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  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set
  • Cinebar 50 Set

Cinebar 50 Set

A revolution in flat-screen TV sound
Slender loudspeaker, virtual surround sound from one device
Cinebar 52 THX
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Key advantages at a glance
  • Slender loudspeaker, virtual surround sound from one device
  • Separate subwoofer, 250 mm bass driver for massive bass
  • 350 watt RMS - extreme improvement to flatscreen TV sound
  • Plug and Play - easy to install, no room measurements required
  • 5 audio inputs (2x digital, 2x analogue, 2x USB) and remote
  • Recommended for spaces up to 35 sqm.

Overview of our technologies

PC Gaming
dts Digital Entertainment
Dolby Pro Logic II
All-in-one system

Cinebar® 50 improves your TVs sound quality dramatically. There's more, though. This fully fledged sound system supports the Dolby Virtual Speaker technology and can be used for DVD, Blu-ray, satellite/premiere/DVB-T-decoder playback, in stereo and spatial sound.

Modern flat screen televisions have plenty of advantages. Sound quality, however, isn't often one of them. Enter the Cinebar® 50, an elegant and complete solution which will outclass any flat screen's flimsy factory sound. Enjoy improved dialog renditions, dynamics, higher volume, and spatial acoustics surround sound.

Spatial sound from a single speaker
You'll be astonished when you hear the Cinebar® 50's virtual spatiality. That's because the system features the Dolby virtual speaker technology developed over years of meticulous research and development. It processes sound signals in a very special way, distributing them over the built-in speaker chassis. The resulting sound nearly replicates standard five-speaker surround sound.

Compromise-free integration
Cinebar® 50 is an ensemble. It's the simplest way to upgrade your flat-screen's sound without having to assemble an entire loudspeaker system in your living room. Power reserves of 350-watts RMS make this one of the highest-performing systems of this class available today. Save space and skip the hassle without compromising sound quality. Teufel makes it possible.

Included components

  • Soundbar Cinebar 50
  • Mono RCA cable for Cinebar 50
  • Remote Control CB 50 RC
  • Angle Bracket Adapter Cinch for Cinebar 50
  • Angle Bracket Adapter Optical for Cinebar 50
  • Subwoofer CB 50 SW


Soundbar Cinebar 50
Soundbar Cinebar 50
This slim sound bar combines four devices into one product:

Loudspeaker, decoder, preamplifier, and power amp.

The Cinebar 50 unit is equipped with two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and two low-mid-range drivers that act as a two-and-a-half-way configuration. Together with an integrated amplifier, this speaker system provides 200 watts RMS power.

Two digital (optical/coaxial) and two analogue inputs, plus a USB port located on the front of the speaker for MP3 or WMA formats, await four source devices and sound files.

Cinebar 50’s decoder component processes Dolby Digital and dts signals originating from incoming digital input devices. This decoder element converts the signal into the proper format for playbac on this stereo device, using Dolby Virtual speaker technology to generate a virtual surround-sound effect. Three different playback modes are available:
Stereo – Wide – Reference.

The ergonomic remote control allows you to easily access the most important control functions. The current settings status can be easily read off the sound bar panel.

The Cinebar 50 module comes with two brackets located at the back of the speaker which can be used to mount the speaker directly to the wall. A table stand for placing it to TV furniture is included in the shipment.
Soundbar Cinebar 50
Tweeter (number per enclosure) 2
Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
Tweeter (material) Aluminium
Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Midrange driver (diameter) 100.00 mm
Midrange driver (material) Cellulose. coated
Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 100.00 mm
Bass/Midrange driver (material) Cellulose. coated
Acoustic principle 2.5-way
Enclosure type Closed
Magnetic shielding Yes
Digital inputs coaxial 1
Digital inputs optical 1
Cinch input stereo 2
Bass driver output 1
USB 2.0 1
Dolby Digital Yes
MP3 Yes
Miscellaneous MP3 pro
Dolby Pro Logic Yes
Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Music, Game
Dolby Virtual Speaker Yes
Device type Soundbar
Remote control Yes
Amplifier technology Class D
Amplifier channels 2
Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 100 W
Display Yes
Depth 12.00 cm
Width 101.00 cm
Height 13.25 cm
Weight 8.60 kg

Expert reviews

"Powerful sound system"
Soundbar.com 08/2010
"It is no surprise that the Teufel Cinebar 50 soundbar is one of the best system of its kind. It delievers powerful and clear sounds, it comes with a built-in amplifier, a subwoofer and a USB port (...)."

