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  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

Perfection squared
Wi-Fi stereo speakers with award-winning sound
Teufel Stereo M
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Why we love this product
These little cubes are the equivalent of an entire stereo system. Superior audio technology in real wooden enclosures powered by 160 watts reveal a whole new dimension of streaming sound: Transparent, powerful and accompanied by deep and precise bass.
Key advantages at a glance
  • Wi-Fi stereo speakers with award-winning sound
  • Double bass reflex system + 160 watts = plenty of power
  • The two identical speakers create an authentic stereo panorama
  • Multi-room enabled system with support for a wide range of audio files, including lossless
  • 2-way coaxial system for fine-resolution, highly precise sound imaging
  • Intuitive controls via free app for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Energy saving standby mode uses less than 1 watt
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Overview of our technologies

Streaming WiFi Raumfeld
Chromecast built-in
Spotify Music Streamingdienst
plug & play
With the Stereo M and now the Stereo Cubes, Raumfeld offers bookshelf speakers with a true stereo panorama. You’ll experience dynamic, room-filling sound with a complex soundstage in which individual instruments can be singled out by their sound as well as their relative positions. And thanks to Raumfeld technology, there's no time delay between the two speakers to disrupt the harmonious sound. Expect utter synchronicity and expansive stereo soundstage.

We are one of the few manufacturers to offer this combination of authentic stereo and high- quality synchronous streaming.

Streaming with an added dimension: Authentic stereo

In spite of its ultra compact construction, our engineers in Berlin managed to endow the Stereo Cubes with a hi-fi sound quality comparable to that of large stereo bookshelf speakers. The progressive double bass reflex system integrates 2 bass reflex vents that enable the larger midrange/bass drivers to achieve deep, punchy bass all the way down to 62 Hz – a solid foundation for music at your next party.

The high and midranges are in a coaxial arrangement. A similar design was used with our high-end floor standing stereo speaker, the Definion 5 (Stereoplay Highlight 9/2013). This arrangement minimizes differences in propagation times and approximates a point sound source. The result: Extremely transparent, precise playback over the entire frequency range.

Streaming providers, internet radio, USB, DLNA, UPnP and more

Listen to music via a wide range of streaming providers as well as music from your home network, a USB storage device, or via DLNA or UPnP enabled devices. You can also stream music directly from your Android or iOS device. In addition, Raumfeld guarantees a selection of constantly updated music providers.

Enjoy the same or different music in various rooms

Thanks to its powerful streaming hardware, the Stereo Cubes can function as the centre of a multiroom setup, thus eliminating the need to purchase a Raumfeld Base which is normally required to synchronize music streams in more than two rooms. The Stereo Cubes are, of course, compatible with all Raumfeld devices.

The Stereo Cubes have high-end wooden enclosures for optimal sound quality and an exclusive feel. The combination of lacquer and brushed aluminum gives the speakers a subtly elegant appearance that looks great just about anywhere. The WiFi antenna is integrated into the enclosure. USB port, Ethernet, and a cinch input are all located in the back.

The Stereo Cubes are delivered as a pair.

Techical Details:
  • Progressive double bass reflex system
  • 2-way coax drivers and bi-amping technology
  • A free Raumfeld app allows you to operate internet radio and online streaming services like Spotify Connect
  • Stream from Android, iOS, home network, USB storage device, DLNA and UPnP
Test the Stereo Cubes in your home for up to 8 weeks without obligation.
With Raumfeld, you can listen to millions of songs on Wi-Fi speakers in hi-fi sound quality. High-end audio components and lossless audio transmission deliver a listening experience that is regularly lauded by technical journals for its outstanding transparency, power and depth.

Selecting and controlling playback is effortless thanks to a free app. No additional devices such as amplifiers or AV receivers are required – simply plug the speakers in, connect to the home Wi-Fi and enjoy. All speakers were designed by experienced acousticians in our Berlin headquarters.
Streaming WiFi Teufel Raumfeld

Music from every source

Raumfeld makes it possible to listen to music from streaming services, internet radio and private collections. All standard audio formats are supported. You can even connect a record player for direct playback and restreaming to other Raumfeld devices!

Multiroom & multi-music

Listen to the same or different music on one or more speakers. You can even stream with an existing system using the Raumfeld Connector network audio player. All Raumfeld devices communicate with each other wirelessly for the ultimate whole home audio experience.
Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld WLAN Multiroom 1

The Raumfeld App

The Raumfeld App is your interface with a world of music. Browse through your own music collection, adjust the volume and equalizer settings on any Raumfeld device in any room and create playlists. You can even set a countdown for when playback should automatically stop thanks to a new sleep timer feature. With the Raumfeld App, the perfect sound is just a tap away.
Teufel Streaming WiFi Raumfeld App


The in-app setup assistant gets your system up and running in minutes. You’ll require: An iOS (version 9 or higher) or Android device and Wi-Fi router. You may also need additional Wi-Fi access points if your Wi-Fi signal is weak.
  Download app

Included components

  • speaker cable (3 m) for Raumfeld Cube
  • power cable for Raumfeld Cubes
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Master
  • Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Slave (Stk.)


Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Master
Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Master
Ultra compact Wi-Fi stereo speaker with a 2-way coaxial system and bi-amping technology as well as a progressive double bass reflex system with large bass drivers for the best possible sound quality. The master speaker contains the amplifier and WLAN module. Connection to the slave speaker is made with a special stereo cable. This ensures that no time delay exists between the speakers.
Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Master
Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
Frequency range from/to 62 - 20000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 28.00 mm
Tweeter (material) fabric
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) fibre glass
Acoustic principle 2-way
Enclosure type vented
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface varnish, matte
Removable front cover Yes
Screw hole diameter 6.00 mm
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Yes
Wifi Yes
Wifi 1
Cinch input stereo 1
6.3 mm jack socket - out 1
USB 2.0 1
MP3 Yes
Apple Lossless Yes
Supported samplingrates up tp 192 kHz (needs high bandwidth)
Miscellaneous supports gapless playback
Internet radio Yes
Maximum number of items 150000
Maximum number of items with Base / Expand unlimited
Infrastructure mode Yes
WLAN Standards 802.11b/g/n
WLAN encryption WPA, WPA2
10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet Yes
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier configuration 2.0
Amplifier channels 2
Maximum output - tweeter channel 45 Watt
Maximum output - bass channel 45 Watt
Maximum RMS output - tweeter channel 40 Watt
Maximum RMS output - bass channel 40 Watt
Multi-room Yes
Power supply voltage 230 volts
Standby-Function Yes
Standby-Power consumption 2 watt
Maximum power consumption 175 watt
Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
Safety class 2
Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
Automatic on/off Yes
Depth 19.50 cm
Width 19.50 cm
Height 19.50 cm
Weight 4 kg
Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Slave (Stk.)
Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Slave (Stk.)
Ultra compact Wi-Fi stereo speaker with a 2-way coaxial system and bi-amping technolgy as well as a progressive double bass reflex system with large bass drivers for the best possible sound quality. The slave speaker connects to the master via a special stereo cable. This prevents any time lapse between the two speakers.
Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Slave (Stk.)
Frequency range from/to 62 - 20000 Hz
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
Tweeter (diameter) 28.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Fabric dome
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Fiberglass
Acoustic principle 2-way
Enclosure type Open
Enclosure material MDF
Enclosure surface Lacquer, matte
Removable front cover Yes
Diameter of the stand screw threads 6.00 mm
Bi-Amping/Bi-Wiring Yes
Stereo jack 6.3mm - in 1
Depth 19.50 cm
Width 19.50 cm
Height 19.50 cm
Weight 3.50 kg

Expert reviews

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio Video Foto Bild
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio Video Foto Bild
"sets new standards in terms of fine resolution"
Audio Video Foto Bild 01/2015
 [O]ffer [...] authentic stereo sound that sets new standards in terms of fine resolution. The elegant Raumfeld system doesn’t just play a bit in the background, it’s wonderfully suited for concentrated music enjoyment.“

With an overall grade of 2.24, the Raumfeld Cubes achieved third place in a comparison test of 11 Wi-Fi loudspeakers.
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of hifitest.de
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of hifitest.de
„[D]ie Cubes [sind] nicht nur "einfach schön" sondern auch einfach zu bedienen. Verbunden mit erstklassigem Sound entsteht so eine echte Alternative für HiFi-Türme.“
hifitest.de 23.07.2014
"Along with all other Raumfeld streaming speakers, the Cube[s] are able to grab just about any music file released on a home network. There are no compatbility issues here.“

"[T]he strength of the Raumfeld system lies in its well thought-out design, the truly advanced multi-room functions (with clients that are served absolutely synchronously) and the intelligent management of network resources for an uncomplicated expansion of the system.”

