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Room size

High levels of sound pressure

The bigger the screening area for your movies is the more sound pressure your home theatre system will need to build up. At the time of selecting your loudspeaker system, please take a few factors into consideration: the size of the room, the type of movies you enjoy watching and your preferred volume for the soundtracks. Only after careful consideration will you be able to choose the right setup for your needs.

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Extremely high levels of sound pressure
The rich bass sounds created by explosions or earthquakes, which are commonplace in action movies nowadays, are obviously quite distinct from the tones of a viola. To make these bass frequencies tangible, cinemas install huge subwoofers that are capable of handling the tremendous levels of bass sound remixed by sound engineers. It’s the only way to make these low sound pressure levels seem authentic. It’s not necessary to go to such extremes for playback on hi-fi equipment, because the frequency range of natural instruments generally only dips as low as 30 Hz and does not contain any extreme sound pressure levels in this area.

However, directors are interested in reproducing their subjective impression of the deep bass energy in both cinemas and home theatres. And loudspeakers need to fulfil these expectations. That’s why systems for cinemas and home theatres need to handle extremely high levels of sound pressure spread over the entire frequency range. It makes no sense to use a loudspeaker that is ideal for the hi-fi segment with relatively perfect sound quality because it would be hopelessly overtaxed with an ‘explosive’ movie.