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Raumfeld Stereo L

Pure streaming
Elite stand-alone wireless loudspeakers with extensive streaming options
Teufel Stereo L
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Why we love this product
We developed this latest incarnation of the Stereo L not by looking at comparable products - because there aren't any - but rather by keeping the needs of serious music lovers in mind. If you're looking for the latest streaming technology that doesn't cut corners when it comes to sound and design, the new Stereo L is for you.
Key advantages at a glance
  • Elite stand-alone wireless loudspeakers with extensive streaming options
  • 3-way system with integrated 400 Watt amplifier
  • Additional line-in and high-level input for the best connectivity options
  • Integrated Chromecast offers access to hundreds of audio streaming services such as TIDAL, Spotify, TuneIn and SoundCloud
  • Hi-fi streaming with an authentic stereo panorama
  • Intuitive controls via free app for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Energy saving standby mode uses less than 1 watt
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Overview of our technologies

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld
Spotify Music Streamingdienst
TIDAL Musik Streamingdienst
Chromecast built-in
plug & play
Raumfeld Stereo L

For the second generation Stereo L, our developers in Berlin carefully reworked and refined the Stereo L for more power, more features and even better sound. The result can be immediately seen and heard.

Wi-Fi tower speakers with hi-fi sound
The new Stereo L features an extremely efficient low-noise class D amplifier with a total of 400 watts. Drivers optimized using the Klippel system of measurement produce over twice the power as the preceding model. Each of the 170 mm bass woofers are equipped with rigid yet lightweight carbon membranes. This construction results in a powerful, dynamic sound that gets the most out of quality digital audio.

Greater performance output means higher volume. The impressive level reserves are especially noticeable with dynamic live music recordings.

A Wi-Fi antenna is integrated within the cabinet.The grilles are held in place magnetically, making unlovely attachment fixtures a thing of the past.

The Stereo L has a passive loudspeaker input for connecting an A/V receiver or hi-fi amplifier -- a unique feature among active streaming speakers.

Stream music via internet radio or streaming services like Spotify Connect. You can also access your own digital music library stored on external hard storage devices, NAS drives or DLNA enabled devices along with music from Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. In addition, Raumfeld guarantees a steady stream of new music services via regular software updates. A recent Chromecast built-in integration update gives users access to over 100 Chromecast-enabled audio apps.

Who hasn’t dreamt to having access to the world’s music anywhere in the house in an easy to operate, wireless and lossless format? Raumfeld technology makes it possible. The new Stereo L is compatible with all Raumfeld devices for the realization of whole house audio.

Hi-Fi streaming
With Teufel Streaming, you can listen to millions of songs from the libraries of Spotify and other streaming platforms and control everything via the Teufel Raumfeld App on your smartphone. Sound is transmitted in CD-like quality and no additional amplifiers or AV receivers are needed. All Wi-Fi speakers are developed here in Berlin by our acoustic experts.
Audio sources
Modern jukebox
Our multi-room speakers offer more music services, Internet radio stations and podcasts than almost any other system.
Spotify Music Streamingdienst
TIDAL Musik Streamingdienst
Chromecast built-in
Compact disc
TV Sound
TV Sound

TV Sound

One of the most popular streaming services offering access to millions of songs, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts with data rates of up to 320 kbps (almost CD quality). Spotify is also available on many other devices (such as Smart TVs).


TV Sound

Tune In
A streaming service from San Francisco. Listen to over 100,000 local and international radio stations free of charge at data rates of up to 128 kbps (FM radio quality).


TV Sound

An independent streaming service from Berlin. Discover new music with SoundCloud thanks to a selection of artists ranging from rising stars to household names. You can also follow friends, artists or newcomers. The data rates depend on the quality of the individual upload.


TV Sound

One of the original streaming services. Stream millions of songs, playlists, audiobooks and podcasts at up to 192 kbps.


TV Sound

Stream millions of songs in lossless quality and with data rates of up to 1411 kbps (true CD quality).


TV Sound

Chromecast built-in
Now it’s easier than ever to stream, or “cast”, over 100 services from your phone, tablet or PC to a single speaker or multi-room setup.


TV Sound

Connect a USB stick or hard drive to your Teufel Streaming speaker and play your own music library using the Teufel Raumfeld app. Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, ASF, WMA, M4A with AAC or Apple Lossless. Up to 24 bit/96 kHz. Find more information in the streaming manual.


TV Sound

Connect a CD player to your Teufel Streaming speaker via cinch cable and stream lossless music to other rooms, for example.


TV Sound

Connect a record player to your Teufel Streaming speaker via RCA cable and stream lossless music to other rooms, for example.


TV Sound

TV Ton
Connect your TV set via Cinch cable (or HDMI to a soundbar or sound deck) and listen to lossless TV sound via your Teufel Streaming speakers.

Multi-room streaming
Play music all around your home
All Teufel Streaming systems can be connected to one another thanks to integrated Raumfeld technology. Listen to the same or different music across several rooms and speakers. Use the Teufel Raumfeld app to manage your rooms, group individual multi-room speakers together, create individual playlists and control the volume and sound using the equaliser.
Streaming Multiroom
Streaming Multiroom
The Teufel Raumfeld app
The Teufel Raumfeld app is your interface with a world of music. Browse through your own music collection, adjust the volume and equaliser settings on any Teufel Streaming device in any room and create playlists. You can even set a countdown for when playback should automatically stop thanks to a new sleep timer feature. With the Teufel Raumfeld app, the perfect sound is just a tap away.
  • Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App
  • Teufel Streaming Spotify Music  Streamingdienst
    Teufel Raumfeld Spotify
  • Raumfeld

    You can listen to music in true CD quality without interruption from calls or messages via the Teufel Raumfeld app. You can stream music from your CD- or record player and listen to it throughout the whole house with another speaker. You can even play music from a smartphone, USB stick or hard drive via the app.

  • Spotify

    You can stream Spotify via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and also use Spotify Connect independently to benefit from the features of the Spotify app. You can quickly change the audio output from your smartphone to the speakers without pausing.

Browse your digital music collection, create playlists for any occasion, or save your favourites. Adjust the volume and use the equaliser to adjust the sound of each speaker or set a countdown for the sleep timer. Manage all your Teufel Streaming speakers in multi-room. Everything is only a tap away with the Teufel Raumfeld app.

Included components

  • Raumfeld Stereo L - Master (pc.)
  • power cable
  • speaker cable 5m for Raumfeld Stereo L / M
  • Raumfeld Stereo L - Slave (pc.)
Download information as PDF

Technical Data

Raumfeld Stereo L - Slave (pc.)
Raumfeld Stereo L - Slave (pc.)
The Stereo L slave completely corresponds to the master speaker that contains all of the electronics and amplification for the system. The connection between the two speakers is made via a loudspeaker cable (5m) included with delivery. The two speakers together constitute a complete music system. No additional amplifier or A/V receiver is required.
Raumfeld Stereo L - Slave (pc.)
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 25 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 108 dB/1m
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 40 - 20000 Hz
Miscellaneous No amplifier/AV receiver required
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 28.00 mm
Tweeter (material) fabric dome
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Cellulose, coated
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 170.00 mm
Woofer (material) Carbon
Acoustic principle 3-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Laquer
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
Removable front cover Yes
Spikes prepared Yes
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Terminal clamps gold-plated screw terminals
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
High Level loudspeaker inputs 1
Depth 32.00 cm
Width 22.00 cm
Height 114.50 cm
Weight 24.20 kg
Miscellaneous Measurements of base: 32 cm deep, 25 cm wide, 2 cm high
Raumfeld Stereo L - Master (pc.)
Raumfeld Stereo L - Master (pc.)
High-performance active Wi-Fi loudspeaker. Complete all-in-one system thanks to an integrated 400 watt amplifier. Easy to use via Raumfeld App for smart phones and tablets.
Raumfeld Stereo L - Master (pc.)
Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
Minimum amplifier output power recommended 25 Watt
Maximum sound pressure level 108 dB/1m
Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Frequency range from/to 40 - 20000 Hz
Miscellaneous Supports gapless playback
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 28.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric dome
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Cellulose, coated
Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
Woofer (diameter) 170.00 mm
Woofer (material) Carbon
Acoustic principle 3-way
Enclosure type Bass reflex
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Lacquer, matte
Equalisation openings 1
Equalisation openings (pos.) Bottom
Removable front cover Yes
Spikes prepared Yes
Integrated stand Yes
Magnetic shielding Yes
Miscellaneous Magnetic grilles
Terminal clamps Gold-plated screw terminals
Suitable for banana plug Yes
Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
Suitable for AV receiver Yes
Cinch input stereo 1
High Level loudspeaker inputs 1
High level speaker outputs 1
USB 2.0 1
W-LAN 802.11b/g/n
MP3 Yes
Apple Lossless Yes
Supported samplingrates up to 192 Khz
Miscellaneous Supports gapless playback
Maximum number of items 150000
Infrastructure mode Yes
WLAN Standards 802.11b/g/n
WLAN encryption WPA, WPA2
10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet Yes
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier configuration 2.0
Amplifier channels 2
Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 200 W
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 165 W
Multi-room Yes
Miscellaneous No additional A/V receiver or amplifier required
Power supply voltage 230 volts
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption 2 watt
Maximum power consumption 420 watt
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Safety class 2
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Integrated DSP Yes
Depth 30.00 cm
Width 22.00 cm
Height 114.50 cm
Weight 27.50 kg
Miscellaneous Measurements of base: 32 cm deep, 25 cm wide, 2 cm high

