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  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"
  • LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"

LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1"

The world's only THX certified column loudspeaker set
THX Select certified home cinema column speakers
Theater 500 Surround AVR für Dolby Atmos "5.1.2"
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Key advantages at a glance
  • THX Select certified home cinema column speakers
  • Purpose-driven design and excellent workmanship
  • 4 heavy aluminium columns, elaborate three way construction
  • 1 horizontal center speaker of solid aluminium on a granite base
  • 700 watt subwoofer with 2 x 250 mm bass drivers
  • Recommended for spaces up to 50 sqm.

Overview of our technologies

THX Select
Teufel customers who have fallen in love with the extremely beautiful and elegant Theater LT 7 column speaker system, but don't need wireless speakers and a digital subwoofer with the latest processor technology, are at the right address with this set.

Superior sound
The LT 6 includes the same passive aluminium columns as the M 720 FR THX Select, as well as the same M 720 C THX Select centre speaker, that help the Theater LT 7 to deliver superior sound. The only difference between the Theater LT 6 and the LT 7 is the slightly less equipped, but no less high-performing, M 7100 SW THX Select subwoofer.


Fantastic interaction
The four 142-cm-high columns and the absolutely identically equipped horizontal format centre speaker ensure the finest surround sound. The quintet consists of massive, 4-mm strong aluminium profiles that provide the speaker chassis with a stable and sound-neutral home. Each satellite speaker works with two 130 mm midbass drivers, an 80 mm midrange driver and a 25-mm dome tweeter. The critics at Heimkino magazine describe the sound delivered by this immense set up in the Theater LT 7 tests: “The entire set distinguishes itself with fantastic interaction and outstanding homogeneity.”


Reasonable price
The Bassist M 7100 SW THX Select completes the immense set up of this extremely reasonable priced home cinema ensemble. With its 700 watt amplifier (sinus output power 350 W) and both of the long-throw 250 mm neodym woofers, the subwoofer provides the bass foundation.


The Theater LT 6 represents the state of the art in sound-neutral column speaker systems. By leaving out the complex electronics of the LT 7, you can have these acoustic marvels at a significantly lower price.


Included components

  • Centre Speaker M 720 C THX Select
  • Subwoofer M 7100 SW THX Select


Subwoofer M 7100 SW THX Select
Subwoofer M 7100 SW THX Select
As with so many of the speakers in Teufel’s current product range, the active subwoofer in the Theater LT 6 sports a slim design.

However, this subwoofer is equally powerful (700 W of music power!) and utilises the same components (two long-throw 250 mm woofers) as its digital sibling, the M 7200 SW. The only difference is the digital sound processor. This explains how we can offer the Theater LT 6 at such an affordable price. Even though the 7100 SW is not equipped with a DSP and does not allow for extensive tweaking, the powerful driver and state-of-the-art componentry make it a highly dynamic and energetic speaker with an amazing bass range.
Subwoofer M 7100 SW THX Select
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
Frequency range from/to 25 - 200 Hz
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 250.00 mm
Woofer (material) Long stroke cones with neodym magnets
Enclosure type DPU reflex technology
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) Back
Magnetic shielding Yes
Cinch input stereo 1
THX Select Yes
Input gain adjustment Yes
Full Range/Low Pass switch Yes
Phase control Yes
Miscellaneous Mains adapter with a large scale toroid-core transformer
power amplifier specially developed by Teufel in Germany
Output performance amplifier: Bass driver 700 Watt music
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 350 W
Standby-Function Yes
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Depth 47.00 cm
Width 36.00 cm
Height 75.00 cm
Weight 38 kg
Pair Satellite Speaker M 720 FR THX Select
Pair Satellite Speaker M 720 FR THX Select
These slim column speakers are enclosed in classy 4 mm-thick aluminium cabinets that blend perfectly with state-of-the-art flat panel LCD and plasma TVs used in home theatres.

The rear walls of each tower are painted with a tasteful piano gloss finish available in maple or black gloss. The base plate is made of dark speckled grey granite – a very interesting and attractive mixture of materials.

The hi-tech componentry in the M 720 FR THX Select system ensures that it complies with the highly demanding THX standards. The fully redesigned drivers utilise high-energy density neodymium magnets, which require much less space than previous designs.

