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  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
  • Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
Stands not included and no longer available

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"

Die besten Micro-Lautsprecher von Teufel
Home cinema speaker set with a high standard of sound quality
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Home Cinema Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1"
Stands not included and no longer available
Key advantages at a glance
  • Home cinema speaker set with a high standard of sound quality
  • Neutral, timeless design and still conveniently small in size
  • Concert: Includes direct sound transducers
  • Output of 250 watts with a 250 mm subwoofer, perfect for corner installation
  • Fits every AV receiver
  • Recommended for rooms up to 35 m²

Der Subwoofer A 1000 SW übernimmt zwar die grundsätzliche Gestaltungsform des Vorläufers A 100 SW, bietet ansonsten aber in jeder Hinsicht ein deutliches Mehr an Mehr.

Der Verstärker liefert statt 100 Watt jetzt 250 Watt Sinus-Leistung, das Volumen stieg auf 37 Liter und die Membranfläche hat sich verdoppelt. Das Ergebnis ist ein deutlicher Qualitäts-Sprung nach oben. Der A 1000 SW spielt noch lauter, noch tiefer, noch besser. Geblieben ist die trapezoide Form, die eine Eckplatzierung auf elegante Art befürwortet. Positiver Nebeneffekt dieser Aufstellung: mehr Lautstärke!

Included components

  • Subwoofer A 1000 SW
  • Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Stands not included and no longer available


Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Although the A 1000 SW subwoofer has borrowed its basic design from its predecessor, the A 100 SW, it is unparalleled in every other aspect.

The amplifier features 250 Watts RMS power (as opposed to 100 Watts), its volume was increased to 37 litres, and the diaphragm surface expanded to twice its previous size. The change in quality is remarkable. The A 1000 SW reproduces sounds louder, better and with more depth. The trapezoidal shape remained so the woofer can elegantly take its place in a corner of the room. The positive side effect of this placement means higher sound pressure levels!
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) 250.00 mm
Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Net internal volume 37 Litres
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Cinch input 2
Cinch output 2
Input gain adjustment Analogue
Frequency regulator (range) 40 - 240 Hz
Phase control Analogue
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 250 W
Depth 27.20 cm
Width 47.00 cm
Height 61.50 cm
Weight 18 kg
Miscellaneous Width front: 30,5cm, Width back: 12cm
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
This miniature satellite speaker, with its mere 1.9-litre volume, is the main player in the Motiv 10 series. It can be used as front, centre and rear loudspeaker, linearly reproducing all frequencies between 110 and 22,000 Hz. Each speaker can still achieve a maximum sound pressure of 97 dB (at a distance of 1 m).

The entirely new chassis with 80 mm aluminium diaphragms driven by extremely powerful and high-energy density neodymium magnets makes it possible to create this extremely high dynamic range. The cooled voice coils capable of handling high loads provide the woofer with this tremendous range. A 25 mm silk dome with a neodymium magnet faithfully and purely reproduces the highest of frequencies.

The extremely durable aluminium cabinet of the speaker features a connection panel with gold-plated and shielded terminals to prevent short circuits. In this manner the speaker fulfils the high requirements of the CE standards.
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 60 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 130 Watt
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 110 - 22000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 80.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Aluminium
Enclosure type Closed
Net internal volume 1.90 Litres
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps CE-compliant Teufel connector panel with gold-plated screw terminals
Maximum cable diameter 3.00 mm
Depth 11.20 cm
Width 22.00 cm
Height 15.30 cm
Weight 1.35 kg

Expert reviews

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of hdworld-mag.de
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of hdworld-mag.de
"Compact elegance and enormous acoustic performance – that's the motto that the Teufel Motiv 10 operates under."
hdworld-mag.de 05/2009

Tonally neutral, enormously dynamic, elegant yet compact: the Teufel Motiv 10 is full of contradictions, and that at a fair price. The interplay between the satellites and subwoofer works for a dynamic, room-filling surround sound with a homogenous, consistent sound: Teufel delivers a equally solid sound performance and visual aesthetic with this compact 5.1 set of speakers.