Expert reviews

Raumfeld Stereo L review of AudioVideoFoto BILD
Raumfeld Stereo L review of AudioVideoFoto BILD Raumfeld Stereo L review of AudioVideoFoto BILD
"HiFi-Box mit WLAN"
AudioVideoFoto BILD 06|2017
"Mit den Stereo L vereint Raumfeld das beste aus HiFi- und WLAN-Lautsprechern in einem Boxen-Paar: Die Teufel Raumfeld L sind so groß wie ausgewachsene Standlautsprecher herkömmlicher Anlagen. Ins Regal passen sie damit nicht, zudem brauchen sie genug Abstand zur Wand. Dafür lieferten sie unter den WLAN-Lautsprechern klar den besten Klang im Test. Der Bass reicht tiefer als bei kleineren WLAN-Boxen, insgesamt klingen sie perfekt ausgewogen. Auch die Ausstattung verdient Lob: Zahlreiche Musikdienste sind an Bord, und die gute App kann sich ebenfalls sehen lassen."

Testergebnis: gut
Note: 1,85

Ausgezeichnet Bild Stereo L

You can read the full test review here:
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Moore
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Moore
"Känslan är riktiga högtalare..."
Moore 20.04.2016
"Trots företagets relativa lilla storlek, har Raumfeld ett bredare sortiment och en bakgrund inom HiFi, och då menar vI riktig HiFi. Basen är två tyska ljudentusiaster, som för sju år sedan använde sina skills inom mjukvara, med hårdvara från det gamla anrika ljudföretaget Teufel för att skapa någonting riktigt fett inom ljud. [...]

Det är som att man glömmer bort att det är multiroom-högtalare vi testar, när Stereo L gör sitt jobb. Känslan är riktiga högtalare, inte något stapplande steg mot konsumentbilliga grejer från Mediamarkt. Ett paR Raumfeld Stereo L kostar 15000 kronor. Det är billigt för dig som uppskattar bra ljud. De här högtalarna är dessutom snygga och Raumfeld kommer inte att göra om designen om ett år bara för att du ska vara sugen på att köpa dem också. Deras grej är inte att kränga samma pryl, med någon liten miniförbättring, om och om igen. De har gjort det bäst från början så att du inte ska behöva uppgradera dig stup i kvarten, men kanske förmodligen köpa någon av de mindre högtalarna också."
Läs hela recensionen här:
Raumfeld Stereo L review of www.hifi-journal.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of www.hifi-journal.de
„Die klanglichen Eigenschaften sind und waren ohne Fehl und Tadel“
www.hifi-journal.de 30.05.2016
„[D]ie Voraussetzungen die der Hörer hier vorfindet sind ausgezeichnet und werden jedem Anwendungsgebiet gerecht werden. Das 3-Wege-System mit 400W-Verstärker (Class-D) hält was vom Hersteller versprochen wird! Die klanglichen Eigenschaften sind und waren ohne Fehl und Tadel. Wenn gefordert können die Stereo L im Tieftonbereich auch mächtig  zupacken, wissen aber auch es Feingeister zu überzeugen.“

„Das mit tiefschwarzem Schleiflack versehene Gehäuse wirkt sehr edel und erwachsen in seiner Anmutung. Wer es etwas extrovertierter mag, nimmt die magnetischen Frontgitter ab und legt die Töner frei.“

„Die Handhabung der eigenen Streaming-Software hat inzwischen ein derart ausgereiftes und stabiles Level erreicht (unsere Erfahrungen auch über das Stereo L hinaus), dass man dies aktuell uneingeschränkt empfehlen kann. Die Einrichtung, Handhabung und Anbindung verschiedener Dienste funktioniert absolut Hürde frei.“

Zum ganzen Test auf www.hifi-journal.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of homecinemamagazine.nl
Raumfeld Stereo L review of homecinemamagazine.nl
"echte all-rounders die met nagenoeg elk genre, goed overweg kunnen"
homecinemamagazine.nl 19.04.2016
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Computer totaal
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Computer totaal
"Wij zijn erg gecharmeerd van de geluidsweergave van Raumfeld."
Computer totaal 11|2016
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Trusted Reviews
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Trusted Reviews
"...after spending time with these superb speakers we’re surprised they don’t cost more."
Trusted Reviews 07.05.2015

Raumfeld Stereo L – Design

"The Stereo L floorstanders are big and imposing but gobsmackingly good-looking. Standing a princely 1145mm tall by 220mm wide, they’re finished in a luxurious white lacquer that contrasts stylishly with the large black magnetic grilles. These grilles rest on a brushed silver block bearing the Raumfeld logo, while the whole thing sits on a thick black plinth that creates a gap for the bass reflex vent at the bottom.

Build quality is phenomenally good, every bit as robust and rigid as we’d expect for the money, although at 27.5kg and 24.2kg we don’t recommend lifting them out of the box without help. Pull off the grilles and you’ll expose a 130mm midrange driver, two 170mm woofers and a 28mm tweeter, all housed in a thick metal baffle that adds to the overall sense of luxury."


Raumfeld Stereo L – Performance

"Based on our impressions of the Stereo Cubes, which deliver an incredibly refined and entertaining sound for £400, we were expecting amazing things from these bigger, pricier speakers. They didn’t disappoint.

Poised and punchy with bags of energy and detail, Stereo L musters a remarkable sound. It laps up anything you throw its way, be it jazz, rock, pop or hip-hop – every instrument, vocal line and rhythm is played with purpose and spine-tingling clarity. It throws out a big, muscular sound that fills the room, no matter how cavernous."

You can read the full test review here >
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Computer totaal
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Computer totaal
"Ze klinken ronduit goed"
Computer totaal 02 | 2017
Raumfeld Stereo L review of iCreate magazine
Raumfeld Stereo L review of iCreate magazine
"Op een voetstuk"
iCreate magazine 12/2015
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Moore
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Moore
"Raumfeld L är golvhögtalare för musikälskare"
Moore 08.07.2015
Raumfeld L är golvhögtalare för musikälskare

"Förstärkaren i Stereo L med 2×20 watts maxeffekt driver fyra element i vardera högtalaren. Den inbyggda D/A-omvandlaren gö rom musikfiler med upp till 24 bits upplösning och ger en samplingsfrekvens upp till 192 kHz för rent och luftigt ljud. Båda 170 mm-elementen har karbonmembran som är ett stabilt material som dessutom är mycket lätt. Det är tysk ingenjörskonst vars perfekt samstämda komponenter och linjära inställning, ger det där dynamiska och transparenta ljudet vi så gärna vill ha när vi lyssnar på vår favoritmusik."

Läs hela recensionen här:
Raumfeld Stereo L review of HiFi-Test
Raumfeld Stereo L review of HiFi-Test Raumfeld Stereo L review of HiFi-Test Raumfeld Stereo L review of HiFi-Test
"The sound in this new version is even more commanding and neutrally tuned and offers high fidelity from the deepest bass to the highest treble at a very fair price."
HiFi-Test 05|2014
"Both loudspeakers are equipped with first class drivers which were thoroughly improved for the new Stereo L (previously named the Speaker L Mk2). A bass reflex enclosure and two long throw woofers with carbon membranes ensure plenty of bass dynamics down to 35 Hertz on either side of the stereo pair. In addition, a coated 110 mm cellulose membrane for the midrange driver and a tweeter with a 22 mm diameter show their musical trump cards.”

In practice

"The initial startup with the Raumfeld Stereo L is joyously simple. An app that Teufel provides free of cost for iOS and Android devices is all that is needed to control the system.”

"The imaging is first rate. Musicians are accurately placed in the room; the virtual stage is realistic and unfolds in an exciting manner. The Stereo L creates a sound that in part operates at the level of a much more expensive loudspeaker and includes its own active electronics and integrated streaming technology in the bargain.”


"The new Mk2 version of the Raumfeld Stereo L loudspeaker makes it easy to stream music at a very high level. […] The sound in this new version is even more commanding and neutrally tuned and offers high fidelity from the deepest bass to the highest treble at a very fair price.“

Translated from the original German.

