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Here's how our webshop works
Selecting a product
Browse through our webshop and take the time to compare the performance and features of the many audio products. To learn more about any item, simple click on it to arrive at the product detail page.

Produt detail page
You’ll find a wide range of information regarding each product on the product detail page. From a general description to technical details including enclosure size, power performance, frequency range and colour options – all the information you require to make an informed purchase decision is listed here.

Adding a product to your shopping cart
If you decide to purchase a certain product, simply select the “Add to cart“ button on the product detail page to proceed with placing your order.

Shopping cart overview
In the shopping cart, you can view the items you are about to purchase. This page also allows you to make changes to your purchase selections at any time. You can add additional products or change the number of existing products under the column marked “Quantity.” It’s also possible to choose a delivery country. The delivery costs for this location will be shown.

Viewing the contents of your shopping cart
Have you already registered as a Teufel customer? If so, then you can log in here with your username and password. Logging in is not necessary to complete an order, though.

If you have a valid Teufel voucher, enter the voucher code into the field that appears after selecting “Redeem a voucher”. To view your discount, select the text “Calculate a new price” next to this field. The subtotal in the shopping cart will automatically be reduced by the amount of the voucher.

Select the “Checkout“ button on the bottom right of the page to proceed to the next step.
All of the pages of our webshop are secure. We offer an extremely high security standard consist with that of online banking. You can observe the status of secure pages by the change in the url from “http://www” to “https://www”.

Step 1: Login / Adress
Are you already a registered Teufel customer with a user name and password? Then select the “Login” button that appears beneath the text “I already have an account”. It is also possible to complete the purchase without registering. To do so, simply fill in the form that appears under the text “I am a new customer”. Enter your name, address and additional personal information. You also have the option of entering a separate delivery address. All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. Select “Continue” once all of the required fields have been filled out.

Step 2: Select your method of payment
You can select your payment method on this page. After you have selected your preferred mode of payment, more detailed information will appear. Enter all the required information and select the button “Continue order”.

Step 3: Check and submit your order
The next page presents an overview of the items you have selected for purchase. You can check the information you entered one more time. Select “Change” if certain information is not correct or if you wish to order a different quantity of products. This will present you with links to areas where you can edit your entries. Alternately, you can simply use the “Return” button.

After you have checked the box indicating that you have read and accepted Teufel’s General Business Conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Notice, you can submit your purchase by selecting the “Buy now” button. Selecting this option makes your purchase binding.

You can discontinue the purchase process at any time by simply closing the browser window. The individual pages contain more information such as how to make corrections.

Step 4:
A notification page will inform you that your order has been received. Thank you!

Information regarding the storage of contractual information
Your contracting party is Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH. We save the contract wording. We will send you a confirmation email containing your order information along with our General Business Conditions. For security reasons, your order information is no longer retrievable via the internet after the order has been concluded.
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