Two 130 mm woofers with carbon fibre-reinforced sandwich cones handle all frequencies between 80 and 350 Hz. The venting slots in the sturdy speaker basket provide optimal air circulation.

An 80 mm cone driver with its own enclosure is responsible for all mid-range frequencies up to 1,800 Hz. The brilliant highs are provided by a specially coated 25 mm fabric tweeter that is also equipped with its own enclosure. The heat pipe system protects the tweeter perfectly against high temperatures.
Pair Satellite Speaker M 720 FR THX Select
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 150 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 200 Watt
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 80 - 20.000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Textile dome with heat pipe system and own volume
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 80.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Cone with own closed casing
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 130.00 mm
Woofer (material) Carbon fibre reinforced sandwich membrane, Neodym magnet and ventilated metal cage
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Solid 4 mm thick aluminium, granite base
Enclosure surface Brushed aluminium, wood veneer
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps CE-compliant Teufel connector panel with gold-plated terminal screws
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 6 qmm
Depth 11.45 cm
Width 16.00 cm
Centre Speaker M 720 C THX Select
Centre Speaker M 720 C THX Select
This impressive centre channel speaker is designed to be installed horizontally on or below a TV or on the wall. Together with a flat screen TV, this makes for a well-balanced and discreet system with outstanding audio qualities.

Even though the M 720 C is only half as wide as the column speakers are tall, these unequal siblings sound absolutely identical to each other. The reasons for this are two-fold: firstly, both speakers use the identical drivers and, secondly, both speakers have the same internal volume. Even though the speaker dimensions are outwardly different, the column speakers are closed off internally towards the bottom to accommodate the wireless and amplifier components of the M 720 FR and thus have the same internal volume. Naturally, the drivers have been arranged on the front of the cabinet to account for the horizontal format of the centre channel speaker. This speaker is enclosed in a solid 4 mm aluminium cabinet.

This speaker can be fastened directly to the wall or set up in your home theatre using the stable granite table stand included with the system.
Centre Speaker M 720 C THX Select
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 150 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 200 Watt
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 50 Watt
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 80 - 20.000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Textile dome with heat pipe system and own volume
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 80.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Cone with closed casing
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 130.00 mm
Woofer (material) Carbon fibre reinforced sandwich membrane, Neodym magnet and ventilated metal cage
Enclosure type Closed
Enclosure material Solid 4 mm thick aluminium, granite base
Enclosure surface Brushed Aluminium
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps CE-compliant Teufel connector panel with gold-plated terminal screws
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 6 qmm
Depth 11.50 cm

Expert reviews

LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Trusted Reviews
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Trusted Reviews
Trusted Reviews 01/2010
"We’ve tested a lot of impressive compact speaker systems lately, which do a terrific job for those with small living rooms and even smaller budgets. But when you want to replicate the jaw-dropping, eardrum-shattering experience you get from your local multiplex then sometimes only a properly awe-inspiring system like this will do. And on that score, the LT 6 THX Select delivers the goods, mustering a detail-rich, dynamic sound that’s also laced with elegance and finesse."

Design: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9/10
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Stereoplay
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Stereoplay
"Stereoplay Reader's Choice 2010"
Stereoplay 03/2010
The Teufel LT 6 THX Select won first place in Stereoplay`s 2010 Reader's Choice for the category 'Surroundsets'"

"We're excited about this! Thanks for your vote!"
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of T3
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of T3
"Fast, detailed and well integrated audio"
T3 02/2010
"Teufel`s high-end setup isn`t cheap but it cuts an imposing figure with four columns, each towering 1.4m tall, that produce sharp, aggressive audio without a hint of excessive brightness. The center speaker voices dialogue with authority and the lower-end is ably taken care of by the powerful 350W subwoofer. The Teufel system has been given two thumbs up by movie overlord George Lucas and THX, which means its audio has been tweaked to the nth degree and is capable of filling a 50 sq m room with blockbusting sound."

"Fast, detailed and well integrated audio (4/5)"
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Stereoplay
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Stereoplay
"Definitely without peer."
Stereoplay 03/2009

Bass fullness and depth dominates with the Teufel LT 6. Curious editorial onlookers could hardly believe the overwhelming pressure and fantastic tonal clarity put forth by the columns in conjunction with the supplied subwoofer.

