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Listening to music with home cinema systems

Hi-fi music playback with a home cinema system?

Our technical support team is often asked whether they should keep an existing pair of stereo loudspeakers for music playback after purchasing a home cinema system from Teufel Audio. Our answer is that one can certainly do this, but that there is really no need: All Teufel surround systems were designed to deliver immersive home cinema sound as well as hi-fi stereo playback.

A good loudspeaker is able to take an audio signal and transform it into true-to-source and dynamic playback without any colouration. You know it when you hear it: Violins sound like violins, a famous actor can immediately be recognized by his distinctive voice and explosions can be felt as well as heard. In other words, loudspeakers should transmit sonic events as realistically as possible into the living room. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether a full-sized floorstanding speaker or compact subwoofer/satellite combination is employed. The loudspeakers’ job remains the same: To create a 1:1 reproduction of the audio signal. Whether the signal is for music or a film sound track makes no difference. True-to-source sound reproduction remains the job of the loudspeaker and the extent to which the loudspeaker is able to reproduce the signal exactly the way the sound engineer mixed it and intended it to sound, the better the loudspeaker is adjudged to be. 

For Teufel, there is no need to worry about whether you plan to play back primarily music or movies. Our loudspeakers are the products of decades of development experience and can boast amazing technical data in every price class from entry-level models to THX certified home cinema systems. In addition to our years of experience, Teufel Audio’s culture of fastidiousness in regard to quality control ensures that each loudspeaker we offer is the best in its class. Each individual driver (woofer, midrange, and tweeter), crossover and the entire loudspeaker enclosure is submitted to extensive measurements using the latest standards and equipment. For instance, state-of-the-art measurement instruments from Klippel, a German company that has been a leading providing of innovative measuring solutions since 1997, are used. The Klippel system not only renders data about a loudspeaker according to certain norms, it uses a laser beam to collect exact data regarding each driver at high volumes, such as are often experienced in real use scenarios.

An additional system of measurement from MLISSSA is employed. This expensive software provides valuable information about frequency response, phase and differences in propagation times as well as impulse and impedance response.

Equipped with a wide range of highly-accurate measurements and the implementation of classical principles of loudspeaker construction such as the D’Appolito driver arrangement for optimal music and speech playback (whereby the tweeter is positioned between two midrange drivers), Teufel produces loudspeakers capable of reproducing any audio signal – whether from classical music, vocals, film dialogue, or the beating of helicopter blades – as naturally as possible without any added colouration. That's because good loudspeakers, if true to source, are always good loudspeakers, no matter what source material they play back.

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