Total Results:
• Conclusion: 9 / 10
• Sound 9 / 10
• Performance: 8 / 10
• Equipment: 8 / 10
• Worksmanship: 9 / 10
• Price/Performance: 10 / 10

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Area DVD
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Area DVD
"Clear sound and aesthetic elegance."
Area DVD 03/2009

With the new sound formats DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD: with Baraka (DTS-HD Master Audio, 5.1) the Motiv 10 places you right in scene (Chapter 2, running time 3:33). Acoustically the tone result is very balanced and there’s no distortion in the sound picture. The active subwoofer offers enormous power at any point, but doesn't push itself to the front. It's fascinating to listen in the space that the Motiv 10 creates.

In the third chapter (running time 6:23) the Motiv 10 scores with enormous acoustic detail. Fine musical details in the background are well integrated into the overall acoustic picture. The vocal elements and the powerful woofer range presents an intensive overall experience, which is supported by the natural space around the room. Celine Dion's Las Vegas concert Blu-ray "A New Day" impresses with the excellent Dolby TrueHD tone – we were curious if the Motiv 10 could clearly utilise this uncompressed format. In the title song it worked very well – very clear, always exactly defined design and the charismatic vocal playback clearly displayed the benefits of TrueHD as well as the handling of the less dynamic differences.

During Celine Dion's interpretation of "The Power of Love", the Motiv 10 displayed the proper mix of sensitivity and emphasis of its task: to present a realistic and captivating sound. The active subwoofer does a very good job and impresses with its quick pulse conversion.

Teufel has, with the Motiv 10, an equally powerful-sounding as optically aesthetic and compact 5.1 loudspeaker system in their program…that through its neutral tone, excellent dynamics and enormous homogeneity amazes. The two M 10 D dipoles deliver in the surround sound area a wide, deep and lively backdrop. Through the mature, differenced interpretation the powerful levelled ensemble also gets points in the critical stereo area. The elegant optics and the very good worksmanship only expands our impressive thoughts. Only the deep ranges of the A 1000 SW could be more pronounced.

• Accurate output levels
• Very balanced and exact tone
• Practically unnoticed transfer between the satellites and the subwoofer
• An intensive surround sound backdrop
• Homogenous, encapsulated sound
• Fine dynamics are absolutely amazing
• For 1200 @ the Motiv 10 handles the requirements of the HD format excellently
• Impeccable finish

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Heimkino
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Heimkino
"A high achiever of the upper class."
Heimkino 12/2008+01/2009

We're amazed that the super compact housing volume of the small Motiv 10 boxes play this big – as we experienced with the movie "i, Robot". The tunnel scene of the robot army against Will Smith was brought right into our test cinema. Here, before everything else, the homogeneity of the surround sound performance and the precise bass support from the subwoofers catapult us directly into the experience.

The Teufel Motiv 10 turns out to be both sound- and optic-wise an intelligently combined multichannel system. The flexible installations and integration possibilities as well as the extremely fair price/performance ratio makes the Berlin group a high achiever in the upper class.

• Seamless surround sound
• Potent subwoofer
• Many possibilities
• Upper class

Test results: excellent (1,0)
Test champion

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Audiovision
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Audiovision
"Compact elegance and an enormous acoustic performance."
Audiovision 12/2008

Tonally neutral, enormously dynamic, elegant and compact. The Teufel Motiv 10 handles its apparent contradictions admirably, and that at an extremely fair price. The interaction between the satellite and the subwoofers works wonderfully for an intensive, homogeneous, consistent surround sound. Teufel delivers an equally sound and visually aesthetic performance with the compact Motiv 10 5.1-speaker set.

