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Teufel Move

Music on, move on
In-ear headphones with integrated remote control and microphone
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Why we love this product
Clever details ensuring the best possible wearing comfort and typically Teufel (i.e. powerful) sound makes Teufel's Move ideal for active lifestyles. This new version includes a feature many of our fans requested: The ability to regulate the volume via in-line remote. The Move's in-line remote now includes access to all essential features including pause, play, skipping tracks and volume regulation with Android smartphones and tablets.
Key advantages at a glance
  • In-ear headphones with integrated remote control and microphone
  • In-line remote for play, pause, skip & regulating volume for Android & Windows
  • Acoustically optimized enclosure & neodymium drivers for clear music playback
  • Free floating system minimizes noises resulting from the cable and body contact
  • Anti-overpressure system reduces pressure in the ear canal
  • An optimal fit ensures that the in-ear monitors stay in place
  • Comes with a practical tube for transporting & cleaning the ear pieces
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Overview of our technologies

plug & play

Teufel headphones sound like Teufel loudspeakers: Clear, detailed highs and mids with a full, punchy bass. A balanced frequency range all the way up to 20 kHz along with drivers with strong neodymium magnets are responsible for the Move’s impressive sound. The special enclosure design with non-parallel sides minimizes reflections. An additional bass chamber imbues all genres of music with the necessary depth.

Move it on over, there’s a new in-ear in town

Effortlessly control the music on your smartphone with the Move’s sleek in-line remote: You'll be able to pause, play, and move up and down tracks. The Move's in-line remote is compatible with Android and Windows smartphones.

The smartphone can stay in your pocket – even when you take a call. You can control all essential sound functions with the remote. An integrated microphone is always in the right position, no matter how you wear the cable.

The connecting cable is enveloped by an elasticated suspension cord that also holds the front and back parts of the enclosure together. This free floating system prevents microphonics, the transformation of mechanical vibrations (such as a hand brushing against a cord) into electrical signals. Microphonics can disrupt the audio signal, especially when exercising which is why Teufel took pains to prevent it in the Move. Additional kink protection in the enclosure keeps the cable from getting damaged.

One problem with in-ear headphones has traditionally been that, once placed in the ear canal, they block air movement in and out of the ear. This can cause unpleasant pressure to build up around the eardrum. That’s why a small hole was made in the Teufel Move’s enclosure, allowing surplus air to escape. The result? Increased wearing comfort with the same secure fit.

Thanks to their highly effective neodymium drivers with a low impedance construction, the Teufel Move is capable of distortion-free sound even at high volumes with every source device. Whether smartphone, iPod, tablet, PC or notebook – every music delivery system can play back top quality sound with the Move. Low frequency attenuation or diminished volume is something you won’t experience.

The Teufel Move comes with a travel case and various interchangeable ear pieces for the best possible fit and comfort as well as the optimal blocking of outside noise. A handy tube keeps all the ear pieces in one place and can be used to clean them - simply add some warm water and a little soap with the ear pieces and shake. An additional 6.35 mm stereo plug adapter means you’ll have no trouble connecting the Move to an amplifier or A/V receiver.

Included components

  • Teufel Move
  • Silicone Earpiece Shapes (3 pair)
  • gift box for Teufel Move


Teufel Move
Teufel Move
An in-ear headphone with integrated remote and hands-free function. Ergonomically formed for an optimal fit. Free floating system prevents noises from being transferred to the audio signal through the cord. An over pressure system ensures a high degree of wearing comfort, while a comparatively large resonating chamber delivers a strong bass. Comes with a transportation case, ear pieces, and ear piece tube.
Teufel Move
Impedance 16 Ohm Ohm
Frequency range from/to 20 - 20000 Hz Hz
Miscellaneous Magnets: Neodymium
Speakerphone function Yes
Cable length 1.20 m
Miscellaneous Connection: 3.5 mm mini stereo jack with microphone connection
Weight 14 g
Depth 2.30 cm
Width 1.30 cm
Height 1.30 cm

Expert reviews

Teufel Move review of Award
Teufel Move review of Award
"Video device of the year: 2015" 2nd place in the category "Mobile headphones"

Teufel products chosen in the readers’ choice award from the magazines Video, Stereoplay and AUDIO:

