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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set"

Dream team
5.1 top-of-the-range home cinema set with our bestselling Ultima 40 speakers
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€ 999.99
incl. VAT
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Hol dir die neue Ultima 40 Surround und erhalte die 4K UHD „Bohemian Rhapsody“ als Zugabe!*
Included free for a limited time
Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray] im Wert von € 28.99
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Why we love this product
Discover pure audio enjoyment with this all-star line-up. You can only get this much surround sound for such a small budget from Teufel. Featuring our most popular floor-standing loudspeaker, the Ultima, of course.
Tower speakers Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set"
Key advantages at a glance
  • 5.1 top-of-the-range home cinema set with our bestselling Ultima 40 speakers
  • High-quality home cinema, music and gaming sound with impressive surround sound and precise location of all sound events
  • New: tweeter with phase plug, optimised sound dispersion, fine tuning across all components, more balanced sound, improved workmanship and design
  • Powerful subwoofer, can be used either as a front- or down-firing subwoofer, optional wireless control
  • 3-way system with two high-power woofers for high, distortion-free levels
  • Ultima 20 as rear speaker, centre speaker with double mid-range driver for excellent speech intelligibility
  • Large 25 mm tweeter with phase plug and wave guide for a detailed, spatial display
  • Suitable for all AV receivers, can be placed on stands, a shelf or wall mounted
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Stereoplay
UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
"delivers very decent bass for its size"
Stereoplay 11/2018
All test reviews
(4.9 of from 20 Reviews)
All ratings

Overview of our technologies

Berlin's bestseller

For years, the Ultima series has stood for a very good price to performance ratio. You won't get so much sound for such a good price anywhere else. Featuring superior audio technologies, the Ultima speakers deliver a perfectly balanced playback and are suitable for rock, pop, electro, classical and jazz music, as well as gaming and of course films. The new Ultima speakers are recognisable by the logo above the tweeter. They are the successor to the Ultima Mk2 series.

Developed in Berlin

The complete development of the Ultima series, as well as all other speaker series, takes place here in Berlin in our laboratories and special anechoic audio rooms. Optimisation and refinement has been carried out over the years in close cooperation with our design team. Of course, customer feedback continues to act as a crucial factor in the further development of all our products.

  • Teufel
     The first sketches
  • Teufel
     Evaluation of acoustic measurements
  • Teufel
     Building the first prototype
Tweeter with phase plug and waveguide

The phase plug and waveguide built into the tweeter are unusual features for a product in this price range. They create even crisper sound precision in the high-frequency range.

Phase plug
Phase plug for avoidance of phase shift cancellations resulting in improved transparency and directional behaviour of higher frequencies.
Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
Waveguide for a very precise location of individual sound sources and precise stage imaging of all instruments and voices.
Kevlar mid-range driver with phase plug
The mid-range driver is not only particularly large, but also has a phase plug. The result is very good speech intelligibility and a particularly warm, natural mid-range. This also expands the listening area in which listeners enjoy optimum sound.
Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
Compatible with all AV receivers
Thanks to their high efficiency, the Ultima speakers work together with any AV receiver. If you want to provide sound for rooms over 20 m², we recommend AV receivers from around the 400 € mark.
Ultima 40 Mk3 Home Cinema 5.1 Stereo Surround in black by Teufel
Impressive sound immersion
Teufel doesn't just throw together any old components. All speakers in the Ultima systems are finely tuned to each other. The result: you can experience enveloping surround effects for movies, enjoy rousing atmosphere with Blu-ray music concerts and precisely locate opponents in video games.

Beautifully finished. Made from sturdy MDF with inner struts. Teufel speakers have a timeless design and long durability.

  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Mk3
    Lettering against high-gloss tweeter and matte speaker cabinet
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Easy to clean finish with scratch-resistant surface
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    High-quality fabric mesh with revolving bevel - the frequency response is only minimally affected
Innovative technology

The smaller Ultima also produces a big sound, because it is full to the brim with the latest speaker technology.

Unmatched in every situation
The Ultima 20 is a high-quality bookshelf / rear speaker that makes no compromises. As an individual stereo pair or as part of a home cinema set surround set up, the Ultima 20 comes into its own. The appearance and acoustics fit perfectly with those of its big brother. The speakers can be positioned on a shelf, on speaker stands or wall mounted.
A centre speaker with that little bit extra
Two large mid-range drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement ensure powerful, distortion-free sound and high speech intelligibility for games and movies - even at low volumes. The sound is of course exactly matched to the Ultima 40 or 20. It can be easily mounted on the wall, but thanks to its slim design, it also looks great on a stand or on a shelf.
Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 Center-Lautsprecher
Design and materials

No shortcuts were taken when it came to optimising our Ultima speakers. Here are the highlights of the new range:

  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    High-gloss tweeter and matte speaker cabinet
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Easy to clean finish with scratch-resistant surface
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    High-quality fabric mesh with revolving bevel - the frequency response is only minimally affected
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Modern, timeless design
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    The solid, gently curved MDF housing is the result of more than 30 years of Teufel experience and modern speaker technology.
3-way system
The foundation for good sound lies in the design of the 3-way system, which has been further developed and improved over many years. The drivers work together in harmony across all frequency ranges, resulting in an extremely smooth and clear sound reproduction.
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Close-fitting driver for a vivid, balanced sound reproduction
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    Two large bass reflex tubes with a trumpet tube attachment minimise any current noise - no other manufacturer makes this much effort.
  • Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3
    All drivers were measured with a laser using Klippel measurement technology in order to detect the smallest tolerances.
Double bass – a real Teufel in every respect

Especially if you're looking for full bass without a subwoofer, this full-range speaker is the right choice. Two large 165 mm fibreglass woofers provide a particularly precise low-frequency reproduction. The long stroke ensures distortion-free playback even at high levels. You don't need an additional subwoofer.