• Sound 9 / 10
• Performance 8 / 10
• Configuration 8 / 10
• Workmanship 9 / 10
• Price/Performance 10 / 10

Conclusion 9 / 10

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Audio Video Foto Bild
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Audio Video Foto Bild
"Sophisticated construction."
Audio Video Foto Bild 11/2008

The bass box (subwoofer) is the largest loudspeaker in this Teufel set, but is planned for installation in a corner somewhere. This both saves space and is inconspicuous. Outside of that you can also hide the subwoofer behind some plants or behind a curtain, without damaging the sound quality.

Sound quality
In spite of the really quite small measurements of the Motiv Cinema 5.1, it plays with an enormous sound. The subwoofer goes deep and presents extreme film explosions without problem, without any distortion to worry about. The sound in the room was super. Tone effects could be easily followed, and films sound totally realistic.

The Teufel Motiv 10 Cinema 5.1 impresses not only by its looks. The Teufel developers have succeeded in drawing balanced sound out of chic small boxes. That the subwoofer is somewhat bigger doesn't matter – just stick it in the corner.

• Good sound
• Less required space
• Subwoofer for corner placement
• Wall attachments included

Test results
• Sound quality: 2,30
• Service: 2,80
• Other: 1,00
• Environment and health: 1,27
• Service notes: 2,00

Total Results: good 2,36
Price results : reasonable

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of stereoplay
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of stereoplay
"Teufel team excels again."
stereoplay 10/2008

Our reviewers were amazed at the balanced response of this system, even during multi-channel playback. Live concerts such as Paolo Conte's "Nel Cuore del Amsterdam..." were so much more expressive, authentic and nuanced than one would expect from a system in this price category. In addition to the mighty subwoofers, this was due in no small part to the dipole speakers that created an impressive sense of space.

The conclusion is obvious. When it comes to visually appealing systems for less than 1000 euro, the Teufel Motiv 10 has set a new standard for future speaker sets.

Elegant aluminium surround sound set with dipole speakers. Balanced, open frequency response with impressive sub-bass and fantastic spatiality. Very affordable.

Test results:
• Sound: Top of class
• Total rating: A- / Good
• Price/performance: Outstanding

Stereoplay Highlight

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Teknix
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Teknix
"Editor's Choice Award!"
Teknix 06/2012
The first thing I noticed about these speakers was their power, I'm not talking just loud either, while yes they can push volumes that would make you deaf that's not really what high quality speakers are all about, I mean the amount of sound that they create is astonishing, filling the room with the highs and lows of even the most demanding albums I threw at them...in summery, perfect audio reproduction.

The real winner here though was gaming, especially on titles like Battlefield 3, which anyone who has played BF3 will know is full of amazing sound effects and constant explosions, I was stunned and if I'm honest a little frightened by the level of detail and the force of the explosions that were being reproduced, in fact anyone who lives within a 500 yrd radius of me likely thought so too.
Read the entire test here!
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
"In a class of its own"
Geeks Tech 05/2012

The Concept D 500 THX is in a class of it’s own, with its amazing sound, stylish look and also being THX Multimedia Certified what more could you ask for?

The Concept D 500 THX meets all the requirements necessary to become THX certificate. It provides sound that is free of distortion and boasts a loud volume and sounds amazing. Remember as i just stated the Concept D 500 THX rises to meet all of the THX requirements, so being THX certified it means you getting that a quality assurance.

This is a 2.1 set, so you're getting two satellite speakers which can be positioned on the metal table stands, and a subwoofer with its 165 mm long throw bass driver which delivers crisp, precise and very loud bass.

Your getting a total of 300 watts which 220 watts are reserved for the bass channels alone and 40 watts each for the 2 satellite speakers.

Talking about the satellite speakers, your getting waveguide embedded in the satellite speakers, basically this means you do not always have to sit exactly in the sweet spot to enjoy the perfect sound.

The amplifier is built into the sub unit itself which produces very little heat but delivers that kick to the two long-stroke 165mm base speakers.

You're also getting this nice cable remote where you can control the base levels and volume control. On the very bottom of the cable remote, you have inputs for a microphone and headset.

