedom
Bluetooth, with a range of up to 10m, ensures a stable connection whilst minimising power consumption. Even video sounds are transmitted perfectly in sync with the film.

You can store up to 6 profiles, i.e. different smartphones, tablets, etc.


Stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod with the latest Bluetooth technology.


It is also easy to connect to Android smartphones and tablets.

Mac OS, PC and Linux

You can of course also stream music and videos wirelessly from these systems.
Play what you like

YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Navigation – everything goes. The REAL can reach high volumes on all playback devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPod, games console etc.) thanks to low impedance. A separate cable and in-line control is included.

Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE Bluetooth
Voice control

You can give commands to Siri and Google Voice via the microphone on the cable remote even with your smartphone still in your pocket.

Siri, play me something from Daft Punk!Headset
OK Google, when is the next flight to Berlin?Headset
Siri, call Mum.Headset
OK Google, turn up the volume.Headset
Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE
Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology
Strengtj can be found in silence. At the push of a button, long-range external noise such as aircraft engines, are reduced. The REAL employs a new hybrid noise cancelling method. Noises are picked up by small microphones on the inner and outer side of the headphones and displaced, reducing noise levels.

The closed construction also reduces sudden noises, such as, for example, footsteps. Please note, that there is no mechanism that completely eliminates all outside noise.
Music at your fingertips

Bluetooth connected, you are ready to go with a tap of the touch screen. Control different features without being interrupted by clicking noises.

Teufel Overear REAL BLUE
Controlling music and calls
Touch the middle of the panel once to play or pause music, and answer or end calls. Touch the middle of the panel twice to mute the player. Press and hold the middle of the panel to reect a call.
Teufel Overear REAL BLUE
Controlling volume
Drag your finger up or down to increase or decrease the volume.
Controlling other functions
Drag your finger from right to left or left to right to play the next or previous song or hold an active call and take a waiting call.
Long battery life

The REAL is one of the few headphones that can really last the whole day. It can be charged within a few hours via USB connection.

60 hr

with cable
and ANC

30 hr

with Bluetooth
without ANC

23 hr

with Bluetooth
and ANC

Included components

  • Transport bag including accessory bag
  • Airplane adapter for REAL BLUE NC
  • 3.5-mm-jack-cable (1.3 m) incl. Inline-RC
  • 0.6 m Cable Micro-USB to USB


All of the Hi-Fi, none of the extra noise and no cables: that's the REAL Blue NC. Thanks to active noise-cancellation, these wireless headphones let you tune in to a pure, uninterrupted sound and tune out of the world around you.
Geschlossene Bauweise Yes
Impedance 16 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 -20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous Sensitivity: 93.5 +- 4 dB @ 1 kHz, 1 mW
Miscellaneous Magnet: neodymium
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Plastic, metal
Speakerphone function Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth 1
Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
Miscellaneous Microphone noise reduction, microphone echo cancellation
USB 2.0 ja
Miscellaneous Micro-USB-A charging socket
Noise Cancelling Yes
Standby-Function Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery operating time 60 h with cable and ANC/23 h with Bluetooth/23 h with Bluetooth and ANC
Cable length 1.30 m
Weight 0.26 kg
Miscellaneous RoHS compliant
REACH compliant


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

REAL BLUE NC review of www.slinkystudio.info
REAL BLUE NC review of www.slinkystudio.info
"The bar for noise cancellation has now been raised"
www.slinkystudio.info 04/2019
"The bar for noise cancellation performance has now been raised, and where comfort is concerned Teufel have engineered a faultless pair of headphones that make hours of uninterrupted listening an absolute pleasure. But most importantly they’ll do your music library absolute justice, with rich detail and overall wireless performance that is in no way inferior to dynamically engineered wired headphones."

See full review here
REAL BLUE NC review of Reviewify
REAL BLUE NC review of Reviewify
"You’ll be pleased with the active noise cancellation feature"
Reviewify 08/2018
"Real Blue NC by Teufel are probably not a set of headphones you’ve ever heard of, Teufel are a new brand to the UK, but are an established maker of audio goodies based in Germany.