Teufel Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40
T 10 Subwoofer

For the first time Teufel offers a subwoofer that can be used either as a front-firing or down-firing subwoofer. Don't let the 150-Watts fool you. The new Class-D amplifier is highly efficient and produces extremely low-noise like classic amplifiers that consume 300-Watts.

  • First-class active subwoofer, which can be used either as a front-firing or down-firing subwoofer
  • 250 mm diameter woofer
  • Power: 150-Watt, highly efficient Class-D power amplifier with low power consumption
  • Automatic on and off
  • Extensive configuration options and protection circuit
  • Can be tilted forwards or backwards, and feet are adjustable
  • Integrated wireless module - works with Trios, Duett, One, Cinebar/Cinesystem Pro, CoreStation and Impaq, the Onkyo receiver requires the Subwoofer Wireless Receiver.

Included components

  • Centre speaker UL 40 C Mk3 18
  • red rubber feets (4pcs.) for UL 20/40 Mk3 18
  • UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
  • Floor speaker UL 40 Mk3 18 (pc.)
  • red rubber feets (4pcs.) for UL 20/40 Mk3 18
  • T 10 Subwoofer
Download information as PDF

Technical Data

UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
 High-end Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers
UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 50 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 80 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 87 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 20 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 104 dB/1m
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 70 - 20.000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric weaving
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 165.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Fibreglass, chrome phase plug
Acoustic principle 2-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Laminated
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) Rear side
Removable front cover Yes
Net internal volume 10 Litres
Wall mounting brackets Yes
Terminal clamps Screw terminals, gold-plated
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Crossover frequency internal switch 2600 Hz
Depth 23.50 cm
Width 21.50 cm
Height 33.50 cm
Weight 5.70 kg
Miscellaneous Depth incl. grille. 25,0 cm
UL 40 C Mk3 18 centre speaker
UL 40 C Mk3 18 centre speaker
 High-end Hi-Fi centre speaker
UL 40 C Mk3 18 centre speaker
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 100 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 150 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
Maximum sound pressure level 107 dB/1m
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 90 - 20.000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Gewebe
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Kevlar/Fiberglas mit verchromten Phase Plug
Terminal clamps Schraubklemmen, vergoldet
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Depth 15.90 cm
Width 42.00 cm
Height 16.90 cm
Weight 5.70 kg
Miscellaneous Tiefe mit Schutzgitter: 17,1 cm
Tiefe mit Schutzgitter und Wandhalter:18,5 cm
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
 High-end Hi-Fi standing speakers
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 120 Watt
Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 200 Watt
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 87 dB
Maximum sound pressure level 108 dB/1m
Impedance 4-8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 45 - 20,000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric weaving
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Midrange driver (diameter) 165.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Kevlar, chrome phase plug
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 165.00 mm
Woofer (material) Fibreglass
Miscellaneous Hochtöner mit Phase Plug, Material: Stahl
Acoustic principle 3-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Laminated
Equalisation openings 2
Equalisation openings (pos.) Rear side
Removable front cover Yes
Net internal volume 54 Litres
Spikes prepared Yes
Integrated stand Yes
Terminal clamps Screw terminal, gold-plated
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Yes
Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Depth 32.00 cm
Width 21.50 cm
Height 106.50 cm
Weight 20 kg
Miscellaneous Base plate dimensions: depth: 35 cm / width: 25 cm
T 10 Subwoofer
T 10 Subwoofer
 High-class active subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing
T 10 Subwoofer
Maximum sound pressure level [dB/1m] 115
Frequency range from/to [Hz] 37 - 200 Hz
Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
Woofer (diameter) [mm] 250
Woofer (material) Aluminium
Acoustic principle 1-way system
Enclosure type Bass reflex, DPU
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Matte coated
Equalisation openings 1
Integrated stand Yes
Miscellaneous Reflection channel in DPU technology avoids flow noises, stable MDF housing structure with internal bracing
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Cinch input 1
Lowest frequency (-3 dB) [Hz] 33
Bass boost/EQ Yes
Input gain adjustment Yes
Level control Yes
Phase control Yes
Miscellaneous Can be used either front- or down-firing
Amplifier technology Class-D
Amplifier configuration 1.0
Amplifier channels 1
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass [W] 150
Power supply voltage [volts] 230 Volt
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption [watt] 1
Maximum power consumption [watt] 150
Mains lead fixed Yes
Safety class 2
Fuse Yes
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Miscellaneous Wireless subwoofer module integrated (subwoofer with compatible feeders can be controlled wirelessly)
Depth [cm] 38
Width [cm] 35.1
Height [cm] 48.3
Weight [kg] 15.6


Accessories and bundle packages are not currently available for this product.

