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Pure genius
The new and improved successor to the Teufel REAL headphones
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Why we love this product
A revelation for over-ear headphones: noise-cancelling earpieces with a fresh, unrestricted sound. The REAL pure harmonises perfectly with smartphones, tablets and laptops for Hi-Fi sound on-the-go.
Key advantages at a glance
  • The new and improved successor to the Teufel REAL headphones
  • Over-ear closed headphones with outstanding HD sound.
  • Closed design effectively cancels outside noise and keeps your music selections private
  • Large, linear HD drivers, a ventilation chamber and neodymium magnets for high, distortion-free levels
  • Improved: Extended frequency range for deeper bass and even more balanced tuning
  • Incredible wearing comfort thanks to a lightweight, robust design with large, soft and well-ventilated ear cups
  • Integrated remote control, powerful volume, and a detachable fabric-coated cable (1.3 m) for minimal microphonics
  • Sophisticated folding mechanism and transport box for easy storage
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play
Sound matters

The new REAL prove that you can really get open sound from closed headphones. Developed here in Berlin, the new REAL headphones are worthy successors to our previous models, with great noise cancellation, a transparent, detailed sound image and rich bass. 

Ventilated rear chamber
Unique in this price class. Reduces distortion and creates and open, clear sound.
Acoustic tuning plate
Balances the frequency response and ensures accurate playback.
Copper-plated aluminium coil
Great performance and minimum distortion even at high levels.
Suitable for glasses-wearers
Low pressure for long listening sessions. Non-abrasive and sweat-resistant.
Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE
Acoustic shielding
Made from hard-wearing, sturdy plastic for long durability and the best possible sound reproduction.
First-class sound transducer
HD driver with ultra-light membrane and neodynium magnets. Ensures deep bass and balanced mid- and high-tones.
Special fabric covers
Anti-bacterial covers allow even higher frequencies to pass through the ear pads unimpeded and ventilate the ears.
Teufel over ear headphones in progress.
For any style of music

"We have tuned the REAL in such a way that they are perfectly suitable for listening to all styles of music. With the REAL, you don't need to worry about unclean bass, sharp highs or missing mid-tones - everything plays just how it should."

Robert Reinke, product designer at Teufel

Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE
For strong guitar sound you need a well-defined mid-frequency range. The REAL leaves nothing to be desired.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
The REAL allows you to hear all details of every genre, producing clear high-tones and a transparent sound image. A light outer membrance offers high pulse distribution.
Teufel Overear Kopfhörer REAL BLUE
Deep bass makes the perfect finishing touch. The REAL produces audio just how it was intended to sound.
Play what you like

YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Navigation – everything goes. The REAL can reach high volumes on all playback devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPod, games console etc.) thanks to low impedance. A separate cable and in-line control is included.

Voice control

You can give commands to Siri and Google Voice via the microphone on the cable remote even with your smartphone still in your pocket.

Siri, play me something from Daft Punk!Headset
OK Google, when is the next flight to Berlin?Headset
Siri, call Mum.Headset
OK Google, turn up the volume.Headset
Teufel over-ear REAL BLUE

Included components

  • Transport bag including accessory bag
  • 3.5-mm-jack-cable (1.3 m) incl. Inline-RC


Fully improved successor to the original award-winning REAL headphones
Impedance 18 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous Sensitivity:102 +- 4 dB @ 1 kHz
Miscellaneous Magnet driver: neodymium
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Plastic, Metal
Enclosure surface Matt finished
Cable length 1.30 m
Weight 0.24 kg
Miscellaneous RoHS compliant
REACH compliant


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

REAL PURE review of www.androidkosmos.de
REAL PURE review of www.androidkosmos.de
"Whether for sports, walking, or just sitting back and enjoying music, the Real Pure is the perfect choice"
www.androidkosmos.de 28.02.2018
"Teufel has released cable over-ear headphones with the Real Pure. In a classic style, without bells and whistles, they perform quite confidently alongside the Real Blue and the Real Blue NC headphones."

"The processing of the Real Pure is also very good as with the Blue NC. The bracket and some components are made of metal, the rest of plastic. The workmanship is top quality, the plastic allows for twists without problems, even a few tumbles don't bother the headphones.”

"The sound is well tuned and the mix of bass and sound is clearly defined. Even high notes are reproduced wonderfully clearly."

"[...] The sound is good, the microphone is a nice bonus, so you can also use the headphones for gaming, which is not bad at all. Whether for sports, walking, or just sitting back and enjoying music, the Real Pure is the perfect choice. I give it a clear recommendation for all beginners."

(Translated from German)
See full review at androidkosmos.de
REAL PURE review of SFT
REAL PURE review of SFT
"...even longer listening sessions are no problem"
SFT 03/2018
"In Teufel's new Real series, the Pure model is the cheapest way to get a new source of sound from the Berliner brand. Unlike its more expensive siblings, the budget model is not connected via Bluetooth, but with a 3.5 mm cable connection. The imitation leather upholstery impressed us. It feels [comfortable] on the ears and on the head, so even longer listening sessions are no problem. The over-ear form also delivers satisfactory results in terms of sound for this price."

Note: This quote refers to the Teufel Real Pure from a comparison test between 11 on-ear and over-ear headphones.