The Real Blue NC headphone are a set of high end Bluetooth headphones with optional noise cancellation. These are a pricey pair of cans, but you’ll get a premium feel the moment you get hold of the packaging.

Opening up you’re presented with a lovely storage/travel case, unzip this and you’ll find the headphones and a small pouch. The pouch contains the USB charging cable, AUX cable (with in line controls) and a plane adaptor. In theory this little pouch is meant to be secured to the case via Velcro, easily removable for when you want to access something. In practice it seems to fall off as often as it stays in place, not really a problem but something to be aware of when opening the case.

The headphones look great, they have a couple of visible control switches but also feature hidden touch controls to keep the design as clean as possible. Although you get a carry case you can also fold the headphones down if you just want to pop them in a bag rather than use the case.

On first look the ear cups looked like they might be a little small, but actually they were spot on the right size and very comfortable. Sound quality is very good (as you’d expect for the price!), offering up a really nice balanced sound with a good amount of bass.

Worth noting the good amount of bass may not be the right amount of bass for you, if you’re looking for bass heavy headphones these aren’t the set for you, but if you’re more interested in a good all-round sound the bass is just right.

The Real Blue NC do a good job of blocking out background noise in general, if want to really block things out you’ll be pleased with the active noise cancellation feature."
See full review at reviewify.co.uk
REAL BLUE NC review of Audiovision
REAL BLUE NC review of Audiovision
"Perfect for on the go..."
Audiovision 08/2018
"[...] astonishingly wide sound, which is distortion-free and dynamic."

"Perfect for on the go: Teufel's Real Blue NC impresses with active noise suppression, long battery life and innovative touch control and can also convince with its sound."

(Translated from German)
See full review at audiovision.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.gamerz.one
REAL BLUE NC review of www.gamerz.one
"A super sound image, whether noise cancelling is deactivated or active"
www.gamerz.one 22.08.2018
"The Teufel Real Blue NC sounds really good. And I mean really good. The sound is very balanced."

"[...] A super sound image, whether noise cancelling is deactivated or active. The noise cancellation works reliably in appropriate situations with regular ambient noises and absorbs these wonderfully in addition to the artificial leather ear cushions."

"The processing is top, there is absolutely nothing to say bad about Teufel. Even longer wearing is no problem at all, the Real Blue NC [...] are very comfortable and are not unpleasant in terms of weight."

"What Teufel promises with the Real Blue NC is brilliantly kept. The Real Blue NC from Teufel is worth an unrestricted recommendation and has earned our gold award!"

(Translated from German)
See full review at gamerz.one
REAL BLUE NC review of PC Welt
REAL BLUE NC review of PC Welt
"enjoy good music without compromise"
PC Welt 01.02.2018
"Thanks to its weight of 260 g, the Real Blue NC headphones sit comfortably and easily on its head. We could not feel any unpleasant pressure in our test, even after wearing them for a long time. […] For us there's nothing wrong in terms of wearing comfort."

"The special feature of the Real Blue NC is its active noise cancellation. […] We also like the fact that there is still no oppressive feeling. It all sounds very natural."

"Especially in the active noise suppression mode we can enjoy the full sound without interruption from outside noises. The sound is very balanced for us. A great mix of rich and powerful bass, clear mids and good treble. […] The noise cancelling function, which plays a counteracting tone, does not detract from the sound. We can't hear any disturbing humming or something like that."

"For people who travel a lot and just want to enjoy good music without compromise - the Teufel Real Blue NC is ideal. A long battery life and a well-functioning noise cancelling function are probably the most important points."

(Translated from German)
See full review at pcwelt.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.hardwareinside.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.hardwareinside.de
"definitely worth a recommendation"
www.hardwareinside.de 25.01.2018
"As with the REAL BLUE headphones, the version with noise cancelling are very comfortable to wear and completely enclose the ears. The contact pressure of the ear cups is firm enough to withstand strong "headbanging" - but without causing unpleasant pressure."