Initial skepticism was overrun by growing enthusiasm with the incredibly free and transparent execution, which was easier to get into than as by the competition[…] The clean and in no way too sluggish address was a treat – also by music videos on Blu-ray - a definite plus that earned the respect of the skeptics. For design-groupies the decision is definitely clear, as the Teufel LT 6 is unrivalled in its own way.

Teufel shines with a successful synthesis of sound and design.

Test Results:
• Natural sound: 9
• Fine details: 10
• Border dynamics: 10
• Bass quality: 10
• Reproduction: 9
• Set harmony: 10
• Sound: 58 / 70
• Measurements: 8 / 10
• Practice: 5/10
• Quality: 8 / 10
• Price /Performance: Phenomenal

Design-accenuated colours, for its class unusually slim boxes in aluminium with THX licence. Despite its scarce membrane surface, sounds very patrician and high res.

Total Result:
Sound: Absolute top class (58 Pt.)
Good / Excellent (79 Pt.)

LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of heimkinopage.de
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of heimkinopage.de
"The Teufel Theater LT 6 is a little powerhouse."
heimkinopage.de 06/2008

The Teufel Theater LT 6 is a little powerhouse. It deals with any kind of input to your complete satisfaction – be it movies, concerts or any other audio source. Even the subtlest details are reproduced. The subwoofer and five satellite speakers are THX certified, and the elegant loudspeaker columns harmonise perfectly thanks to their identically shaped chassis.

The authentic marble bases of the loudspeaker columns deserve special mention. In terms of price, the Theater LT 6 is clearly one of the best systems in its class.

• Sophisticated design and workmanship
• High SPL capabilities for all components
• Suitable for small rooms as well as very big ones
• Great ability to reproduce details

Read the entire test here!
LT 6 THX Select "Concert 5.1" review of Teschke
"High end – low noise."
Teschke 11/2007

The LT 6 effortlessly played its way into our benchmark position with its superb dynamics and an unprecedented ability to reproduce fine details. The excellent acoustic balance and perfectly transparent spatial imaging easily elevate the LT 6 above every other system in this price class. Fantastically compelling, unrivalled, and clearly a new benchmark. Without any reservations, we give the LT 6 our highest award possible, the "Top Award".

Website note:
See Theater LT 7

Read the entire test here!

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Do I also have a 6.1/7.1 playback for a 5.1 recording?
Usually, all 6.1/7.1 AV Receivers can generate a 6.1/7.1 playback from a 5.1 recording. The procedure is comparable with the Dolby Pro Logic Decoder, which generates a matrix circuit from the stereo signal of a centre channel.

The AV Receivers thus generate a rear centre channel from the rear R/L channels of a 5.1 recording through the matrix circuit. The stronger the rear R/L effects on the DVD, the stronger the signal from the rear centre.
Can I connect the LT 4 directly to a DVD player or PC?

The LT 4 is a partially active system that requires AV receiver operation. It has a built-in amplifier that only supplies bass tones in the subwoofer housing That is why an "AV Receiver", i.e. a combination of radio receiver and multichannel amplifier, is essential for using the LT 4.

The subwoofer is connected from the Line In R input to the AV receiver's sub out jack using a mono RCA cable, while the three front satellites are connected to the three speaker outputs of the AV Receiver using the speaker cable and are supplied with power from there.

Connect signal-emitting source appliances such as DVD player or PC etc. directly to the corresponding input jacks on the AV Receiver.
When would it be worth upgrading my 5.1 system to 6.1/7.1 sound?
Naturally 5.1 channel systems that play back all of the sound tracks contained on the DVDs already offer an excellent home cinema experience.

For the new 6.1 or 7.1 sound formats, a rear centre channel is controlled in addition to these channels. This channel, coded in the stereo effect channels, enables the better positioning of effects and music signals directly behind where you are sitting.

If using two speakers for the rear centre channel, the optimal seating position is not tailored to an individually specified position, i.e. you don't have to be seated in the exact centre.

In the following cases we would recommend upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 system:

• Your sitting position is not always dead centre, or you often have several viewers

• You have had a 5.1 system for a very long time and would like an improvement

• Your AV amplifier/receiver is designed as a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver and offers the corresponding connection possibilities

• You can also set up one and/or two rear centres. If you are currently building/renovating your house or flat, we would recommend you lay the cables for the additional rear centre channels in any case.