(Translated from German)
See full review at pcgames.de
REAL PURE review of www.kopfhoerer.de
REAL PURE review of www.kopfhoerer.de
"sturdy headphones, good value for money"
www.kopfhoerer.de 12/2017
"The closed over-ear headphones have a sturdy design and feature an adjustable and padded headband that, in combination with the artificial leather padded ear cups, ensures a good fit and wearing comfort."

"In terms of sound, the Real Pure delivers a thoroughly appealing and powerful sound image. […] It sounds defined and powerful in the bass range and reproduces even the deepest octaves audibly. […] The Real Pure is round and balanced in the mid and high frequencies. Fortunately, it doesn't tend to be overpowering in the high tones. All genres, voices and the dynamics of a recording are adequately reproduced."

"For 120 Euro (UVP), the Real Pure from Teufel offers a harmoniously sounding over-ear headset with handsfree function for mobile use. If you're looking for sturdy, branded headphones with good value for money and are satisfied with using a cable connection, you should listen to this."

(Translated from German)
See full review at kopfhoerer.de
"Audiophiles and gamers will be thrilled!"
GAME ZOOM 10.11.2017
"As with the headphone strap, the ear cups are also padded to ensure high wearing comfort. [...] The detachable and rubberised audio cable is 1.3m long. The 3.5mm jack plug of the cable fits with all common playback devices. The cable comes with a convenient remote control and a microphone to use the hands-free kit, which had good results in the field test."

"[...] The sound is extremely harmonious. High- and mid-tones are clearly reproduced. The bass is crisp but at no time exaggeratedly "hard". Virtual surround sound (a feature of the Creative Sound Blaster AE-5 sound card) also worked perfectly in our test. We were able to locate enemy moves very well."

"Thanks to the comfortable ear cushions with synthetic leather covers, the headphones are ideal for long playing periods. [...] The balanced contact pressure ensures that the headphones do not slip even with rapid head movements. The adjustable headband, which further enhances comfort, is a further plus."

"The new Real Pure from Teufel had us convinced immediately. For an absolutely fair price of €120 the headphones offer a great workmanship, high wearing comfort and impressive sound quality. [...] The good in-line microphone, practical cable remote control and the high-quality storage case round off the overall picture perfectly. In short, audiophiles and gamers alike will be thrilled!"
See full review at www.gamezoom.net/artikel/Teufel_Real_Pure_Test_Review-40232-0
REAL PURE review of Ear-In
REAL PURE review of Ear-In REAL PURE review of Ear-In REAL PURE review of Ear-In
"...they have that classic Teufel sound."
Ear-In 01/2018

„All new Real models have the same design, are foldable and come in practical, robust cases [...]. The drivers, working in closed housings, are the same.“

  • „The Real Pure, [...] the basic version, is designed for cable connection. The pure passive headphones do not need to be charged or paired, but simply plugged into the smartphone or mobile player via a 3.4mm 4-pin jack.“
  • „The Real Blue also wirelessly contacts to the smartphone or player via Bluetooth 4.0 and offers more than 30 hours playback.“
  • „The Real blue NC is fully equipped with great features, including complex active noise cancellation in addition to Bluetooth connectivity. Here, Teufel uses an innovative hybrid active noise cancelling system, in which two microphones are used on each earpiece [...]. [...] when connected by cable, it is possible to get up to 60 hours playback with noise suppression.“

„Except for the difference in weight, the new Real models offer the same great fit. The ear cushions are perfectly matched to the contact pressure. The upholstery of the headset is also pleasant. And even with this level of comfort, the headphones sit securely on the head. All in all, top marks here.“

„As usual with Teufel, there is a crisp bass range, which is fun without being overbearing. In the rest of the frequency spectrum, the three siblings are also lively and strong and offer spatial, airy music. Voices sound intense, fresh, but never aggressive. They just have that Teufel sound.“
See full review at www.ear-in.de
REAL PURE review of Area DVD
REAL PURE review of Area DVD
"...a real revelation..."
Area DVD 10.10.2017
 "REAL Pure. Everything is pure, like it used to be, or as they say "everything was better in the old days". No battery to charge, no connection issues - simply connect the supplied cable to your smartphone and you're off. There is an integrated control on the cable for play/pause and skip, as well as for voice control with Android and iOS smartphones. Of course there is a microphone for the hands-free function, which works well. [...] The REAL sits comfortably on the head with just the right amount of pressure. The headband can be precisely adjusted to the head of the wearer, is made from high-quality steel and is comfortably padded. This also applies to the earpieces. [...] sweat-resistant and unoppressive [...] with good padding. The REAL Pure shields very well against external noise. [...] The processing and material quality of the REAL Pure leave nothing to be desired. Its low impedance has a resistance of 18 Ohm and the frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz."

"The new product can be characterised by flawless shifts between frequency levels. [...] The Pure produces balanced voices within the overall sound picture. The bass, as highlighted by Teufel, is really a delight, with precise reproduction and perfect emphasise. The structure and rhythm are excellent [...] and the REAL Pure has a "pleasant and slightly warm sound" [...] for which it really deserves undoubted respect. With balanced tones and a clear speech intelligibility, the headphones create a spatial sound atmosphere, which is impressively harmonious."

"The Teufel REAL Pure is an excelled closed headphone, which is comfortable to wear, with great workmanship, balanced sound and surprisingly good resolution. [...] the REAL Pure is a genuine revelation [...]"
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