Expert reviews

Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Stereoplay
UL 20 Mk3 18 bookshelf speaker (pc.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Stereoplay
"delivers very decent bass for its size"
Stereoplay 11/2018
"Once in position, the Berlin speakers allowed the music to be experienced as lively, full-bodied and balanced. The timbre of the Ultima 20 Mk3 was slightly on the bright side, but never tinny. The bass didn't hide away either, even with electronic beats [...]."

"[...] The Ultima 20 Mk3 offers a shaken sense of balance and also delivers very decent bass for its size [...]."

(Translated from German)
See full review at connect.de
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Stereoplay
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Stereoplay
"...young and lively..."
Stereoplay 01/2019
"It's a rare deal to get a standing loudspeaker for 500 Euros. However, the final product is no less than the products that cost double so much. The sound distribution is excellent, the tone is young and lively, but fundamentally good." (Translated from German).

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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.play-experience.com
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.play-experience.com
„… Blickfang und Ohrenschmaus.“
www.play-experience.com 27.01.2019
„Mit den Ultima 40 Standboxen bringen die Berliner wahre Allrounder in die heimische Stube um auch jegliche Art von Musik, Heimkino oder Gaming-Sound erleben zu können. Dabei können diese, je nach genutzter Quelle, die Nuancen eines Verstärkers oder AV-Receivers aufzeigen und somit auch locker im High-End-Bereich mitspielen. Im Premiumsegment zeigt sie aber ihre Berechtigung und wird zum wahren Preis-Leistungssieger. Die Ultima 40 bieten eine wunderbare Akustik. Auch in zugestellten Stuben, können sie mit optischen Akzenten aufwarten und werden zu einem wahren Blickfang und Ohrenschmaus. Zwei Türme, die gemeinsam eine wahre Macht des Klangs erzeugen […].“
Zum ganzen Test
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.connect.de
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.connect.de
„[…] Diese Box macht optisch und klanglich viel Freude.“
www.connect.de 08.01.2019
„Eine Ultima klingt wie eine Ultima, das hatten wir erwartet. Sie spielte dynamisch und zeichnete ein lebendiges Klangbild. Auch wenn die Wiedergabe manchmal in sich zu geschlossen wirkt und Marla Glens Stimme einen Hauch zu viel Farbe zeigte, so fiel der Lautsprecher gegenüber dem 2016er-Modell mit einer etwas luftigeren Hochtonwiedergabe angenehm auf. Das verschaffte dem Klangteppich etwas mehr Räumlichkeit.“

„[…] Diese Box macht optisch und klanglich viel Freude.“

Hinweis: Identischer Testbericht ist auch in Audio Ausgabe 11/2018 erschienen.

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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.modernhifi.de
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.modernhifi.de
„… deutlich erwachsener.“
www.modernhifi.de 04.12.2018
„[…] Die Teufel Ultima 40 MK3 2018 bieten viel Gegenwert zum bezahlten Euro. Mit einem warmen Grundcharakter und definierten Bässen spielen die ersten Töne aus den Lautsprechern. Die Tiefen klingen druckvoll und sind deutlich präsent, allerdings nicht überzogen.“

„Die Ultima 40 MK3 von Lautsprecher Teufel haben nicht nur kosmetische Änderungen erfahren, sondern klingen in der 3. Auflage auch deutlich erwachsener. Optisch überzeugen die Lautsprecher mit klaren Linien und technisch mit solidem Aufbau, der seine Stärken in kleinen wie in großen Räumen ausspielt. Mit neutraler Klangabstimmung eignen sich die Lautsprecher für Orchesteraufnahmen genauso wie für populäre Musik. Wer ein echtes Schnäppchen machen will, sollte hier zuschlagen.“
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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Video
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Video Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Video Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Video
"...created a full atmosphere and gave the impression of a large concert arena"
Video 11/2018
"[...] The Ultima set created a full atmosphere and gave the impression of a large concert arena. […]"

"Voice reproduction in music and speech intelligibility in film were at the level of many sets, which cost twice as much. The Berliners also managed the spatial representation and expansion of the imaginary space extremely well."

"The new Ultima 5.1 set proves to be a special offer with an elegant, lively playing style, a really great spatial image and a wide soundstage. [...]"

NB: The Ultima 40 (2018) speaker pair was rated as part of a Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 test.

(Translated from German)
See full review at pc-magazin.de
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Audio
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Audio Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of Audio
"played dynamically and created a lively sound image"
Audio 11/2018
"An Ultima sounds like an Ultima, that's what we expected. It played dynamically and created a lively sound image. Even though the reproduction sometimes seems too closed and Marla Glen's voice showed a hint of too much colour, the loudspeaker was pleasantly striking compared to the 2016 model with a somewhat airier high-frequency reproduction. This gave the sound a little more three-dimensionality."