"In the end, the Teufel Cinebar 50 soundbar is the perfect unit for those who need a powerful sound system and have enough space for a large subwoofer."
Cinebar 50 Set review of Home Cinema Choice
Cinebar 50 Set review of Home Cinema Choice
"Final standing"
Home Cinema Choice 08/2010
"Immersive all-round listening; plays MP3s via USB"

- Performance: 3/4
- Design: 4/5
- Features: 3/5

Overall: 4/5
Cinebar 50 Set review of Area DVD
Cinebar 50 Set review of Area DVD
"Stable and compact solution with acoustic quality"
Area DVD 06/2010
"Cinebar 50 is a successful 2.1 system in all regards. With it, Berlin's Teufel proves it also takes home cinema fans with limited space seriously by offering this compact soundbar and subwoofer solution with its stable levels, powerful bass delivery, good overall dynamic and excellent verbal audibility. Cinebar 50 easily does more than just replace standard flat-screen television sound. It offers a very large frequency range, and lively film and music sound, even at very high levels. Nothing stands in the way of connecting it to various home entertainment devices: great film and music sound are possible even at high volume levels. The accustomed solid build of the system's components and an elegant black finish make it easy to integrate in any room."

+ Solid workmanship
+ Solid volume levels
+ Good spatiality
+ Good speech audibility
+ Overall evaluation of sound quality in relation to price: Excellent

In short:
"A solid soundbar with a powerful subwoofer and stable levels."
Cinebar 50 Set review of T3
Cinebar 50 Set review of T3
"The subwoofer rumbles out plenty of bass"
T3 07/2010
"The Cinebar 50 is a distinct improvement on your TV`s speakers, as well as being simple to set up."

"Powerful bass and a wide soundscape. Very easy to set up and use."


"An easy and effective way to beef up your TV`s stereo output."

Overall: 4 out 5 stars!

Cinebar 50 Set review of GAME ZOOM
Cinebar 50 Set review of GAME ZOOM
"Gold Award"
GAME ZOOM 04/2010
"We were sceptical about this product as we began our testing phase. Could a virtual speaker actually replace a real 5.1 system? For a lot of test products we probably would have written an immediate "No!" but Teufel's Cinebar 50 showed us a better way. From a distance of about five metres the Cinebar 50 delivers a dynamic and spatially-covering tonal rendering. Its powerful subwoofer delivers a real gut feeling, and the workmanship, configuration and visual appeal of the set are exemplary."

• Workmanship: 10/10
• Performance: 9/10
• Sound: 9/10
• Distortion resistance: 9/10
• Visual appeal: 9/10
• Configuration: 9/10
• Price: 6/10

+ Impressive performance
+ Clean sound quality
+ High-quality workmanship
+ Distortion resistance
+ Crisp and dynamic bass
+ Remote control
+ Straightforward operation
+ Classic design
+ Comprehensive user manual
Cinebar 50 Set review of Electricpig.co.uk
Cinebar 50 Set review of Electricpig.co.uk
"... one of the best soundbars around"
Electricpig.co.uk 02/2010
"As for sound quality, the Cinebar 50 is easily one of the best soundbars around. What jumps out is the sharpness- movies are positively dripping with details, bringing out those subtle background noises that go AWOL on lesser soundbars..."