Overall this is a fantastic set of pc speakers which can also be plugged into a mp3, cd player or any other stereo sound if you wish to.

Watch the entire review here! (English)
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Advisor
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Advisor
"Impressive PC sound"
PC Advisor 08/2011
"The Concept D 500 THX delivers impressive PC sound that comfortably bests other computer speakers."
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Stuff
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Stuff
"Teufel`s new 2.1 speakers bring hi-fi audio quality to your desk"
Stuff 07/2011
"Workaholic? Facebook addict? Selling your stamp collection on eBay, one stamp at a time? If you`re glued to your computer night and day, you`re probably stuck with the tinny audio from basic PC speakers. Which is a shame, because many internet radio stations now stream at high-quality 320kbps bitrate. To really beef up that audio, the Teufel Concept D 500 THX 2.1 speakers contain, in the subwoofer, a 300-Watt amplifier, and the two THX-rated satellite speakers use waveguides to limit distortion-handy when you`re sitting two feet away from them. Paired with a decent sound card, these babies could really pimp your desk."
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Format
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Format
"Gold Award"
PC Format 06/2011
"Not many companies can get away with charging so much for a 2.1 system, but Teufel is a respected brand when it comes to speakers. The build quality and design of these speakers is fantastic. They look amazing and feel sturdy- which is important considering the price, and the size. As you could guess from the pricetag these are not ordinary PC speakers. Setting them up isn`t a simple process and involves wiring the satellites to the subwoofer, rather than simply plugged them in.
However when it`s all set up and playing music all of a sudden the price, the inconvenience, everything makes sense. These speakers sound phenomenal. The range these speakers can hit- from lows to highs- is impeccable and can transform music so much that your favourite tracks sound as fresh as when you first heard them. The subwoofer performs incredibly well during movies and games, giving a strong bass presence without drowning out the rest of the sounds.
They`re a big investment but if you have the money you won`t be disappointed."

Result: 93/100 (PC Format "Gold Award")
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Tech-Review
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Tech-Review Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Tech-Review
"Top-level quality"
Tech-Review 02/2010
"We can sum up our impressions of Teufel's Concept D 500 THX fairly quickly. To put it into one sentence - we became fans... at least in terms of its sound. This Teufel combo convinced us with its precision and mature sound, and with its components which are well-tuned to one another. They create a homogenous overall sound which is unprecedented in the branch of PC sound."

"Also, there's nothing to complain about in the workmanship. In this branch, Teufel shows its standards to be the crème de la crème."

"This is why we've Teufel's Concept D 500 THX thoroughly deserves its award as our reference product in the 2.1 PC systems category."

+ Excellent sound
+ Excellent workmanship
+ Headset terminals on the wired remote

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Teschke
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Teschke
"The new PC reference"
Teschke 02/2011
"The highlight of this system is its incredibly practical and user-friendly wired remote control. It's a system which goes way past satisfying normal needs and is sure to get even an audiophile user to smile."

"It's also perfect for the hardcore gamer, something which quickly becomes obvious when playing first-person shooters. The gaming atmosphere which can be generated during first-person shooters is overpowering and can surely get loud enough to anger your neighbors."

"The limits of this system are above that which modern mainboards offer in terms of high definition sound. No doubt, this is a new reference for the PC."


+ Good workmanship
+ Incredible sound quality
+ Exemplary low standby power usage.
+ Great user friendliness
+ High distortion resistance
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Allround-PC
Subwoofer A 1000 SW
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Allround-PC
Allround-PC 01/2011
"It wasn't hard for us to find positive things to say about this 2.1 system... We couldn't find even the smallest shortcomings in the sound or construction. Although the size of the system is imposing, Teufel's team has combined with a classically-elegant yet modern design."


