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Soundbases and sounddecks: All-in-one sound systems for movies, television programs and music

Everyone knows what a soundbar is, but what about soundbases and sounddecks? Like soundbars, soundbases and sounddecks are TV sound systems that employ multiple drivers within a single, easily placed enclosure. The difference between soundbars and soundbases is really their shape. Soundbars are long and have very little depth. This makes them perfect for placing on a table base beneath your television or on the wall above it. The drivers inside – usually broadband drivers – are arranged in a row.

The advantages of soundbases and sounddecks: Easier room placement and integrated bass woofers

Soundbases and sounddecks, on the other hand, are less broad but have more depth. They are designed so that a TV can be placed directly on top of them and so usually feature a sturdy build. In this way, soundbases function as discrete pedestals for televisions and take up very little space. For free-standing televisions, soundbases are clearly the way to go.

The design of a soundbase or sounddeck isn’t just wonderfully compact and easily placed, there are advantages to over a soundbar. Because soundbase enclosures have more depth, drivers can be placed on the sides as well as on the bottom. The use of so-called downfiring woofers eliminates the need to use a separate subwoofer. Soundbars, on the other hand, are usually used in tandem with a subwoofer in order to generate an adequate bass response.

Soundbases produced by Teufel Audio

Teufel offers soundbases for TV sound and music playback as well as Wi-Fi-enabled soundbases capable of music streaming. All models offer an immersive sound and adjustable sound signature. If using the system to play back music, Teufel soundbases offer a stereo mode for the perfect listening experience.