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  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • Teufel MASSIVE

Teufel Massive

Feel the bass
Closed, over-ear headphones for DJs, musicians and bass fans
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Why we love this product
Over-ear, closed hi-fi headphones for DJs, musicians and everyone who appreciates deep, resonant bass. The new Massive comes with an even more powerful sound and new robust hardware elements. Large 50 mm neodymium magnet drivers & aluminium/copper voice coils guarantee vibrant bass along with silky highs that don’t distort even at high volumes.
Key advantages at a glance
  • Closed, over-ear headphones for DJs, musicians and bass fans
  • New: An even mightier sound, aluminium headband and fabric covered cable
  • 50 mm neodymium magnet drivers & aluminium copper voice coil for richer bass and silkier highs
  • High, distortion-free volume levels from any source device (smartphones, iPods, PCs, etc.)
  • Foldable earpads with thick cushioning for the effective blocking of outside noise
  • Durable fabric covered cables (1.3 m and 3 m) minimize cable contact noise
  • Storage bag, 6.3 mm jack adapter and 2 cables included with delivery
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play
Deep and powerful bass with amazing agility

The tuning on the Massive produces a full and rich sound with deep and powerful bass with amazing agility. 50 mm drivers push out high, distortion-free levels up to 120 dB – perfect for enjoying music in loud environments or DJ performances. In addition, the Massive’s large, closed ear pads that lie snug against the head keep your music from leaking out. Together with the headphone’s incredibly comfortable design, their ability to retain sound makes them ideal for office environments.

Teufel null Massive
Deep and powerful bass with amazing agility

The Massive produces powerful sound from a wide range of source devices including smartphones, iPods and PCs. Thick cushioning on the ear pads effectively block outside noises and ensure perfect comfort even after hours of wear.

Collapsible ear shells

While a master of bass, the Massive still produces incredibly silky and unobtrusive highs. An aluminium/copper voice coil gives the Massive an impressive dynamic range for gaming and movie sound.

The best match

Highly efficient neodymium magnet drivers make the Massive an equally good match for portable players with weak headphone outputs, low volume thresholds or attenuated bass signals. The design even folds together for easier transport. A bayonet lock ensures that the cable stays securely connected to the left ear cup.

Kabel abnehmbar mit Bajonettverschluss

If you enjoy a strong dose of powerful, resonant bass to help you get through your day, the Massive is for you. The new and improved version of Teufel's popular over-ear headphones has an even more powerful sound and was endowed with stronger hardware elements including an aluminium headband for an improved look and greater durability.

Fully equipped

The 1.3 m long cable with a 3.5 mm jack plug works with all standard smartphones, MP3 players, PCs, notebooks and tablets. An additional 3 m cable with removable 6.3 mm adapter is included with delivery for use with A/V receivers and amplifiers. The fabric cover reduces cable contact noise, prevents irritating tangles and increases durability.

Teufel null Massive Lieferumfang

Included components

  • Teufel MASSIVE
  • pouch for Aureol Massive NG
  • adpater 3,5mm to 6,3mm for Aureol Massive NG
  • 1.3m connecting cable (3,5 mm) for Aureol Massive
  • 3,0m connecting cable (3,5 mm) for Aureol Massive


Teufel Massive
Teufel Massive
Closed over-ear hi-fi headphones for DJs, musicians & everyone who enjoys deep, resonant bass.
Teufel Massive
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 1 Watt
Impedance 32 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 10 - 22000 Hz
Miscellaneous Driver: 50 mm
Weight 0.40 kg


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Expert reviews

Teufel Massive review of Ear-In
Teufel Massive review of Ear-In
"As expected, the Teufel headphones delivered a massive performance in terms of sound."
Ear-In 04-05/2015
"The size of the ear cups - typical for DJ headphones - are attached to a broad, well-padded headband by massive joints. In this way, the Massive already makes a visual statement.”