(Translated from German)
See full review at connect.de
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.hifi-journal.de
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.hifi-journal.de
„… ein schickes Stück Technik mit einer stimmigen akustischen Performance …“
www.hifi-journal.de 25.11.2018
„Akustisch bietet auch die neue Ultima 40 so einiges. Das potente Klangbild zeichnet sich durch eine gute Dynamik und substanzieller Wiedergabe aus, welche sich im stimmigen Filmbetrieb auszeichnen kann. Dank der beiden Basstreiber und recht tiefen Abstimmung, vermisst man nicht unbedingt einen zusätzlichen Subwoofer. […] Musikalisch agieren die beiden Standlautsprecher sehr solide in dem was sie tun, sind etwas basslastig abgestimmt, aber bieten eine durchaus ausgewogenen Hoch- und Mitteltonbereich.“

„Die Standlautsprecher bleiben weiterhin ein schickes Stück Technik mit einer stimmigen akustischen Performance, die in diesem Preisgefüge nur sehr wenig ernsthafte ‚Gegner‘ befürchten dürfte.“
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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.lowbeats.de
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.lowbeats.de
"...enjoy every style of listening to music..."
www.lowbeats.de 24.11.2018
"The Ultima 40 is a bargain when it comes to third generation and is a winner the best sense. Not one thing out of place, sonically perfectly balanced sound. Not quite a miracle, but a loudspeaker with which you can enjoy listening to any kind of music. I don't know of a better alternative for all people who only want to spend a little money and still want to enjoy a louder sound. This is also in part, as the Ultima 40 has been developed to work practically with smaller amplifiers and installation in smaller rooms." (Translated from German)
To the full test
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.av-magazin.de
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.av-magazin.de Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.av-magazin.de Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of www.av-magazin.de
„Großer Klang für kleines Geld“
www.av-magazin.de 31.10.2018
„[…] das, was uns die beiden […] Boxen da in den Hörraum schmettern, ist schlicht weg sensationell. Selten haben wir in diesem Preisbereich einen Lautsprecher gehört, der die Musik mit so viel Detailvermögen, Breitbandigkeit und korrekt bemessener Räumlichkeit wandelt. So tönen die Klassikwerke von Beethoven in all ihrer akustischen Pracht, brillieren mit famoser Auflösung und perfekt abgesteckter Stereobühne. Dank der doppelten Tieftöner-Bestückung offenbart der neue Standlautsprecher der Ultima-Serie einen ungemein wuchtigen, zu jeder Zeit aber präzise klingenden Bass. Letztgenannter zeichnet sich zudem durch exzellente Feindynamik und agiles Antrittsvermögen aus, was sich bei moderner Pop-, Rock- und Hip-Hop-Musik besonders positiv bemerkbar macht.“

„Teufel bietet mit dem neuen 2018er Ultima-Set eine überarbeitete Auflage seines beliebten Kassenschlagers. Der Aufwand hat sich gelohnt. Auch die dritte Ultima-Generation bietet wieder kraftvollen Klang durch den Einsatz solider Technik, verpackt in einer erfrischend jugendlichen Optik. Ob im Heimkino- oder HiFi-Einsatz, Ultima bedeutet auch im Jahre 2018 wieder: ‚Großer Klang für kleines Geld‘.“

Zitate beziehen sich auf einen Test von Ultima 40 und Ultima 40 Surround 5.1-Set erschienen auf av-magazin.de.

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Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of alpha audio
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of alpha audio
"Veel luidspreker voor een heel redelijk bedrag"
alpha audio 12.2018
(...) Voor €500 twee grote vloerstaanders met vier units… Dat is ofwel een formule om keihard te falen… of te verrassen. Bij de Teufel Ultima 40 kunnen we gelukkig vooralsnog spreken over een verrassing. Want zowel de eerste als tweede hebben altijd prima gespeeld. Zeker gezien het bedrag dat u eraan kwijt bent. Onlangs is er nog een Active versie bijgekomen… Ook geen verkeerde deal. Kortom: Teufel heeft een degelijk product in handen met deze serie.

(...) De Ultima 40 blijft een keurige luidspreker voor de 499 euro die u ervoor betaalt. Geen protserige, uitbundige zaken. gewoon een degelijk afgewerkte kast, zwart front… klaar. Houdt u van een wat technischere look (en iets meer open midden en hoog) dan kunt u met een gerust hart het front eraf laten: het ziet er prima verzorgd uit.

De Sound
Hoe klinkt de Teufel Ultima 40 MK3 nu? Nou… helemaal niet verkeerd! Op alle drie de systemen horen we dat de Teufel zich prima weet te gedragen. (...) Energie Wat ons opvalt is dat de nieuwe Teufel Ultima 40 iets meer energie meegeeft aan het hoog. De vorige was in onze herinnering iets tammer dan deze versie. Wellicht dat er iets aan het crossover is getweakt en dat de wave-guide iets doet met het afstraalgedrag. Op de luisterplek zien we dat het midden iets naar beneden is gegaan. Wij hebben dat niet kunnen herleiden naar een ‘suffig’ laag. In tegendeel. het midden klinkt prima open en vrij van korrel. Stemmen worden netjes geplaatst en staan in proportie voor onze neus. (...)

Wat we knap vinden, is dat de klank goed in balans voelt. We horen geen bonkig laag, gesluierd middengebied of korrelig en fel hoog. In tegendeel. Als u de Teufel goed aanstuurt – voldoende vermogen en controle is wel een vereiste – dan gedraagt deze Duitser zich uitstekend. (...)
Lees de hele recensie op: alpha-audio.nl
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of icreate
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of icreate
"Goede staande speakers zijn meestal een dure grap. Teufel maakt een uitzondering."
icreate 12.2018
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of gadgetgear
UL 40 Mk3 18 tower speaker (pcs.)
Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set" review of gadgetgear
Bekroond met GOUD
gadgetgear 02.12.2018
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Christian K. / 2018-08-17
Just top!I am very satisfied with the sound and the quality it offers, I can only recommend it. (Translated from German)
Andre B. / 2017-12-02
WowFirst of all, the order already arrived after 3 days, although it had said it could take up to two weeks, I was very pleased. Secondly, the speakers are simply awesome, the sound... The high, mid and bass tones are...More
Siegried H. / 2018-03-31
Ultima 40 SurroundSuper sound and very fast delivery. I had already purchased the ULTIMA 40 before, and that was already great. But now, the system is complete, and I can only say five stars. (Translated from German)
Sascha S. / 2018-03-27
Outstanding price to performanceAfter the delivery arrived, everything was installed and set up. The workmanship is very good compared to the price. But I really had a smile on my face when the first bars played. In the end it turned into a 3 hours...More

