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Portable Bluetooth speakers – the wireless revolution

Teufel Audio makes Bluetooth loudspeakers with outstanding sound quality: Clear, transparent and powerful. With Teufel wireless speakers, there’s no compromise. Enjoy the benefits of portable options from small pocket-sized speakers to sonic behemoths capable of filling entire football fields with sound. High-capacity batteries make it possible to enjoy hours of your favourite tunes wherever you happen to be. Of course, Bluetooth speakers are not just for portable use, they make great sound systems for the whole home. The convenience of Bluetooth can be appreciated in the kitchen while cooking or in the bedroom and living room after work. Stream directly from your smartphone or tablet after a simple pairing procedure. Devices that support NFC are even easier to connect. Simply hold you smart device next to the Bluetooth speaker and they will instantly recognize each other.

Which Bluetooth speaker is right for you?

Do you want to throw an outdoor get-together with real party atmosphere? More than the drinks and the food, the music you play will influence how your guests feel. With a Bluetooth speaker from Teufel Audio, you’ll be able to fill the air with clear, powerful sound and punchy danceable bass. Since nearly any smart device can pair with a Bluetooth speaker, your guests can even take turns picking the next song.
Do you want to be able to continue listening to music on your smartphone when you arrive home in the evening? Are you looking for an all-in-one solution or Bluetooth stereo speakers? No matter what your needs, Teufel has the right Bluetooth speaker for you.

  • ROCKSTER – A truly large portable Bluetooth speaker
Let’s start at the top. The ROCKSTER is the largest Bluetooth loudspeaker Teufel Audio makes. In fact, you’ll have to look long and hard to find a portable Bluetooth speaker with this much power, battery life and amazing sound quality. Use it for your next grill party or outdoor get-together. The integrated DJ mixer makes the ROCKSTER a very fun system to use. Along with premium audio hardware and ample power, this large Bluetooth speaker can achieve a professional level of party sound anywhere you need it.

  • BOOMSTER XL – A super-sized next-generation boombox
They say you can’t have enough of a good thing. That’s why Teufel decided to super-size its immensely popular next generation boombox, the BOOMSTER. Larger dimensions make room for an even bigger downfire subwoofer for truly fulminating bass power. With 80 watts, the BOOMSTER XL’s 3-way system can deliver serious sound levels. This is still, however, a very portable speaker, thanks to a handy and very durable carry strap.

  • BOOMSTER – The boombox of the 21st century
The BOOMSTER came, people heard and it conquered. Our next-generation boombox offers portable sound with plenty of power. The simple design features a sturdy carry handle and a splash and dust-proof rubberized cover over the back connection panel. Whether pairing the BOOMSTER with your smartphone to play back the tracks you have stored there or scanning through the local radio stations, the BOOMSTER is incredibly easy to use and offers superior sound quality. Equally suited to home use or camping trips, the BOOMSTER can be plugged in to a power source or powered by its integrated battery.

  • ROCKSTER XS – A hand-held, splash-proof mini sonic wonder
We took the iconic style and powerful sound of our popular giant BLUETOOTH speaker, the ROCKSTER, and shrank it. Because let’s face it, the big ROCKSTER has wheels and practical carry handles, but it’s a big system. Big. You aren’t going to be throwing it into your bag for your next weekend trip. Yet almost no other speaker incorporates the Teufel style and sound ethos as perfectly as the ROCKSTER, which is why we wanted to make it available in a smaller format. Made from solid aluminium and buffered by rubber bumpers as well as a splash-proof cover, the ROCKSTER XS is no dainty device. Take it with you anywhere you need great Teufel sound with having to worry about the odd bump or even bit or rain. A high-performance battery keeps the ROCKSTER XS going for up to 14 hours.

  • BAMSTER – A mini Bluetooth soundbar
An oldie but a goodie, the Bamster was Teufel’s very first portable Bluetooth speaker and remains a best seller. The sturdy solid aluminium enclosure and long slender form make it perfect for fitting into backpacks and luggage. The BAMSTER looks equally stylish positioned in front of your computer screen and makes an excellent PC speaker. Clear sound thanks to the aptX codec and long battery life are attributes that Teufel fans continue to appreciate in this classic among portable Bluetooth speakers.

Technical highlight of portable Bluetooth speakers from Teufel Audio

Bluetooth is an amazingly flexible wireless transmission technology. In recognition of this, product designers at Teufel Audio are always looking for ways to increase the possibilities and sound quality of Bluetooth speakers. One recent innovation is the ability to create a stereo pair with two ROCKSTERS or two ROCKSTER XS speakers. With strong, uninterrupted transmission at up to 10 meters and long battery life, today’s Bluetooth speakers are the ultimate solution for those who value flexibility when it comes to their sound systems. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX codec, Teufel’s Bluetooth speakers play back music in CD quality. The latest features like NFC make it even easier to connect Bluetooth speakers with a source device. Music players can also be connected via 3.5 mm stereo cable and many Teufel systems offer USB charging ports so that your smartphone battery doesn’t run out when you’re away from home.

Construction and workmanship

Clear sound and strong bass are dominant aspects of each construction. Built for an optimal sound experience, Teufel Bluetooth speakers were made to play back all genres of music. Sturdy enclosures mean you don’t have to be afraid to take your Bluetooth speakers with you wherever you go.

Teufel Bluetooth speakers: Award-winning design and sound

Teufel’s portable Bluetooth speakers have been enthusiastically reviewed by countless magazines. The sound and flexibility of each system are features that receive the most praise, a by-product of Teufel’s belief that wireless systems do not have to have inferior sound. Because of this commitment to superior wireless audio, many enthusiastic reviewers have written that the BOOMSTER can easily take the place of an entire hi-fi system. The ROCKSTER, as well, has been praised for its excellent sound quality and earth-shaking bass.

How to order your portable Bluetooth speaker

Teufel takes the risk out of online audio purchases. An 8 week trial period lets you try out your system in your own home. If you decide to keep the system, it’s protected by a generous guarantee. Since you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, you’ll be sure to get the very best price. The Teufel webshop also offers a range of convenient payment options including PayPal.

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