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Sales Area

  • Upstairs

    Impressive Teufel sound as far as the ear can hear: discover Bluetooth speakers, headphones and soundbars!
  • Downstairs

    You’ll find Teufel’s home cinemas, gaming and streaming loudspeakers where David Bowie once partied in the former West Berlin club, “Linientreu”.


  • Cinema 1

    Our demonstration cinema is fully equipped with Dolby Atmos surround and is acoustically optimised to allow you to evaluate our home cinema systems on every level.
  • TV sound

    Experience a range of TV sound systems in a relaxed atmosphere until you find the perfect loudspeakers for your living room.
  • Gaming

    Is your sound keeping up with your game? Come and test Teufel’s multimedia sound systems for the most realistic effects and immersive experience.
  • Stereo

    Music lovers can enjoy their favourites artists under perfect acoustic conditions. Test a variety of stereo speakers until you find the one you love.
Teufel Flagshipstore

Sound Lab

The sound lab, where our products are tested and fine-tuned, is located right here in the Flagshipstore. Watch the process of perfection firsthand!
Teufel Flagshipstore - Team


The whole team is brought together by a common purpose: Great sound. This unifying passion is our inspiration which we’re happy to share with you.