Raumfeld Stereo L review of stereoplay Highlight
Raumfeld Stereo L review of stereoplay Highlight
"A very well-thought out and intuitive active streaming system with a full-bodied and balanced tone and exceptional bass."
stereoplay Highlight 04|2014
"[D]ie vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten des auf klassischem WLAN aufgebauten Streaming Systems [Raumfeld] erkennt man erst so richtig, wenn man länger mit dem System  arbeitet. Die neue Version der Standbox  […] dient […] nicht nur als aktiver schallwandelnder Streaming-Client im Netzwerk, sondern […] dockt direkt an einen eventuell vorhandenen HiFi-Verstärker an. Das [...] macht […] für  diejenigen, die Ihre alte Anlage integrieren wollen, den Einstieg in die Multiroom- und Wireless-Welt umso einfacher  [...]."

"Eine kräftige Endstufe von 165 Watt Sinus treibt die […]  Drei Wege-Konstruktion, und noch eine weitere [...den zweiten ] rein passive[n] Speaker  an […]"

"Den Einsatzmöglichkeiten sind auch dank eines zusätzlichen analogen Cinch-Eingangs dabei kaum Grenzen gesetzt. Vor allem die UPnP-Kompatibilität erlaubt den Aufbau eines quasi beliebig konfigurierten Multiroom-Systems mit mehreren NAS-Musikbanken. Ebenso leicht funktioniert [...] Streaming von mobilen Endgeräten per WLAN."

"Hierbei leistet die Raumfeld-eigene  (und kostenlose) Software im Praxisbetrieb gute Dienste. Sie […] kontrolliert mit einem intuitiven, doch leistungsstarken Konfigurationsmenu auch größere Multiroom—-Anlagen mit mehreren Räumen einfach und bequem."

Evolution statt Revolution

 "[...] Betont angenehm, doch durchgehend kraftvoll und sehr ausgewogen gab [Raumfeld Speaker L ]  Rockiges [...] und Klassisches [...] zum Besten. Ihr Bühnenbild überzeugte mit guter Raumtiefe und exakter Staffelung, sie spielte präsent und dynamisch. ohne dem Hörer ungebührlich nahe zu kommen."

"Auf wahrhaft highendigem Niveau war insbesondere der Tiefbass, der [...] in schwärzesten Regionen ohne einen Anflug von Müdigkeit oder Ungenauigkeit, hinabreichte."

"Die Speaker L dürfte wohl die einzige Streaming-Box auf dem Weltmarkt sein, die sich sowohl aktiv als auch passiv betreiben lässt. Möglich macht das eine Relais-Schaltung, die den eingebauten Verstärker von den Frequenzweichen und Treibern abtrennt, wenn ein externer (Voll-) Verstärker [...] ein Signal zuführt."

"Beim Hörtest und bei der Pegelmessung ergaben sich sehr ähnliche Ergebnisse, was nicht nur auf eine Abstimmung „ohne Tricks“ und gute Dimensionierung der eingebauten Endstufe hindeutet, sondern auch auf ihre hohe akustische Qualität."
"Wer über drahtloses Muliroom nachdenkt, aber weiter mit seiner Stereo-/Surround-Anlage hören will, findet in der Raumfeld Speaker L das perfekte Einstiegssystem."


„Sehr durchdachtes und intuitiv zu bedienendes Streaming-Aktivsystem mit ausgewogen erwachsenem Klang und hervorragendem Bass. Dank der Passiv-Betriebsart und  der offenen Architektur in praktisch jeder Anlage und Netzwerkumgebung integrierbar.“

Raumfeld Stereo L review of Lust for Life Magazine
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Lust for Life Magazine
"De sound is warm en helder en zonder twijfel een van de betere in de streamingwereld. Wij zijn onder de indruk!"
Lust for Life Magazine 10/2015
Raumfeld Stereo L review of smart homes
Raumfeld Stereo L review of smart homes
"Those who are not just looking at comfort when it comes to multiroom, but maximum sound quality as well should take a closer look at Raumfeld."
smart homes 6|2013
"Raumfeld - the name already sounds superior. [...] Three different stereo speaker systems, a one speaker solution and – last, but not least – the Raumfeld Connector for connecting an existing hi-fi system combine to create a product range that just about satisfies every requirement. All components communicate with each other via accessible WLAN through which they also have access to music libraries available in the network [...]. In addition, Raumfeld naturally has command of Internet radio and various streaming services [...].”


"Those who are not just looking at comfort when it comes to multiroom, but maximum sound quality as well should take a closer look at Raumfeld. The system plays nearly all file formats, including many lossless and high resolution varieties, and therefore guarantees maximum music enjoyment with minimum cabling effort.”

Raumfeld Stereo L review of Lust for Life Magazine
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Lust for Life Magazine
"Very impressed"
Lust for Life Magazine 10/2015
"Very impressed with the sound of the Stereo L"
Raumfeld Stereo L review of stereoplay Highlight
Raumfeld Stereo L review of stereoplay Highlight
stereoplay Highlight 4/2014
A very well-thought out and intuitive active streaming system with a full-bodied and balanced tone and exceptional bass.
"[...T]he many uses of the classic WLAN streaming system [Raumfeld] only really come to light after  working with the system for a longer period of time. The new version of the floorstanding speaker  [...] functions not only as an active speaker/streaming client in a network, but  [...] can be directly connected to an existing hi-fi amplifier. This [...] makes [...] an introduction to the world of multiroom and wireless even easier for those who want to integrate it into their old systems.

A powerful amplifier with 165 watts drives the [...] three-way construction as well as another [... the second] passive speaker [...].

There are practically no limits to possible use scenarios thanks to an additional analogue cinch input. Above all, the UPnP compatibility enables the construction of any number of differently configured multiroom systems with multiple NAS music libraries. Streaming from mobile devices per LAN works [...] just as easily.

The proprietory Raumfeld (free) software for operating the system does a good job. It [...] simply and easily controls even larger multiroom systems with an intuitive yet high-performance settings menu.
Evolution instead of revolution

[...]  Markedly pleasant yet thoroughly powerful and very balanced , the [Raumfeld Speaker L]  did a good job with rock [...]  and classical [...]. The sound stage with good depth and precise layered was very convincing. The speakers played vividly and dynamically  without being unduly intrusive.

The deep bass in particular reached a truly high-end level, reaching [...] down to the blackest depths without a hint of exhaustion or imprecision. [...]

[...] The Speaker L could well be the only streaming speaker in the world that operates both actively and passively. A relay switch that separates the amplifier from the cross-over and drivers when an external (full) amplifier introduces a signal makes this possible.

During the listening test and when the levels were measured, similar results were attained that not only indicate a tuning 'without tricks' and good dimensionality on the part of the integrated amplifier, but also to its highest acoustic qualities. [...]

Whoever is considering wireless multiroom, yet wants to continue using an exisiting stereo/surround sound system, will find the perfect entry-level system in the Raumfeld Speaker L.“
Test conclusion

"A very well-thought out and intuitive active streaming system with a full-bodied and balanced tone and exceptional bass. Thanks to the passive operational mode and the open design, it can be integrated into practically any system and network environment.”
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Connected Home
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Connected Home
„Diese Speaker bieten nahezu alles: vor allem detailreichen, direkten Sound mit großer Bühne“
Connected Home 01.2015
Test review: Very good

Price / performance: Very good
Raumfeld Stereo L review of www.smarthomewelt.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of www.smarthomewelt.de
"... Musikerlebnis in True Wireless High Fidelity..."
www.smarthomewelt.de 16.10.2015
"Stereo M und Stereo L bilden die Speerspitze der Raumfeld Produktpalette. Einzigartiger, voluminöser Klang und zeitloses, mondänes Design zeichnen die Speaker aus." 
"Das Flagschiff der Raumfeld Familie sind die Stereo L. Sie bestechen durch einen kristallklaren, detailreichen Klang und arbeiten die Feinheiten des Musikstücks heraus, um so ein Musikerlebnis in True Wireless High Fidelity zu liefern."
Zum ganzen Test auf www.smarthomewelt.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of M3
Raumfeld Stereo L review of M3
Raumfeld Stereo L | "Multiroom med tryck!"
M3 10.06.2015
Raumfeld Stereo L review of http://www.allround-pc.com
Raumfeld Stereo L review of http://www.allround-pc.com
"The sound is balanced, individual instruments can be well discerned and localized."
http://www.allround-pc.com 22.09.2015
Design & workmanship

"[...] the elegant Raumfeld design can be immediately discerned with the Stereo L."

"In particular, the centrally placed aluminium trim springs to the eye, directly informing us of the sort of brand we’re dealing with here."

"[...]  two 170.00 mm bass drivers with carbon membranes enhance the look."

"Even with speaker grilles, the Stereo L looks simple but very chic.”

Features & sound quality
"The Raumfeld Stereo L didn’t disappoint! Especially at mid to high volume levels, they reveal a full-bodied and powerful sound. The 3-way driver arrangement pays off. The sound is balanced, individual instruments can be well discerned and localized. The bass playback is, however, in no way neglected which, thanks to the 170 mm woofers, extends nicely into the depths thereby creating a solid bass foundation. Due to their size, they create a much larger and detailed soundstage [...]“

"Especially in larger rooms, the Raumfeld Stereo L is the perfect choice. Their size puts markedly more power reserves at their disposal, allowing them to play higher levels.“

"The setup can be quickly achieved without much effort. Within a short time, you’ll be able to enjoy your entire digital music collection.”