"[B]oth of the coax drivers playback with precision, and the level stability of these speakers is truly formidable. These two speakers are really a lot of fun, thanks to the app as well as the functionality and sound. For modern people who anyway only listen to digital music files and streams, they present an especially interesting concept.”

"In spite of an ever-increasing range, the Teufel Raumfeld Cubes offer a space-saving solution without compromising on style in any way. And the Cubes are not simply attractive – they are also easy to control. Combined with first-class sound, they amount to a real alternative to hi-fi towers.”
You can read the full review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of fairaudio.de
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of fairaudio.de
"A very subtle exterior belies the many functions as well as the full-bodied sound of Teufel’s Raumfeld Cube."
fairaudio.de 03.2014
"When it comes to setup, flexibility, graphic interface, in short: "user experience“ – I can attest to the following regarding the Cube as well as the accompanying Raumfeld
App: Everything works well and intuitively, even without special networking knowledge.

In addition: The line-in (stereo cinch on the side of the Cube) as well as the A/D converter can be used to transmit digital signals to other Raumfeld devices. This means that even [...] vinyl can be streamed, it even looks nice on a shelf.

The first impression made by the Cube: Fresh and punchy playback! [...] The Raumfeld Cubes can really rock. The books were vibrating on the shelves! [...] When it comes to the upper frequencies, the Cubes are pleasantly restrained and mature [...] The Raumfeld Cubes have plenty of power and render energetic, powerful playback even at volumes well above normal without distortion or unpleasantly harsh tones.

[Test song: "Fade to Grey“]  The Raumfeld Cube built up the song dynamically and brought out [...]  the tonal nuances. Even the stereo image, with sound sources that ping-ponged back and forth within the panorama, succeeded in being clean and stabile.

[Test song: "Blue Ridge Mountains“] I was again surprised by how clean and refined the stereo image was. [...]

[Test concert: Shostakovich, piano concert no. 2][...] Absolute goose bump inducing objects! I was amazing by how richly and cleanly the Cubes were able to create the illusion of an orchester in the room. [...]  Good fun.

Test Conclusion: Raumfeld Cube
Teufel‘s Raumfeld Cube system is an extremely flexible, practical and still amazingly great-sounding solution for multiroom sound.  A very subtle exterior belies the many functions as well as the full-bodied sound of Teufel’s Raumfeld Cube. Setup and connections are child’s play and the app impresses with its functionality, structure, intuitive features, and good design. The sound is especially impressive thanks to a clean and extensive playback and a successfully balanced tone. […]"

Translated from the original German.

You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Area DVD
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Area DVD
"The high-performance amplifier and coaxial arrangement of the drivers allow the Cube to deliver a harmonious performance especially in respect to dimensionality"
Area DVD 27.01.2014
"[...] Different music in each room or the same music in all rooms in party-mode - thanks to multiroom technology, both are possible. The Cube is, of course, compatible with other Raumfeld devices. [...]

The Raumfeld Cube’s enclosure is made from MDF with a matte white lacquer finish. The lacquer is evenly and smoothly applied, the corners of the enclosure are slightly rounded. [...] Grilles cover the front, but expose the tweeter, giving the Cube and chic and modern design. The tweeter is naturally also covered by a grille to protect against bumbs, but one made from metal. [...]

The Raumfeld App is used to configure the system and will guide you through the setup of the new Raumfeld speakers in three steps. [...] The Ramfeld App allows you to access your entire music library and play it in various [...] rooms in your home. [...]

[Test with “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk] The Cubes start out with energy and dynamics and construct a very good stereo image. The impression is especially positive with regards to extensivity and dimensionality. We’ve also discovered that the Raumfeld speakers create a solid foundation and offer a lot of potential in the lower range. The mids are clean with pleasant and distinctive voice reproduction. [...]

The Raumfeld Cubes played the ablum "True North“ by Bad Religion at 24-bit/88.2 kHz. We were again surprised by how well both of these little squares reproduced the drums. Clearly, more structure and volume would be possible; but in spite of this, the Raumfeld speakers bring across a very natural sound and won us over with their excellent dimensionality.

[Test "The Whisper" by Sikk] The track started off with a deep and heavy bass that shouldn’t be played at the maximum level on the compact Raumfeld speakers. Still, they achieve a more than acceptable level with a dry and crisp lower range. The kick also comes across with a rich sound and adds to an authentic total impression. [...]

The Raumeld Cube stereo speakers have a perfect square shape and chic, modern design with solid workmanship. Every the materials – matte lacquer with aluminium elements - lend the speakers an attractive appearance in spite of the not-too-high price of 499 EUR. The high-performance amplifier and coaxial arrangement of the drivers allow the Cube to deliver a harmonious performance especially in respect to dimensionality and an even tone quality at any volume. [...] While with many manufacturers, it would be better to have a degree in network administration, configuration and setup with the help oft he Raumfeld App was a breeze."
You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of audiovision
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of audiovision
audiovision 02/2014
Easy Music Streaming

"500 Euros gets you active loudspeakers with integrated WLAN reception, a USB port, and an analogue audio input. One loudspeaker contains the connections and electronics, the second box is connected to the first with a stereo cable. The loudspeaker has a volume rocker switch. All other functions are controlled via a smartphone app available for Apple and Android phones or the Raumfeld Controller. The download is easily accomplished [...]

The player in the app can work [...] with many file types. A mobile phone, an external hard drive via USB port, shared folders on PCs, network players (NAS) as well as DLNA servers. [...] In addition, the software includes the Internet radio provider TuneIn that offers many stations, a good search function, and podcast support. Music subscription options like Last.fm, Napster, MTV Music and simfy are also included [...]

The coaxial bass reflex construction impresses in spite of its small size: The 13 centimeter drivers deliver powerful playback down to 60 Hertz and reproduce voices and music with a full-fledged sound. In front of this is a dome tweeter protected by a metal grille. Thanks to point source sound dispersion, the sound image is well integrated even at a distance. The sonic die  render a timbre that is warm and balanced with a slight emphasis on the mid tones. [...]

"These [...] little cubes will win you over with their pleasant sound, easy setup, and many connection possibilities. The 500 Euro price is justified in the context of the well-executed total package.”
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of TechFruit
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of TechFruit
“We were surprised quite how wonderful these speakers sounded"
TechFruit 16.09.2015

“[...] here is where Raumfeld really shines. The sound is clear and warm across the frequency range, comparing favourably with a mid-range separates setup. The bass is tight and snappy, making sure you can pick out every note in even the most intricate basslines, the middle is lively, and the top end stays clean and crisp.”

“We were surprised quite how wonderful these speakers sounded, and at their price you would be very hard pushed to find an amp and speaker separates setup that could match them. The fact that they also offer WiFi streaming and connect to all the most popular music streaming services means that if you are in the market for a new audio setup on a budget then the Stereo Cubes should be near the top of your list.”

You can read the full test review here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of hw-journal.de/
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of hw-journal.de/
"[T]he stereo set really rocks at full volume!”
hw-journal.de/ 02.07.2015
A detailed look

"Just as with the Raumfeld One S, the quality of the workmanship proves itself to be truly beyond reproach.”

"The quality of the materials used in the Cubes, [...], is really top notch. The high-quality MDF wood of the cabinet conveys a very pleasant feel.
The polished aluminium accents on the front give the loudspeakers a certain something that underscores their exclusive status.“

Test / soundcheck

"If there’s one thing the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes aren’t it’s the sort of effect enhancer one can hear at any electronics market. Both cubes go about their business cleanly and in sync […]“

"[...] the Cubes deliver a very neutral sound that is little effected by flamboyantly presented low tones.”