Crisp, powerful sound quality and beautiful construction, plus the USB port is a nice touch

Overall: 4/5
Cinebar 50 Set review of CaseUmbau.de
"Convinces right down the line"
CaseUmbau.de 01/2010
"With the Cinebar 50, Teufel is offering a space saving alternative to more complex 5.1 sound systems. The virtual sound really works – that’s what we were able to learn from this test. Teufel impressively displays what is really possible with this technology. For those people who shy away from the complicated cabling involved in a 5.1 sound system then here is the answer. It’s called Cinebar 50 and is produced by the company Teufel. The Dolby virtual technology and the powerful bass of this system impress across the whole acoustic range. The ability to play MP3 or WMA files directly from a USB stick was also well received in our editorial office. Now let’s get on to the price (effective 14.01.2010) which at € 749.00 is considerable. However, if you consider what you are offered for your money then it works out actually quite reasonable. After all, quality comes at a price. For its performance the Cinebar 50 from Teufel has earned the Platinum Award from our editorial team."

• Very good workmanship
• Optics, design
• Acoustic quality
• Scope of delivery
• Compatibility
• Authentic 5.1 feeling and crystal clear sound
Cinebar 50 Set review of Audio Video Foto Bild
Cinebar 50 Set review of Audio Video Foto Bild
"First place in comparison test!"
Audio Video Foto Bild 12/2009
The Teufel Cinebar 50 set is solidly put together and provides a natural, rich sound. The maximal distortion-free sound pressure of about 103 decibels works for sitting rooms up to 30 m². The TV loudspeaker supplies the subwoofer via the attached RCA cable. Two analogue and two digital connections supply the stereo and home cinema sound from TV, digital TV receivers or DVD players while the Cinebar 50 processes the home cinema sound formats Dolby Digital and DTS. Using the small, rubberized remote is easy: three keys determine the desired input, and the "Mode" key can select stereo or home cinema mode. The volume can also conveniently be set by the control as well. A useful extra: the Cinebar 50 plays MP3 and WMA music from USB sticks or hard disks, docked in the front.

• Natural sound
• Easy installation and usage
• USB connection for music playback

Test results: excellent
Price: Inexpensive
Cinebar 50 Set review of Trusted Reviews
Cinebar 50 Set review of Trusted Reviews
"An impressive soundbar debut!"
Trusted Reviews 12/2009
The Cinebar 50 is Teufel's first stab at soundbar technology, catering for those who want a taste of the German brand's patented audio expertise but don't have the funds or freedom to install one of its more luxurious speaker systems in their home.

If you're unfamiliar with the soundbar concept, here's the low-down – the Cinebar 50 combines speakers, surround sound decoders, a preamplifier and a 200W power amplifier into a single unit, which makes it possible to mount the entire system on the wall below your TV or perch it on your AV rack. The general consensus is that TV speaker sound quality is pretty crap, so soundbars are a great way of upgrading sound quality without committing to full 5.1.

Having tested a number of Teufel's speaker systems, it comes as no surprise that the main unit is impeccably built. It's long and slender but surprisingly heavy, and the seductive gloss-black finish is likely to make your mates' jaws drop open like a nest of hungry baby birds. Peeking through the front speaker mesh are two mid-range drivers, two low-midrange drivers and two tweeters, dissected down the middle by a simple blue display panel, which shows whole words as opposed to one or two digits, plus a basic button arrangement that controls power, source and volume.

But here's the best part – bang in the middle is a USB port (complete with a rubber dust cover), which allows you to play your MP3/WMA files from flash drives (up to 8GB) and hard-disks (up to 160GB) without even having to connect a Blu-ray or DVD deck. On the back Teufel has attached a pair of incredibly strong wall-mounting brackets (which can be removed), and Teufel has thoughtfully included a set of angled socket adapters that allow connected cables to run downwards instead of sticking out awkwardly. In the box you’ll also find a base for the soundbar to sit in when placed on a stand.