"In terms of sound, the REAL BLUE NC is at the same level as the version without active noise suppression. The headphones sound just as rich and clear, and the overall sound image is very dynamic. The switching on of the function is particularly noticeable on the bus and on the train, because the ambient noise caused by the engines or by rattling fairings is now so quiet that we hardly notice it any more."

"[…] frequent use of public transport, air travel or a fair environment in general. […] Especially in these scenarios, the headphones filter out the sounds so skillfully that the user can devote himself to music or the radio play. The headphones also sound dynamic and lively. The REAL BLUE NC are really fun, especially at higher levels. This is due to the powerful and high quality and deep bass, but also to the good spatial presentation. […] We like the fact that we can also operate the headphones on players that do not have the Bluetooth function. […] this Bluetooth headset is definitely worth a recommendation."

(Translated from German)
See full review at hardwareinside.de
REAL BLUE NC review of Area DVD
REAL BLUE NC review of Area DVD
"a worthy successor to the Mute BT"
Area DVD 20.01.2018
"[…] The Teufel headphones [...] also offer authenticity and character [...] when it comes to voice reproduction. With clarity and very good dynamics, the mid tones are convincing, and in the higher levels, the headphones reveal brilliant details without ever becoming unpleasantly sharp."

"The Real Blue NC does not show the disadvantages of a change in acoustic quality when active noise cancellation is activated, as per some of its competitors."

"[…] The headphones are rousing and lively, without losing the structure of the individual instruments. The musicians remain differentiated and individual details are retained."

"The Teufel Real Blue NC is a worthy successor to the Mute BT and justifies the extra price with higher material quality, innovative gesture control and excellent battery life. We also find the Real Blue NC much more visually appealing, although this is certainly in the eye of the beholder. […] the Berlin manufacturer [offers] a solidly crafted pair of ANC headphones with high wearing comfort, which score particularly well with an acoustically demanding clientele. Active noise cancellation works very well and now even filters out conversations relatively well. [...] The included transport box, which protects the headphones very well thanks to its robust and solid outer case, is a practical addition."

(Translated from German)
See full review at areadvd.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.modernhifi.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.modernhifi.de
"good functioning noise cancellation meets well-balanced sound"
www.modernhifi.de 16.01.2018
"The wearing comfort of the Teufel Real Blue NC is quite pleasant. A medium contact pressure ensures a secure fit on the head without squeezing, which can also be attributed to the soft ear cushions."

"[...] the Teufel headphones [are] made to survive in noisy environments, and they do so perfectly. Bass impulses sound pleasantly taut with sufficient depth and without audible distortion. Voices sound natural and instruments also get a neutral reproduction in the keynote range. The highs are open, but never too biting or sharp."

"Well-functioning noise cancellation meets well-balanced sound with a slight bass accent and pleasant wearing comfort. Teufel's Real Blue NC convinces with its features, intuitive touch operation and a price that is still affordable compared to the competition. Fans of the Teufel brand can look forward to this successful successor of the Mute BT headphones."

(Translated from German)
See full review at modernhifi.de
REAL BLUE NC review of Computer Bild
REAL BLUE NC review of Computer Bild
"scores highly with a very good price-performance ratio"
Computer Bild 01/2018
"The brand-new Bluetooth headphones implement good noise cancellation and score highly with a very good price-performance ratio. The sound is powerful, although somewhat cool. The battery life of just under 20 hours is sufficient for long flights. In addition, the Real Blue NC is also comfortable to wear."

The Real blue NC came 4th with a score of 2.0 from a comparative test with a total of 30 test devices.

Note: Quotes refer to the Real blue NC from a comparison test with a total of 30 test devices.

(Translated from German)
See full review at computerbild.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.mod-your-case.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.mod-your-case.de
"...very good price-performance ratio"
www.mod-your-case.de 10.01.2018
"As far as the sound quality is concerned, the REAL blue NC headphones scored highly in our test with a very good sound image. As we know from Teufel products, the tuning was carried out in such a way that the low frequency range stands out somewhat. However, in comparison to many gaming headsets, which usually also have an accentuated low frequency, the treble and the mid-range are not overshadowed, but reproduced cleanly. The highs are very well tuned and are reproduced very cleanly even at a higher volume. Even if the low frequency range gains a little more pressure at a higher volume, it still does not dominate the sound image too much. The headphones are very suitable for a wide variety of musical styles due to their sound."