"In view of the scope of the features available and the balanced sound, we find the price to be completely fair."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) at www.allround-pc.com
Raumfeld Stereo L review of iCreate
Raumfeld Stereo L review of iCreate
"Raumfeld: stream al je muziek in hifi-kwaliteit"
iCreate 14.10.2015
Raumfeld Stereo L review of hifitest.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of hifitest.de
"Controlled via an Android or iOS smartphone, the floorstanding speakers offer a markedly self-confident and neutral sound from the deepest bass to the highest levels of brilliance."
hifitest.de 11.2014
"[T]he new version of the Speaker L [clearly] illustrates that the many small improvements achieved a positive effect overall: A balanced foundation and extremely neutral midrange is built on a powerful and deep-reaching bass foundation. Powerful and finely details highs are added to the mix.”

"Controlled via an Android or iOS smartphone, the floorstanding speakers offer a markedly self-confident and neutral sound from the deepest bass to the highest levels of brilliance. Along with a fair price and uncomplicated controls within a network (LAN or WLAN), the Raumfeld Speaker L Mk2 won us over with truly convenient music streaming.”

You can read the entire test review (in German) at hifitest.de
Raumfeld Stereo L review of smartaudio-magazin
Raumfeld Stereo L review of smartaudio-magazin
"Thanks to the markedly well-tuned midrange, the instruments played on a well-defined virtual stage."
smartaudio-magazin 20.10.2014
"The days when you needed a whole host of devices in your living room are over. Raumfeld wants to prove that two loudspeakers are enough.”

"The lynchpin of the Raumfeld operating system is the app. From this, other audio sources are chosen."

"In the listening test, we started out with [...]  a jazz piece. In it, the uncompressed WAV file was played back by the loudspeakers with exceptional dynamics. The plucked strings of the upright bass sounded wonderfully alive and agile. The tonal quality was also very good. Thanks to the markedly well-tuned midrange, the instruments played on a well-defined virtual stage.“

"Our next selection was LL Cool J’s new album "Authentics" with which the Raumfeld speakers impressively displayed their abilities in the bass and low end. The bass lines were presented in our listening room with well-dosed amounts of pressure while Seal‘s perfectly reproduced soulful voice really knocked us off our stools.”

"The sound is perfected by nuanced and brilliant tweeters that subtly yet emphatically enrich the overall acoustic performance of the Speaker L."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Digital Tested
Raumfeld Stereo L review of Digital Tested
"The balanced playback of the upper range, [...] creates a a very homogenous integration of individual instruments into the whole."
Digital Tested 04|2014
"What began as a compact multiroom system has advanced into a full-fledged streaming set that stands alone without equal in the new 2.0 generation."

"Both loudspeakers can be operated with nothing more than a Wi-Fi access point and a corresponding Raumfeld App or, alternately, the Raumfeld Controller. An additional loudspeaker input enables the Speaker L to be connected to an A/V receiver or stereo system with integrated amplifier.”

"A slightly horn-shaped driver that’s responsible for the directional sound is located on the same acoustic dispersion plane as the midrange driver. This construction makes the spatial unfolding oft he sound markedly noticeable without the need to force the optimum from the crossover or via a DSP guided correction of differences in propagation time.”

"When it comes to tuning the Raumfeld Speak L2, Teufel gets a lot right and forgoes an overly exuberant tone. The sound design is heavily invested in deep bass playback, something that will please many music enthusiasts. On the other hand, any form of harsh or sharp tonality is utterly absent from the loudspeakers. Vocals are not unnecessarily pronounced. The balanced playback of the upper range, [...] creates a a very homogenous integration of individual instruments into the whole. The optimized mid-to-high range enables playback with well coordinated propagation times which ultimately supports the spatial imaging on the acoustic stage. Modern and symphonic works benefit from this in equal measure [...]. An additional room configuration menu enables [...] playback according to one’s own preferences which makes the Speaker L2 the most acoustically versatile loudspeaker in its class.”

Raumfeld Stereo L review of AreaDVD
Raumfeld Stereo L review of AreaDVD
"They set an acoustic standard that goes well beyond their price class and are also extremely flexible in their capacity as active streaming speakers."
AreaDVD 28.04.2014
"The Bauhaus style Speaker L with its timeless design and carefully applied matte white lacquer features a stand in contrasting black as well as a protective grille over the drivers neatly covered with black fabric. Happily, the protective grilles are magnetic and there are therefore no unlovely holes [...]

Beneath the black baffle is […] a silver aluminium strip. In the middle of this on the master speaker is the volume regulator which has a pleasant feel. [...] The very stiff and solid MDF enclosure is exemplarily quiet even with high loads. The Speaker L does not give off any enclosure noise.”

"The Speaker L Mk2 is the absolute master of the situation. There is no dynamic compression, no enclosure noise, […], no banging of the bass membrane. The level stability is first class [...]. The acoustic maturity of the Raumfeld Speaker L generation Mk2 both astounds and inspires.“

"The very 3-dimensional overall presentation is held together by an enormous dynamism that is sustained even at very high levels. [...] This well-thought-out balance is exactly what characterizes the largest of the Raumfeld speakers: Always in the center, but never disruptively pushing to the fore.”

"Praise for the Speaker L Mk2: Great shaping of vocal reproduction, lively overall acoustics, rich dimensionality – top, without reservation. [...] One doesn’t need anything other than these two large floor-standing speakers to enjoy a sound quality at a completely fair price that some stereo systems with a similar set up – that is, with an amplifier, CD player, and speakers – that cost twice as much can’t meet. [...] The Speaker L Mk2 is a prime example of the way modern music is listened to – with a combination of flexibility and high-end sound quality.“


"Depth, level stability, braod and fine dynamics – in all disciplines, the Berliner loudspeakers prove to be way above average. They set an acoustic standard that goes well beyond their price class and are also extremely flexible in their capacity as active streaming speakers. They are therefore true show pieces [...] The Speaker L Mk2 offers a mixture of strong sound, flexibility, and a price/performance ratio that is without rival at the present time."

Translated from the original German.

You can read the entire test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo L review of av-magazin
Raumfeld Stereo L review of av-magazin
"Whoever purchases a Raumfeld loudspeaker gets a complete hi-fi system in the bargain."
av-magazin 10.06.2014
 "Whoever purchases a Raumfeld loudspeaker gets a complete hi-fi system in the bargain. [...] The era of having to accomodate an armada of electronic devices in one’s living room has passed. Raumfeld wants to prove that two loudspeakers are all you need.”

"The Raumfeld control system is based on and centers around a free app. [...] In order to ensure potent audio playback, the Speaker L loudspeakers make exclusive use of high-quality technical components. In this way, the loudspeakers operate with a high-performance arrangement of drivers that are conceived according to a 3-way arrangement.“


"We started off with a few jazz pieces [...]. The plucked strings of the upright bass sounded exquisitely alive and agile. The tonality is likewise good. Thanks to strong tuning in the midrange, the instruments play on a perfectly outlined virtual stage.”

"The sound image is perfected by the high-definition,  brilliant tweeters that enrich [...] the acoustic overall performance of the Speaker L loudspeakers.”

Test result

"The streaming loudspeaker system, the Speaker L from Raumfeld, expertly unites the most cutting-edge technology with a flexible variety of use scenarios. Thanks to multiple functions, the Raumfeld system can be recommended for smartphone and tablet users who desire first-class sound quality and contemporary user comforts."
Read the complete test review (in German) here:
Raumfeld Stereo L review of fairaudio
Raumfeld Stereo L review of fairaudio
"One need only see with one’s own eyes what the Berliner loudspeaker smiths deliver for the money"
fairaudio 06|2013
"The ‘active speaker‘ contains an integrated 170 watt amplifier for processing the input signal that is not designed as a switching, or class D, amplifier, but rather as a classic class AB.  This explains the conspicuous cooling fins on the back of the active speaker which don’t get all too warm during operation. In additional , this loudspeaker contains the actual corner piece of the system, the Raumfeld streaming module, as well as the interfaces that establish contact with the home network via LAN (Ethernet connector) and WLAN (radio antennae is included with delivery) as well as additional external sources (USB and analogue line-in with stereo).”

„The integrated Raumfeld module streams music files from just about any source , whether the music is on a computer, NAS, an external hard drive, or a USB pen drive. The integrated Cirrus Logic DAC processes the incoming signal with a word length of up to 24 bit and a resolution of up to 96 kHz. [...] Nearly all current audio formats (MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, OGG) including high-resolution FLAC can be played. ‘Gapless Playback,’ that is, the interruption-free reproduction of, for instance, a live concert, is a given. In addition, Teufel endowed the ‚’Raumfeld Speaker L‘ with a conventional high-level analogue input. This allows additional external sources  to be connected - even record players, whereby a phono-preamp needs to be looped in."