On the back of the main unit are two pairs of analogue stereo inputs, optical and coaxial digital inputs and the subwoofer output, while the back of the sub sports a cinch input and a volume dial, but more complicated controls like crossover and phase are sensibly omitted. The Cinebar can decode Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks and features a stereo amplifier (2 x 100W), but to make the sound more movie-friendly Teufel has included Dolby Virtual Speaker to generate a virtual surround effect. It comes in three modes – Stereo, Wide and Reference – which can be selected using the Mode button on the remote. Joining Dolby Virtual Speaker is a range of EQ modes primarily for music playback, including Rock, Pop, Classic and Jazz, although for movies you're better off opting for the 'Flat' setting.

Unsurprisingly the system is a complete breeze to setup – place the components, plug them in, hook up the sub cable, done. [...] To test the Cinebar 50’s mettle we fired up that old home cinema stalwart Gladiator and it’s safe to say that the sound quality is among the best we’ve heard from a soundbar. [...]

What's most apparent is the Cinebar's ability to dig out detail and convey high-frequency effects in a clean and enjoyable manner, even when the volume is turned up to near maximum. This gives soundtracks an irresistible sharpness and dynamism that some soundbars struggle to muster. The opening battle scenes, for instance, are all clattering swords, swishing arrows and shouty soldiers, and through the Cinebar it makes for a gripping listen – the melee of effects are flung around the soundstage with satisfying directness and energy. Later on, it effortlessly teases out the gladiators' clinking armour as they prepare for battle.

There's also plenty of width – cut to the cheering crowds inside the coliseum and it certainly feels like you're being enveloped. We're also happy with the clarity of dialogue, which comes through cleanly no matter how action-packed the scene. [...]

The Cinebar is also a dab hand with music through the analogue stereo inputs, unearthing plenty of detail. Adele's 19 on CD sounds fantastic and her distinctive vocals are relayed with a pleasing tone.

The Cinebar 50 is an impressive soundbar debut from Teufel, offering the sort of sophistication we've come to expect from this company in terms of design and sound quality, without you having to pay an unreasonably high price for the privilege.

• Design: 9 / 10 stars
• Features: 7 / 10 stars
• Performance: 9 / 10 stars
• Value: 8 / 10 stars

Overall: 8 / 10 stars
Cinebar 50 Set review of mario-tempel.de
Cinebar 50 Set review of mario-tempel.de
mario-tempel.de 12/2009
"Teufel completely redefines living space integration with its perfectly designed Cinebar 50. During our testing, this Berlin sound-rail didn't slip up in even the most insignificant of ways. Its configuration, workmanship and sound quality are all at levels so high, they hardly seems possible given the set's modest price. Teufel's Cinebar 50 is much more than just eye-catching: we enjoyed such a positive experience with this product that giving it a mario-tempel.de recommendation is absolutely worth it for us!"

Sound: Very good
Configuration: Good – very good
Workmanship: Very good
Price-to-performance: Very good

Overall evaluation: Very good
Cinebar 50 Set review of Heimkino
Cinebar 50 Set review of Heimkino
"Sitting room cinema!"
Heimkino 11/2009

Don't have enough space for five loudspeakers in your sitting and you're searching for the perfect audio setup for your new flatscreen? Then Teufel has a deal for you, that isn't too thin and is definitely elegant, and what's more, the price/performance ratio is just simpy outstanding.

With the perfectly styled Cinebar 50 the Berliners redefine the concept "Sitting room integration". And that in every way the Teufel ultra-compact system doesn't only make a splash optically, but amazes through its fantastic surround sound. So your room stays beautifully set up, yet with superb tone and that without five extra loudspeakers. And the best part – the Cinebar 50 set is offered at 669 euro, a simply amazing price for what you get.

• Room-filling sound effects
• Excellent worksmanship
• Sound (50%): 1,1
• Practice (50%): 1,1

Price/Performance: Amazing (Heimkino Price Tip!)
Total : 1,1 / Outstanding

Cinebar 50 Set review of AV-Magazin
Cinebar 50 Set review of AV-Magazin
"Amazingly powerful"
AV-Magazin 08/2009
The Teufel Cinebar 50 is more than an acoustic upgrade to an awesome television sound. Thanks to the innovative Dolby virtual speaker technology, the potent subwoofer fills the room with sound and amazing bass.