"Short and to the point, the stereo set really rocks at full volume!”


"No razzle-dazzle, no distortion, the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes prove themselves to be sonically neutral and ‘honest‘ loudspeakers."

"Added to this is the doubtless high-quality workmanship and choice of materials fort he cabinet as well as their overall lokk and feel and coloring.“

"All-in-all, the Raumfeld Cubes, after the little One S, represent the logical extension of a listening zone as well as the next step in terms of expanding the system from the line up of the German streaming manufacturer.“

"From our side, we give the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes a clear purchase recommendation.”
You can read the full review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Allround-PC
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Allround-PC
Allround-PC 23.04.2015
Design & workmanship

"The product name couldn’t be more appropriate: The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes look like loudspeakers in cube form and measuring 19.5 x 19.5 x 19.5, they display the appropriate dimensions.“

"We like the Raumfeld Stereo Cube’s minimalist and attractive design that makes a very attractive impression thanks to the metal accents [...]“

Characteristics & sound quality

"In terms of the system’s controls, we weren’t [...] able to find any ground for criticism.”

"[...] we weren’t disappointed! The bass playback is first class: The 130 mm midbass drivers reach down deep and produce bass that is punchy and precise without neglecting the midrange. The result is a warm and very pleasant soundstage rounded off by the 28 mm tweeters. These are responsible for the consistently pleasant highs whereby even the fine details can be discerned.”
"[...] listening to music with fun factor!”


“With their sleek, elegant design, they are well suited to any interior and make an especially high-end impression with their metal accents. When it comes to the sound, the Cubes round it all off […] with a warm and distinct soundstage and punchy bass playback. The setup is, as expected, easily accomplished and even the controls made a good impression [...]“
You can read the full test review (in German) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Stereoplay
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Stereoplay
Stereoplay 2015
"Raumfeld & Teufel devices distinguished in the Video, Stereoplay and Audio reader’s choice awards"

"At the start of 2015, all products tested during the previous year by the publications Video, Stereoplay and Audio were nominated for the acclaimed reader’s choice award."

"We’re very happy that the readers of these publications once again chose our products for multiple first and several second place awards. Among them were the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes which was awarded first place in the category “Wireless Speakers.”
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Connected Home
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Connected Home
Connected Home 01/2015
Test result: Very good

Price / performance: Very good
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Stiftung Warentest
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Stiftung Warentest
"The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes won first place in a large comparison test of 14 streaming loudspeaker in the German test magazine 'Stiftung Warentest,' edition 11.2014."
Stiftung Warentest 07.11.2014
The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes won first place in a large comparison test of 14 streaming loudspeaker in the German test magazine 'Stiftung Warentest,' edition 11.2014.  The review emphasized the very good sound quality and ease of use.

You can read the entire test review (in German) at test.de
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of HifiDigital
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of HifiDigital
"Intuitively controlled streaming loudspeakers with a balanced, three-dimensional sound."
HifiDigital 04/2014

"The Cubes are equipped with a 2-way loudspeaker system in a coaxial arrangement. [They have] a standby switch at their disposal that reduces energy consumption to a commendable level of much less than one watt.”

"In our listening room, the Cubes above all impressed us with their amazing three-dimensionality. [...] Tonally, both pairs [The Raumfeld Speaker L and the Raumfeld Cubes] play as if cast from a single mold. This is especially important with multiroom applications. For their tiny enclosure, they sound […]  astoundingly powerful and even reach good depths with their bass. […]

"While setting up our test chain across two listening rooms and an office, we were able to appreciate how well thought out and developed the Raumfeld concept works: Armed with many intelligent and detailed solutions and a self-explanatory setup, we were quickly able to get the system in working order [...]. This system not only offers exceptional sound, but is great when it comes to handling.”


"Intuitively controlled streaming loudspeakers with a balanced, three-dimensional sound. [...] An open system architecture means it works with practically every network.“

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of einsnull
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of einsnull
"The Cubes mean business."
einsnull 04/2014
"The cubically formed loudspekaers are very attractive and use coaxial drivers for sound reproduction. There’s a four channel amplifier in the left loudspeaker. Both of the coaxially arranged drivers are supplied with power via bi-amping technology. The Cubes mean business.“

"Setting up the system is wonderfully easy. One simply needs to push a button. The app then searches the network on its own for clients located there and adds them as playback sources. [...] The Cube and all other Raumfeld streaming devices are thereby able to fish just about any playback material from the network that one makes available there. There are no compatibility problems.”

"[F]rom a technical viewpoint, everything’s in top form: Music files up to a 192kHz resolution and 24 Bit can be played. [T]he strength of the Raumfeld System is in the well though-out controls, the truly advanced multiroom function, [and] the ease with which the system can be expanded. And the app is, naturally, constantly improved.

If you want to quickly play some music you have saved on your smartphone on The Cubes, you can do this at the push of a button. Both of the coaxial systems are point source and the level stability of these speakers is top […] – impressive […]. For contemporary people who anyway only want to listen to audio files and streamed music, they represent an especially interesting concept. […] It’s also a very commendable offer for the money. You Berliners did it again.”

Translated from the original German

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio Video Foto Bild
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio Video Foto Bild
"With their rich, room-filling sound, the Cubes are a very good choice"
Audio Video Foto Bild 04/2014
"It’s barely possible to get more sound with less hardware: Together with a smartphone, these loudspeakers, the Raumfeld Cube from the Berlin manufacturer Teufel, can replace a full-sized stereo system. […]
Quick setup

Connections and setup are easy, in part thanks to good operating instructions […] Integration with the home network can be carried out by cable without the need for additional configurations, or per app. The app is available free of cost for Android and Apple smartphones.
Trouble-free omniplayer

After installation, the app shows various available titles, artists, albums, and playlists under "own music“ in the menu. These can be located on a computer within the home network [or] on a network hard drive […] The Raumfeld speakers aren’t picky about which format the music is in: They play all standard formats like MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA, in addition to less common ones like Ogg and FLAC. Even high resolution (up to 24 bit) poses no problem.
Hidden loudspeakers

One shouldn’t be fooled by the transparent grilles with their golfball sized diameter […] In the middle of the bass membrane of each speaker is a tweeter. This arrangement enables an especially even dispersion. Teufel endows each driver with its own amplifier […]
Supple app

Navigating through the music is effortless and fast, and thanks to an album cover display, it all looks quite nice. The app allows the Raumfeld speakers to be controlled in multiple rooms. According to one’s needs, different music can be played in every room or the same songs everywhere […]
Spacious sound

Those who expect rather thin sound from the Cubes will be pleasantly surprised, because the Cubes sound much larger than they are. […] Voices are reproduced naturally and without colouration, and the bass is amazingly deep and remains crisp and differentiated even at high volumes. One would, in any case, expect much larger speakers with a full sound […]

With their rich, room-filling sound, the Cubes are a very good choice […]  The wide stereo panorama can be counted among its greatest strengths. […]"

Translated from the original German.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Audio
"The set proved itself to be mighty, extensive, and capable of building a strong soundstage"
Audio 03/2014
 "[...] Raumfeld has packed a complete system into a timeless Bauhaus style and calls it – appropriately, enough – the Cube [renamed as The Stereo Cubes]. The Berlin streaming experts have hereby constructed the ultimate space-saving entry level hi-fi drug with the exceptional advantage of being able to play high resolution content with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz with ease.

On top of this, there’s gapless streaming [...] as well as an intuitive and extremely informative control concept that makes child’s play of sophisticated multiroom streaming down to the last detail.  [...T]he truly style conscious can place the Cube on a bookshelf or end table without the wife complaining – it looks that good thanks to its white lacquer enclosure.

As soon as the compact mini speakers are set up, they can be connected to the home network. Within minutes, the Cube will start scanning [...] the music resources available on a NAS  [...].  The Cube can also pull content from smartphones, tablets, or external USB storage devices/pen drives.

Thousands of radio stations via TuneIn expand the offerings. Music streaming services like Napster, Simfy, MTV Rhapsody [...] are included. Everything is controlled with an intuitive and graphically well executed Raumfeld App for iOS and Android. A practical feature is the line input: It not only receives  external analogue signals, but converts them into digital signals and sends them to other Raumfeld devices in the home via the network  [...]