+ Sound
+ Design
+ Construction
+ Remote control
+ Price-to-performance

Read the whole review here (in German)
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Hifi Test
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Hifi Test
"Overall assessment: Excellent"
Hifi Test 09/2011
"Streaming isn’t at all diffifult. With the Raumfeld set, anyone can do it. And the Raumfeld streaming speakers together sound so good that surely every beginner and those wanting to trade up will stay with them.”

Sound (70%): 1.3
Workmanship (15%): 1.3
Usability (15%): 1+

+ With streaming module
+ Extremely easy-to-use controls

Overall assessment: Excellent (1.2)

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Pro
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of PC Pro
"A beautifully minimalist system"
PC Pro 11/2010
"The Raumfeld system isn't just about single-point streaming, however – it can also hook into your existing network and stream music stored on UPnP-equipped NAS devices and connected computers via its second Ethernet socket… the Raumfeld system is a joy to listen to."
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Stuff
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Stuff
"Dream Streamers"
Stuff 11/2010
"A similar concept to Sonos, but with B&O-inspired styling and a 160GB hard-driver Base unit to store your music. You can add a USB driver for more space. Raumfeld`S Base will wirelessy hook up to your computer`s music library and NAS server, too, along with Napster and Last.fm. There`s no iPhone app, but the Controller is a joy to use thanks to its intuitive touchscreen and reassuring rotary volume dial. You can choose to hook up a hi-fi to the system with an unobtrusive Connector, but it`s well worth investing in the great-sounding powered speakers, available in either kitchen-friendly or lounge-filling sizes."

"Two rooms, top-notch sound and great design-what`s not to love?!

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars!
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of What Hifi?
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of What Hifi?
"Great sound from all zones"
What Hifi? 05/2010
"The neutrality and tonal balance on offer is impressive. Bass could perhaps be a little deeper, but it's taut and well-integrated with the midrange, while the treble is sparkly, but well behaved - as long you avoid overly sharp recordings... Then there's the Connector - its overall delivery will depend on your amp and speakers, but a test with our reference hi-fi proves that it's capable of conveying truly excellent detail and dynamics."

+ unfussy setup
+ great sound from all zones
+ built-in storage
+ looks and build

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of pcpro.co.uk
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of pcpro.co.uk
"Superb speakers offer proper hi-fi sound quality"
pcpro.co.uk 08/2010
"Sonos has had the high-end multiroom audio space to itself for the past few years, but now there's a new challenger in town: small German manufacturer, Raumfeld. Its wireless audio system tackles Sonos' expensive bundles head-on, but does it in a rather different way.
The speakers are the key differentiator in a Raumfeld system. Rather than building the wireless technology into a discrete amplifier or streaming module as Sonos does, Raumfeld builds it all directly into one of the speakers, along with a 30W per channel amplifier. The other speaker is passive, powered by the amp via a single length of standard speaker cable.
All you need to complete the picture is the Raumfeld Base, and the Controller - an angular slab of plastic complete with 4.25in, 280 x 476 capacitive touchscreen - and you have yourself a beautifully minimalist system. The design is pure Bauhaus and looks stunning."

Overall Rating: 5/6
Features & Design: 5/6
Value for Money: 4/6
Ease of Use: 5/6

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of AV Review.co.uk
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of AV Review.co.uk
"Raumfeld wireless multi-room audio system"
AV Review.co.uk 10/2010
"Seamless wireless audio is a great idea for spreading your music around your home. Much cheaper than an installation, and the ideal way to unlock the audio that's been building up on your computer's hard drive all these years.
So far, the Sonos system has offered one of the easiest plug n play solutions to the problem, and now little-known German manufacturer Raumfeld is muscling in on the act at a similar price point.
The Raumfeld system consists of a Base station, which you connect to your PC or wireless router via Ethernet cable, a pair of Wi-Fi-enhanced active stereo speakers and a Controller with touch-sensitive screen. It can stream audio directly from your PC or Nas drive, access web-based streaming services and play internet radio too, either through the Raumfeld speakers or through your existing stereo via the Wi-Fi Connector.
So far, so Sonos, but the Raumfeld system has an extra trick up its sleeve by including a hefty 160GB hard drive in the Base. You can use it to back up your favourite tracks so you don't have to switch on your computer to access your music."