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    When can I use the rear speakers as direct speakers?
    If you aren't able to position the speakers close to the wall as described above, you should use the them as direct speakers. For this purpose the rear switch should be tipped outwards. For use as direct speakers, the rear boxes should be set up to the left and right of the listening position - ideally at the same height, e.g. on a shelf or preferably on a base. If the speakers have to be set up so that they are much higher or lower, it may be advisable to align them to the listening point. For wall mounting it is best to use wall brackets that allow for vertical movement. When using the speakers in direct speaker mode, we recommend that the distance between the two rear speakers exceeds the listening position by 1m. But if you (have to) sit closer, please make sure that the front of the speaker is not pointing directly at you; instead, angle the speakers more into the room.
    Can I set up the set in a different way to that described?
    The recommended set-up information below represents the best possible arrangement for perfect multichannel playback in your home. Your available space, your partner or your furniture may not always allow you to arrange the speakers in the ideal manner. Try to meet as many of the requirements as possible.

    Modern AV Receivers offer numerous options for compensating electronically for any compromises in the set up. Generally speaking, the following rule always applies: you can always use our recommendations as a basis for experimenting with what works best for you, acoustically and optically. Let your ears (and eyes) decide!
    Do I also have a 6.1/7.1 playback for a 5.1 recording?
    Usually, all 6.1/7.1 AV Receivers can generate a 6.1/7.1 playback from a 5.1 recording. The procedure is comparable with the Dolby Pro Logic Decoder, which generates a matrix circuit from the stereo signal of a centre channel.

    The AV Receivers thus generate a rear centre channel from the rear R/L channels of a 5.1 recording through the matrix circuit. The stronger the rear R/L effects on the DVD, the stronger the signal from the rear centre.
    Can I connect the LT 4 directly to a DVD player or PC?

    The LT 4 is a partially active system that requires AV receiver operation. It has a built-in amplifier that only supplies bass tones in the subwoofer housing That is why an "AV Receiver", i.e. a combination of radio receiver and multichannel amplifier, is essential for using the LT 4.

    The subwoofer is connected from the Line In R input to the AV receiver's sub out jack using a mono RCA cable, while the three front satellites are connected to the three speaker outputs of the AV Receiver using the speaker cable and are supplied with power from there.

    Connect signal-emitting source appliances such as DVD player or PC etc. directly to the corresponding input jacks on the AV Receiver.
    When would it be worth upgrading my 5.1 system to 6.1/7.1 sound?
    Naturally 5.1 channel systems that play back all of the sound tracks contained on the DVDs already offer an excellent home cinema experience.

    For the new 6.1 or 7.1 sound formats, a rear centre channel is controlled in addition to these channels. This channel, coded in the stereo effect channels, enables the better positioning of effects and music signals directly behind where you are sitting.

    If using two speakers for the rear centre channel, the optimal seating position is not tailored to an individually specified position, i.e. you don't have to be seated in the exact centre.

    In the following cases we would recommend upgrading to a 6.1 or 7.1 system:

    • Your sitting position is not always dead centre, or you often have several viewers

    • You have had a 5.1 system for a very long time and would like an improvement

    • Your AV amplifier/receiver is designed as a 6.1 or 7.1 receiver and offers the corresponding connection possibilities

    • You can also set up one and/or two rear centres. If you are currently building/renovating your house or flat, we would recommend you lay the cables for the additional rear centre channels in any case.

    • Modern BluRay players usually issue a true 7.1 surround sound signal at all digital outputs and are thus optimally suitable - presuming the relevant AV Receiver - as a signal transmitter for a 7.1 channel home cinema system.
    How do I upgrade my system to a 6.1 or 7.1 sound format?
    The choice of speaker(s) depends on the AV Receiver/amplifier. This has an additional power amplifier for one rear centre (6.1) or its two (7.1). You can easily see this by the wattage (e.g. 6 x 100 watt or 7 x 100 watt). To the existing (side) rear speakers for right/left (5.1 technology), one or two additional rear centres are utilised in addition (6.1 or 7.1 technology).

    • My AV amplifier/receiver has six connections/power amplifiers (6.1):

    In this case we recommend connecting the same centre at the rear that you also used in the front area.

    • My AV amplifier/receiver has 7 connections/power amplifiers (7.1):

    If you already use dipoles or direct emitters for your 5.1 system, then you have a choice of either supplementing two more dipoles or two direct emitters. For wall assembly and a short distance from the seating location to the rear wall (less than 1.00 metres), we would recommend dipoles. As soon as you want to set up the speakers on bases or on a shelf, then direct emitters would be the better choice.

    Even if the AV Receiver/amplifier only has the connection and power amplifier performance for one rear centre, it is still possible to connect two instead of just one speaker through series connection.