Front-facing double bass reflex vents allow the speakers to be positioned against the wall. Even the neutral tuning without excessive bass has been optimized for this most practical placement option. The internal workings are equally [...]  high-tech. A WLAN antennae – invisible from the outside – ensures fast 802.lln (150 Mbit) streaming, while the ARM Cortex A8 processor ensures fast reactions on the control surface and smooth browsing through music databases or media libraries of up to 150,000 songs. Whether with HiRes music [...] CDs or MP3s, the Cube leaves no acoustic stone unturned.

The song „745“ from Kosheen (Solitude) played with astonishingly breadth. There were no overdone effects in the upper range and the voice reproduction was pleasant, the Cube impressed above all due to its enormous dynamics and directness.  The set proved itself to be mighty, extensive, and capable of building a strong soundstage with Rachmaniovs Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor and had a full-fledged sound that could also be plenty loud when required."

Translated from the original German.
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of HiFi Test Magazine
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of HiFi Test Magazine Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of HiFi Test Magazine
"These graceful streaming loudspeakers combine the faultless functionality of Raumfeld’s streaming architecture with the loudspeaker know-how of Teufel."
HiFi Test Magazine 01/2015
"These graceful streaming loudspeakers combine the faultless functionality of Raumfeld’s streaming architecture with the loudspeaker know-how of Teufel. In this way, one’s own music collection as well as plenty of entertainment from the worldwide web can be directly accessed by the loudspeaker. The result is fine sound with simple and convenient operation.”

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Goldenes Ohr 2015
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Goldenes Ohr 2015
"Golden Ear 2015" <br>1st place in the category "Wireless Speakers"
Goldenes Ohr 2015
Raumfeld & Teufel devices distinguished in the Video, Stereoplay and Audio reader’s choice awards

At the start of 2015, all products tested during the previous year by the publications Video, Stereoplay and Audio were nominated for the acclaimed reader’s choice award.

We’re very happy to report that the readers of these publications once again chose our products for multiple first and several second place awards. Among them were the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes which was awarded first place in the category “Wireless Speakers.”

Translated from the original German.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of SFT Magazin
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of SFT Magazin
"… the Raumfeld system enjoys great popularity in the multi-room segment, especially for all those for whom nothing less than hi-fi will do.“
SFT Magazin 11/2015
*The score refers to the Raumfeld System. The following devices were tested: The Once S, the Stereo Cubes and the Stereo M

"… the Raumfeld system enjoys great popularity in the multi-room segment, especially for all those for whom nothing less than hi-fi will do.“

"All of the components are well made. The solid metal and wood cabinet conveys a luxurious and premium image.”

"As soon as the multi-room system was set up and supplied with music, the sound of the individual components won us over […] completely. The Raumfeld speakers played with a great sense of openness and had a very fine sound. Above all, the Stereo M fully delivered on hi-fi expectations and gave a spirited performance that had a lot of dynamics at its disposal. This also applied to the smaller loudspeakers in the set which sounded very balanced and offered a lot of power for their size.”

Translated from the original German.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of tweak.dk
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of tweak.dk
"totally blown away"
tweak.dk 03.09.2015
I really don't have much to say here today. The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes are just the right music speaker for me, and anyone else looking for explicit and sharp quality sound and a solid bass for the designer living room. I am totally blown away by the Stereo Cubes and even though the price indeed are in the high end I actually find it reasonable. You really do get what you are paying for! I can't do anything else than give the speakers a score of 10 out of 10 and an Editors Choice Award.

    • Incredibly nice and clean design
    • Loads of effect; 160 watts in total
    • Easy to use setup via mobile app
    • Brilliant sound and nicely adjusted bass level
    • Support for TuneIn and Spotify Connect
    • Everything just fits perfectly!


    • I can't really find anything

Score: 10 + Editors Choice Award

You can read the full test review (in Danish) here >
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Trusted Reviews
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes review of Trusted Reviews
Trusted Reviews 15.04.2015
What are the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes?

[...] They're a pair of cube-shaped speakers – one active, one passive – that deliver true stereo sound, which is unusual in the streaming speaker market. But an even bigger selling point is their ability to stream lossless audio formats like FLAC and WAV in their native form, without converting them to lower quality as some streamers do.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – Design

Much like fellow German audio brand Teufel – which acquired Raumfeld in 2010 and has won plenty of plaudits from Trusted Reviews over the years – Raumfeld’s goal is to deliver audiophile sound quality without the wallet-busting prices normally associated with high-end hi-fi, something it achieves by selling products direct to consumers through its website.

And like its stable mate, Raumfeld places an emphasis on high-quality design, which means the Stereo Cubes are both attractive and beautifully made. The robust MDF cubed cabinets sport a tactile lacquered finish and thick rubber feet on the bottom to quell vibrations. At 195mm wide by 195mm deep, they're compact enough to sit on furniture or shelves without much upheaval.

There’s something delightfully Teutonic about the stark styling, rigid lines and striking silk white finish, although if white's not your thing then they also come in black. The front is covered in black cloth with a silver-ringed mesh dome in the centre, behind which lurks a midrange driver and tweeter in a coaxial arrangement (the tweeter sits in the middle of the midrange driver).

A sloping silver panel adorns the bottom of both speakers, but on the active (left) cube it plays host to the volume buttons. The left speaker also features an unlabelled on/off button and two small lights that indicate the power and system status. On the back of the left speaker you’ll find analogue stereo inputs to hook up devices the old fashioned way. If you connect an analogue source to these inputs, the integrated converter turns it into a digital signal that can be sent to other Raumfeld devices in a multiroom setup.

You also get Ethernet and USB ports, the latter allowing you to play music from storage devices. Also on the back are reset and setup buttons, plus a 6.3mm output that sends audio to the Slave speaker using the supplied cable.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – Features

The master Stereo Cube contains the Wi-Fi module and two-channel Class D amplifier, which supplies 80W to each speaker. The speakers use a 28mm fabric tweeter and 130mm midrange driver in a two-way design, alongside a bass reflex system with two vents on the front of the speaker (which you can see if you remove the cloth grille).

The Stereo Cubes support a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG and ALAC, with support for sample rates up to 192kHz (provided your router has the necessary bandwidth) and gapless playback.

You can play music stored in your Android or iOS device or stream it from PCs, NAS drives or other UPnP/DLNA music servers. At the time of writing, Spotify, WiMP, Napster Last.fm and TuneIn radio were available through the app, but Raumfeld is planning to incorporate other services in the future. [...]

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – Setup & Operation

Streaming speakers can be a pain to set up compared with traditional hi-fi systems, but to Raumfeld’s credit the Stereo Cubes are relatively easy to install. You have to download Raumfeld’s app onto your smartphone before you start, which includes a helpful setup wizard that takes you through the process step-by-step.
[…] the app itself is attractive and easy to use. Its clean, logical design and tile-based home screen make navigation a cinch. Operation is slick, and interaction with Spotify is seamless.

Music is arranged into lists with artwork thumbnails at the side and different sorting options at the top. It even downloads pictures of the artists in your library, which is a nice touch. You can search your library by keyword and create playlists. Play a song and it expands to full screen with larger cover art and playback controls.

The app also lets you configure multiroom playback, allowing you to assign different colours, rename speakers and tweak the EQ for each device. You can also swap the speaker channels, or make both play the same channel.

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – Performance

Raumfeld offers an eight-week trial for all its products with a no-quibble returns policy if you’re not happy. But after hearing the Stereo Cubes in action we doubt you’ll take them up on it. The Cubes’ sound is deeply impressive, high on refinement and power with a pleasing balance across the frequency range.
At the bottom end, bass is tight, propulsive and seamlessly integrated. Playing Dutch band Tristan’s 2nd Phase album on Spotify, the Cubes convey the funky, intricate basslines with astonishing agility, locking every pluck tightly to the drum beat. The groove has depth and heft but it’s not overpowering.

