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Software Update - ROCKSTER AIR

This update will apply the following improvements:
  • Volume adjustment of the high frequency horn speaker
  • Optimised bass playback
  • Resolution of other minor system bugs

Installing the update:

Pre-requisites: Windows PC, USB cable with a USB-A to USB-Micro-B plug
Perform the following steps in order to install the update on your ROCKSTER AIR:
  1. Download the file RocksterAir_V0_5_4712__CRC_BB741652_2018_02_02.upd and save on your Windows PC in an easily accessible place, e.g. on your desktop.
  2. Make sure that the ROCKSTER AIR is connected to the mains and ready for operation.
  3. Now connect the USB cable (Type A to Type Micro-B) to your PC. Make sure that the cable end can be easily connected to the port on the back of the ROCKSTER AIR, but do not connect it yet!
  4. Press and hold the “Batt-check” button on the back of the ROCKSTER AIR whilst connecting the USB cable to the ROCKSTER AIR’S USB port marked “Service”. Only when the USB cable is connected should you release the “Batt-check” button.
  5. The device will now start the programme and connect to the PC in order to retrieve the update file. The battery status LEDs indicate this by continually flashing.
  6. A new folder called “Teufel RXTR” will now be displayed in your PC’s Windows Explorer. This folder contains a text file with the current version number of the device firmware.
  7. Now move or copy the update file that was saved in step 1 to the “Teufel RXTR” folder.;
  8. After the short time that it takes to copy the file, the device will automatically start the update. The ROCKSTER AIR will then switch itself off.
  9. The update is now complete and the USB cable can be removed from the ROCKSTER AIR.
  10. You can now switch the device back on and use it as you wish.

If you are unsure whether the update was successful, repeat steps 3 to 5 and check the text file. After the update, the version number should be "xxx".

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