"Similar to Beth Dittos punk pop ensemble, the disco hit ‘Lady‘ from Modjo is a sheer delight with a punchy-juicy bass beat that the white devils are able to easily and - given the right levels -  with relentless power pound into the listening room. The deep layer grumbles while the computer generated drumbeat pulses – a real joy.“

"I especially admired the way the developers from the capital integrated the rather troublesome bass range with the rest. Because some might be of the opinion that the Speaker L is a bit to heavy on the low end, however, the upper frequencies are in no way over powered or smeared. In this way, Chan Marshal aka Cat Power’s smoking timbered voice was able to assert itself among the almost overloaded effects and drum sequences in ‘Sun’ (Album: Sun) with a nice degree of contrast in the listening room. All of her voice’s nuances could be heard, the slightly warm colouration of her sound was natural. She did not sound overly cool, nor was her voice full-bodied ; she would have been otherwise subsumed in the sound tapestry of her compositions. The Teufel speakers really got the right balance.

The utterly gapless transition from the midrange to high frequencies that the set presented with ‘Hello’ from the fantastic 2005 debut from the John Butler Trio (Album: Sunrise Over Sea), contributes positively to the overall flow of the musical occurrence. The Australian brings forth more facets and tones from the guitar, bass, and drums/percussion that many big bands. When the dreadlocked Butler plunges into one of his improvised guitar solos – which can last up to 15 minutes live – the loudspeakers’ mid and upper range not only have to really be in top form in order to follow his lightening fast playing, but to also capture the countless upper tones and beats. The Berlin pair never lets down its guard, with agile playback and beautifully highlighted details.”


"For oldschool hifi connoisseurs [...], who spent a lot of time with stereo equipment in the 80s and for whom speaker towers with individual components was something everyone aspired to, products like Teufel’s ‘Raumfeld Speaker L’ are terrifying and fascinating at the same time. They’re terrifying because they show what a powerful musical experience is possible these days with very few materials. And fascinating? For the same reason.

One need only see with one’s own eyes what the Berliner loudspeaker smiths deliver for the money: A full-fledged pair of standing speakers – solid and well built, a powerful amplifier, a D/A converter, and a streaming client. That the entire system can be controlled via a logically constructed and excellently developed app rounds out the over-all positive impression. When the individual components are taken into account, one can declare the offer to be truly sensational.”

“With the ‘Raumfeld Speaker L’, one can really enjoy hearing music from every conceivable contemporary source and stream in all imaginable formats, discover numerous Internet radio stations, and then take pleasure in how nice the white lacquered columns look in a modern living room. On top of this, it’s possible to really crank up the volume. All of this is more than worth the price.”

You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo L review of HIFIDIGITAL
Raumfeld Stereo L review of HIFIDIGITAL
"The loudspeakers can render cultivated playback but are also suitable for parties and radiate true listening pleasure."
"The new Raumfeld Speaker L [...] contains not only complete amplification electronics like the other speakers in the system, but also a standard Raumfeld network player with UPnP compatibility. [...] This means that you don’t need anything other than a functioning WLAN or LAN network and the Raumfeld App or Controler in order to transform the loudspeakers into a highly integrated complete network system.“

"The 3-way floor-standing speakers are generously equipped with [...] two 17 centimeter bass drivers with especially stiff carbon membranes. This bass duo operates in a solid bass reflex enclosure made from MDF boards. [The Speaker L] comes in a matte white varnish. The black stand not only ensures greated stability, but is a fixed part of the construction: Above it is the bottom facing bass reflex vent.“
"In practice, the floor-standing speakers [...] can function both as part of a Raumfeld multiroom system or the main loudspeakers in a normal […] receiver-driven system. This feature expands the possibilities […] considerably.“

 "With the Speaker L2, large living rooms [...] can be filled with sound without a problem. [...] In terms of sound, the floor-standing speakers are powerful, as one would expect from full-fledged speakers and at the same time tonally balanced with good resolution and dimensionality. Their foundational tone remains consistently punchy and reaches deep into the bass basement. The loudspeakers can render cultivated playback but are also suitable for parties and radiate true listening pleasure.

In short: The Speaker L2 are brilliantly executed. One gets a lot of loudspeaker and electronics at an unbeatable price.”
Raumfeld Stereo L review of FHM
Raumfeld Stereo L review of FHM
'Onvervalst dynamisch geluid'
FHM 3/2013
'In een tijdperk waarin we worden doodgegooid met allerhande dockingstations van discutabel geluidsniveau, is het haast onze plicht je te attenderen op het feit dat er ook nog zoiets bestaat als 'de speaker' met een onvervalst dynamisch geluid. Zoals deze reusachtige vierwegrakkers, om je muziek draadloos heen te streamen. High end componenten, een ingebouwde versterker en dit alles bedien je eenvoudig vanaf je smartphone.'

Dit testbericht heeft betrekking op de voorganger van de Raumfeld Speaker L

How our customers rated this product:
(4.37 of 5 from 51 Reviews)
Michael H. / 2018-09-21
Spitzenklasse!Bin sehr zufrieden. Satte Bässe, glasklarer Klang. Artikel ist B-Ware, aber in einwandfreien Zustand. Einziger Wermutstropfen ist die Raumfeld - App, die nach dem Versuch meine Festplatte mit 350 GB Musik im...More
Hubert K. / 2017-09-03
unglaublichWir hatten vor dem Kauf aufgrund der vorliegenden Bewertungen eine sehr hohe Erwartung, aber auch kleinen Zweifel ob für diesen Preis wirklich gute Boxen zu bekommen sind. Nach dem Auspacken habe ich die Boxen in 10...More
Bernhard R. / 2017-08-10
Nur ein Wort: BegeisterungMächtiger, druckvoller und klarer Sound, Leistung ohne Ende. Mehr muss man dazu nicht sagen, ganz klar 5 Sterne. Ich habe auch ein Raumfeld One M (als "mobile" Lösung, die Raumfeld L Dinger schleppt man nicht so...More
Norman S. / 2017-03-23
WowSuper schnell geliefert. Top verpackt. Installation selbst für IT Deppen wie mich kein Problem. Warmer, satter Sound. App leicht zu bedienen. Auch bei niedriger Lautstärke voll Klang. Kannst dir aber​ auch die Rübe...More
Mario L. / 2017-03-06
Sehr zufrieden Hier meine bisherige Erfahrung...Sehr freundliche Beratung in Berlin, Sonntag online bestellt, Dienstag geliefert, in circa 20min aufgebaut und App installiert...fertig! Mit Optik und Bedienbarkeit sehr zufrieden....More

    Downloads & support

    Help regarding this product
    Can I immediately use Raumfeld Speakers and Connectors as UPnP rendering devices?
    In order to control a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector via UPnP/AV (e.g. with Windows Media Player) it has to be integrated into a Raumfeld network.

    An option to use Raumfeld Speaker and Connector standalone, that means without a connection to the Raumfeld system, is in development.
    My devices' wireless signal is permanently low or breaks down frequently
    To gain an overview over the signal strength of each Raumfeld devices in your network, open Settings > Network > Network Analysis.

    A Loss of WLAN Signal

    The constant loss of a device's Wlan signal even at high signal strength is due to interferences with other wireless networks. By changing the Wlan channel, you eliminate this interference and can fix this issue. Should your system contain a Raumfeld Base simply try out different channels as described in the online manual (Modifying of the Channel Setting (Raumfeld Base)) and see if the signal strength becomes steady. Access points from other manufacturers usually offer an according configuration option in their administration interface. 

    Alternatively you may contact our service team, which is happy to assist you with the detection of the best channel available.

    B Constant Low Signal Strength

    If the signal strength of individual wireless devices is constantly beneath 50%, steps should be taken to upgrade the Wlan reception of the device and therewith the music playback reliability. In most cases it is sufficient to reduce the distance or the number of obstacles between your Raumfeld Base and your playback device. Simply check out if the reception increases when positioning the devices at different places.

    In general, the less walls and ceilings between the devices, the better the reception is. Thick walls made from concrete or clay brick will especially abate the signal. Often a relocation of a few centimeters is enough to bypass any problems.

    Mind the following advice that accounts for both, systems with Raumfeld Base or systems that are run with an access point from another manufacturer:

    • Position the Raumfeld Base or the third party access point you utilise rather high up, on a cupboard for example. Make sure there's some space towards the wall. Do not position the device on the floor or in a corner.
    • If you make use of a wireless phone there may be interferences with the wlan signal. Therefore, do not position the Base or the third party access point you utilise right next to the phone's base station.
    • Set up the devices in a way that ensures there are a minimum amount of obstacles inbetween your access point and the playback device. Avoid setting up the Raumfeld devices in alcoves or behind prominent corners.
    • Make sure there are no large-scale metal bodies between the access point and playback devices (e.g. radiators or fridges)
    • Large plants may also block the signal due to their moisture content and should not be between the access point and playback devices.
     If the reception does not increase after a repositioning we suggest using a standard Wlan repeater or to connect single components of your Raumfeld system with your existing wireless access point (see Connecting of your Raumfeld devices with your personal access point in the online manual). Please contact our service team to find the perfect solution for you.
    I’m only able to access the Raumfeld Zones under “available devices“ in my Spotify App. How can I control the individual rooms?
    Deactivate the Multiroom Mode for Spotify in the Raumfeld App by switching to the "off“ setting. You will then be able to individually control each device in the Spotify App.
    The individual titles of my compilations are each displayed as their own album
    Compilations or soundtracks are normally composed of various artists. In order to display them as a complete album, the tracks of a compilation must be grouped.