That allows other elements of the music to shine through, such as the crisp brass licks and sparkling percussion. Cymbals crash and slide with impressive precision and clarity, without sounding forced or unnatural. We could pick out the rattling edge of every snare drum hit, and vocals have a pleasing tone. The single-point driver arrangement works well in this respect, resulting in a direct and focused sound. Detail clarity gets even better with hi-res music. We streamed a 96kHz/24-bit FLAC file of All Will Surely Burn by Sons of Kemet and the Raumfeld brings the extra detail to the fore, adding vigour to the drumming and a raspy texture to the meandering trumpet solos. The whole thing has a live, in-the-room feel.

And with two Cubes providing a stereo stage, imaging is terrific. Instruments are clearly and accurately organised within the track’s spacious stereo landscape, making sense of the complicated production. The speakers have enough puff to fill a large room, which will serve you well during parties, although they do lose some of their composure when you turn the volume up loud. […]

Should I buy the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes?

With their stark, eye-catching German design and polished sound quality, the Stereo Cubes are an impressive streaming proposition. Hi-res support and multiroom functionality will win them plenty of fans, while the true stereo setup steals a march on similarly priced mono systems.
The price may look steep on paper, but it’s fairly reasonable considering how much some companies would charge for a system of this calibre. [...]


Wireless technology meets stark German design in Raumfeld’s impressive streaming system, which boasts high production values and a polished performance.

You can read the full test review here >
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Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Can I immediately use Raumfeld Speakers and Connectors as UPnP rendering devices?
In order to control a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector via UPnP/AV (e.g. with Windows Media Player) it has to be integrated into a Raumfeld network.

An option to use Raumfeld Speaker and Connector standalone, that means without a connection to the Raumfeld system, is in development.
My devices' wireless signal is permanently low or breaks down frequently
To gain an overview over the signal strength of each Raumfeld devices in your network, open Settings > Network > Network Analysis.

A Loss of WLAN Signal

The constant loss of a device's Wlan signal even at high signal strength is due to interferences with other wireless networks. By changing the Wlan channel, you eliminate this interference and can fix this issue. Should your system contain a Raumfeld Base simply try out different channels as described in the online manual (Modifying of the Channel Setting (Raumfeld Base)) and see if the signal strength becomes steady. Access points from other manufacturers usually offer an according configuration option in their administration interface. 

Alternatively you may contact our service team, which is happy to assist you with the detection of the best channel available.

B Constant Low Signal Strength

If the signal strength of individual wireless devices is constantly beneath 50%, steps should be taken to upgrade the Wlan reception of the device and therewith the music playback reliability. In most cases it is sufficient to reduce the distance or the number of obstacles between your Raumfeld Base and your playback device. Simply check out if the reception increases when positioning the devices at different places.

In general, the less walls and ceilings between the devices, the better the reception is. Thick walls made from concrete or clay brick will especially abate the signal. Often a relocation of a few centimeters is enough to bypass any problems.

Mind the following advice that accounts for both, systems with Raumfeld Base or systems that are run with an access point from another manufacturer:

  • Position the Raumfeld Base or the third party access point you utilise rather high up, on a cupboard for example. Make sure there's some space towards the wall. Do not position the device on the floor or in a corner.
  • If you make use of a wireless phone there may be interferences with the wlan signal. Therefore, do not position the Base or the third party access point you utilise right next to the phone's base station.
  • Set up the devices in a way that ensures there are a minimum amount of obstacles inbetween your access point and the playback device. Avoid setting up the Raumfeld devices in alcoves or behind prominent corners.
  • Make sure there are no large-scale metal bodies between the access point and playback devices (e.g. radiators or fridges)
  • Large plants may also block the signal due to their moisture content and should not be between the access point and playback devices.
 If the reception does not increase after a repositioning we suggest using a standard Wlan repeater or to connect single components of your Raumfeld system with your existing wireless access point (see Connecting of your Raumfeld devices with your personal access point in the online manual). Please contact our service team to find the perfect solution for you.
I’m only able to access the Raumfeld Zones under “available devices“ in my Spotify App. How can I control the individual rooms?
Deactivate the Multiroom Mode for Spotify in the Raumfeld App by switching to the "off“ setting. You will then be able to individually control each device in the Spotify App.
Teufel Streaming (Raumfeld) basics
Would you like to get a comprehensive overview about the possibilities of Teufel Streaming systems? Our Teufel Streaming manual informs you about the basics, operation and integration of music resources. Find out more in the Teufel Streaming handbook: https://manual.teufel.de
I have no more access to the internet radio directory TuneIn in my Teufel Raumfeld app. What could be the reason?
For the further use of the radio service TuneIn, a software update may be required. The update is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. The software can easily be checked and updated:
  1. Start up all devices and opening the Teufel Raumfeld App.
  2. The main menu can now be called up on the app screen by briefly swiping to the right.
  3. First select "Settings" in the main menu, then menu item "System maintenance" and finally "Updates". By simply tapping on the "Check for updates" button, the device will automatically start to search for and download the latest version.
  4. After the download is complete, the update can be re-started by pressing the button again. This takes a maximum of about 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, TuneIn can be used again as usual.
I copied new music to a network share. Why isn't it displayed under My Music?
When you copy new music to a network share you have to manually initiate a rescan in order to see the music on your Controller or in the Raumfeld App, respectively.

In order to do so, go to My Music > Recently Added and tap the button "Update music index" on bottom of the list. Alternatively, visit Settings > Music Resources and activate a scan for new music on the music resource you've copied the music to.

Under Settings > Music Resources there is also an option to make your Raumfeld System check for new music every day. A manual scan is then not necessarily required.
Can different music (Multicast) be played in different rooms?
Multicast (different music in different rooms) is possible with Spotify, but not simultaneously. Due to certain restrictions stipulated by the provider, simultaneous multicast is not possible at the present time.
I use a version 6.0 Android device and am trying to set up my Wi-Fi streaming system. The setup assistant, however, does not continue after the initial screen. How can I proceed?
Make sure that your smart device is signed in to your home WiFi – the same WiFi network you plan to use with your Wi-Fi streaming system. If you are already signed in to your WiFi network, deactivate your smart device’s access to mobile internet for the duration of the setup.
I use an Android device version 6.0 or higher. The music I stream directly from this device drops after a short time. What could be the reason for this?
One reason could be that your smart device is going into standby mode and dropping the connection.

Solution: Add the Teufel Raumfeld app to your standby exception list, also known as your device’s “whitelist.” To do this, go to “Settings” in your Android menu and then “Apps,” “Advanced,” “Battery optimization,” “All apps” and “Raumfeld.”
I can find settings for my subwoofer in the Teufel Raumfeld app. What are these for?
The menu items "subwoofer volume" and "subwoofer crossover frequency" are only stored in the app menu under "room settings" if a Teufel Streaming soundbar is operated over the same Wi-Fi connection. With a soundbar/subwoofer combination, the sound signal is "distributed" to the devices, i.e. the sounbar outputs the higher frequencies and the subwoofer, the lower ones. This signal distribution is defined under the menu item "subwoofer crossover frequency". Installation tips:
  • Leave the crossover frequency on the default setting if you are satisfied with the sound or if the Teufel Streaming subwoofer is located close to the soundbar (recommended).
  • If the subwoofer is placed at the side or at the back of the room, it is possible that the overall sound may no longer be harmonious. In this case, try changing the crossover frequency in the app until you are satisfied with the sound.
  • If, for example, the sound image of the soundbar is too thin, reduce the crossover frequency. If the bass sounds too flat, increase the crossover frequency.
  • You can also adjust the subwoofer volume separately.
Can I use my home cinema with the Teufel Streaming system?
In order to use your home cinema system with your Teufel Streaming system you require a Connector:
  • Connect the analogue or digital output of the Connector to an appropriate input of your home cinema amplifier
  • Connect an analogue output of your amplifier to the analogue input of the Connector
This will allow you:
  • to listen to music from your Teufel Streaming system via your home cinema system
  • to stream the audio signal of TV series or movies into other rooms of your house
Please note that there will be a short delay between video and audio signal when you stream it into other rooms. If you choose to play the audio signal via your home cinema system only, audio playback is of course in perfect sync with the video signal.

