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Teufel is a manufacturer and sales platform in one. Where there is no middle man, there is no additional charge. This saves you a considerable amount of money.


Best guarantee

Teufel stands for quality, quality and more quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and and 8 week return period.


Best reviews

Teufel regularly comes up top in comparative tests and reader surveys and is the market leader in home cinema in Germany.


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The Teufel online shop can impress even the most demanding of customers in terms of user guidance, security and comfort.


In contrast to the claim that the more volume a Hi-Fi system offers, the more mature its sound is, the micro stereo systems from Teufel prove that they also deserve attention in terms of sound technology. True to the "small cabinet, big sound" motto, the compact mini systems play a big sound on the shelf, on the table, next to the TV set on the sideboard or on the wall. Two speakers and a control unit characterise a typical Teufel micro stereo system. The big advantage is the space-saving accommodation of such a set in your living room.

Micro stereo systems for the perfect sound

A good price-point and included, convenient remote control are also advantages from such systems. No amplifier unit or AV receiver is necessary, because all the electronics are in the small speaker. Teufel's two Kombo sets are known for extremely small stereo systems with gripping sound. Nevertheless, you hear not only cats meowing but full-grown lions roaring.

Micro stereo systems under review

These compact sets combine functionality with impressive sound. In addition to the integrated CD player, the Kombos offer various connection options, such as an additional stereo input and a USB interface. The CD player plays common formats such as mp3 or WMA and the USB port guarantees flexible access alternatives for your music collection. So you can comfortably enjoy the music via your mp3 player either with the micro stereo Kombo 22 or the Kombo 42.

Micro stereo systems are perfect for Hi-Fi beginners

Also in the area of small compact speakers, test reports are regularly published to separate the Hi-Fi chaff from the wheat. Especially Hi-Fi beginners are well advised with such systems, because they are flexible and affordable. Before you decide on a system, you should have a look at reviews, reviews, test reports or customer reviews for some sets. Take a look at the test reports of our Kombo stereo systems and benefit from the information and ratings from our customers.

Teufel offers a wide range of systems that have successfully passed a micro stereo system test. Use the information provided on teufelaudio.com to identify the right micro stereo system for you. A micro stereo set is also a perfect gift idea for family or friends. Take advantage of Teufel's excellent service - best price / performance ratio, 8-week trial period and up to 12 years warranty.

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