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Ultima: 8 Products
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Ultima - High Fidelity has a new name

Teufel’s Ultima range truly offers high fidelity across its various forms, for all budgets. Our stereo speakers offer the best Hi-Fi sound for real music lovers. The fact that we have not forgotten our roots, and have mastered our stereo sound craftsmanship, is demonstrated in every single model of this loudspeaker family - from the inconspicuous shelf speaker, Ultima 20, to the best-selling tower duo Ultima 40.

Latest Ultima products from Teufel

Ultima 20

The Ultima 20 Mk2 are the most compact form of the stereo systems. The 20 Mk2 is comprised of two sonically impressive shelf loudspeakers that deliver our legendary Teufel sound, and a 165mm bass midrange driver. The 2-way speakers with 80-watt power output are universally compatible with every amplifier.

If you are looking for a ready-to-play version of the compact stereo speakers, the 2.1 system with additional stereo receiver and subwoofer is the right choice. The Ultima 20 Complete offers a small and inconspicuous 2.1 stereo receiver with the CoreStation Compact, which still produces powerful sound.

Bigger still is the Ultima 20 Surround 5.1 set, consisting of two Ultima 20 speaker pairs, a central box and a powerful 150-watt down-fire subwoofer with 250mm bass driver. This set is also suitable for all AV receivers and reproduces all TV sound and music to a real Hi-Fi level.

The Ultima 20 is also available in the Kombo 42 version, with a strong 80-watt CD-mp3 receiver, which can play music from mp3-CDs or USB. A connector for optional subwoofers and other sources via line-in is also available.

Ultima 40

The bigger version of the Ultima 20 is the Ultima 40 Mk2. The imposing Hi-Fi towers were Germany's best-selling standing speaker of 2015. These 3-way loudspeaker loudspeakers, with a high load capacity of 200-watts, are also suitable for each amplifier. Low-frequency conversions are carried out by two parallel 165mm loudspeakers made from fiberglass and coated cellulose. Thanks to its 52l volume and double-tube reflex opening, you can experience extremely powerful, distortion-free bass up to 45Hz. A large mid-range driver (also 165 mm) provides a harmonious range of voices, while the 25mm fabric dome ensures high quality upper levels.

The Ultima 40 Mk 2 is ideal for rooms up to 35m²: you will not be disappointed by the powerful sound from these imposing stand-alone speakers. Especially if you are looking for real bass without a subwoofer.

The larger speakers are also available with the Ultima 40 Surround 5.1 Set. The rear speakers of the Ultima 20, along with an additional subwoofer, make up the rear speakers of the 40 set for a richer sound. The Ultima 40 Surround Complete 5.1 is a surround sound version, which comes with a compact AV Corestation receiver to offer you get a totally ready-to-play 5.1 system with the legendary Teufel sound you love.

If you don’t have an AV receiver and are not interested in purchasing an individual one, you should take a look at the Ultima 40 Aktiv. Here, the tried-and-tested Ultima 40 loudspeakers come with an integrated 2x100-watt amplifier, which means that no further equipment is necessary. Simply plug in to your TV with an HDMI cable and get started.

There is also the Ultima 40 Aktiv Club Edition, which comes with an additional subwoofer, for those who like to have more bass. Simply connect to the control unit of the active loudspeaker and it’s ready to go.

It goes without saying that the Ultima 40 also features the Kombo 62 model, with the popular 200-watt Bluetooth CD-mp3 receiver. If you want additional bass, there is the possibility of the Kombo 62 Power Edition, which comes with an additional subwoofer.

Previous Ultima products by Teufel

Ultima 5

The 2005 Ultima 5 was a pair of elegant stereo stand-alone speakers, which offered an ambitious sound performance with perfect design to inspire music lovers and style seekers alike. The speakers were replicas of ones especially designed by Peter Tschimmel in the early 1990s. Only the inner workings of the Ultima 5 were updated with the latest state of the Hi-Fi technology.

The slender 146cm-high sound transducers are fixed on solid pedestals supported by massive spikes, meaning that the speakers are not fixed to the floor. In the lower area of the pillars, two 130 mm woofers deliver the demanding bass reproduction. In addition, a 25mm ring radiator, which acts as a tweeter, operates exactly at ear level. A 130mm mid-range driver is at the top.

Due to the set-up of the four chassis, the Ultima 5 offers its audience a cohesive sound picture, which is unequalled in this price class.

Ultima 60

Teufel released the Ultima 60 stereo loudspeaker in 2009. This stand-alone speaker impressed with its classical and high-quality appearance. You cannot find a better upgrade of your stereo system for a better price. The Ultima 60 really walked the walk. Two parallel 160mm drivers provide the powerful bass, the dimensions 21.3 x 102.7 x 31.7 cm and its 45l volume offer the possibility to achieve incredible pressure. This way, you didn’t need to purchase a separate subwoofer.

The ultimate highlight of the Ultima 60 was its connection option for BiWiring / Bi-Amping operation. By using two additional cable strings and a second power amplifier, you had the option to further optimise the speakers. In addition to a technical upgrade of their existing system, the loudspeakers offered a really chic appearance that looked great in any setting. The mixture of high-gloss black and dark wood is a very special combination. Classic meets modern.

The Ultima 60 was replaced by the Ultima 40.

Ultima 800

The success story of our most exclusive acoustic transmitter continues: as a speaker created around the company's 30th birthday, celebrated by the specialist press and praised by our customers, the Ultima 800 were upgraded to the Mk2 version. The return of the Teufel legend is also impressive as a high-end sonic transducer with elaborate material application, refined design details and, as a result, the best possible sound. The Ultima 800 Mk2 is at the same quality level, which is otherwise only dominated by much more expensive loudspeakers. With a housing volume of over 43l and a height of nearly 1m, the high-end loudspeakers in 3-way chassis with a total of 6 woofers quite simply provide top-class stereo sound.
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