Do I need to be experienced with technology (Wi-Fi, SSID, WEP, computers, Internet, programming)?
Knowledge about wireless networks or computer technology is not necessary for setting up or using the Teufel Streaming systems. New devices are added to the system simply at the touch of a button.
I have more than one Raumfeld device and would like to listen to Spotify in the multiroom mode. How does this work?
First check that you have a valid subscription for Spotify Premium. You will also need to have both the Raumfeld and Spotify apps installed on your smart device. Now, open the Raumfeld App and tap on the Spotify symbol under music services or on the home screen. Activate the multiroom mode for Spotify by sliding the switch to the “on” position. Once activated, you can select the rooms where you wish to stream music. These will appear in the Spotify App as Raumfeld Zones.
I want my Raumfeld speakers to use less energy when no stream is playing. Does Raumeld offer an automatic standby mode?
It’s possible to activate a standby mode with all Raumfeld speakers starting with generation 2. To activate this mode, go to the room settings in the app, then select the speaker you would like to configure and “automatically activate standby” from the dropdown menu. Here you will be able to activate “ON” or “Off.” The device’s energy usage in the standby mode will be even lower than the standards mandated by the EU.
Is it possible to reinstall the firmware of a Raumfeld device ("flashing")?
Should one of your Raumeld devices no longer react even after you've disconnected the power and restarted the device, you may reinstall the device's firmware and thereby reset it to factory defaults.

Please note that when reinstalling the firmware all device settings are lost. 

Here you will find advice on reinstalling the firmware of the following devices: 
Reinstalling the firmware in our online manual
Can I connect USB storage to the Raumfeld system?
Music that is stored on USB sticks or USB hard disks will be added to your Raumfeld music collection if the storage device is connected to the host of your Raumfeld system.In a system with a Raumfeld Base the Base is the host. In a system without a Raumfeld Base you may set the host device yourself under Settings > Network > Host Configuration.
USB storage devices that are connected to another Raumfeld device than the host can not be integrated as music resources.Please also note that apart from USB sticks, first-generation Speakers, Ones or Connectors support usb hard disks with their own power supply only. This constraint does not apply to second-generation devices, e.g. Connector 2.

Supported Formats
USB storage devices with the following formats are supported:
  • FAT16 / FAT32
  • NTFS
  • HFS / HFS +
  • EXT2 / EXT 3 / EXT 4
In a few cases problems with USB 1.0 storage has been reported. We therefore suggest to use USB 2.0.
Can I use my iTunes library with Raumfeld?
You may use your iTunes music and playlists in the Raumfeld system. There are several alternatives to do this:

All systems:

Sharing of the iTunes music and playlists on a network share

Your iTunes music and playlists remain on your computer and Raumfeld accesses the files via the network. Please note that they are only available if the computer is turned on.

Alternative methods for systems with a Raumfeld Base:

Copying of iTunes music and playlists onto the Raumfeld Base
Your iTunes music and playlists correspond to the status in iTunes at the time of copying onto the Raumfeld Base. However, you have the option to copy the data again at a later time in order to thereby update it.

Use of the Raumfeld Base as the iTunes Media folder location
Your music library is centrally stored on the Raumfeld Base and iTunes accesses it via the network. Provided that your computer is connected to the home network you will feel no difference to using your iTunes with a locally-stored media library. This method is therefore particularly suitable for desktop computers. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-music-resources.html
Can I listen to the radio on my Raumfeld System?
Yes, via the online service "TuneIn".
Raumfeld offers an equalizer function but I can’t find it in the app. How can I access the equalizer?
The Raumfeld Equalizer has been given a different location within the app. You can now access the sound settings directly via the volume menu.
Does Raumfeld support gapless playback?
Since version 1.2 Raumfeld plays back music gaplessly. That means there is no audible pause between two titles what isn't included into the original recording.
What is special about Teufel Streaming (Raumfeld) compared other multi-room audio products?
Teufel Streaming offers outstanding sound quality. Thanks to roots in the professional audio sector, Teufel Streaming prioritises sound quality above all else. That becomes manifest in the whole audio processing chain - from the usage of high-class audio components to the point of the perfect adjustment of all components to each other.
Teufel Streaming is easy to use, thanks to the development by usability experts and constant consultation with users. Whatever function you want to use you will always reach your goal within a few steps.
Teufel Streaming is complete. Teufel Streaming is a complete multi-room audio system. Third party devices (speaker, data storage, computers) are not necessary in order to use Teufel Streaming.
Which music file formats are supported by Teufel Streaming (Raumfeld)?
Supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, ASF, M4A containing AAC or Apple Lossless
Compatible playlist formats: WPL, M3U, PLS, iTunes playlists
Please note that there may be structural bottlenecks in the Wi-Fi transmission of lossless formats. If your music library consists mainly of very large FLAC, Apple Lossless or WAV files, we recommend connecting your Teufel Streaming host device via network cable or using the optional Raumfeld Expand. 

Which speaker is on the left, which one on the right?
In order to allow you to position your speakers perfectly within your room, you can choose which of the two speakers you want to control with the left stereo signal, and which with the right. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-setup-configuring-of-devices.html
How can I add album artwork to my music library?
There are different ways to add album artwork to your music library in order to see them on your Teufel Controller:
  • Embed the artwork within the music file
  • Save the artwork in the album's folder
Also, if your Teufel Streaming system is connected to the Internet, missing artwork will be added automatically (if they can be found on the online music service Last.fm).

Embedding the artwork in the music file

Most media players and special "tagging" applications can be used to embed album artwork in music files.

Saving the cover in the album's folder

If all tracks of an album are stored in their own folder you can simply move the artwork image file to that folder. The Teufel Streaming system will then associate the image file with the album.

Supported image formats, size and resolution

We recommend the usage of JPEG images (300x300 pixels, 72 dpi).

Of course, other image formats (PNG, GIF) and sizes are also supported.
How can I connect a CD or MP3 player?
Raumfeld playback devices come with an analogue audio input (cinch) for connecting your CD or MP3 player, iPhones, iPods etc. The input signal may be played back directly via the connected Raumfeld device, or you may stream the signal to other rooms.

Most MP3 players may additionally be connected to the Raumfeld Base via USB. Should your system not contain a Raumfeld Base you may connect the MP3 player via USB to your Speaker or Connector. 

Please note: As the music library on iPods and iPhones is not directly accessible for third party manufacturers, iPods and iPhones can only be connected via their analogue audio output.
How can I delete imported playlists?
In order to delete imported playlists from the music database you have to delete the corresponding playlist file on the music resource:
  • Use your file management application to navigate to the folder that contains the playlists file (.wpl, .m3u, .pls oder iTunes Music Library.xml). It doesn't matter if it is stored on the Raumfeld Base, USB storage or a network share.
  • Delete the playlist file
If the playlist file was stored on your Raumfeld Base or an attached USB storage your music collection will be updated automatically within a few seconds. Hence, the playlist will no longer be displayed under Playlists > My Music.

If the playlist file was stored on a network share, you have to manually initiate a rescan of the network share in order to see the changes in Playlists > Imported. Find out more: https://manual.teufel.de/en/online-manual-scanning-of-music-resources.html.
How can I import my existing playlists into the Raumfeld system?
The following playlist formats are imported into the Raumfeld system and displayed under Playlists > Imported:
  • iTunes Playlists (iTunes Music Library.xml)
  • Windows Playlists (*.wpl)
  • M3U Playlists (*.m3u)
  • PLS Playlists (*.pls)
In order to import your existing playlists into the Raumfeld system, simply save the corresponding playlist files on a USB storage device, a shared folder or the Raumfeld Base (see also music resources).
How synchronous is the playback of multiple players?
When only Raumfeld devices are grouped in a music zone, they offer perfect synchronisation (less than 5-millisecond phase displacement).  This means that you can use multiple speakers in one room without hearing an echo or hall effect.

