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Sound systems to suit all needs

  • Teufel PC speakers improve the sound on the computer
  • Complete home cinema systems with Blu-ray player
  • Compact stereo systems with high sound quality
  • Home cinema speaker sets for perfect surround sound

Technology is becoming an important part of everyone’s life both at work and at home. There are many benefits, not least of which is the ability to transform your living room into a fabulous home cinema. If you opt for an “active” system, you won’t even require an amplifier. Simply connect the system directly to your 5.1 DVD player, TV, or PC if it has a sound card enabled for surround sound. Your favourite films will be transformed into unforgettable experiences, and computer games will take on a whole new level of intensity.

A 5.1 sound system consists of:

  • Main speakers – left and right
  • A centre speaker
  • Surround speakers – left and right
  • A subwoofer (bass)
Home cinema sound systems

Many people would rather watch movies in the comfort of home instead of the cinema. There are also an increasing number of high-end television shows produced for home viewing that employ sophisticated sound effects. This makes it more worthwhile than ever before to invest in a home cinema system. In order to fully experience the sound from your favourite movies and shows as the audio engineers intended, you’ll want to make sure that your system is a good one.

Movies are more than just visual and intellectual experiences. They should speak to our emotions – make us feel, and make our hearts beat faster. True-to-source, dynamic, and immersive sound are key to unlocking a film’s true intensity. At Teufel Audio, you’ll find surround sound speakers in all shapes and sizes from imposing aluminum columns to compact systems with Blu-ray receivers. All of our systems, however, share one essential feature: Great sound.

All-in-one sound systems

Teufel also offers a number of stereo systems that come complete with CD players/radio receivers which do not require the purchase of an additional amplifier. This is practical for many reasons: You’ll know that all the components are perfectly aligned, and Teufel’s complete systems always cost less than the purchase of the individual components. Teufel also offers a wide range of PC and multimedia systems that do not require the purchase of any additional amplifiers or A/V receivers. These flexible systems can also be used to enhance television or gaming sound.

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