    There are many different methods of accomplishing this, assuming that the same album name, or Album Tag, is assigned to all tracks. 
    • Assign the name of the compilation's producer to the tag Album Artist. Use "Various Artists" if the producer's name is unknown.
    • If you use iTunes, you may select for every song that they are Part of a Compilation under Get Info > Info.
    • As long as the album is stored locally on the Raumfeld Base, a network drive or USB storage, it is sufficient to simply save the music files in the same folder. Make sure, however, that only music files pertaining to the compilation are stored within this folder.
    In order to edit your music collection's tags, we recommend the following programs:

    Media Players
    • iTunes (Windows, Mac OS; only supports MP3, AAC, M4A, Apple Lossless)
    • Windows Media Player (Windows; only supports MP3, WMA)
    • Winamp (Windows; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WMA, WAV)
    Special Tag-Editors
    • MP3-Tag (Windows; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WAV)
    • MusicBrainz Picard (Windows, Mac OS, Linux; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WAV)
    I have no more access to the internet radio directory TuneIn in my Teufel Raumfeld app. What could be the reason?
    For the further use of the radio service TuneIn, a software update may be required. The update is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. The software can easily be checked and updated:
    1. Start up all devices and opening the Teufel Raumfeld App.
    2. The main menu can now be called up on the app screen by briefly swiping to the right.
    3. First select "Settings" in the main menu, then menu item "System maintenance" and finally "Updates". By simply tapping on the "Check for updates" button, the device will automatically start to search for and download the latest version.
    4. After the download is complete, the update can be re-started by pressing the button again. This takes a maximum of about 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, TuneIn can be used again as usual.
    I copied new music to a network share. Why isn't it displayed under My Music?
    When you copy new music to a network share you have to manually initiate a rescan in order to see the music on your Controller or in the Raumfeld App, respectively.

    In order to do so, go to My Music > Recently Added and tap the button "Update music index" on bottom of the list. Alternatively, visit Settings > Music Resources and activate a scan for new music on the music resource you've copied the music to.

    Under Settings > Music Resources there is also an option to make your Raumfeld System check for new music every day. A manual scan is then not necessarily required.
    Can different music (Multicast) be played in different rooms?
    Multicast (different music in different rooms) is possible with Spotify, but not simultaneously. Due to certain restrictions stipulated by the provider, simultaneous multicast is not possible at the present time.
    I use a version 6.0 Android device and am trying to set up my Wi-Fi streaming system. The setup assistant, however, does not continue after the initial screen. How can I proceed?
    Make sure that your smart device is signed in to your home WiFi – the same WiFi network you plan to use with your Wi-Fi streaming system. If you are already signed in to your WiFi network, deactivate your smart device’s access to mobile internet for the duration of the setup.
    I use an Android device version 6.0 or higher. The music I stream directly from this device drops after a short time. What could be the reason for this?
    One reason could be that your smart device is going into standby mode and dropping the connection.

    Solution: Add the Teufel Raumfeld app to your standby exception list, also known as your device’s “whitelist.” To do this, go to “Settings” in your Android menu and then “Apps,” “Advanced,” “Battery optimization,” “All apps” and “Raumfeld.”
    I can find settings for my subwoofer in the Teufel Raumfeld app. What are these for?
    The menu items "subwoofer volume" and "subwoofer crossover frequency" are only stored in the app menu under "room settings" if a Teufel Streaming soundbar is operated over the same Wi-Fi connection. With a soundbar/subwoofer combination, the sound signal is "distributed" to the devices, i.e. the sounbar outputs the higher frequencies and the subwoofer, the lower ones. This signal distribution is defined under the menu item "subwoofer crossover frequency". Installation tips:
    • Leave the crossover frequency on the default setting if you are satisfied with the sound or if the Teufel Streaming subwoofer is located close to the soundbar (recommended).
    • If the subwoofer is placed at the side or at the back of the room, it is possible that the overall sound may no longer be harmonious. In this case, try changing the crossover frequency in the app until you are satisfied with the sound.
    • If, for example, the sound image of the soundbar is too thin, reduce the crossover frequency. If the bass sounds too flat, increase the crossover frequency.
    • You can also adjust the subwoofer volume separately.
    Can I use my home cinema with the Teufel Streaming system?
    In order to use your home cinema system with your Teufel Streaming system you require a Connector:
    • Connect the analogue or digital output of the Connector to an appropriate input of your home cinema amplifier
    • Connect an analogue output of your amplifier to the analogue input of the Connector
    This will allow you:
    • to listen to music from your Teufel Streaming system via your home cinema system
    • to stream the audio signal of TV series or movies into other rooms of your house
    Please note that there will be a short delay between video and audio signal when you stream it into other rooms. If you choose to play the audio signal via your home cinema system only, audio playback is of course in perfect sync with the video signal.

    Do I need to be experienced with technology (Wi-Fi, SSID, WEP, computers, Internet, programming)?
    Knowledge about wireless networks or computer technology is not necessary for setting up or using the Teufel Streaming systems. New devices are added to the system simply at the touch of a button.
    The playback of certain radio stations is not possible
    Radio stations of the following formats can be played back:
    • MP3
    • WMA
    • OGG
    Should you have discovered radio stations of these formats that generally can't be played or where errors appear frequently please inform our service team.

    We will try to locate the problem.
    I want my Raumfeld speakers to use less energy when no stream is playing. Does Raumeld offer an automatic standby mode?
    It’s possible to activate a standby mode with all Raumfeld speakers starting with generation 2. To activate this mode, go to the room settings in the app, then select the speaker you would like to configure and “automatically activate standby” from the dropdown menu. Here you will be able to activate “ON” or “Off.” The device’s energy usage in the standby mode will be even lower than the standards mandated by the EU.
    Is it possible to reinstall the firmware of a Raumfeld device ("flashing")?
    Should one of your Raumeld devices no longer react even after you've disconnected the power and restarted the device, you may reinstall the device's firmware and thereby reset it to factory defaults.

    Please note that when reinstalling the firmware all device settings are lost. 

    Here you will find advice on reinstalling the firmware of the following devices: 
    Reinstalling the firmware in our online manual
    Can I connect USB storage to the Raumfeld system?
    Music that is stored on USB sticks or USB hard disks will be added to your Raumfeld music collection if the storage device is connected to the host of your Raumfeld system.In a system with a Raumfeld Base the Base is the host. In a system without a Raumfeld Base you may set the host device yourself under Settings > Network > Host Configuration.
    USB storage devices that are connected to another Raumfeld device than the host can not be integrated as music resources.Please also note that apart from USB sticks, first-generation Speakers, Ones or Connectors support usb hard disks with their own power supply only. This constraint does not apply to second-generation devices, e.g. Connector 2.

    Supported Formats
    USB storage devices with the following formats are supported:
    • FAT16 / FAT32
    • NTFS
    • HFS / HFS +
    • EXT2 / EXT 3 / EXT 4
    In a few cases problems with USB 1.0 storage has been reported. We therefore suggest to use USB 2.0.
    Can I use my iTunes library with Raumfeld?
    You may use your iTunes music and playlists in the Raumfeld system. There are several alternatives to do this:

    All systems:

    Sharing of the iTunes music and playlists on a network share

    Your iTunes music and playlists remain on your computer and Raumfeld accesses the files via the network. Please note that they are only available if the computer is turned on.

    Alternative methods for systems with a Raumfeld Base:

    Copying of iTunes music and playlists onto the Raumfeld Base
    Your iTunes music and playlists correspond to the status in iTunes at the time of copying onto the Raumfeld Base. However, you have the option to copy the data again at a later time in order to thereby update it.