• Modern BluRay players usually issue a true 7.1 surround sound signal at all digital outputs and are thus optimally suitable - presuming the relevant AV Receiver - as a signal transmitter for a 7.1 channel home cinema system.
How do I upgrade my system to a 6.1 or 7.1 sound format?
The choice of speaker(s) depends on the AV Receiver/amplifier. This has an additional power amplifier for one rear centre (6.1) or its two (7.1). You can easily see this by the wattage (e.g. 6 x 100 watt or 7 x 100 watt). To the existing (side) rear speakers for right/left (5.1 technology), one or two additional rear centres are utilised in addition (6.1 or 7.1 technology).

• My AV amplifier/receiver has six connections/power amplifiers (6.1):

In this case we recommend connecting the same centre at the rear that you also used in the front area.

• My AV amplifier/receiver has 7 connections/power amplifiers (7.1):

If you already use dipoles or direct emitters for your 5.1 system, then you have a choice of either supplementing two more dipoles or two direct emitters. For wall assembly and a short distance from the seating location to the rear wall (less than 1.00 metres), we would recommend dipoles. As soon as you want to set up the speakers on bases or on a shelf, then direct emitters would be the better choice.

Even if the AV Receiver/amplifier only has the connection and power amplifier performance for one rear centre, it is still possible to connect two instead of just one speaker through series connection.

• The AV amplifier/receiver has seven connections/power amplifiers, but I can only set up one rear centre. As the 7.1 AV amplifiers/receiver also offer the option of operating just one of the two outputs (usually can be set in the speaker set-up!), you can also only connect just one rear centre.

Here we recommend connecting the same centre to the rear that you also used in the front area. For short distances to the listening location (less than 1.00 metres), a dipole would be the better choice - especially if you are also using dipoles at the sides.
Is it a problem if the speakers are at different distances to where you are sitting?
Since the distance and volume of every individual speaker can be adjusted for the digital home cinema receivers, asymmetrical set-ups can be easily compensated. 
How do I equalise my home cinema system with the help of a sound level meter?
Take the level meter with you to the listening position and point the measuring device directly towards the front centre speaker. Now start the sound generator of the receiver (or of the sound card or DVD player) and equalise all speakers in succession to the same level.

The position and alignment of the measuring device should not be changed during this procedure. For a Teufel sound level meter, proceed as detailed in the following:

1. Remove the protective tab from the battery.

2. Set the weighting to "A" - only the "A" position considers the full frequency range during measuring!

3. Set the response to Slow.

4. Set the Range to 70.

5. Start the test noise from your AV device.

6. Change the volume for every individual channel at the AV device so that the level meter shows 75 dB (meaning between +4 and +6).

7. Done!
What is the difference between the 5.1 and 7.1 configuration?
Compared with the 5.1 set, the 7.1 set has two extra speakers for the back rear centre channel.

The 5.1 channel set plays back all sound tracks on DVDs/Blu-rays and creates an excellent home cinema experience.

With the 7.1 sound format, a rear centre channel is also generated in addition to these channels and distributed to two further speakers (the "rear centre"). This channel, which is encoded in the stereo effects channels, allows better location of effects and music signals directly behind the sitting position.

If you use two speakers for the rear centre channel (i.e. installed 7.1 set), the optimum sitting position is not restricted to one specific place, so you don't have to be sitting exactly in the middle and several listeners can enjoy the best sound.
Where is the optimal place for the centre of my Lautsprecher Teufel Surround System in a 5.1/6.1/7.1 configuration?
Because the centre plays back spoken dialogue, this speaker must be positioned as centrally as possible under or over the TV/monitor or the screen.

If the centre is placed outside the area of 40 centimetres to 1.20 meter height, it should be slightly inclined or angled towards the listener.

Why don't the THX Select and THX Ultra 2 have five identical speakers?
A cinema uses completely different surround and front speakers, as they must fulfill completely different tasks.

The front speakers guarantee clear voice reproduction and very good positioning that harmonises with the picture.

The surround speakers, on the other hand, generate a diffuse and non-traceable sound field that literally surrounds the viewers and enables the illusion of a helicopter flying over the audience, for example. If you want to set up a 5.1 home cinema system with conventional speakers, then five identical speakers plus a subwoofer are the minimum equipment.

THX speaker systems, however, are specifically designed for multi-channel playback. That is why THX front speakers and THX dipole surround speakers offer the best requirements for perfect sound playback from a psychoacoustic view.