"[...] with the markedly improved quality of the materials used, the Teufel headphones seem much more expensive than they actually are.“

"The soft synthetic leather on the ear pads pleasantly nestle against the head.“

"The braod and softly padded headband gives the 310 gram headphones good support.“

"As expected, the Teufel headphones delivered a massive performance in terms of sound. One could almost say that Teufel is trying to prove to all other headphone manufacturers what a bass-heavy pair of headphones should be. I admit that I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of strong bass, but “One Love” by Massive Attack sounded simply amazing on the Massive. In any event, the elevated bass really confines itself to the bass range and leaves the foundational tone – so important for the vocals – largely untouched. In this way, vocals are naturally rendered. In any case, the Teufel Massive delivers a good performance: That is to say, a truly thrilling broad and fine dynamic and a fine, but never annoying treble. All-in-all, it’s obviously been tuned for a clear target audience: Those who enjoy pop, punk, rock or electronic music will quickly come to like the Massive; and on the decks, every DJ should be able to masterfully transition between beats.”

www.ear-in Magazin.de
Teufel Massive review of HiFi Vision
Teufel Massive review of HiFi Vision
HiFi Vision 18/2015
"Above all, those who enjoy strong bass tones, great dynamics and balanced vocal reproduction were familiar with the 'old‘ Massive as an excellent choice. But beware: The new one is even better and features [...] pleasantly massive workmanship! Fantastic!”
Teufel Massive review of GAME ZOOM
Teufel Massive review of GAME ZOOM
"Audiophiles can buy the Teufel headphones without hesitation.”
GAME ZOOM 27.03.2015
"The Teufel headphones  [...] employ premium workmanship. The entire device is robustly constructed and built for a long period of use.“

"In our daily use scenario [...], the headphones made a good impression. The stereo image was exceedingly harmonious. The upper range as well as the middle were played back with clarity. The bass is punchy but never overly “hard.” An additional advantage: The high degree of level stability.“

"The pleasant ear cushions are perfect for longer wearing times. We were unable to detect any discomfort after more than 4 hours which speaks for the wonderful comfort of our test model. The balanced pressure applied to the ear ensures that the headphones don’t slip with even fast head movements.”


"[...] excellent workmanship, a high degree of wearing comfort and a persuasive sound.“

"In short: Audiophiles can buy the Teufel headphones without hesitation.”

You can read the entire test review (in German) at www.gamezoom.net
Teufel Massive review of Area DVD
Teufel Massive review of Area DVD
“Teufel Massive – enormous bass power meets premium workmanship.”
Area DVD 20.02.2015
 "[...] The Massive makes a premium impression in terms of materials and aesthetics.“

"The size can be adjusted on the headband and this is easily accomplished when the headphones are positioned over the ears in spite of their stability. In any case, we should mention that the Massive, with its 310 grams, is very comfortable. The headband is covered with leatherette and doesn’t apply pressure to the head even after long periods of use. We like the optically pleasing and at the same time comfortable leatherette cover on the ear pieces even better. These completely envelope the ears and the soft foam layer within is thick enough to prevent the 50 mm drivers from colliding with the ears.“

"And as we’ve come to expect from Teufel, Massive is as Massive does. The headphones score points with a powerful bass from the very beginning. The kick drum at the beginning is powerfully and resonantly reproduced and indicates a depth that is truly astonishingly for this price class.“

"Whoever [...] enjoys powerful sound will definitely find it here.“

"The Massive knows how to integrate voices into the texture of the sound. At the same time, the instruments are very well and - above all – very atmospherically delineated.”

"With the new Massive, Teufel presents a well-executed successor to the Aureol Massive. Premium workmanship on the headphones themselves as well as the cable and well defined voices with music playback along with insane bass power [...]. The Massive shines [...] when it comes to wearing comfort. The cushioning inside and on the headband ensure a very comfortable fit. In addition, the Massive can be very easily transported with the included bag, especially since it is also compact and space saving thanks to its ability to be folded together.”

“Teufel Massive – enormous bass power meets premium workmanship.”

You can find the full test report (in German) at www.areadvd.de
Teufel Massive review of SFT
Teufel Massive review of SFT
"Devilish Comeback“
SFT 03/2015
"One thing is sure: For a pair of headphones in this price class, the Teufel Massive exhibits astonishingly good workmanship and can hold its own aesthetically against considerably more expensive models."

"During the Teufel Massive sound test, it was apparent that the headphones are geared towards a bass loving group of listeners; the deep bass is correspondingly full-bodied. At the same time, voices are given a pleasantly sonorous foundational tone [...].“

"[T]he Teufel Massive  [is] a  solid dispenser of music that is especially well suited for club sound [...]."

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