"With the REAL Blue NC, Teufel has expanded its range of headphones to include a compact headphone, which was able to convince in our test on almost all fronts. Thanks to its generous padding and low weight, the headphones can easily be worn for several hours, which means that they can also be used during an Atlantic crossing. The capacity of the integrated rechargeable battery was also designed to match this. Depending on the type of connection, it can be used for up to 60 hours at normal volume. The battery is also charged in less than two hours. […] As far as the sound experience is concerned, Teufel has done everything right. The REAL Blue NC scored highly in our test with a strong and clear sound. Thanks to the ANC technology, you can also enjoy the sound in a very noisy environment with almost no annoying background noise. [...] Compared to similar products from other manufacturers, Teufel offers a very good price-performance ratio with the REAL Blue NC."

(Translated from German)
See full review at mod-your-case.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.iphone-tricks.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.iphone-tricks.de
"The Teufel Real Blue NC impressed us across the boards"
www.iphone-tricks.de 01/2018
"In terms of sound technology, the Real Blue NC deliver the high-end sound typical of Teufel: clean, warm and powerful bass without the sound being lost in the low frequencies. The mids and highs are pleasantly balanced, tidy and never overemphasised."

"The Teufel Real Blue NC impressed us across the board. Particularly noteworthy are the very good wearing comfort, which enables hours of listening sessions, the innovative and noiseless control as well as the effective noise cancellation for undisturbed music enjoyment. The headphones can play a wide variety of music styles with precise, transparent and balanced sound. Additional features such as optional cable operation, long battery life and the high-quality transport box included in the scope of delivery round off the positive overall impression."

(Translated from German)
See full review at iphone-tricks.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.curved.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.curved.de
"The sound quality ticks all the boxes..."
www.curved.de 24.11.2017
"On an acoustic level, the Real Blue NC delivers exactly what is expected from headphones in this price range. Behind the diaphragm of the 40mm driver, a stage opens up for the listener in which an orchestra could easily play. The sound aesthetics stand up for themselves well against the outside world even without ANC and even at high volume without loss of detail or distortion. The low-frequency tones weave a well accentuated bass substructure on which the mid- and high-tones dance together like at the Vienna Opera Ball."

"The sound quality ticks all the boxes, and the perceptibly dense bass especially makes for real listening pleasure. [...] The headphones already quite efficiently [isolate noise] even without NC, so that the active noise suppression really only needs to be switched on if there is a constant noise level. This also prolongs the life of the built-in battery. Alternatively, the Real Blue NC can also be used in a classic style with the included cable."
See full review at curved.de/reviews
REAL BLUE NC review of www.netzwelt.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.netzwelt.de
"a good deal"
www.netzwelt.de 16.11.2017
"The closed headphones offer active noise cancellation (ANC) and sensor control via the earpiece."

“There is no pressure - the Teufel Real Blue NC immediately feels very comfortable on the head. We feel that the contact pressure is exactly right and there is no feeling of narrowness. The ears don't come into contact with the cloth cover pulled over the drivers - that's how it should be."

“The earpieces adjustment mechanism allows the headphones to be adjusted for both small and large heads. No matter how hard we move our heads, it's not so easy to shake off the device."

“[....] Great: if the battery level is going a little low, you can simply plug in the supplied jack cable and the music continues to play. The battery level is indicated by a three-colour LED."

“[...] We were tuned to booming bass and concise mid-tones, according to the motto: Rock' n' Roll! But this Teufel headset is not such a bully. On the contrary. We like the way the sound of the Blue NC plays in our ears, it’s really pretty good!"

"[...] And the imaginary soundstage that Teufel creates in our auditory cortex can also be clearly heard."

“In short, these Teufel headphones sound modern without giving preference to a particular genre of music. They are loud without seeming strenuous or even overbearing."