"The Raumfeld system is a hassle-free wireless streaming solution whose only real rival at the moment is Sonos. Neither system is particularly cheap, and while the Raumfeld is the more expensive option, you do get the benefit of an onboard hard drive which allows you to use it without having to switch on your computer. It's horses for courses, but the Raumfeld is a serious rival to the Sonos and an excellent way to open up your computer-based music collection."

Verdict: 9 / 10

Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Daily Telegraph
Satellite Speaker MO 10 FCR
Motiv 10 "Concert 5.1" review of Daily Telegraph
"Raumfeld Multi-Room Audio"
Daily Telegraph 05/2010
"This multi-room, wireless hi-fi provides an elegant solution to the problem of getting digital music off tiny devices and around the home. Raumfeld’s system pulls everything you’ve got into one place and then distributes it to superb speakers, made by Adam Audio. It’s a real rival to the popular Sonos system."

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Do I also have a 6.1/7.1 playback for a 5.1 recording?
Usually, all 6.1/7.1 AV Receivers can generate a 6.1/7.1 playback from a 5.1 recording. The procedure is comparable with the Dolby Pro Logic Decoder, which generates a matrix circuit from the stereo signal of a centre channel.

The AV Receivers thus generate a rear centre channel from the rear R/L channels of a 5.1 recording through the matrix circuit. The stronger the rear R/L effects on the DVD, the stronger the signal from the rear centre.
Can I connect the LT 4 directly to a DVD player or PC?

The LT 4 is a partially active system that requires AV receiver operation. It has a built-in amplifier that only supplies bass tones in the subwoofer housing That is why an "AV Receiver", i.e. a combination of radio receiver and multichannel amplifier, is essential for using the LT 4.

The subwoofer is connected from the Line In R input to the AV receiver's sub out jack using a mono RCA cable, while the three front satellites are connected to the three speaker outputs of the AV Receiver using the speaker cable and are supplied with power from there.

Connect signal-emitting source appliances such as DVD player or PC etc. directly to the corresponding input jacks on the AV Receiver.
When would it be worth upgrading my 5.1 system to 6.1/7.1 sound?
Naturally 5.1 channel systems that play back all of the sound tracks contained on the DVDs already offer an excellent home cinema experience.

For the new 6.1 or 7.1 sound formats, a rear centre channel is controlled in addition to these channels. This channel, coded in the stereo effect channels, enables the better positioning of effects and music signals directly behind where you are sitting.

If using two speakers for the rear centre channel, the optimal seating position is not tailored to an individually specified position, i.e. you don't have to be seated in the exact centre.

In the following cases we would recommend upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 system:

• Your sitting position is not always dead centre, or you often have several viewers

• You have had a 5.1 system for a very long time and would like an improvement

• Your AV amplifier/receiver is designed as a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver and offers the corresponding connection possibilities

• You can also set up one and/or two rear centres. If you are currently building/renovating your house or flat, we would recommend you lay the cables for the additional rear centre channels in any case.

• Modern BluRay players usually issue a true 7.1 surround sound signal at all digital outputs and are thus optimally suitable - presuming the relevant AV Receiver - as a signal transmitter for a 7.1 channel home cinema system.
How do I upgrade my system to a 6.1 or 7.1 sound format?
The choice of speaker(s) depends on the AV Receiver/amplifier. This has an additional power amplifier for one rear centre (6.1) or its two (7.1). You can easily see this by the wattage (e.g. 6 x 100 watt or 7 x 100 watt). To the existing (side) rear speakers for right/left (5.1 technology), one or two additional rear centres are utilised in addition (6.1 or 7.1 technology).

• My AV amplifier/receiver has six connections/power amplifiers (6.1):

In this case we recommend connecting the same centre at the rear that you also used in the front area.