    • The AV amplifier/receiver has seven connections/power amplifiers, but I can only set up one rear centre. As the 7.1 AV amplifiers/receiver also offer the option of operating just one of the two outputs (usually can be set in the speaker set-up!), you can also only connect just one rear centre.

    Here we recommend connecting the same centre to the rear that you also used in the front area. For short distances to the listening location (less than 1.00 metres), a dipole would be the better choice - especially if you are also using dipoles at the sides.
    Is it a problem if the speakers are at different distances to where you are sitting?
    Since the distance and volume of every individual speaker can be adjusted for the digital home cinema receivers, asymmetrical set-ups can be easily compensated. 
    How do I equalise my home cinema system with the help of a sound level meter?
    Take the level meter with you to the listening position and point the measuring device directly towards the front centre speaker. Now start the sound generator of the receiver (or of the sound card or DVD player) and equalise all speakers in succession to the same level.

    The position and alignment of the measuring device should not be changed during this procedure. For a Teufel sound level meter, proceed as detailed in the following:

    1. Remove the protective tab from the battery.

    2. Set the weighting to "A" - only the "A" position considers the full frequency range during measuring!

    3. Set the response to Slow.

    4. Set the Range to 70.

    5. Start the test noise from your AV device.

    6. Change the volume for every individual channel at the AV device so that the level meter shows 75 dB (meaning between +4 and +6).

    7. Done!
    What is the difference between the 5.1 and 7.1 configuration?
    Compared with the 5.1 set, the 7.1 set has two extra speakers for the back rear centre channel.

    The 5.1 channel set plays back all sound tracks on DVDs/Blu-rays and creates an excellent home cinema experience.

    With the 7.1 sound format, a rear centre channel is also generated in addition to these channels and distributed to two further speakers (the "rear centre"). This channel, which is encoded in the stereo effects channels, allows better location of effects and music signals directly behind the sitting position.

    If you use two speakers for the rear centre channel (i.e. installed 7.1 set), the optimum sitting position is not restricted to one specific place, so you don't have to be sitting exactly in the middle and several listeners can enjoy the best sound.
    Where is the optimal place for the centre of my Lautsprecher Teufel Surround System in a 5.1/6.1/7.1 configuration?
    Because the centre plays back spoken dialogue, this speaker must be positioned as centrally as possible under or over the TV/monitor or the screen.

    If the centre is placed outside the area of 40 centimetres to 1.20 meter height, it should be slightly inclined or angled towards the listener.

    The RAMPA insert at the bottom of the speaker sometimes is turned out with the tamping screw. What can I do about that?
    Unscrew the tamping screw from the Rampa insert and screw the Rampa insert back into the bottom of the speaker.
    What is the advantage of bi-amping/bi-wiring?
    Bi-amping means that the speaker can be operated by two amplifiers at the same time, or by a bi-amping-capable AV receiver. This enables the different chassis (for the treble mid-tone and bass range) to be individually supplied with one signal. Among other things, this could increase the sound performance of a speaker.

    Bi-wiring states that the corresponding speaker can be controlled at the same time with two different speaker cables, meaning via separated input sockets for the treble and mid-tone range on one hand, and for the bass range of the frequency switch on the other. This could improve the sound even more. Bi-wiring is the prerequisite for bi-amping.
    My subwoofer is humming. What can I do?
    This hum can be caused by the connected devices or disruptions in your electricity current. Please do a test to see which it is.

    1. Remove the RCA cable from the input on the subwoofer. If the hum is no longer heard, go to point B. Otherwise, follow point A.

    A. Attach the net cable of the subwoofer to another electricity outlet (i.e. Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom). If the subwoofer still hums, get in contact with our Support team.

    Should the hum no longer be there, the disruption was a problem in your power supply, which can, for instance, be caused by dimmers or chargers. To find out where the disruption is, unplug all your devices and work back from there. As soon as the hum is heard, you now know your source of the disruption.

    B. In your case, the "ground hum" is responsible for the disruption. Please proceed as follows to discover your source.

    • Disconnect the cable or satellite port from the TV Receiver and check if the hum disappears or not. If it does, you can use a sheath current filter for the cable outlet to prevent this. For example, the sheath current filter AC 9022 ED. If you have a satellite connection, connect the Satellite Receiver to the optical cable playback source - Teufel Optical Digital Cable

    • If this reason can be excluded, separate all devices from the AV Receiver one at a time until the hum stops. The last connected device is then your hum source and should be separated from the others using a galvanic separation filter (found in a retail shop)

    • If this doesn't work, get in contact with us once again so that we can give an individual, helpful response.
    Will an active subwoofer only run in 5.1 mode or also in stereo mode?
    Thanks to the speaker set-up/bass management integrated in the home cinema receivers/amplifiers, the subwoofer functions in stereo, Dolby Surround and digital mode.

    The corresponding setting in the speaker set-up must be adjusted individually for each source for many receivers, however, e.g. for CD playback only front without woofer, and front speakers plus woofer for Dolby Surround video playback.
    Why doesn't my active subwoofer switch on automatically?
    Some AV Receivers/amplifiers issue the bass signals via the subwoofer pre-amplifier output so quietly that the subwoofer does not start automatically.