Third party UPnP/AV internet radios that are operated with Raumfeld may have less than perfect synchronisation. When positioned in different rooms, however, there is still no echo to be heard.
How do I tag my music collection? Which tagging formats are supported?
To get relevant title information such as the artist or album name of a title, the media server uses the metadata - or tags - of your music files. So in order to browse your music collection by artist, album, or genre, the music files must be tagged accordingly. You can find out more about how to do so at: https://manual.teufel.de/en/faq.html?produkt=1913#faq9
What is the maximum number of rooms that can be filled with sound?
This strongly depends on the Wi-Fi performance. If you have three or more speakers, you should connect the host to your router using an Ethernet cable.
I want to save a Chromecast stream on the direct selection keys (not applicable to all devices). How can I do this?
For technical reasons, it is not possible to store Chromecast streams on the direct selection keys.
Ich streame Musik direkt aus dem Chrome-Browser. Die Wiedergabe ist jedoch manchmal verzerrt oder setzt kurz aus. Was kann ich dagegen machen?
The most frequent cause of distortion and drops in playback is insufficiently fast data transfers from the PC to the WiFi speaker. Data transfer rates can be affected by the WiFi router and the internet connection. We recommend enhancing the performance by increasing the WiFi signal strength in the vicinity of your PC and speaker.
The Teufel Raumfeld app setup wizard does not find a device after pressing the setup key on the back of the device. The display shows "Searching for device..." or "No device found". What can I do?
There are many reasons why a Teufel Streaming device may not be found during setup, i.e. when the app displays the notifications "Searching for device“ or "Not found”. The following will cover the most likely causes as well as possible solutions.

1) It’s possible that your home Wi-Fi is unable to recognise the device due to certain settings on your Wi-Fi router.

Solution: You can enable your Wi-Fi to recognise the device by directly connecting the Teufel Streaming device to your router via Ethernet cable and repeating the setup process.

2) Other active network devices may prevent your Wi-Fi router from recognising the device. Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or Wi-Fi network for the duration of the Teufel Streaming setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your Wi-Fi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

3) The use of switches, repeaters and additional access points within your home Wi-Fi network can hinder device recognition. Solution: Either restart all additional network devices or turn off these devices for the duration of the setup process.

4) If you use a cordless phone over a landline (DECT) and have this phone in the vicinity of your router or Teufel Streaming device, it may be disrupting your Wi-Fi signal. This is because both DECT and Wi-Fi use the same 2.4 GHz signal.

Solution: Relocate your DECT base station or switch off your DECT telephone for the duration of the setup process.
The Teufel Raumfeld app indicates an error after selecting the Wi-Fi and entering the network key (Wi-Fi password). What could be the reason for this?
If you're using a smart device with the Android operating system version 5.X (Lollipop), the problem could caused by two possible smart device settings:

1) The setting "Smart network change" switches the smart device to the mobile network whenever the WiFi signal becomes too weak. Since Teufel Streaming requires a continuous Wi-Fi connection, this setting cannot be used.

2) The "Auto IP Support" function determines when the home Wi-Fi network does not support DHCP (the automatic assignation of a network address). Although a very useful feature, Auto IP Support cannot be used with the Teufel Streaming system. This is because Teufel Streaming devices need to be assigned an IP from the router in order to independently communicate with the home network and internet.

Solution: The Android functions "Smart network change" and "Auto IP Support" should be deactivated. Next, ensure that your router allows for DHCP and then repeat the setup process.
Die Teufel Raumfeld App zeigt einen "Hoppla"-Hinweis unmittelbar nach der Raumnamen-Vergabe. Im Display steht "Gerät wird konfiguriert". Woran kann dies liegen?
Other devices in your WiFi network may be preventing the Setup Assistant from completing the setup process.

Solution: Deactivate all devices (such as smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, AV receivers, media servers) that use your LAN or WiFi network for the duration of the setup process. Before beginning a new setup process, be sure to restart your WiFi router and complete the setup using a single smartphone.

Please note that the processes carried out during the notification "Configuring device..." may take a few minutes to complete. We therefore ask for patience in order to ensure that the setup is indeed experiencing difficulty completing and that your smartphone does not go into standby mode.
Während der Einrichtung muss das WLAN-Passwort eingeben werden, damit Ihre Geräte im Heimnetzwerk angemeldet werden können. Was kann ich machen?
Check that the password you entered is still current. Make sure that you are not using the password for your SIM card, Google account, music service or other account. Teufel Streaming requires the password for your home WiFi. This is sometimes also called the "network key".

Tip I: You'll often find your WiFi password / network key on the back of your WiFi router. As long as this password has not been changed, it should still be valid.

Tip II: The auto correct function in your smart device may be changing the characters you enter. We therefore recommend switching off this auto correct function.
During setup, the Wi-Fi network via which the system is to be integrated in the future must be selected in the app. However, my home network is not listed in the selection list. What could be the reason?
The following are a few reasons why your Wi-Fi network may not appear in the list presented in the app:

1) If the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network is only 30% or less where you are holding your phone, it will not appear. Since the system requires a signal strength greater than 30% in order to function without drops in playback, only networks that offer this minimum signal strength will be displayed.

Solution: Increase the signal strength of your Wi-Fi signal and/or find a better place for your device.

2) It’s technically possible to hide a Wi-Fi network. This option is usually offered in a Wi-Fi router’s settings. If you’ve selected this setting option, your home network will not be displayed within the app.

Solution: Make sure that the Wi-Fi is set to "visible“.
Während der Einrichtung zeigt die App die Meldung "Router inkompatibel" an. Woran kann das liegen?
There can be many reasons for the notification "Wi-Fi router is incompatible”. The most common reasons for this notification have to do with router configurations affecting your home WiFi which can be changed. The following are the most common WiFi settings that may be the cause:

1) The function DHCP (the automatic assignment of a network address) is not switched on. This prevents the Raumefld device from registering with the home WiFi network.

Solution: Activate the DHCP function in your home WiFi router’s settings. Tip: Some manufacturers list DHCP as a feature with names like “Reject unknown devices”. Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

2) A so-called Mac filter is switched on in your router. This filter prevents the registration of unknown devices which includes all devices not already using the WiFi network.

Solution: Deactivate the Mac filter for the duration of the setup process or add your device to the router’s list of known devices. Note: Some manufacturers refer to the Mac filter with names like "Only allow known devices.“ Contact the manufacturer of your router if you are unsure what this feature is called.

3) The router is blocking direct communication (the exchange of data) between two or more devices connected to the same WiFi network. Known as “client isolation,” this setting is often preconfigured, especially with guest network access.

It requires direct communication in order to receive information (such as when you press "play“) from your smartphone. The client isolation setting is often overlooked as it does not prevent a device from accessing the internet.

Solution: Do not use a guest WiFi access for your device; deactivate the client isolation feature.

Note: Some manufacturers refer to client isolation under different names. It may also be a preconfigured part of a security level you have chosen for your WiFi network. Contact the manufacturer of your router for more information.
One advantage of streaming with Chromecast is that you can continue to use your usual music app. How can I check if my apps already support Chromecast?
Chromecast built-in already supports 100+ apps, including many popular music services, and works with the Chrome browser. You’ll find an exact overview of all Cast-enabled apps here:


Tip: If you didn’t find your app on this list, you may want to contact the provider directly and ask when Chromecast will be integrated. In the meantime, you should have no trouble finding an alternative from the large selection of Chromecast-enabled apps.
Ich habe eine eigene Sammlung von Musik mit hoher Qualität und möchte diese über eine Chromecast unterstützende Musik-App abspielen. Wieso werden mir die Titel nicht anzeigt?
Chromecast built-in can stream CD-quality audio up to 48 kHz. If your collection has a higher sampling rate, you can stream it via the Teufel Raumfeld App.
I also want to use Chromecast's multi-room function and stream to multiple speakers at the same time. How can I do this?
Multi-room streaming is also possible with Chromecast. To do this, create a grouping of speakers within the free Google Home app which you will need to install on your smart device. You can name created groups on the app.

After you create and name your groups, they will appear alongside individual Cast-enabled speakers in your music app.

Google Home App (Play Store)

App Store iOS
I use the Spotify app to stream to my speakers. I don't see any or not all of my Chromecast speakers under "Available devices". What could be the reason?
In order to stream with Chromecast built-in, you’ll need the most recent version of the Spotify App. We recommend updating your app and trying again. Please note that you will also require a Spotify premium account in order to stream to your speakers.
I like watching YouTube videos. Can I now use Chromecast to wirelessly output the sound of YouTube videos while watching them?
The wireless transmission of audio content from YouTube is possible with the following:

1: A computer running on either the Windows 10/8.1/8/7 32 bit, Mac OS X 10.9 (or higher) or Linux operating systems.