    Use of the Raumfeld Base as the iTunes Media folder location
    Your music library is centrally stored on the Raumfeld Base and iTunes accesses it via the network. Provided that your computer is connected to the home network you will feel no difference to using your iTunes with a locally-stored media library. This method is therefore particularly suitable for desktop computers. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-music-resources.html
    Can I listen to the radio on my Raumfeld System?
    Yes, via the online service "TuneIn".
    Raumfeld offers an equalizer function but I can’t find it in the app. How can I access the equalizer?
    The Raumfeld Equalizer has been given a different location within the app. You can now access the sound settings directly via the volume menu.
    Does Raumfeld support gapless playback?
    Since version 1.2 Raumfeld plays back music gaplessly. That means there is no audible pause between two titles what isn't included into the original recording.
    What is special about Teufel Streaming (Raumfeld) compared other multi-room audio products?
    Teufel Streaming offers outstanding sound quality. Thanks to roots in the professional audio sector, Teufel Streaming prioritises sound quality above all else. That becomes manifest in the whole audio processing chain - from the usage of high-class audio components to the point of the perfect adjustment of all components to each other.
    Teufel Streaming is easy to use, thanks to the development by usability experts and constant consultation with users. Whatever function you want to use you will always reach your goal within a few steps.
    Teufel Streaming is complete. Teufel Streaming is a complete multi-room audio system. Third party devices (speaker, data storage, computers) are not necessary in order to use Teufel Streaming.
    Which music file formats are supported by Raumfeld?
    Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, ASF, WMA*, M4A containing AAC or Apple Lossless
    Compatible playlist formats: WPL, M3U, PLS, iTunes playlists
    Please note that there may be structural bottlenecks in the Wi-Fi transmission of lossless formats. If your music library consists mainly of very large FLAC, Apple Lossless or WAV files, we recommend connecting your Teufel Streaming host device via network cable or using the optional Raumfeld Expand. 
    *Currently only WMA files encoded with the regular WMA codec are supported. WMA Lossless, WMA Pro and WMA Voice are not supported.
    Which speaker is on the left, which one on the right?
    In order to allow you to position your speakers perfectly within your room, you can choose which of the two speakers you want to control with the left stereo signal, and which with the right. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-setup-configuring-of-devices.html
    How can I add album artwork to my music library?
    There are different ways to add album artwork to your music library in order to see them on your Teufel Controller:
    • Embed the artwork within the music file
    • Save the artwork in the album's folder
    Also, if your Teufel Streaming system is connected to the Internet, missing artwork will be added automatically (if they can be found on the online music service Last.fm).

    Embedding the artwork in the music file

    Most media players and special "tagging" applications can be used to embed album artwork in music files.

    Saving the cover in the album's folder

    If all tracks of an album are stored in their own folder you can simply move the artwork image file to that folder. The Teufel Streaming system will then associate the image file with the album.

    Supported image formats, size and resolution

    We recommend the usage of JPEG images (300x300 pixels, 72 dpi).

    Of course, other image formats (PNG, GIF) and sizes are also supported.
    How can I connect a CD or MP3 player?
    Raumfeld playback devices come with an analogue audio input (cinch) for connecting your CD or MP3 player, iPhones, iPods etc. The input signal may be played back directly via the connected Raumfeld device, or you may stream the signal to other rooms.

    Most MP3 players may additionally be connected to the Raumfeld Base via USB. Should your system not contain a Raumfeld Base you may connect the MP3 player via USB to your Speaker or Connector. 

    Please note: As the music library on iPods and iPhones is not directly accessible for third party manufacturers, iPods and iPhones can only be connected via their analogue audio output.
    How can I delete imported playlists?
    In order to delete imported playlists from the music database you have to delete the corresponding playlist file on the music resource:
    • Use your file management application to navigate to the folder that contains the playlists file (.wpl, .m3u, .pls oder iTunes Music Library.xml). It doesn't matter if it is stored on the Raumfeld Base, USB storage or a network share.
    • Delete the playlist file
    If the playlist file was stored on your Raumfeld Base or an attached USB storage your music collection will be updated automatically within a few seconds. Hence, the playlist will no longer be displayed under Playlists > My Music.

    If the playlist file was stored on a network share, you have to manually initiate a rescan of the network share in order to see the changes in Playlists > Imported. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-scanning-of-music-resources.html.
    How can I import my existing playlists into the Raumfeld system?
    The following playlist formats are imported into the Raumfeld system and displayed under Playlists > Imported:
    • iTunes Playlists (iTunes Music Library.xml)
    • Windows Playlists (*.wpl)
    • M3U Playlists (*.m3u)
    • PLS Playlists (*.pls)
    In order to import your existing playlists into the Raumfeld system, simply save the corresponding playlist files on a USB storage device, a shared folder or the Raumfeld Base (see also music resources).
    How synchronous is the playback of multiple players?
    When only Raumfeld devices are grouped in a music zone, they offer perfect synchronisation (less than 5-millisecond phase displacement).  This means that you can use multiple speakers in one room without hearing an echo or hall effect.

    Third party UPnP/AV internet radios that are operated with Raumfeld may have less than perfect synchronisation. When positioned in different rooms, however, there is still no echo to be heard.
    How do I tag my music collection? Which tagging formats are supported?
    To get relevant title information such as the artist or album name of a title, the media server uses the metadata - or tags - of your music files. So in order to browse your music collection by artist, album, or genre, the music files must be tagged accordingly. You can find out more about how to do so at: https://manual.teufel.de/en/faq.html?produkt=1913#faq9
    What is the maximum number of rooms that can be filled with sound?
    This strongly depends on the Wi-Fi performance. If you have three or more speakers, you should connect the host to your router using an Ethernet cable.
    One advantage of streaming with Chromecast is that you can continue to use your usual music app. How can I check if my apps already support Chromecast?
    Chromecast built-in already supports 100+ apps, including many popular music services, and works with the Chrome browser. You’ll find an exact overview of all Cast-enabled apps here:


    Tip: If you didn’t find your app on this list, you may want to contact the provider directly and ask when Chromecast will be integrated. In the meantime, you should have no trouble finding an alternative from the large selection of Chromecast-enabled apps.
    Ich habe eine eigene Sammlung von Musik mit hoher Qualität und möchte diese über eine Chromecast unterstützende Musik-App abspielen. Wieso werden mir die Titel nicht anzeigt?
    Chromecast built-in can stream CD-quality audio up to 48 kHz. If your collection has a higher sampling rate, you can stream it via the Teufel Raumfeld App.
    I also want to use Chromecast's multi-room function and stream to multiple speakers at the same time. How can I do this?
    Multi-room streaming is also possible with Chromecast. To do this, create a grouping of speakers within the free Google Home app which you will need to install on your smart device. You can name created groups on the app.

    After you create and name your groups, they will appear alongside individual Cast-enabled speakers in your music app.

    Google Home App (Play Store)

    App Store iOS
    I want to save a Chromecast stream on the direct selection keys (not applicable to all devices). How can I do this?
    For technical reasons, it is not possible to store Chromecast streams on the direct selection keys.
    I use the Spotify app to stream to my speakers. I don't see any or not all of my Chromecast speakers under "Available devices". What could be the reason?
    In order to stream with Chromecast built-in, you’ll need the most recent version of the Spotify App. We recommend updating your app and trying again. Please note that you will also require a Spotify premium account in order to stream to your speakers.
    I like watching YouTube videos. Can I now use Chromecast to wirelessly output the sound of YouTube videos while watching them?
    The wireless transmission of audio content from YouTube is possible with the following:

    1: A computer running on either the Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32 bit, Mac OS X 10.9 (or higher) or Linux operating systems.

    2: A current version of the Chrome browser. You can download the most recent version here:

    3: The Chromecast built-in extension for the Chrome browser (if not already integrated)

    4: A least one Teufel Streaming device with Chromecast built-in registered to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer using the Chrome browser

    Begin a YouTube video. Select the “streaming” option from the “more” menu in the Chrome browser. This will call up a menu displaying all Teufel Streaming devices in the network that can play back the audio.

    • The video displayed on your screen and audio from your speaker may not be in perfect sync.
    • It is not currently possible to directly cast audio from the YouTube app for iOS or Android.

    Tip for Android users: You can stream audio from the YouTube app on Android devices using the Android mirroring function. To do so, simply complete the following steps:

    Step 1: Install the “Google Home App” and open the menu on the left side.

    Step 2: Tap on the option “Screen/Audio streaming” and select the Teufel Streaming device you wish to cast audio to. An active connection will be displayed in your smartphone’s status bar.

    Unfortunately, this option is not currently available for smart devices operating on iOS systems.

    Step 3: Switch back to the YouTube App and start a video as you normally would. The audio will play from the Teufel Streaming device you just selected.

    Please note that the picture and audio may not be in perfect sync.
    Ich streame Musik direkt aus dem Chrome-Browser. Die Wiedergabe ist jedoch manchmal verzerrt oder setzt kurz aus. Was kann ich dagegen machen?
    The most frequent cause of distortion and drops in playback is insufficiently fast data transfers from the PC to the WiFi speaker. Data transfer rates can be affected by the WiFi router and the internet connection. We recommend enhancing the performance by increasing the WiFi signal strength in the vicinity of your PC and speaker.
    Ich verfüge über eine sehr große eigene Musiksammlung. Seit ich das Update mit Chromecast built-in durchgeführt habe, reagiert das System öfter nicht. Was kann ich dagegen unternehmen?
    The processing of a large number of music files requires Teufel Streaming system resources. This is normal and comparable to a computer that has multiple programs running at the same time. For most music libraries, this does not pose a problem. For exceptionally large libraries, however, such as those in the terabyte range, the system might be strained to a point where normal streaming is compromised.

