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sound pressure reserves

High sound pressure levels

The larger the room in which a home cinema system is situated, the greater the sound pressure levels the system will have to master. In general, it’s important to consider room size, the type of movies one enjoys, and the typical volume levels one is accustomed to hearing. All of these variables are vital when deciding which home cinema system to buy.

Extremely high sound pressure reserves

Explosions or earthquakes in action films explode with amazing power: This is what one experiences in movie theaters. In order to recreate the same feeling at home, a subwoofer is needed. Hi-fi systems do not usually include this type of dedicated bass loudspeaker since most instruments do not reach depths below 30 Hz and do not require high pressure levels at very low frequencies. In movies, especially actions films and horror movies, however, very low frequencies are mixed into soundtracks to convey menace and power and these need to be accurately reproduced by a home cinema system. 

Which set is right for your room size?

A music system for home cinema sound need to be optimized for your room size in order to enjoy the best result. The following is a handy guide for matching Teufel Audio’s range of speakers and surround sound systems with room size.

When calculating room size, it’s important to only include the acoustic area. Any bordering spaces such as breakfast nooks or alcoves should not be added to the space. Rooms with especially high ceilings measuring over 3.5 meters should have their square meters multiplied by a factor of 1.5.

Specifications for recommended room size are meant to determine the maximum possible undistorted volume a system will be able to produce in a space. They will not help determine the quality of the playback itself. In this way, Teufel Audio’s Concept E Digital can achieve a perfectly acceptable volume in a 30 square meter room; the System 5 THX Select will, however not only fill the room with sound, but with sound of an extremely high calibre. For this reason, the System 5 THX  Select is also more expensive.

It’s important to note that recommended room sizes stipulate the largest possible room size for a given system. It is, for instance, always possible to use a system recommended for a 50 square meter room in one measuring 25 square meters without brooking any acoustic compromises.

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