2: A current version of the Chrome browser. You can download the most recent version here:

3: The Chromecast built-in extension for the Chrome browser (if not already integrated)

4: A least one Teufel Streaming device with Chromecast built-in registered to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer using the Chrome browser

Begin a YouTube video. Select the “streaming” option from the “more” menu in the Chrome browser. This will call up a menu displaying all Teufel Streaming devices in the network that can play back the audio.

  • The video displayed on your screen and audio from your speaker may not be in perfect sync.
  • It is not currently possible to directly cast audio from the YouTube app for iOS or Android.

Tip for Android users: You can stream audio from the YouTube app on Android devices using the Android mirroring function. To do so, simply complete the following steps:

Step 1: Install the “Google Home App” and open the menu on the left side.

Step 2: Tap on the option “Screen/Audio streaming” and select the Teufel Streaming device you wish to cast audio to. An active connection will be displayed in your smartphone’s status bar.

Unfortunately, this option is not currently available for smart devices operating on iOS systems.

Step 3: Switch back to the YouTube App and start a video as you normally would. The audio will play from the Teufel Streaming device you just selected.

Please note that the picture and audio may not be in perfect sync.
Ich verfüge über eine sehr große eigene Musiksammlung. Seit ich das Update mit Chromecast built-in durchgeführt habe, reagiert das System öfter nicht. Was kann ich dagegen unternehmen?
The processing of a large number of music files requires Teufel Streaming system resources. This is normal and comparable to a computer that has multiple programs running at the same time. For most music libraries, this does not pose a problem. For exceptionally large libraries, however, such as those in the terabyte range, the system might be strained to a point where normal streaming is compromised.

Solution: Restart all Teufel Streaming devices and deactivate Chromecast built-in.
Der Stream auf meine Teufel Streaming Geräte über Chromecast beginnt erst nach langer Wartezeit oder startet gar nicht. Woran kann das liegen?
There are many possible reasons why your music stream doesn’t start or only begins after a long delay. The following are the most common causes:

1) Chromecast built-in functionality can vary between providers. It’s therefore important to abide by the instructions given by the provider for using this technology. For instance, some request that users first cast and then start an audio stream while others recommend the reverse order of actions. If you are unsure whether you are casting correctly, please ask your app’s service team for assistance.

2) It can take around 20 seconds or even longer in some cases for a stream to be processed. Contact the provider of the music or audio service you use to learn more.
How can I tell if my Teufel Streaming/Raumfeld devices are compatible with Chromecast built-in?
Chromecast is supported by Teufel Streaming / Raumfeld devices which have a Raumfeld logo on the front panel and no external Wi-Fi antenna on the rear panel. Chromecast is also supported by the Raumfeld Soundbar / Sounddeck and the Teufel Sounddeck Streaming / Teufel Soundbar Streaming.
Wie kann ich das Chromecast built-in für aktivieren?
Chromecast built-in can be activated on your Teufel Streaming device once it has updated its firmware to version 1.60 and actualised the Teufel Raumfeld App (iOS/Android). The app will then automatically display the presence of Chromecast-enabled devices present in the network.

Manual activation can also be completed at any time in the Teufel Raumfeld App’s menu under “Music services”.
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
How can I install software updates?
All Raumfeld devices regularly connect to the Raumfeld update service to look for updated software versions. If updates are available you can easily install them at the push of a button.

Hence your components keep up to date and you can benefit from advancements in the latest software releases.

Since Raumfeld software version 1.3 it is also possible to install updates via a USB stick. This enables you to apply updates without an internet connection.

Of course we also provide continuous updates of the Raumfeld App for your smartphone. These updates are distributed via your smartphone's app store.
My USB storage is not recognised
Connected to the Raumfeld Base
When USB storage is attached to the Base your Raumfeld system will automatically begin to scan for new music. You can follow the scan progress under Settings > Music Resources. The following are possible causes as to why your USB storage may not be automatically found:

A) The file system of the disk may not be compatible. We support the following formats:

  • FAT16 / FAT32
  • NTFS
  • HFS / HFS+
  • EXT2 / EXT3 / EXT4

B) We seldomly have had reports of issues with USB 1.0 devices. We therefore recommend using devices that support USB 2.0.

Connected to a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector (System without Raumfeld Base)
USB storage that has been connected to a Raumfeld Speaker or Connector can only be used for playback in the Raumfeld system if the device is configured as the Raumfeld Host (see Network in the online manual).

Please also note that for first-generation Speakers and Connectors, apart from USB sticks only USB 2.0 storage with its own power supply or USB sticks are supported. These constraints do not apply to second-generation devices, e.g. Connector 2.
Can I control the Raumfeld System from an iPod Touch or iPhone?
The Raumfeld Controller App turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a full controller for your Raumfeld multi room audio system. It is available free in the app store.
What is the difference between active and passive speakers?
An active speaker contains the amplifiers for the pair of speakers. You can easily recognise it as it also holds the power connector and the Wi-Fi antenna. The passive speaker is connected to the active speaker via a speaker cable.
Is it possible to combine several pairs of speakers in larger rooms?
If you want to provide a particularly large room with music, you can easily set up several Teufel Streaming speakers in one room. The Room Configuration settings allow you to assign multiple devices to a single room so that you can easily control music selection and volume.
Which Spotify subscription plan do I need in order to stream music (on a single device or in a multiroom setup) from Spotify to my Raumfeld device?
In order to listen to Spotify with your Raumfeld speakers, you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium. Due to certain restricitons stipulated by the provider, the free account is not sufficient to stream with the system. You can learn more about Spotify Premium here
I activated my iPhone/iPad as a resource in Raumfeld. However, it frequently is displayed as being “offline” even though it’s logged in to the Wi-Fi. What causes this to happen?
This can occur when multiple mobile devices are used with Raumfeld at the same time. The iPhone/iPad goes offline after 10 minutes if not in use. This conserves the battery on the iPhone/iPad.

Solution: If the resources are offline, simply open the Teufel Reumfeld app on the device from which you would like to stream digital content.
Welches Netzwerk-Protokoll (SMB) muss ich einstellen, wenn Teufel Streaming auf Musik, gespeichert auf Netzlaufwerken oder in Ordnerfreigaben zugreifen soll?
With network protocol SMB1 Teufel Streaming recognises music files on network drives or folder sharing the best. Set the SMB1 protocol in the properties of your computer or /NAS to listen to music via Teufel Streaming.
The individual titles of my compilations are each displayed as their own album
Compilations or soundtracks are normally composed of various artists. In order to display them as a complete album, the tracks of a compilation must be grouped.

There are many different methods of accomplishing this, assuming that the same album name, or Album Tag, is assigned to all tracks. 
  • Assign the name of the compilation's producer to the tag Album Artist. Use "Various Artists" if the producer's name is unknown.
  • If you use iTunes, you may select for every song that they are Part of a Compilation under Get Info > Info.
  • As long as the album is stored locally on the Raumfeld Base, a network drive or USB storage, it is sufficient to simply save the music files in the same folder. Make sure, however, that only music files pertaining to the compilation are stored within this folder.
In order to edit your music collection's tags, we recommend the following programs:

Media Players
  • iTunes (Windows, Mac OS; only supports MP3, AAC, M4A, Apple Lossless)
  • Windows Media Player (Windows; only supports MP3)
  • Winamp (Windows; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WAV)
Special Tag-Editors
  • MP3-Tag (Windows; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WAV)
  • MusicBrainz Picard (Windows, Mac OS, Linux; supports the same formats as Raumfeld except for WAV)
What is the advantage of bi-amping/bi-wiring?
Bi-amping means that the speaker can be operated by two amplifiers at the same time, or by a bi-amping-capable AV receiver. This enables the different chassis (for the treble mid-tone and bass range) to be individually supplied with one signal. Among other things, this could increase the sound performance of a speaker.

Bi-wiring states that the corresponding speaker can be controlled at the same time with two different speaker cables, meaning via separated input sockets for the treble and mid-tone range on one hand, and for the bass range of the frequency switch on the other. This could improve the sound even more. Bi-wiring is the prerequisite for bi-amping.
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