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Theater – Home-cinema by Teufel

The Theater series stands for excellent sound in its own 4 walls unlike any other Teufel loudspeaker family. For decades, we have delivered the best 5.1 loudspeaker sets with one clear goal: to provide a powerful sound installation for your home cinema. This goal has always been achieved with flying colours, and it’s not for nothing that the popular Theater family firmly established itself in the new millennium. The principle of the series has proven itself: classic loudspeaker systems, with shelf or stand boxes, perfectly matched to one another and continually technically and optically upgraded over the years. You will surely find the right system for you in our online shop!

Current Theater products by Teufel

Theater 500

The Theater 500 has an elaborate 3-way system with two heavy-duty woofers for extremely low bass. Sound fills rooms with up to 50m² no problem. The standing speaker duo is also available in a bundle with the Teufel Kombo 62 receiver. The Kombo 500 is therefore a complete plug-and-play package for stereo enthusiasts. If you want even more sound, you could consider the Theater 500 Surround 5.1 Set, which features a centre speaker with double woofers, two dipoles for real cinema experience and an impressive subwoofer with a 300mm woofer for maximum bass performance.

Theater 500S

If you're looking for something smaller, the Theater 500S is the place to go. These stereo shelf speakers represent a smaller version of the Theater 500. For small rooms of up to 30m², these little powerhouses are perfect and can be easily stowed away on a shelf or sideboard.

Theater 6 Hybrid

The improved version of the Theater 5 Hybrid. There are two adjustable 250mm subwoofers with a 150 Watt power amplifier for bass levels up to 38 Hz installed in the two front speakers. These stereo speakers are suitable for all stereo amplifiers and are expandable with the 5.2 surround set. As a fully-fledged home cinema system, the Theater 6 Hybrid Surround 5.2 Set is a true power pack, and already features in the upper league of the market. It comes with the two dipoles for rear listening area and a compact centre loudspeaker for shelf- and pedestal-stands.

Previous Theater products by Teufel

The history of Teufel’s Theater series is a long one. The first Theater models were produced in the early 1990s. Over the years, Teufel has surpassed itself and brought more Theater products onto the market. Here is a short overview of all past Theater products:
  • Theater 1
  • Theater 2
  • Theater 3
  • Theater 4
  • Theater 5
  • Theater 6
  • Theater 7
  • Theater 8
  • Theater 9
  • Theater 10
  • Theater 3 Hybrid
  • Theater 5 Hybrid
  • Theater 6 Hybrid
  • Theater 80
  • Theater 100
  • Theater 200
  • Theater 400

The Teufel T-Series is characterised by high-quality loudspeakers which can be used in stereo pairs or as an extension. Experience high-sound stereo sound with high-quality stand-alone speakers of the current T series or use the shelf speakers of the same series to experience fantastic sound from a compact set. The speakers also create a great sound atmosphere when used as components within a home cinema system or as an extension to Teufel's Theater series.

So far within this series we have released:
  • T 100
  • T 200
  • T 300
  • T 400
  • T 500
Theater 2

The Theater 2 by Teufel is an absolute home cinema legend: when this 5.1 speaker system saw the first light of day in 1995, it turned the whole surround sound market upside down and held its position for more than 15 years! Although there have always been contemporary modifications over the long years, the core of the Theater system has remained the same over the whole period: a loudspeaker system, which continues to provide the Teufel quality you know and love.

Theater 3 Hybrid

In the literal sense, hybrid means "a combination of 2 or more elements". This perfectly describes the speaker set Theater 3 Hybrid, released by Teufel in 2008. This 5.2 box set featured two different speaker variations, which are normally separate from each other, on the same stand.

In the case of the Theater 3 Hybrid by Teufel this separation was lifted and in the two waist-high front columns united front speakers and a subwoofer. The 94cm high floorboxes each consist of a 130mm deep bass midrange driver and a 25mm neodymium tweeter. Powerful low-frequency support is provided by the subwoofers, which are installed in the lower part and are powered by a dedicated 150 Watt power amplifier for an impressive bass performance.

Theater 5 Hybrid

The Theater 5 Hybrid was interesting for those who really wanted to show off their speaker system. Besides the previously unrivalled sound, the striking and noble design of this model really stood out.

The 1.15m high and 35kg loudspeakers made it possible to listen to music from an existing system in much better sound quality. There was not only room for one extra subwoofer, but listeners could already benefit from the integrated subwoofers in the Theater 5 Hybrid. The criss-cross central box provided the perfect sound complement to column speakers. With two 160mm carbon-fibre woofers with a phase plug and a 25mm neodymium dome for the treble range, the equipment is identical to the large front box - of course minus the subwoofer, which is unnecessary in the central area.

Theater 10

The Theater 10 was a high-end system with THX Ultra 2 certification which brought mega powerful sound into rooms of up to 150sqm. This high-performance surround system is not for the PC - it requires a high-end power amplifier which, in addition to the high-sound satellites, acts as a gigantic subwoofer and drives it to maximum power.

The Theater 10 was available from 2005 to 2009 where it provided numerous awards from trade press and positive feedback from customers.

Its successor, the System 10, is no less well-equipped and ensures a better emission response as well as a balanced frequency response for the highest music and film sound enjoyment.
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