    To make sure the subwoofer switches on and off correctly in automatic mode, (to be selected on the corresponding switch of the subwoofer, such as "Auto / On / Off"), we recommend turning the level control on the subwoofer to 1/3 or perhaps to 1/2 and increasing the output level for the sub in the receiver's speaker set-up – sometimes up to the maximum (+10 dB or +12 dB). The subwoofer should then work perfectly.

    The maximum position of the output level in the speaker set-up of the AV Receiver is obligatory for some of our models (e.g. the Concept S subwoofer).
    How do I connect my fully active Teufel system to an AV Receiver?
    Although designed to be fully active, the Teufel set is also partially active in conjunction with an AV Receiver.

    You can connect it like a standard speaker system: the five satellites via speaker cable to the corresponding speaker outputs front R/L, rear R/L and centre of the AV Receiver/amplifier and the subwoofer from the front R input via a mono-RCA cable to the Sub Out output on the A/V Receiver/amplifier.

    Please note:
    The auto on/standby switch only responds when the front R input is being used! The subwoofer also receives the full subwoofer signal via this channel.

    If the AV Receiver/amplifier has preamplifier outputs for all channels (front R/L, rear R/L, centre and subwoofer), the Teufel set can also be connected via three RCA cable pairs to the subwoofer and the satellites via speaker cables to the subwoofer. However, we recommend using the first version.
    What is a ground hum?
    The hum (50 Hz) comes from the 220 volt supply network and is caused by current power flows through the protective conductor. These so-called "ground hums" is caused when you connect two devices that are already grounded on the protective conductor (subwoofer) or the antennae cable (AV Receiver) to the subwoofer cable.

    Separate the direct connection by a grounding filter for the antennae cable that is created for it - for instance, the Teufel modell sheath current filter AC 9022 ED. Alternatively, you can use a galvanic separation filter that is looped into the connection between the subwoofer and AV Receiver.

    The hum disappears if the antennae cable is separated from the Receiver/Tuner/TV. First try the grounding filter, otherwise the galvanic separation filter.
    Where is the optimal place for the subwoofer of my Lautsprecher Teufel Surround System in a 5.1/6.1/7.1 configuration?
    The location of a subwoofer with a recommended cut-off frequency of under/equal to 120 Hz can be freely selected and does not affect the other speakers.

    Placement within the straight line between both front satellites is ideal - but not precisely in the corner of the room because certain frequency components could be unpleasantly excessive when played back.
    How do I determine the right phase setting of the subwoofer?
    By setting the phase, you can affect the point at which the membrane of the subwoofer bass speaker moves to the front. This setting makes it possible to optimally adjust the subwoofer to the satellites.

    The membranes of the satellites should move to the front at the same time as the membrane of the subwoofer bass speaker, because all speakers of the system must vibrate in phase for optimal playback. This means that (provided the connection has the correct polarity) all drivers must move in one direction when the three front speakers receive a pulse (towards the outside or towards the inside).

    If the subwoofer is in line with the front speakers, its bass speaker should have the same direction of movement (phase) - the controller on the woofer is set to "0". If the subwoofer is not between the front speakers, but is to the side of or even behind the listening location, its phase length will not match that of the front speakers. That is why the phase of the subwoofer must be changed in such cases.

    So much for the theory. In practice, this means: Listen to a loud piece of music with heavy basses and ask a second person to change the phase during playback. The correct setting of the phase switch depends on where the subwoofer is positioned in the room. The position where the bass playback (above all the upper bass range) sounds the fullest is the correct position. Have fun trying it out!
    What is the use of the on/off automatic switch ("Auto On/Off") of the active subwoofer?
    The On/Off switch is a power-saving standby switch. The switch must be set to "On" or "1" to activate the standby. The subwoofer is activated as soon as it receives a strong bass signal. After approx. ten to twenty minutes of no signal, or only after receiving a very weak signal, it automatically switches to the standby function.

    Even though the LED is still illuminated, the subwoofer is in standby mode. This function can be easily checked by slowly increasing the volume at the receiver/amplifier. You will hear a quiet popping noise when the subwoofer activates itself as of a certain level.
    What happens to the power amplifiers of the subwoofer if I don't connect the satellites?
    As soon as the satellites are connected to the subwoofer and not to the AV Receiver/amplifier, the performance of the 6 or 8-channel power amplifier is distributed to the subwoofer and to the satellites.

    If the satellites are not connected directly to the subwoofer but to the AV Receiver/amplifier via speaker cable instead, the subwoofer performance will increase somewhat; the power amplifiers for the satellites have no function. This enables the subwoofer and satellites to play even more dynamically than if the subwoofer still had to provide the satellites with performance.

    The technical background: The subwoofer has a large transformer with a specific wattage. This performance is either distributed to the five satellites and the subwoofer, or you receive a higher performance only for the subwoofer.
    How can I connect an additional active subwoofer?
    If your receiver has only one subwoofer output ("Sub Out"), you only need a monocinch cable, which is then connected from the receiver to the "Sub In" of the subwoofer. With two subwoofer outputs, you can order a so-called Y-adapter from the Teufel accessories page, which has a cinch plug on one side and two cinch (RCA) sockets on the other. Connect the plug to the subwoofer "Pre Out" on the AV receiver/amplifier and connect the mono cinch cable to the two subwoofers.