    Solution: Restart all Teufel Streaming devices and deactivate Chromecast built-in.
    Der Stream auf meine Teufel Streaming Geräte über Chromecast beginnt erst nach langer Wartezeit oder startet gar nicht. Woran kann das liegen?
    There are many possible reasons why your music stream doesn’t start or only begins after a long delay. The following are the most common causes:

    1) Chromecast built-in functionality can vary between providers. It’s therefore important to abide by the instructions given by the provider for using this technology. For instance, some request that users first cast and then start an audio stream while others recommend the reverse order of actions. If you are unsure whether you are casting correctly, please ask your app’s service team for assistance.

    2) It can take around 20 seconds or even longer in some cases for a stream to be processed. Contact the provider of the music or audio service you use to learn more.
    How can I tell if my Teufel Streaming/Raumfeld devices are compatible with Chromecast built-in?
    Chromecast is supported by Teufel Streaming / Raumfeld devices which have a Raumfeld logo on the front panel and no external Wi-Fi antenna on the rear panel. Chromecast is also supported by the Raumfeld Soundbar / Sounddeck and the Teufel Sounddeck Streaming / Teufel Soundbar Streaming.
    The Teufel Raumfeld app setup wizard does not find a device after pressing the setup key on the back of the device. The display shows "Searching for device..." or "No device found". What can I do?
    There are many reasons why a Teufel Streaming device may not be found during setup, i.e. when the app displays the notifications "Searching for device“ or "Not found”. The following will cover the most likely causes as well as possible solutions.

    1) It’s possible that your home Wi-Fi is unable to recognise the device due to certain settings on your Wi-Fi router.

    Solution: You can enable your Wi-Fi to recognise the device by directly connecting the Teufel Streaming device to your router via Ethernet cable and repeating the setup process.

    2) Other active network devices may prevent your Wi-Fi router from recognising the device. Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or Wi-Fi network for the duration of the Teufel Streaming setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your Wi-Fi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

    3) The use of switches, repeaters and additional access points within your home Wi-Fi network can hinder device recognition. Solution: Either restart all additional network devices or turn off these devices for the duration of the setup process.

    4) If you use a cordless phone over a landline (DECT) and have this phone in the vicinity of your router or Teufel Streaming device, it may be disrupting your Wi-Fi signal. This is because both DECT and Wi-Fi use the same 2.4 GHz signal.

    Solution: Relocate your DECT base station or switch off your DECT telephone for the duration of the setup process.
    The Teufel Raumfeld app indicates an error after selecting the Wi-Fi and entering the network key (Wi-Fi password). What could be the reason for this?
    If you're using a smart device with the Android operating system version 5.X (Lollipop), the problem could caused by two possible smart device settings:

    1) The setting "Smart network change" switches the smart device to the mobile network whenever the WiFi signal becomes too weak. Since Teufel Streaming requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection, this setting cannot be used.

    2) The "Auto IP Support" function determines when the home Wi-Fi network does not support DHCP (the automatic assignation of a network address). Although a very useful feature, Auto IP Support cannot be used with the Teufel Streaming system. This is because Teufel Streaming devices need to be assigned an IP from the router in order to independently communicate with the home network and internet.

    Solution: The Android functions "Smart network change" and "Auto IP Support" should be deactivated. Next, ensure that your router allows for DHCP and then repeat the setup process.
    Die Teufel Raumfeld App zeigt einen "Hoppla"-Hinweis unmittelbar nach der Raumnamen-Vergabe. Im Display steht "Gerät wird konfiguriert". Woran kann dies liegen?
    Other devices in your WiFi network may be preventing the Setup Assistant from completing the setup process.

    Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or WiFi network for the duration of the setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your WiFi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

    Please note that the processes carried out during the notification "Configuring device..." may take a few minutes to complete. We therefore ask for patience in order to ensure that the setup is indeed experiencing difficulty completing and that your smartphone does not go into standby mode.
    Während der Einrichtung muss das WLAN-Passwort eingeben werden, damit Ihre Geräte im Heimnetzwerk angemeldet werden können. Was kann ich machen?
    Check that the password you entered is still current. Make sure that you are not using the password for your SIM card, Google account, music service or other account. Teufel Streaming requires the password for your home WiFi. This is sometimes also called the "network key".

    Tip I: You'll often find your WiFi password / network key on the back of your WiFi router. As long as this password has not been changed, it should still be valid.

    Tip II: The auto correct function in your smart device may be changing the characters you enter. We therefore recommend switching off this auto correct function.
    During setup, the Wi-Fi network via which the system is to be integrated in the future must be selected in the app. However, my home network is not listed in the selection list. What could be the reason?
    The following are a few reasons why your Wi-Fi network may not appear in the list presented in the app:

    1) If the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network is only 30% or less where you are holding your phone, it will not appear. Since the system requires a signal strength greater than 30% in order to function without drops in playback, only networks that offer this minimum signal strength will be displayed.

    Solution: Increase the signal strength of your Wi-Fi signal and/or find a better place for your device.

    2) It’s technically possible to hide a Wi-Fi network. This option is usually offered in a Wi-Fi router’s settings. If you’ve selected this setting option, your home network will not be displayed within the app.

    Solution: Make sure that the Wi-Fi is set to "visible“.
    Während der Einrichtung zeigt die App die Meldung "Router inkompatibel" an. Woran kann das liegen?
    There can be many reasons for the notification "Wi-Fi router is incompatible”. The most common reasons for this notification have to do with router configurations affecting your home WiFi which can be changed. The following are the most common WiFi settings that may be the cause:

    1) The function DHCP (the automatic assignment of a network address) is not switched on. This prevents the Raumefld device from registering with the home WiFi network.

    Solution: Activate the DHCP function in your home WiFi router’s settings. Tip: Some manufacturers list DHCP as a feature with names like “Reject unknown devices”. Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

    2) A so-called Mac filter is switched on in your router. This filter prevents the registration of unknown devices which includes all devices not already using the WiFi network.

    Solution: Deactivate the Mac filter for the duration of the setup process or add your device to the router’s list of known devices. Note: Some manufacturers refer to the Mac filter with names like "Only allow known devices.“ Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

    3) The router is blocking direct communication (the exchange of data) between two or more devices connected to the same WiFi network. Known as “client isolation,” this setting is often preconfigured, especially with guest network access.

    It requires direct communication in order to receive information (such as when you press "play“) from your smartphone. The client isolation setting is often overlooked as it does not prevent a device from accessing the internet.

    Solution: Do not use a guest WiFi access for your device; deactivate the client isolation feature.

    Note: Some manufacturers refer to client isolation under different names. It may also be a preconfigured part of a security level you have chosen for your WiFi network. Contact the manufacturer of your router for more information.
    Wie kann ich das Chromecast built-in für aktivieren?
    Chromecast built-in can be activated on your Teufel Streaming device once it has updated its firmware to version 1.60 and actualised the Teufel Raumfeld App (iOS/Android). The app will then automatically display the presence of Chromecast-enabled devices present in the network.

    Manual activation can also be completed at any time in the Teufel Raumfeld App’s menu under “Music services”.
    How can I install software updates?
    All Raumfeld devices regularly connect to the Raumfeld update service to look for updated software versions. If updates are available you can easily install them at the push of a button.

    Hence your components keep up to date and you can benefit from advancements in the latest software releases.

    Since Raumfeld software version 1.3 it is also possible to install updates via a USB stick. This enables you to apply updates without an internet connection.

    Of course we also provide continuous updates of the Raumfeld App for your smartphone. These updates are distributed via your smartphone's app store.
    What is the difference between active and passive speakers?
    An active speaker contains the amplifiers for the pair of speakers. You can easily recognise it as it also holds the power connector and the Wi-Fi antenna. The passive speaker is connected to the active speaker via a speaker cable.
    Is it possible to combine several pairs of speakers in larger rooms?
    If you want to provide a particularly large room with music, you can easily set up several Teufel Streaming speakers in one room. The Room Configuration settings allow you to assign multiple devices to a single room so that you can easily control music selection and volume.
    Which Spotify subscription plan do I need in order to stream music (on a single device or in a multiroom setup) from Spotify to my Raumfeld device?
    In order to listen to Spotify with your Raumfeld speakers, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Due to certain restricitons stipulated by the provider, the free account is not sufficient to stream with the system. You can learn more about Spotify Premium here
    I activated my iPhone/iPad as a resource in Raumfeld. However, it frequently is displayed as being “offline” even though it’s logged in to the Wi-Fi. What causes this to happen?
    This can occur when multiple mobile devices are used with Raumfeld at the same time. The iPhone/iPad goes offline after 10 minutes if not in use. This conserves the battery on the iPhone/iPad.

    Solution: If the resources are offline, simply open the Teufel Reumfeld app on the device from which you would like to stream digital content.
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