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In-house development

Teufel’s in-house development

How Teufel loudspeakers are developed
The research and development rooms at Teufel Audio smell of solder and glue. Some would say it’s an unpleasant smell, but those who work there are, frankly, too busy to notice. If Teufel Audio were an organism, this would be its beating heart: The research and development team is responsible for designing each new Teufel model. Here, prototypes are made, measured, tested, tuned, improved and – at the very end of what is a lengthy and painstaking process – approved for production.

Many technicians work in Teufel Audio's research and development team including the technical direct, Markus Romeis, head developer Christoph Winklmeier, loudspeaker specialists Marcus Kleinert and Thomas Bernard as well as hardware expert Thomas Bettermann. The latest digital electronics and elaborate free field measurements help Teufel’s researchers and developers construct speakers with incredible sound and durability. A central measuring computer collects all reference data and compares them to the measurements collected during the final check thus guaranteeing a high degree of correspondence between the product sample and production models.

Teufel engineers are especially proud of a measuring system valued at over 50,000 Euro which, together with laser analysis, has opened up a new dimension in driver analysis. With this investment, Teufel entered into a new era of loudspeaker development that allows its researchers and developers to investigate every aspect of every driver to the highest degree of precision.

Teufel’s technical team’s consistent success has been the subject of wonder and speculation among many in the consumer electronics industry. As it turns out, the magic formula is nothing other than the strict adherence to principles of good design: Teufel’s designers and engineers are alway looking for consistently verifiable measurements behind the sound. The Berliners are convinced that a good loudspeaker should always exhibit good values in laboratory tests. At Teufel, customers can rest assured that prototypes are not released for production before an exact tuning, excellent frequency response, and the highest possible distortion-free levels are achieved.

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