    If the cabling method is easier for you, then you can alternatively connect one subwoofer to the other. You will need two mono cinch cables - one to connect the subwoofer "Pre Out" on the AV receiver/amplifier to the left line-in input of the first subwoofer, and the other to connect the left line-out output of the first subwoofer to the left line-in input of the second subwoofer.
    How is the wattage of a subwoofer with respect to the sine wave and pulse/music performance?
    Mono subwoofer:

    The wattage (e.g. "360 W") printed on the rear of the subwoofer near the mains plug designates the ability of the power amplifier "to pull" a maximum power rating in the specified range at the moment of switching on (those 360 watt stated as an example).

    Consequently, the wattage must correspond to at least the sine wave output of the amplifier, as this sine wave output must be permanently available which the power pack must provide as well.

    The pulse/music performance of the amplifier, on the other hand, can exceed the wattage, because the short pulses are buffered additionally by the capacitors in the power pack and are not achieved solely through the performance of the power pack.

    Multi-channel subwoofer:

    The wattage for a multi-channel subwoofer can also be below the sine wave output, as the specified sine wave output is not requested from every channel at the same time.

    For a 5 x 100 watt sinus power amplifier, for example, each of the five channels is able to implement 100 watt sine. However, not all five channels at the same time! This is also unnecessary, as the same signal is never transmitted across all five channels at the same time, thus requesting the same high sine wave output per channel.

    That is why the wattage may be, e.g. 300 watt, even if the sine wave output exhibits 5 x 100 watt (= 500 watt).
    What are the volume switches for?
    The sound of the speaker always depends on the room where it is located.

    The volume of the active subwoofer can be controlled so that you can adapt the relationship between the active bass and treble / mid tones to suit the room.

    Use your own senses to judge which settings sound best in your room. This switch is especially useful in stereo mode. On the other hand, multichannel amplifiers often have technologies that adjust the subwoofer volume - so when using a multichannel amplifier the controller should first be set at 0dB.
    What is room resonance frequency?
    Room resonance frequency (other terms: room modes, standing waves, resonance frequency) is the frequency at which the vibrations of a voice, a musical instrument or a signal played back over the hi-fi/home cinema system is amplified unnaturally, because the vibrations build up between the walls as well as the floor and ceiling.

    It is calculated of the sound velocity divided by 2 and divided by the room length [ 340 m/s: 2 : 6 m = 28.3 Hz (=1/s) ] or, more simply: 170 divided by the room dimension (length, width or height). The greatest distance between two parallel walls is taken as first standard value. For a room of 4 x 6 metres, this would be 6 metres. Strictly speaking, you would have to calculate the room resonance frequency for further parallel walls (for the 4 metres and for the ceiling height).

    Overlaying resonances are also possible if the room dimensions are very close to each other. (2.8 metres high, 3 metres wide and 5.6 metres long). The resonance at 2.8 metres is repeated as multiple (times 2) at 5.6 metres length, the resonance of the 3 metres width is close to the resonance of 2.8 metres. It would resonate strongly here at 30 Hz, 56 Hz, 60 Hz and 120/112 Hz.

    Phenomena of resonance frequencies:

    • For example, a man with a deep voice speaks in a very small room (2 by 2 metres, 85 Hz). The voice appears to have more emphasis than in another room or out of doors. As soon as a woman speaks, the voice will sound just the same as in another room.

    • The voice of a woman or that of a small child will cause glass to shatter. The voice strikes exactly the tone that corresponds to the resonant frequency of the glass. The glass resonates so strongly that it shatters (refer to the movie "The Tin Drum").

    • A group of soldiers march across a bridge in cadence. The equal movement causes the bridge to vibrate so much that it collapses. That is why no one marches across bridges in cadence.
    * Jeder Erwerber eines neuen Modells von Ultima 40 Surround "5.1-Set", Ultima 40 Surround AVR "5.1-Set", Ultima 40 Surround AVR für Dolby Atmos "5.1.2-Set" oder Ultima 40 Surround Impaq "5.1-Set" im Zeitraum 14.03.2019, 10:00 Uhr bis längstens 03.04.2019, 23:59 Uhr, mit Lieferadresse in Deutschland oder Österreich, erhält zusätzlich eine "4K Ultra HD" des Films "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY" zu seinem von Lautsprecher Teufel angenommenen Kauf. Eine Anrechnung oder Barauszahlung des Warenwertes der Gratiszugabe ist nicht möglich. Angebot solange der Vorrat reicht.
    Only one free item Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray] can be issued per order. It is not possible to issue a credit or the cash equivalent of the product’s value.

    The free item Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray] as gratis add-on cannot be ordered in combination with a discount voucher. Discount vouchers cannot be redeemed if a free item is part of the purchase.

    This offer is only valid for orders received by Teufel as of 2019-03-14 10:00 o’clock. The promotion will run as long as supplies last up till 2019-04-03 23:59 o’clock.

    The gratis add-on Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray] has a nominal sales price of € 28.<sup>99</sup>. This offer is to be viewed as part of the complete purchase. The goods and services are only offered together. This deal can therefore not be partially carried out (e.g. limited to use of the gratis add-on Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray]).

    For free product add-ons in the context of sales promotions , the respective twelve and two year guarantees from Teufel Audio do not apply to the product that was added to the order free of cost.

    Delivery of the Bohemian Rhapsody (4K Ultra HD) [Blu-ray] does not have to coincide with the qualifying product.
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