“A fair offer for all-round successful headphones with good noise cancellation. With tuning, the headphones can cater to a broad range of music tastes.”
See full review at netzwelt.de
REAL BLUE NC review of Ear In
REAL BLUE NC review of Ear In REAL BLUE NC review of Ear In REAL BLUE NC review of Ear In
"Teufel really deliver on sound design"
Ear In 01-2018

„All new Real models have the same design, are collapsible and come in handy, robust cases [...]. The drivers, encased in closed outer shells, are the same“

  • „The Real Pure[...] is the basic version, designed for use with a cable. The clean, passive headphones do not need to be charged or paired, but simply plugged into the smartphone or mobile player via a 3.4mm 4-pin jack“
  • „The Real blue is also compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, which allows you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone or audio player, and offers more than 30 hours of play time.“
  • „The Real blue NC, which in addition to Bluetooth also has extensive active noise suppression, offers a full range of features. Here, Teufel relies on an innovative hybrid active noise cancelling system that uses two microphones on each earpiece [...] [...] noise can be suppressed for even up to 60 hours.“

„Except for the differences in weight [...] the new Real models offer the same excellent fit. The ear cushions are perfectly matched to the contact pressure, [...]. The padding of the headband is also comfortable [...]. And he headphones nevertheless sit securely on the head. All in all, I give top marks here.“

„As usual from Teufel, there is a crisp bass range, which is fun without being unnecessarily exagerrated. The three siblings are also active and entertaining in the rest of the frequency spectrum, giving the music spatiality. Voices sound intense, high frequencies are fresh but never aggressive. The sound design thing is something that Teufel are really into. [...] The noise cancelling function is impressive, as it works very well and effectively combats ambient noise. The headphones already offer good sound insulation.“
See full review at ear-in.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.mobiflip.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.mobiflip.de
"The Teufel Real Blue NC is a really good upgrade of the Mute BT"
www.mobiflip.de 10.10.2017
„The sound of the Teufel Real Blue NC is very good. They have decent bass and good treble. […] They have a battery life of 30hrs with Bluetooth and ANC, and an impressive 60hrs when connected with cable.“

„The weight of the Real Blue NC is very comfortable and it sits well on the head.“

„The Teufel Real Blue NC is a really successful upgrade of the Mute BT and has a good sound, good ANC, good workmanship [and] is not too expensive[…].“
See full review at mobiflip.de/teufel-real-blue-nc-test
REAL BLUE NC review of www.appgefahren.de
REAL BLUE NC review of www.appgefahren.de
"The sound is very clean and clear"
www.appgefahren.de 10.10.2017
"The REAL Blue NC are over-ear headphones that can be operated wirelessly, as all audio transmissions are via Bluetooth, but an optional cable is also provided. The “NC” in the name stands of course for noise cancelling, since Teufel has employed the so-called “hybrid active noise cancellation” for the first time in this product. Each earpiece has two microphones, one on the outside and one on the inner listening chamber, are used to minimise as much external noise as possible."

"You can control music via the touch panel on the right earpiece. You can play / pause and skip songs, and control the volume. Likewise, you can take phone calls or initiate Siri or Google Assistant. […] you can deactivate the touch panel at the touch of a button. Weighing just 220g, the REAL Blue NC is very light. The earpieces are made from synthetic leather (free from animal products) and plastic. […] The wearing comfort is good, the soft ear cushions sit comfortably even after several hours. Just as important is of course the sound. Teufel has once more increased the maximum volume. The sound, especially in NC mode, is really very clean and clear. As usual with Teufel, there is also a good level of bass, they have really found a good symbiosis here."
See full review at appgefahren.de/tests-teufel-real-blue-nc-209698.html
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Which Bluetooth version do the REAL BLUE/BLUE NC use?
The REAL BLUE and REAL BLUE NC headphones use Bluetooth version 4.2. This standard is particularly stable, reliable and compatible with many devices.
My Bluetooth speaker produces a lesser quality sound with my Windows PC or laptop.
It could be that the speaker is connected as a device with speakerphone function. Please go to: settings menu > devices and printer > BOOMSTER (or other Bluetooth device). Right click on the device and remove the check mark next to the “speakerphone” option.
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