• Sound: Excellent
• Worksmanship: good
• Equipment: Excellent
• Price/Performance: Excellent

Test results: Excellent
Read the review (German only)

Downloads & support

Help regarding this product
Can I order the Teufel speakers in different colours than those offered?
To realise the very reasonable sales prices usual for Teufel, it is not possible to offer the speakers in a multitude of housing designs.

This circumstance would drive up the production and storage costs, which would result in a significantly more expensive sales price.

A paint shop in your vicinity will surely be able to repaint the speaker housing to your preferred colour without loss of warranty - after expiry of the eight-week right of return.
Which cables do I need to connect a Teufel speaker set to the AV Receiver?
A home cinema system needs speaker cables to connect the satellite speakers to the receivers, and an NF mono RCA cable to connect the active subwoofer to the sub out socket of the AV Receiver.
What is the difference between the Cinebar 50 and a 5.1 surround sound system?
The Cinebar 50 is Teufel's powerful answer to the acoustic limitations of flat-screen TVs. It is easy to set up, features an attractive design and requires only limited space. The Cinebar 50 lets you enjoy virtual surround sound without having to set up an entire loudspeaker system throughout your living room. Measuring for acoustics is not necessary (i.e. measuring for reflections from adjacent walls). Setting up the Cinebar 50 is completely uncomplicated.
Can I directly connect the Cinebar 50 to a DVD player, TV/monitor, SAT receiver or a PC?
Yes. The Cinebar 50 has its own integrated 350 watt amplifier as well as analogue and digital inputs (i.e. for a DVD player, games console, DJ mixer, television, CD player, SAT receiver, laptop computer or multimedia desktop PC). Any compatible output source can be directly connected to the input jacks on the back side of the Cinebar 50.
Do I need a separate AV receiver to use the Cinebar 50?
No. The Cinebar 50 has important receiver functions integrated into it, such as a 350 watt amplifier, analogue and digital inputs, a Dolby Digital/dts decoder, etc.
How and where should I optimally set up my Cinebar 50?
The soundbar should be centred directly below the TV/monitor (on a TV shelf or mounted on the wall). Ideally the subwoofer should be placed against the front wall; however, it can be freely placed throughout the room. Note: the volume on the subwoofer should be turned all the way up.
Why is the Cinebar 50 so heavy?
The unit houses six loudspeakers, a decoder, a preamplifier and a performance enhancer. Nevertheless, we guarantee that it can solidly be mounted on a wall or stand. Stable angle brackets (which also serve as spacers for cables), are included and shipped with the Cinebar 50.
What do the settings "Stereo," "Reference" and "Wide" do?
Using the Cinebar 50's "Stereo" mode lets you listen to music in accustomed stereo quality. The unit can also simulate surround sound by upscaling two-channel music. The "Wide" mode delivers virtual surround sound instead of just stereo. If you prefer sound which corresponds to the actual width of the soundbar unit, select the "Reference" mode. To switch between modes, simply press the "Mode" button on the remote control more than once while the unit is being operated.
How do I play music files from a USB stick using the Cinebar 50?
Cinebar 50 supports music sticks with capacities up to 8 gigabytes; it can read MP3 and WMA files, but not WAV files. Plug the USB stick into the corresponding jack on the front side of the device. Then press the "USB" button on the remote control to select the USB stick as the audio source. Depending on the USB medium and the amount of data being transferred, the loading process may take some time (A "Loading" notice will be visible on the Cinebar 50). A file to play can then be selected – folders are displayed hierarchically, and files within folders alphabetically. Use the "Prev," "Next" and "Play/Pause" buttons on the remote control to select a file to play.
What connections does the Cinebar 50 have?
The Cinebar 50 has two digital (optic/coaxial) and two analogue audio inputs, as well as a front USB port.
The remote doesn't work. What should I do?
To choose another source, click the "SOURCE" button. Hold the remote control directly in front of the Soundbar. Avoid blocking the Soundbar's red sensor. Check that the batteries are properly inserted and connected, and that you aren't simply out of battery life.
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