Despite the very compact dimensions of all utilised speakers, the THX subwoofer provides a very dynamic and powerful bass playback.
Do I need a THX Select receiver for the System 5 THX Select?
No. You do not have to use a THX amplifier with THX Select speakers. However, the receiver does have to have bass management, where the frequencies for the THX satellite speakers and the THX subwoofer are distributed (cut-off frequency 80Hz). The amplifier should also have a minimum performance of 100 watt sinus per channel. A THX select receiver always offers one hundred percent security for an appropriate pairing.
Which speaker cables does Teufel recommend?
For smaller sets up to Theater 1, we recommend using the 2.5 mm² Teufel speaker cable for optimal sound quality if the required length does not exceed 15 metres.

For Theater 2 and larger systems, we recommend the Teufel cable with 4 mm² cross-section for the front/centre speakers, and the 2.5 mm² cable up to a length of 15 metres for the effect speakers.

Choose a higher cross-section for even greater lengths.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
Is it possible to combine speaker cables with different cross-sections?
To supplement missing cable lengths you can use speaker cables of differing thicknesses without acoustical differences - provided there are no extreme differences in the cross-sections.
Should I rather choose a fully active or a partially active speaker set?
It is compulsory to connect partially active systems to an AV Receiver. This supplies the five to seven satellite speakers with the necessary power. Only the subwoofer works additionally with its own amplifier. The investment in a new system is higher because of the AV Receiver, but the solution is also much more flexible. After all, you can connect several signal sources, such as a TV, satellite receiver, PC, game console and MP3 player to an AV Receiver at the same time.

Fully active set do not necessarily need an AV Receiver. The five to seven satellite speakers here are supplied with power by the amplifiers which are installed in the subwoofer in addition to the subwoofer power amplifier. This saves you the costs of a receiver, but it is usually only possible to connect one source to our fully active subwoofer.

Exceptions here are the Concept E2, the Concept E Magnum Digital, the Motiv 5 Digital, the Concept F, the LT2+R and the Concept S+R.

Naturally you can also equip the fully active systems with an AV Receiver at a later point. The connection is then equal to the partially active sets.
Can I set up the set in a different way to that described?
The recommended set-up information below represents the best possible arrangement for perfect multichannel playback in your home. Your available space, your partner or your furniture may not always allow you to arrange the speakers in the ideal manner. Try to meet as many of the requirements as possible.

Modern AV Receivers offer numerous options for compensating electronically for any compromises in the set up. Generally speaking, the following rule always applies: you can always use our recommendations as a basis for experimenting with what works best for you, acoustically and optically. Let your ears (and eyes) decide!
My subwoofer is humming. What can I do?
This hum can be caused by the connected devices or disruptions in your electricity current. Please do a test to see which it is.

1. Remove the RCA cable from the input on the subwoofer. If the hum is no longer heard, go to point B. Otherwise, follow point A.

A. Attach the net cable of the subwoofer to another electricity outlet (i.e. Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom). If the subwoofer still hums, get in contact with our Support team.

Should the hum no longer be there, the disruption was a problem in your power supply, which can, for instance, be caused by dimmers or chargers. To find out where the disruption is, unplug all your devices and work back from there. As soon as the hum is heard, you now know your source of the disruption.

B. In your case, the "ground hum" is responsible for the disruption. Please proceed as follows to discover your source.

  • Disconnect the cable or satellite port from the TV Receiver and check if the hum disappears or not. If it does, you can use a sheath current filter for the cable outlet to prevent this. For example, the sheath current filter AC 9022 ED. If you have a satellite connection, connect the Satellite Receiver to the optical cable playback source - Teufel Optical Digital Cable

  • If this reason can be excluded, separate all devices from the AV Receiver one at a time until the hum stops. The last connected device is then your hum source and should be separated from the others using a galvanic separation filter (found in a retail shop)

  • If this doesn't work, get in contact with us once again so that we can give an individual, helpful response.
Do I need the same cable length for all speakers?
In our experience, there is no acoustical difference for different cable lengths for lengths up to 15 metres.
The RAMPA insert at the bottom of the speaker sometimes is turned out with the tamping screw. What can I do about that?
Unscrew the tamping screw from the Rampa insert and screw the Rampa insert back into the bottom of the speaker.
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