At the beginning of 2015, all products tested the previous year by the magazines Video, Stereoplay and AUDIO were eligible for the renowned readers’ choice award.
Naturally, a few products from Teufel Audio were included. We’re happy to report that the readers of these magazines once again selected our products for first as well as a few second place awards. Among these was our Teufel Move Headphones with an exceptional 2nd place.
Teufel Move review of www.gamezgeneration.de
Teufel Move review of www.gamezgeneration.de
"All-in-all, the headset offers a good sound quality that delivers good bass and enables an overall pleasant sense of tonality."
www.gamezgeneration.de 20.08.2015
"The headphones fit well and don’t wiggle out of place even when moving or during faster runs."

"All-in-all, the headset offers a good sound quality that delivers good bass and enables an overall pleasant sense of tonality."

"Especially mainstream genres like pop and rock, hi-hop and R’n’B sound good and can be fully enjjoyed. The iTeufel Move did well in our test with the PS Vita and new Nintendo 3DS. In “Donkey Kong Country: Returns,” for example, we’re able to clearly and distinctly hear the jungle inhabitants alongside the background music and in "Mario Kart,“ we could localize from which side our competitor approached us. The iTeufel Move would therefore appear to be a very good choice for those who play games on mobile platforms [...].“


"The iTeufel in-ear headset showed itself in our test to be not only a great companion for Apple fans looking for a stylish and functional headset especially well-suited to athletic activities, it also proved its mettle with contemporary handheld systems. Above all, the stylish design and good wearing comfort impressed us in the test, but the clear sound the headphones produce also guarantee a good atmosphere with many games.”

You can read the full test review (in German) here:
Teufel Move review of hifitest.de
Teufel Move review of hifitest.de
"The Teufels are dynamic from the word go with a resolution that exceeds their price class.”
hifitest.de 21.06.2014
"The Move was designed as a headset for use with iPhones or smartphones. The requisite hands free function including microphone is positioned in the cable leading to the left ear phone. In this way, the microphone is always positioned close enough to the mouth while the buttons on the remote remain easy to reach.”

"The 'free floating‘ mount on the enclosure and cable effectively prevents noise from body contact as well as cable noise from being transmitted. The whole thing works! I find the ‘anti pressure system’ to be especially pleasant.”

"Acoustically, the Teufel Move fulfilled my certainly not very low expectations. An additional effect of the anti-pressure system is that the Move doesn’t produce any unpleasant bass pressure even at high volumes. [...] Otherwise, the headphones display a pleasantly clear and uniquivocal midrange playback and radiiant but not irritating highs. The Teufels are dynamic from the word go with a resolution that exceeds their price class.”

You can read the entire test (in German) at hifitest.de
Teufel Move review of Maximalpuls
Teufel Move review of Maximalpuls
"The Teufel Move headphones have a powerful and clear sound."
Maximalpuls 04/2014
Unpacking and first impressions

The headphones from the Berlin audio smiths come with a generous amount of accessories: Three different synthetic/rubber ear pieces [...] a tube for cleaning and storage, a [...] cable with a stable channel deviation and remote that includes a hands-free feature [...]

Amazing: After a few minutes, one no longer has the feeling that there is something in one's ear. The cable is also pleasantly stiff which minimizes that aggrevating tendency cables have of forming knots. The ends of the cable are also covered with a stretchable piece that supports use while on the move. Good headphones for working out.

Sound and volume

The Teufel Move headphones have a powerful and clear sound. Especially when worn with a tight seal in the ear canal as recommended by the instructions, a powerful bass […] asserts itself. The sound image that results is very compelling – it has a very harmonious and balanced effect. [...]

You can read the entire test review (in German) here:
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Help regarding this product
Which components do I need to expand my stereo system to a surround system?
Next to additional speakers (centre, rear, R/L, active subwoofer), you will need the following devices:

• Television: A conventional TV set will suffice. Naturally, devices with a 16:9 format are recommended for playing back DVDs.

• AV surround Receiver: This multichannel amplifier with integrated radio and decoder for Dolby Digital/DTS replaces the stereo amplifier. As minimum equipment, the device should have power amplifiers with approx. 5 x 40 watt output.

• DVD player: This devices supplies the video and audio signals, plays back a number of digital formats, also plays music CDs and MP3 files and is connected to the receiver.
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