• My AV amplifier/receiver has 7 connections/power amplifiers (7.1):

If you already use dipoles or direct emitters for your 5.1 system, then you have a choice of either supplementing two more dipoles or two direct emitters. For wall assembly and a short distance from the seating location to the rear wall (less than 1.00 metres), we would recommend dipoles. As soon as you want to set up the speakers on bases or on a shelf, then direct emitters would be the better choice.

Even if the AV Receiver/amplifier only has the connection and power amplifier performance for one rear centre, it is still possible to connect two instead of just one speaker through series connection.

• The AV amplifier/receiver has seven connections/power amplifiers, but I can only set up one rear centre. As the 7.1 AV amplifiers/receiver also offer the option of operating just one of the two outputs (usually can be set in the speaker set-up!), you can also only connect just one rear centre.

Here we recommend connecting the same centre to the rear that you also used in the front area. For short distances to the listening location (less than 1.00 metres), a dipole would be the better choice - especially if you are also using dipoles at the sides.
Is it a problem if the speakers are at different distances to where you are sitting?
Since the distance and volume of every individual speaker can be adjusted for the digital home cinema receivers, asymmetrical set-ups can be easily compensated. 
How do I equalise my home cinema system with the help of a sound level meter?
Take the level meter with you to the listening position and point the measuring device directly towards the front centre speaker. Now start the sound generator of the receiver (or of the sound card or DVD player) and equalise all speakers in succession to the same level.

The position and alignment of the measuring device should not be changed during this procedure. For a Teufel sound level meter, proceed as detailed in the following:

1. Remove the protective tab from the battery.

2. Set the weighting to "A" - only the "A" position considers the full frequency range during measuring!

3. Set the response to Slow.

4. Set the Range to 70.

5. Start the test noise from your AV device.

6. Change the volume for every individual channel at the AV device so that the level meter shows 75 dB (meaning between +4 and +6).

7. Done!
What is the difference between the 5.1 and 7.1 configuration?
Compared with the 5.1 set, the 7.1 set has two extra speakers for the back rear centre channel.

The 5.1 channel set plays back all sound tracks on DVDs/Blu-rays and creates an excellent home cinema experience.

With the 7.1 sound format, a rear centre channel is also generated in addition to these channels and distributed to two further speakers (the "rear centre"). This channel, which is encoded in the stereo effects channels, allows better location of effects and music signals directly behind the sitting position.

If you use two speakers for the rear centre channel (i.e. installed 7.1 set), the optimum sitting position is not restricted to one specific place, so you don't have to be sitting exactly in the middle and several listeners can enjoy the best sound.
Where is the optimal place for the centre of my Lautsprecher Teufel Surround System in a 5.1/6.1/7.1 configuration?
Because the centre plays back spoken dialogue, this speaker must be positioned as centrally as possible under or over the TV/monitor or the screen.

If the centre is placed outside the area of 40 centimetres to 1.20 meter height, it should be slightly inclined or angled towards the listener.

Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
Which cables do I need to connect a Teufel speaker set to the AV Receiver?
A home cinema system needs speaker cables to connect the satellite speakers to the receivers, and an NF mono RCA cable to connect the active subwoofer to the sub out socket of the AV Receiver.
When can I use the rear speakers as direct speakers?
If you aren't able to position the speakers close to the wall as described above, you should use the them as direct speakers. For this purpose the rear switch should be tipped outwards. For use as direct speakers, the rear boxes should be set up to the left and right of the listening position - ideally at the same height, e.g. on a shelf or preferably on a base. If the speakers have to be set up so that they are much higher or lower, it may be advisable to align them to the listening point. For wall mounting it is best to use wall brackets that allow for vertical movement. When using the speakers in direct speaker mode, we recommend that the distance between the two rear speakers exceeds the listening position by 1m. But if you (have to) sit closer, please make sure that the front of the speaker is not pointing directly at you; instead, angle the speakers more into the room.
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